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Michael Floyd among those on the Dolphins radar, visiting

We already knew the Dolphins have been closely scrutinizing Justin Blackmon because he's considered the top wide receiver prospect in the coming NFL draft. The club has been at his pro day, has interviewed him and had a visit scheduled with him.

The club is also doing the same work on Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd, considered by many a superior wide receiver talent to Blackmon. Floyd said on Sirius radio he will visit with the Dolphins next week after meeting with them previously at the Indianapolis Combine.

Floyd said he would visit with the Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals this week. He met with Carolina and Cleveland last week and conducted a private workout with Philadelphia.

Floyd confirmed he is scheduled to visit the Dolphins, Cardinals, 49ers and Vikings next week.

Floyd is supremely talented, has been a high-production player at Notre Dame but comes with an obvious red flag.

After receiving a citation for drunken driving on March 20, 2011, Floyd was suspended indefinitely from the team on March 21, 2011. The suspension was lifted August 3, 2011, allowing him to return to the team without missing the 2011-12 season.

He started every game and caught 100 passes for 1,147 yards and 9 touchdowns. Floyd contends his arrest was a one-time thing and he is now focused on staying out of trouble and getting in the NFL.

The list of known Dolphins visits according to sources and ProFootballtalk.com are as follows:

WR: Blackmon, Floyd, Iowa State's Darius Reynolds.

DL: South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram, LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers, North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples.

OL: Ole Miss offensive tackle Bobby Massie, Iowa State offensive tackle Kelechi Osemele, Miami (Ohio) guard Brandon Brooks, Miami center Tyler Horn, Rutgers guard Desmond Wynn.

RB: Pittsburgh running back Zach Brown, Appalachian State running back Travaris Cadet.

DB: Montana defensive back Trumaine Johnson, Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, Wisconsin CB Antonio Fenelus, Albion cornerback Chris Greenwood, LSU safety Brandon Taylor,

LB: Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David, West Virginia linebacker Bruce Irvin.

TE: Louisiana-Lafayette tight end Ladarius Green, Cincinnati tight end Adrien Robinson.

 QB: Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler, Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.


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Armando... Have you noticed how many bloggers Ohio Dolfan is stealing from you? Click on his name and you will see. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you join his blog as well!

Floyd is supremely talented eh? Well, that rules him out.

Armando... Have you noticed how many bloggers Ohio Dolfan is stealing from you? Click on his name and you will see. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you join his blog as well!

Posted by: FYI | April 09, 2012 at 03:57 PM

As long as it gets rid of the obnoxious like Craig M & Phins78, who cares? I'm all for it!

Good point, Who cares!

Hey FYI:

Are you going to give me the free advertising all season? That would be awesome. People see you as the first post, then check my site out, I feel like I should get you a drink or something at least for all the trouble.


I doubt Armando is worried about a fan having a small blog as a hobby in my free time, while he does this for a living.

At any rate, I beg you to keep trolling me, please. Seriously, it keeps people coming, you are a huge help and I appreciate it.

Wow, so ONE citation is now considered a "red flag." You have effing Coaches, putting HITS out to INJURE players, Coaches TRIPPING players on the field as they go by, yet players (who are kids by the way) can't EVER make a mistake?

What kind of World would this be if you were shunned from society for one infraction? You even have corporations now asking people for their Facebook account so they can see what they are like. Does anyone ever question the morality of those who USE this info to make their decisions? Are THEY being equitable in deciding that this guy gets a 2nd chance but that guy doesn't?

Dan Marino apparently did coke in college. Can anyone imagine if he wasn't drafted because of that? And would that have made the NFL better or worse (obviously worse)?

It's really getting too far. No, I don't think DWI is a small infraction. But I also don't think you take away a kid's future simply because he made a dumb mistake. This is supposed to be a Judeo-Christian country, and last time I checked the Bible preaches FORGIVENESS.

That's why I find many religious people hypocritical. The goal is to TRY and live a decent life. But in the end, NO ONE reaches that goal because human beings ARE IMPERFECT! Glass houses, remember that?

Floyd is a stud! Not sure he fits the mold of our new WC philosophy. You know, the one where we don't need an alpha receiver. Ha!

I doubt Armando is worried about a fan having a small blog as a hobby in my free time, while he does this for a living.

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | April 09, 2012 at 04:28 PM

Is there nothing better to do in Ohio than create a blog with your free time? I've been there so I know it's boring but, sheesh! You need to get out more!

Hmmmm. Well here I go reading into things that may not need reading into right now. but....

Notice all the OL candidates coming in to visit are NOT the top round guys?

DEs, WRs, QBs etc are all top round talent that will be rounds 1-2 picks.

But O-Linemen? Does this spell O-Line picks are coming mid-late rounds?
If so ...hooray!
If not... well, another wrong interpretation of the FO's draft intentions.

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Uh oh! Will there be negotiations involved? Can't be low balling the #8 overall pick. Have to reach down and grab a pair. Just because you draft him doesn't mean he won't sit out like Eli threatened to do.

