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Michael Floyd among those on the Dolphins radar, visiting

We already knew the Dolphins have been closely scrutinizing Justin Blackmon because he's considered the top wide receiver prospect in the coming NFL draft. The club has been at his pro day, has interviewed him and had a visit scheduled with him.

The club is also doing the same work on Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd, considered by many a superior wide receiver talent to Blackmon. Floyd said on Sirius radio he will visit with the Dolphins next week after meeting with them previously at the Indianapolis Combine.

Floyd said he would visit with the Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals this week. He met with Carolina and Cleveland last week and conducted a private workout with Philadelphia.

Floyd confirmed he is scheduled to visit the Dolphins, Cardinals, 49ers and Vikings next week.

Floyd is supremely talented, has been a high-production player at Notre Dame but comes with an obvious red flag.

After receiving a citation for drunken driving on March 20, 2011, Floyd was suspended indefinitely from the team on March 21, 2011. The suspension was lifted August 3, 2011, allowing him to return to the team without missing the 2011-12 season.

He started every game and caught 100 passes for 1,147 yards and 9 touchdowns. Floyd contends his arrest was a one-time thing and he is now focused on staying out of trouble and getting in the NFL.

The list of known Dolphins visits according to sources and ProFootballtalk.com are as follows:

WR: Blackmon, Floyd, Iowa State's Darius Reynolds.

DL: South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram, LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers, North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples.

OL: Ole Miss offensive tackle Bobby Massie, Iowa State offensive tackle Kelechi Osemele, Miami (Ohio) guard Brandon Brooks, Miami center Tyler Horn, Rutgers guard Desmond Wynn.

RB: Pittsburgh running back Zach Brown, Appalachian State running back Travaris Cadet.

DB: Montana defensive back Trumaine Johnson, Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, Wisconsin CB Antonio Fenelus, Albion cornerback Chris Greenwood, LSU safety Brandon Taylor,

LB: Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David, West Virginia linebacker Bruce Irvin.

TE: Louisiana-Lafayette tight end Ladarius Green, Cincinnati tight end Adrien Robinson.

 QB: Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler, Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.


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So did I, Pal, so did I(survive).

Latinamericans in general are anti-American, not because of hate, but because of envy. Only thing is they are too ignorant to realize it.

Hmmmm...how about the minor detail
about us flying some of their 'uncooperative' Leaders into the sides of Mountains?
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From what I've seen and read, I think the difference between Blackmon and Floyd is that the former will make more EPSN highlight catches...and the latter will be more consistent. Ceiling: Blackmon is Randy Moss and Floyd is Terrell Owens. (That's maximum ceiling, not a prediction.)

Envy primes in Latins. Also, lack of discernment makes them easy to manipulate.

Seems like most of your "sources" were your colleague Barry Jackson, since virtually everyone on your list was first reported by him over the past couple of weeks. Is a colleague an anonymous source? Probably not, for most journalists. You know. Ethics and all.

Are your comments based on Race, Culture, or Both?

I personally think that it is

Take Floyd, the most dynamic playmaker that will still be there. We haven't drafted a top dynamic playmaker on O since Marino. Forget these other slugs.

Well I live near Pittsburgh and when we drafted Marino out of Pitt, the rumor was that he was using drugs and thats why the Steelers didn't draft him that year. Can you imagine how many Super Bowls Marion would have won if the Steelers had drafted him ????

I'm not condoning a DUI... but if we had to discount everyone who ever had a really goofy night and made a really dumb choice because of it.... I believe the number of folks we would need to exclude would be staggering.

Now... I don't know if Ryan Tannehill will be available at #8 in the draft. I feel Cleveland has a damned good chance of Drafting him. And if they do, Miami needs to tale the best possible player they can with that pick... Floyd fits the bell. Great speed, good hands, runs nice routes...

No matter what... Be it Tannehill/ Floyd or whomever.... It is MY desire to see Miami draft a player who can put points on a scoreboard. A play maker. Sure, a D- End or OLB would be a great addition for Wake... And I won't bad mouth a pick like that...

I just feel it is time this team for Miami to follow Philbin's former teams blueprint and "Load Up" the Offensive weapons and go win games with therm

Barry Jackson appears a very 'Front Office Friendly' reporter.

Whenever there is something that the Owner wants printed verbatim....it seems like Barry writes the story.

A person could get the impression that he's part of the Owner's Public Relations Machine.

oh so you cover the marlins now? lost a reader with your cuba article. et tu brute?

IF Blackmon or Morris Claiborne slip to 8, Miami should grab them. That is obviously, extremely unlikely. The next in line should be Tannehill and then Floyd.

All of that having been said my prediction is that Fireland trades down thinking he'll grab a WR and OLB Bruce Irvin in the latter part of the first round and then snag Osweiler in round two... and, wait for it.... he'll bomb.

Third round sleeper pick who would be a prototypical WR in Green Bay, Ryan Broyles from Oklahome.


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Miami needs to get this guy or coples.....stockpile the team with talent and get the qb at the right time for the right price. I am not sure moore is a sb caliber qb but he can certainly get miami to the playoffs. Miami cant over reach in the first for a qb or continue to flush second rd picks on backups

Hey Ohio

Congrats! You have a HUGE fan, and supporter, and maybe even lover in Troll Buster, he digs you boy. Do you dig him as much? Be honest fella...

moore cannot get this team to playoffs, be real man

Ohio is God. I worship him in my thoughts and on my knees.



