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Mike Sherman shares thoughts about Tannehill

Much has been speculated about what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, formerly Ryan Tannehill's head coach at Texas A&M, really thinks of the quarterback. I suppose we'll never know the full story unless someone gets Sherman drunk on truth serum.

But Sherman released a statement Thursday night giving you some of his thoughts on the topic:

"Ryan Tannehill is a unique individual. Much has been said about his intellect and athleticism. What hasn't been discussed is his unselfish nature and his "team first" mentality which fits in with coach Philbin's philosophy. four years ago when we were down receivers I asked him to play that position for us because we needed help there. He put his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback on hold to accommodate my request in order to help his team win.

"As far as his quarterback skill level is concerned, I doubt there is a player on Jeff Ireland's draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill. The general consensus is that he is a talented quarterback with a tremendous upside. As his former head coach, I agree with that evaluation. He has just scratched the surface as a quarterback. His learning curve, however, will be enhanced and accelerated simply because he is coming to an offensive scheme and terminology where he has a lot of familiarity.

He is an extremely competitive person and will embrace the responsibility that goes with being the 8th pick in the NFL draft. There is no doubt he will work to exceed those expectations.

I am excited to have him in the quarterback room with Matt [Moore], David [Garrard], and Pat [Devlin]. He will be a great addition to that group. It will be very competitive to say the least."


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""As far as his quarterback skill level is concerned, I doubt there is a player on Jeff Ireland's draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill. The general consensus is that he is a talented quarterback with a tremendous upside. As his former head coach, I agree with that evaluation."

But, wait...didn't you consult with odin on this one? He coached the boy scouts once and he knows better than all you guys. He told me so.

Tannehill = Miami dolphins franchise Qb

Can't wait to watch him in preseason

I like the pick. I think he has a lot of potential.

What lie? Speak up? Don't make accusations without pointing them out. Otherwise you are just a babbling fool that has no defense of your absurd comments.

Posted by: lark | April 27, 2012 at 12:03 AM

You dolt, you make this too easy. Not that it matters because you'll just change your name AGAIN and think you're foolinbg everyone-ROTFLMAO.

Butr what the heck, I toasted you as Mike and Bloated, then exposed you for ntalking to yourself. This fun fvckinbg with the pathetic.

You're first two LIES were on the last blog, this one is no. 3

Apparently you guys didn't consult odin! Sheesh! How could you have left him out??? He knows better than all of them! At least he said so :|

Posted by: lark | April 26, 2012 at 11:21 PM

I never said I knew better than ANYONE.

Do I have to post your 4th LIE? Why not just change your name NOW COWARD.

You've been exposed, yet-AGAIN!

When it comes to being a TROLL, you're as bad as Tannehill is at being a QB!

Bottom's Up!!!!

In case anyone missed it the Panthers lost in 2x OT tonight. A hard fought effort unlike what the three losers playing for the heat will give. As for the Panthers I recommend they speak with Dan Marino for tips on handling being a loser.

Did anyone else notice that maybe Ireland shouldn't have run down to address the press?

I mean, some other teams could have been calling to trade up or down.

Who knows, I guess when your ego gets hungry, you have to feed it.

Talking to the press while the FIRST round of the draft is going on?


What's scary is how all the other AFC East teams have boosted their defense with the draft and free agency. The pass rush on these other teams is sick! Hop our "O-Line" stands up to the test

Any truth to the rumor Sherman is going to resurrect the Wing Back position?


Will you two kids just stop it. Time the f--k out please! You're looking two babies fighting over a pacifier that hasnt even been opened yet.

Until Ryan Tannehill sets fot on the field as Miami Dolphins qb, none of truthfully knows what the f--k he is. You two have been fighting back and forth for hours it now seems like. Time the f--k out.

Youre both loyal dolfans, you both want to see the the team have success. Until Tannehill actually sets foot on the field as starting qb. Youre both slamming eachother's head into the turf over absolutely nothing. Please, just time the f==k out now already. OK?

That press release doesn't read like a ringing endorsement.

YG I love it when you talk dirty. Four f bombs in one blog .... yeah baby. Time to rub one off. ROTFL. Valhalla!

"I doubt there is a player ON JEFF IRELAND'S draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill."