Not sure Jeff is up to that pressure.

PS...are the known visits considered a #8 pick? Jeff need to be focusing on that #8. His graduate assistants can focus on #42.

If Jeff wants to sign Floyd then he needs to keep his trap shut.

FYI and who cares are the same person. He wanted to chase everyone away and is now wondering why no one is here. To say he is stupid is the understatement of the year. Ohio didn't steal anyone you incredible idiot, you chased them all away, congratulations and have a blast talking to yourself from now on.

go fins!

If Armando cares about what anyone in here is doing it is you. You created your own little world in here, you are the one responsible for chasing away regular posters who shared this space and contributed to the blog for years. There are hundreds of alternative Dolphins blogs out there, you only made everyone aware if it. Once again, congrats, phenomenal job. I hope this blog rots now. Can't wait until it's removed or has a pay wall put up due to lack of interest, you should be very proud.

Silly people who cry about Ohio's blog:
We can visit Omar any time we like, but we prefer to come here because its better reporting, and better talk.

We can vist Ohio's site as well, and yet we're still here on Armando's forums. Defending Ohio or not, we're still around. SO... how is that stealing?

As long as topics are good, and talk is good, people will be here. And there too.

When all the folks on this blog (or any other) do nothing but insult, troll and moan about the posters - then the intelligent posters will leave. Pretty simple.

The world is plenty big enough for multiple blogs and columns. Get over yourselves.

I'm still here. And on Ohio's site as well. It's entirely possible to do both.

Obviously, this captain obvious is a dope.

I'm not fyi. But, feel free to continue to think so LMAO

I'm glad some of these idiots are gone. I'd hope you could join them! I don't wonder where they are, I'm thankful they're not here.

So RIGHT THERE, you know how wrong you are. I'm sure this isn't a new feeling for you LOL

jack jeff wants one thing at 8, tannehill

Hey Ohio kid,

Dont use this blog to advertise your blog. GET IT?

I'm not sure about the rest of you but if Tannehill gets picked before #8 I doubt Miami will take a QB at all in this years draft.

Are any of the rest of the picks better or can be better than what we have now? I think so with Weeden and Cousins but get the feeling the Miami FO doesn't see it that way.

Because of that I did a new scenario 3 Miami only mock where we do not take a QB on my site. Check it out and let me know what you think. Just click my name and ti will take you to the site.

I think the Dolphins have more blogs then they have fans.

i dont texas, they will take tannehill at 8, and would take another qb in 2nd rd if he was gone. but he will be there at 8

Only way Tanny goes higher than 8, IMO, is if Minnesota trades to someone who desires him. No idea who that may be, no rumblings of it have been heard that I'm aware of. But possible.

Either, I don't care. Im hoping for Weeden or Cousins.

Ticket sales are much lower then last year! LOL


D O L F A N !!!

Be real careful about clicking on names in this blog. Got a virus from one of them.

Beam me up Scotty!!!!!

BTW... I got a virus clicking on Ohio Dolfan page. DONT DO IT!!

Hey will the Jets & Pats fans stop posting on these
page pretending to be Fins fans. All these negatives
posts can not be coming from Fin fans. If U guys just
give Philbin a chance, you'll see he is a very foot -
ball oriented person, & very articulate.Besides he
doesn't wear dark glasses indoors like TS.He's brin-
ging in young guys to energize the old & boring offen
se & predictable defense we had. YB was a nice player
but too old and got burned too amny times. Get rid of
Dansby, he's not deserving of all the $$ he's making.
If possible trade him & Long too. He's great but has
not been healthy, & from now on is all downhill. Be
patient, wait & see what happens on the draft, and
the take whatever action needs to be taken.

DC Dolfan, that is EXACTLY why Pittsburgh passed over Marino.

He did tons of white and was a total d-bag in Oakland. he and his security would start brawls in the bars, crap like that.

I went to PITT and know plenty of his tales. Amazing talent, obviously, but a spoiled local brat who was a real jerk.

Clearly it worked out well for Miami.



S A N D B O X E S :)

DC is crushing it today! Keep em rolling.

Jealous ????


It worked out pretty well for Dan too...

He's in the Hall of Fame

He's got A life Sized Bronze Statue (That can be discovered thousands of years from now.)

He's a respected TV Analyst.

He's got a great wife...a bunch of kids (some even adopted)

I'd say it worked out for BOTH parties

VIVA....... YG


When you dismiss your own captain because he will have a difficult time adapting to a new game system, you are definitely rebuilding a team.

Anyway, this is my mock draft for Miami. I would want Dolphins to cover most weak spots now so they can focus on trading picks to get a true top-5 QB prospect in 2013:

1) Ingram/Floyd
2) Kevin Zeitler (OG)
3) Streeter/Irvin
3) Mitchell Schwartz (RT)
4) Ladarius Green (TE)
5) Duke Ihenacho (SS)
6) Kellen Moore (QB)

On the other hand I really like YG's mock draft, I would just add a SS instead of an additional RB at 4-5th round.


