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Miami WRs still a big question mark

The NFL is a passing league. The New England Patriots -- with a relatively weak running game and a flawed defense -- have proven that for years. The New York Giants, meanwhile, have been able to overcome the Patriots in two Super Bowls because they could both pass and attack the passer.

So championships revolve around the pass.

The Dolphins obviously recognize this because they have finally, finally invested a first-round draft pick on a quarterback -- this in quarterback Ryan Tannehill. And while there are questions whether Tannehill will succeed or not, I know this:

Tannehill will need great wide receivers to become a great quarterback. There is zero doubt about that. There can be zero argument about that.

I know that many of you contend the Green Bay Packers, for example, have a great passing game because of their quarterback and offensive system while diminishing the importance of Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson and Donald Driver and James Jones.


Great quarterbacks do not ever do it on their own. to the heights they can otherwise Even the Pats realized this when a mediocre group of receivers got them to the AFC title game in 2006 but the addition of Wes Welker and Randy Moss made them unbeatable in the 2007 regular season and undefeated through 18 games until the Super Bowl.

See the difference? Even with a HOF quarterback, great receivers are a huge upgrade.

That's why I believe the Dolphins must now upgrade the receiver corps. Yes, the club drafted B.J. Cunningham and Rishard Matthews on the draft's third day. And there are reports the Dolphins will sign Texas A&M WR Jeff Fuller and Penn State WR Derek Moye as undrafted free agents.

But all four are developmental players. And the problem is a majority of Miami's current receivers are still developmental players -- including Marlon Moore, Clyde Gates, Roberto Wallace and others.

Frankly, I look at Miami receivers and see a lot of question marks. Maybe they turn to exclamation points. But I don't see Miami's passing game taking off unless and until they do or unless and until the front office upgrades with better players.


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B33, that would be HUGE news if true. Saban wanted Brees but got overruled by the GM. And the HC ended up being right in the end.

That's what happens when the GM and HC aren't on the same page. Kinda like Ireland and Sparano last year.

SO GLAD we're past all that drama.


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"There can be zero argument about that." THat statement is absurd.

I just wish we got TY Hilton, this guy is a Deshawn Jackson type playmaker. PR, KR and slot receiver. Look out for him.

"Naaaaaaaahhh! Naaaaaahhhhhh! Chit Chit Chit."

Chris Chambers was asked about it this morning. The fight between Saban and Culpepper was brought up. N Chris said he remembered Saban wanting Brees. I'm not surprised and the source is pretty credible seeing how he was in that locker room as a player. I'm just curious as to how he heard that info.

I also liked Heath Evans prediction on the top 3 QBs taken. He's of the thought that Tannehill is going to end up being better than RGIII and Luck. sounds good to me...

mayweather had 1.8 mil on clippers supposedly WTF dude is lucky

Is Evans a Texas A&M alum? But that's fine with me too if that's how it ends up being.

no clue I know he was a phin and a patsie


@12:10, its not out the realm of possibility Tannehill becomes a top 5 future qb. He may not be as overall talented as RG3 and Luck, but he probably goes to much better young qb handlers and qb system.

Who the hell the Colts now have to ensure the development of Luck? Great thing luck's ultra talented and probably makes it on that alone.

When's the last time Shanahan developed a young qb. Never! Good thing RG3's ultra talented too. Of the top 3 qb's drafted, Tannehill by far gets the best young qb handlers and best overall qb system.

his arguement makes sense though it isn't just homer ranting...

And, I post under Tracy474 as myself. However, I have had the trolls post under my name a couple of times, but I usually call them out on it. Don't know Phins78, Aloco, Home, or any of the regulars. Never met them. Sorry! I'm stuck in SE Alabama for the most part, never was able to actually make a game, but I've been a fan since Wilson was the coach! I don't claim to know everything, but when I do find out something new, I try to share it.

Just saying...



If Sparano were still here and we drafted Tannehill, almost surely it could have resulted in complete disaster.

Sparano nearly did nothing to improve Henne over his performance at Michigan vs his performance at Miami. Sparano can only coach already great players.

Sparano would need a roster of 53 all pros to guarantee a sb title.