Dan Marino was and always will be my favorite all time Football player. But I am MORE then certain Miami has had some GREAT talent on they're team along with and since him... Here are some... in no particular order who I feel were as good as any on any other team playing the same positions,,,

....Dwight Stephenson, Tim Rudy,Ricky Williams, Keith Sims, Bob Brudzinski, Kim Bokamper, Jeff Cross, Tim Bowens, O.J. McDuffie, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Nat Moore, Mark Duper, Mark Clayton, John Offerdahl, Richmond Webb, Doug Betters, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor,.... Plus of course... Dan Himself.

This list includes Dan and Dwight as current HOF players, a HOF Coach in Shula, Jason Taylor will likely be a 1st ballot HOF'er, Duper or Clayton have been on the ballot every year, as have both Sims and Webb both or at least one (Webb) who will likely make it.... Had Zack stayed healthy (his neck gave up) he would have been a lock on effort alone....

There is a very good reason so many Old School Dolphins fans are upset about the past decade or so... The reason being that The Miami Dolphins were one of the most winning professional NFL Teams in history... Only Dallas and Pittsburgh were neck and neck through the years at the top of the winning list.... Hell... Don Shula has exactly 2 (Two) losing season in his entire 26 years with Miami...

Dan was indeed "Great" but it took a great number of "Great" players to build a franchise with the legacy of the Dolphins... Only the New England Patriots have shown anything like what Miami once was in the last several years. Before 2000 NE was Up and down and the Doormat of the East for years... the Jests have not won a SB since 1969... Hell, they haven't even BEEN there since then.... Buffalo has been 4 times... Lost every one...

Miami has been to 5, 3 in a Row at one point (first team EVER to do that) in 71, 72 and 73... Won 72 with a perfect season and 73 only lost a couple games... Lost two more SB's in the Early 80's and have not been back... still eclipsing ANYTHING the Jests or Bills have EVER done... and neck and Neck with NE over the long haul...

We'll be back... Just as NE came back, The 49'er came back, The Bears came back... Indy (Baltimore before) came back.... The Pack came back...

and now Miami is on the way back... Just you watch and see...... all and any of you haters out there.... The law of averages say so...... and so do the new coaches and their players.

we will be back, might be 2020 though

I'm hungry.


Just out of curiosity, what are you wearing right now?

Hey Ohio

Congrats! You have a HUGE fan, and supporter, and maybe even lover in Troll Buster, he digs you boy. Do you dig him as much? Be honest fella...

Posted by: Humpty Dumpty | April 09, 2012 at 10:11 PM

moore cannot get this team to playoffs, be real man

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 09, 2012 at 10:11 PM

Ohio is God. I worship him in my thoughts and on my knees.

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moore cannot get this team to playoffs, be real man
Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 09, 2012 at 10:11 PM


Heck, Montana couldnt get these scrubs near the playoffs. LOL

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The Troll Buster Strikes Again.

Hearing a lot of talk on the tube and radio how the Browns are going to show big interest in Tanny to jockey foe a trade. I think RT , with a yr of development in the WCO could end the dreaded QB curse.

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Just out of curiosity why are you using my sign in name? Do you want to BE me or is it you want to DO me Trollita?

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Trollita just busted her He/she arse again.

You never know who your TRUE friends are. It's a shame. Ralph told me he had a pooosy and I didn't figure out the real deal until afterwards. Good grief! But, hey, I got my jollies. Hehe.

Posted by: Troll Buster | April 09, 2012 at 11:02 PM

Armando, as if you didn't already know, here is a PERFECT example of why a lonely Kid in Ohio is beating the Snot out of Dolphins in Depth.

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BTW, no offense Ohio. Your Blog is Da Shyt! Keep up the good work.

Floyd fits the West Coast Offense better than Blackmon does.

The knock on Ingram is that he has short arms, but has a motor.

Coples takes plays off and is inconsistent.

Tannehill may or may not be a reach at #8.

Miami may still opt to trade down to add more picks.

Green Bay found serviceable O-linemen in the later rounds (who seem to be able to protect Rodgers just fine).

Marino quit the VP of Operations position because they just wanted him to be a figurehead and weren't going to let him actually do anything at that position.

Trolls suck!

I must change the strings on my guitar. After we paint the house and smoke the teepee, I plan on playing some songs I wrote with the Beatles. They may have lifted some of my best songs, but it's ok, I'd have done the same. The pleasure of playing with them was golden.

It's a shame Duane Allman died so soon. He never had a chance to tell the world I was his main influence on slide.....guitar too, hehe

Some of those players would be great fits, and I'm glad they're visiting. Lavonte David our potential third ILB, Bruce Irvin seems explosive but needs to be coached up. A very underrated lineman in Kelechi Osemele, who looked smooth as hell at the combine, and Ladarius Green who is an underrated, which would project to be, pass catching tight end. Surprised they don't have visits scheduled with more wide receivers though. Those were the players that stood out to me on the visit list besides the two blue chips in Floyd and Blackmon. A little bit of look-in at their radar, sure it's not the whole picture.

I was hoping dear Odin would show up tonight. Unless of course that rascal is here under a different name? Hmmmm.

Be right back, I am going to make a big doodie now.

My fervent hope is that Ernest Borgnine is made Dictator of the Planet and ushers in an era of mind control, slave labor, and inhumane punishment upon you unwashed peons.

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