I just want to win games. I can careless about the superbowl at this point.

But Ireland is making decisions based on his upbringing and not any sort of football knowledge.


I agree.

Putting things in perspective...SERGIO KINDLE was pulled over for failing to stay in a single-marked lane near downtown Austin, Texas. After failing a field sobriety test, Kindle was arrested and charged with a DWI.[18] Kindle was 19 years old at the time. Although he was sentenced to three days in jail, he served no jail time.[19]

On December 26, 2010, Kindle was arrested for drunk driving at 4:09 am in Howard County, Maryland. Testing revealed that he had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.17 percent, which is more than twice the legal limit in Maryland of 0.08.[20] He was released from custody after posting a bond of $10,000. Following his second arrest, Kindle spent five days at an alcohol abuse in-patient treatment facility. Judge Neil Edward Axel, Howard County’s drug and DUI court supervisor, waived both the mandatory $1,000 fine and the mandatory five-day jail sentence.

Oh yeah,.... and then there's the time when he fell down two flights of stairs at a home in Austin, Texas. He was sent to the hospital in stable condition but was described as suffering head trauma. It was later determined he fractured his skull in the fall. As a result, Kindle was unable to attend the Ravens' training camp

Now THAT's a Red Flag.

Best mock draft I've seen up to now- The Phinsider, 1- Luck,2-RG3,3-Kalil,4-Blackmon,5-Richardson,6-Claiborne,7-Coples,8-Tannehill,9-Brockers,10-Reiff(Top 10).

Trust me Aloco....

I'm NOT YG or DB if, for no other reason,
than I wouldn't be caught dead using the phase "L O L".

RICK..............WHO SAID YOU R DB/YG ??????????????????

if marino did all that coke you guys claim he did, why didnt he fail a drug test. all rookies are tested. and i have seen interviews on the nfl channel with the owner of the steelers. in that video he claims they didnt draft marino because they felt they had qbs they needed other help. and on his death bed mr rooney told his son not picking marino was his biggest mistake.

Aloco..I misunderstood your post @ 6:52 --- sorry




A DUI in college is not a red flag. Wait I forgot my holier than thou tshirt.
I watched a video on Blackmon catching balls from every angle. It was easy a guy would throw the ball and Blackmon would jump up and land on a nice soft cushion behind him. I could do that stuff all day long. One handed. However add the frozen turf in Buffalo and Chicago or Green Bay. Yikes. We are talking broken tailbone or hip. It ain't the going up, it is always the landing. Remember that guy a few years ago, Bo Jackson. Buffalo did him in. And he wasn't even jumping.
This Floyd guy looks like the real deal. So long as he doesn't make his catches and land on pillows.

crash1 @ 7:11PM

As you know...the Steelers have a 'principled value system' that is in the upper half of the league...(unlike the Saints..for instance)

Rooney, at the time, probably was a bit worried about Marino's rumored usage... Remember he had watched Joe Gillium self- destruct years before with addiction issues.

...Anyway, thank goodness Shula drafted him.

If Shula knew what a big choker Marino was he may not have drafted him.

Remember when Marino worked for the Dolphin FO for 2 weeks? I heard he resigned immediately when asked to take a drug test.


First you thank me for giving you free advertising, then you call me a troll? I do you a favor and then you throw insults. I don't get it.

Jay (@ 7:29PM)

The Dolphins didn't focus nearly enough on defense during those years. Shula was guilty of staying a bit too loyal to Bill Arnsbarger...

Watching the 49ers shred Miami's defense in the Superbowl was tough to watch.

A good defense might have gotten the guy a Superbowl Ring.
(If not that season...during others that followed.)


TGH,,,,,,,,,, HAVE SOME SHAME .........

You heard, TGH? At that age, with a successful broadcasting career, a big family to support? Sounds like a bad intentioned rumor.

jay @7:32 you may not like marino. but what reasoning do you use to call him a choker? 147 wins (3rd all time) and 37 4th quarter come backs(2nd all time), doesnt sound like a choker to me. and if your basing it on superbowls name me another one man team that has won a superbowl. i cant think of any.


tgh.....so a guy plays for a team for 17yrs and never fails a drug test. then he goes to work for that team in the front office for two weeks and fails a drug test. and the guy is a legend with that theam and they fire him. i would check your sources on that one.



"After receiving a citation for drunken driving on March 20, 2011, Floyd was suspended indefinitely from the team on March 21, 2011. The suspension was lifted August 3, 2011, allowing him to return to the team without missing the 2011-12 season."


And that was Floyd's third alcohol related incident. IMO--These prospects are risky enough as it is so I'd rather take Blackmon who has ZERO character issues.

BTW--Ozzie Guillen could be the dumbest a##hole living in Miami.

I doubt they give GM's Drug tests.
They only give
T E S T S !!!

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