I mean as far as physical skills he has everything to be elite. And a head start in the system you are totally correct on. He was saying Luck may be a product of HArbaugh and his WCO grooming and when he sees Tannehill he sees more untapped potential. Arm strength and speed. Luck is no slouch either but I doubt Luck could go out and play WR like Tannehill was able to do

Posted by: The Sad Futility Of It All | April 30, 2012 at 12:23 PM

None of us come here to be forever remembered. We come here to apply for eternal life. Jesus giving out applications. Everyone who applies gets hired.

YG, I disagree with you Sparano can't even coach great players. He should be working at Luigi's Pizza not coaching anything.


Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 30, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Absolutely why I say, of the top 3 qb's drafted, Tannehill by far will get the best young qb handlers and passing system.

The Colts are now a coaching staff of who's who. No Moore Tom Moore who was key in helping develop Peyton. Shanahan has never in his life developed a young qb. He got Elway almost halfway into his illustrous career. He had zilch to do with Elway's development. Elway was a proven commodity when Shanahan arrived.

Only Philbin comes from a system that's actually developed 2 hof bound young qb's from start to finish. GB with Favre and Rogers. Tannehill probably goes TanneHenne if Sparano were still hc in Miami. With Philbin he has a chance to become a hofer.

Mike Shanahan has ruined more young qb's than John Gruden. That idiot drafts RG3 then goes out and drafts Kirk Cousin. WTF?

Only Shanahan would make a dumb move like that. Why pay 3 1st rd draft picks for a qb(RG3) then draft a guy who can be a potential nfl starter 2-3yrs down the road with proper grooming?

RG3's taking the high road publically, but, Im sure privately he's already thinking he may be working for a mad man as his hc.

I enjoy(hmm..vicarioulsy, I guess) reading these expert's "draft grades" and delighted to know they are as FOS as us, and much more if they are not from Miami.

I'm not so good at names. I guess,too many People under my Cellar. Right, YG?

U know what's scary is that Kirk Cousins may end up being better in the pros... I'm sorry I love RGIII but Cousins just seems more polished. Really surprised he didn't go in the 2nd rd.

n that's saying a lot cuz RGIII is terribly smart and dedicated... But Cousins is pro ready IMO

Mike Shanahan's reactions on drafting Cousins:

"When I saw he was still available I couldnt resist it".

Couldnt have been better said. Shanahan just cannot resist screwing up a promising young qb's career. LOL

off topic a lil but the more I think bout receivers the more I'm thinking BJ Cunningham is going to be the best WR on the roster.

in any other draft this guy doesn't get out of the 3rd

Cousins is no where near the level of RG3. RG3 improved every single year he was QB on top of that is an all world athlete.

they are going to use him as trade bait i'm guessing...

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 30, 2012 at 12:45 PM

Kirk Cousins will be John Beck by the time Shanahan's done with him. Book that buddy!

Did you find that mockingbird I asked you about, Scout? You know what they say about Mockingbirds. C'mon, I know you know, don't be shy, repeat it to me.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 30, 2012 at 12:49 PM

Trade bait? That team's qb handlers will have to be mighty good to undone the damage Shanahan will have done. Jay Cutler's still trying to recover in Chicago. LOL

I actually feel really sorry for him cuz he is going to be on a rookie salary with no real opportunity to be the guy and start for a team when his next payday comes around cuz he's going to be sitting the bench regardless of how well he plays... Only way he sees action is if RGIII is injured

Although Mark Duper was a number 2 pick in 1982, he did little until Marino arrived in 83 with a number 8
pick Mark Clayton.

He couldn't resist it? Broder, don't he have a Board that guides him. We all do, you know.

Gotta luv it! I see Cybil Canosa has made an entrance under her orinal screen name.

What happened, did everyone in everyone in the upstairs basement out for lunch or waiting thier turn? LOL

Do you want to come into my basement too, YG? You very well know EVERYBODY is accepted. BTW, you never answered me about the Mockingbird.

