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Michael Floyd among those on the Dolphins radar, visiting

We already knew the Dolphins have been closely scrutinizing Justin Blackmon because he's considered the top wide receiver prospect in the coming NFL draft. The club has been at his pro day, has interviewed him and had a visit scheduled with him.

The club is also doing the same work on Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd, considered by many a superior wide receiver talent to Blackmon. Floyd said on Sirius radio he will visit with the Dolphins next week after meeting with them previously at the Indianapolis Combine.

Floyd said he would visit with the Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams, New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals this week. He met with Carolina and Cleveland last week and conducted a private workout with Philadelphia.

Floyd confirmed he is scheduled to visit the Dolphins, Cardinals, 49ers and Vikings next week.

Floyd is supremely talented, has been a high-production player at Notre Dame but comes with an obvious red flag.

After receiving a citation for drunken driving on March 20, 2011, Floyd was suspended indefinitely from the team on March 21, 2011. The suspension was lifted August 3, 2011, allowing him to return to the team without missing the 2011-12 season.

He started every game and caught 100 passes for 1,147 yards and 9 touchdowns. Floyd contends his arrest was a one-time thing and he is now focused on staying out of trouble and getting in the NFL.

The list of known Dolphins visits according to sources and ProFootballtalk.com are as follows:

WR: Blackmon, Floyd, Iowa State's Darius Reynolds.

DL: South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram, LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers, North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples.

OL: Ole Miss offensive tackle Bobby Massie, Iowa State offensive tackle Kelechi Osemele, Miami (Ohio) guard Brandon Brooks, Miami center Tyler Horn, Rutgers guard Desmond Wynn.

RB: Pittsburgh running back Zach Brown, Appalachian State running back Travaris Cadet.

DB: Montana defensive back Trumaine Johnson, Virginia Tech cornerback Jayron Hosley, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, Wisconsin CB Antonio Fenelus, Albion cornerback Chris Greenwood, LSU safety Brandon Taylor,

LB: Nebraska linebacker Lavonte David, West Virginia linebacker Bruce Irvin.

TE: Louisiana-Lafayette tight end Ladarius Green, Cincinnati tight end Adrien Robinson.

 QB: Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler, Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill.


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I doubt Armando is worried about a fan having a small blog as a hobby in my free time, while he does this for a living.

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Ever forward Ohio. We ARE the righteous teachers!

“My history in the National Football League is more of a draft-and-development approach rather than to go spend a ton of money through free agency,” Philbin told the newspaper. “I like the acquisitions we’ve made in free agency. We haven’t been huge participants, but I was coaching on offense in Green Bay for nine years and I know we never had anybody who came in and played for us from a free-agent standpoint.”

Philbin conitnues to be VERY consistent. He is NOT an advocate of spending like crazy in free agency. He likes to do his home work and DRAFT high character skilled players. He also comes from a system that INVESTS in QB's and allows them time to grow in the system. I think the writing is clearly on the wall.

JPAO, that's why it's funny to me when people write the Free Agency Winners and Losers columns we always see. How the h*ll can you know who's a winner or loser yet? There are different strategies on how to improve a team. I guess the Steelers, Packers and teams like that are ALWAYS losers in FA, yet they are among the elite teams in the NFL.

I don't accept Miami is a FA loser. If it helps them become an elite team in the future, I'll say it was the catalyst (by forming Miami's identity). I need to see how the Season turns out before I declare Buffalo a winner. What if Mario doesn't equal any more wins? Would they still be a winner then? Foolish columns. Very short-sighted.

Thanks DC,

And I apologize ahead of time for the multiple troll attacks you will get now for sticking up for me.

At any rate,

Lets draft the best players available and get some difference makers on this team!

OTA's starting today. Wish I could be there and see what was going on. Hopefully, one of our elite reporters can get an inside view.

2-2.5 weeks, right? Buckle up!

I heard a bunch of players cut off their dreads (Sean Smith, Davone Bess, Tony McDaniel). It's a new day in Miami!

Lou, I don't think OTA's are open to the public, are they? I agree, I'd love to know what they're doing.

Good Morning guys,

Long time no chat. Just like I said about a week ago there is not much to talk about but I have the draft on my mind and wanted to get the consensus from all of you. What is your preference? Has the blog been bashing, reaching or praising for Tannehill?

I personally would like to see Tannehill in Miami. I am like a few others on this blog in the thinking and philosophy that if you don't have a long term answer at QB on the roster and there is a guy with 1st round ability then you draft him. I felt that way last year about Mallet and Dalton and feel that way this year about Tannehill. If Tannehill goes to Cleveland which I don't see happening but if he does then I am fine with BPA.


OTA' are nothing but fat men stretching and farting. Real boring.

Andy, I'm fine with Tannehill too. QB is a crapshoot. Not easy to tell who will succeed or not. Most important is to have a Coaching staff that can develop a player, and I think we do now, so hopefully that will help with the next QB we select.

I don't buy into the "We Can Draft a QB Later in the Draft" philosophy. I think as difficult as it is to get a good QB, it gets even harder the later in the Draft you take them. So I'm hoping they do it early (if they really have faith in Tannehill or even someone else). I think this Draft is stocked with WR talent (which we'll need). And then we also need another pass-rusher. Safety/OL are other positions of need, we'll see if they take someone in the Draft or try to develop what they already have at those positions.

I'm excited about the Draft too. One step closer to the Season!!!


i tink ya’ll will c a jump in many of the players performances this season from last season just from the coaches alone,
and now ya’ll will know just how f’n horrible the c staff was from last season.



Good stuff as always. I know you are definitely in the same thinking as me with drafting a QB and not riding out with just Matt Moore and Garrard. Tannehill has the athleticism that I really like in todays NFL. I have been trying to watch as much as possible on him and he's a player to be optimistic about. Like I said I saw him play a few times and he was hit or miss but still worth a 1st round pick from mostly all accounts.

I am excited and hope he lands in our laps. The only obstacle is Cleveland and I think Cleveland could add multiple playmakers and see if Colt McCoy is long term once and for all (Richardson and Floyd or possibly Kendall Wright).

floyd is great but I thought this offense didn't need a number 1 receiver? then why waste our top pick on one?

Can someone give Ohio and DC and hotel room already, include KY Jelly and some dildoes...

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