You never know how a QB will transition into the NFL. IE Leaf, Carr, Akili Smith... All I'm saying is Cousins played in a pro style offense and if you ever watched him play he is a lot better than being automatically delegated to backup duty... He could have helped some teams... I mean Russell Wilson over Cousins??? I get that he's a great kid but 5'10 in the NFL... Don't see that pick paying off for Carroll. Although as far as college QBs he is in the top ten for productivity and numbers i've seen in a long time

What happened, did everyone in everyone in the upstairs basement out for lunch or waiting thier turn?
That didnt come out right. Should have read:

"What happened Cybil Canosa, is everyone in your upstairs basement out to lunch or just waiting thier turn to post"? LOL

B33, Isnt Brees about 6ft.

Cybil Canosa,

Mockingbird? I see you train the upper basement very well. Most of you do sound just alike. Like a mockingbird. LOL

Oh, when you mentionwed orinal, I was kind of offended. Still, declaim the Mockingird, socio.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 30, 2012 at 12:58 PM

To find why young qb's bust look no further than who the handlers were. Rarely will a qb fail with a great qb handler. But rarely do they succeed when they dont.

How does a Mockingbird sound, Scout? It's a must to know that, as Im sure you know.

Cybil Canosa,

Im done with you for now. Run along, your upper basement guess have wait.

Who is Ron Paul, YG?

Brees is 6'0 I'm not saying it's not possible it's just not likely... I'm 6'3 so when i see people around 5-10 it's just really short I mean small man dude is going to have a hard time with lineman over 6'5 or when guys like Jared Allen are rushing in trying to take off his head

Have to wait, man, have to wait. Shame on you!

Sparano was the opposite of creative and to say that he didn't get the most out of his people would be a gross understatement.

This organization got a lot better during the off-season and I'm really looking forward to watching this team grow over the course of the next season.

So much so, that I will be renewing my subsription to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

go fish

So, another tidbit from an Omar Kelly article (with my standard caveat for Kris and others, that this is taken from an article, you have to decide how believable it is, unless someone confirms the information from another source).

But, Omar says Egnew was a Philbin pick. Which makes sense in the offense he wants to implement. Just will be interesting to see how Egnew does, and if he plays well (and this report is accurate) then we can trust Philbin in the future to spot talent in the Draft.

B33, Your tall, You know the old saying the taller you are the harder you fall

..So I think most folks here would have been happy with any of the picks no matter who they were. We don't know if any of these picks will be great. I like the enthusiam for the team, that people are positive. But shouldn't every team get an incomplete? There should be no A grades, no D grades..The whole exercise is pointless until the prospects play some downs, and can really be evaluated.

This said..I think we did a good job filling some positions that needed to be addressed. I will only go to round 4, as any player after this round is kind of rediculous to praise, or rip.. You know how crazy it sounds to complain about any player in the 5th round, or say..That was an AWESOME PICK..these guys are longshots to be big time contributors..If they pan out it really makes the draft special.

I hate the Tannehill pick, but I will support him as if I was the Macio Parker leading James Browns horn sectiuon. Martin, IMO was the best selection. Vernon????? I guess after looking at it, there were only 3 DE's taken in round 3. Are any of the other guys that much better?? Probably not. Egnew, is my second favorite pick..We have been asking for this tyoe of TE for 3 freekin years..Got him. Finally. Lamar Miller..Not much risk taking a homerun hitter in round 4..If he cannot learn to block it will be a wasted pick..Big deal, 4th rounder..Get him on the blocking sled today!

Lamar Miller is FAST...crazy fast. And the thing I noticed watching youtube vids of these new receivers &
TE is how easily & naturally they catch the ball.

They just look different, IMO.

If philbin & sherman can scheme these guys into the open, there will be a LOT of balls caught this year.

For the near term, my optimism is restored.

go fish.


In GB, JerMichael Finley is a seam threat TE, who helps open up the middle of the field for wr's over the middle. Still TE's like this have to actually be able to catch the ball to make the scheme effective.

If Egnew can catch the ball he'll open up things for the wr's in the middle of the field. Then he can at times become a decoy because the defense has to honor the threat.

God Knows Hartline needs a TE with seam threat ability since he has problems getting open as it is now


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