Looks like Sherman is already throwing Ireland under the bus.

I thought this was a group hug group decision thing. Apparently it was Jeff's board and idea. Most likely his puppet master Ross.


So many trolls attack you because you go endlessly hours on end with them. Its ok to slam them back a little. But damn, you'll go hours on end for days on end with the exact same troll. Ive seen you do this.

WTH is the deal with that? Seems you love feeding the trolls. I bash them, then ignore them. IO let them know I control when I want to bash them and for how long. I dont give the troll all of the control.

That's exactly what you do bro.

Okay, Sherman is excited to have Tanne in the QB room with Moore, Garrard and DEVLIN?

I'm pretty sure Devlin is packing his bags as we speak. Poor kid, hope he can get on a practice squad somewhere. Maybe Sherman will keep him on our practice squad.

Ryan "The Lion" Tannehill might have to wait a little while before this cat plays...but when he does I hope we want him to stay.


He started it-Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

No, seriously YG, it's favorite troll in his latest incarnation. He likes it when I rough him up.

If you go back and look, he was talking about nothing but me. He didn't post anything about Football. It was always just about me and my opinions.

He's a glutton for punishment!


Go to MiamiDolpins dot com and watch the video of Tannehill's selection. Ross had the widest cheshire cat grin on his face you could ever imagine. Then gave Ireland a high five with more fervor than Sparano could have ever even dreamed of putting into a fistpump. No lie.

But, Philbin was next to them basically expressionless and Ross didnt even attempt to give Philbin a blasting high five he gave Ireland. Hmm... something in the milk may really not be so clean. LOL

I bet Sherman was biting his own tongue at least once a day until he vented tonight. He really has Tanehill in high regard, to say the least, and his words are the best confidence booster we can expect right now.

I hope we pick Cordy Glenn or at least Bobby Massie tomorrow. Our new QB is going to need all the help he can get from the o-line, and we are so damn close to have a nasty little one...

WR can wait until 3rd or 4th round...

The more I look at the 2nd round I pray we get Martin or Massie to protect Tennihill on the right side of the line, because the afc east deff for all 3 teams have gotting alot better. yes Tannehill should start day one, will learn the spead of the nfl and we should have o poor record next year witch would allow the dolphins to select hi in the draft next year

Handling the troll is like handling my bf. I let him know I control when I ram him and for how long. I don't give him all the control but I do like to be tied up and gargle from time to time.


Its none other than Oscar Canosa. The dude's sick and cant help himself. 90% of the troll screen names here are Oscar Canosa. Im serious.

I busted Oscar for it the other day, then all of a sudden for about 6 straight hours all of the trolling here went to zero. No sh-t!

Now all they need to do is go and get these guys in the remainder of the draft:

Vinny Curry
Greg Childs
Juron Criner
Nick Toon
Senio Kelemete
Coryell Judie
Julian Miller

Uuuuummmm....If they don't (next) draft some right-side Offensive Linemen



That rub one post was your favorite troll.

As for what I do with the resident troll, that's MY business.

Did it ever occur to you that when I get upset(like when Ireland throws away a perfectly good 8th overall pick)that I actually enjoy exposing the tool for what he is.

Blowing a little steam off while playing with the Tardo. It was more fun than watching Ireland bury us even deeper.

Besides, I've seen you go on and on a time or two over Oscar-LOL.

It's all good YG.

PS: Can you believe DeCastro slid like that? Then to go to the Steelers? Ungggggggggggggggg!

I was surprised and bummed. I would've took Decstro over Tannehill FOREVER! Irelands in farther over his head than SpOrano was. That's BAD!

Thank You Dolphins for doing the right thing here. Great decision and I hope it works out!!


See how the troll(OSCAR CANOSA) just came after me at 12:51 pm. There's no need to respond. That troll already knows he's stupid. so why spend hours trying to convince of what he already knows.

Even a t5roll's smarter enough to know he's stupid. LOL

I may not know as much about these guys as the GM's, scouts, coaches, etc. but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last month. While I was there I did a breakdown of Chandler Harnish and posted it on my blog. At the time, Harnish was projected as a late 7th round pick to and undrafted free agent.
I didn't think Harnish was good enough to be up in the beginning of the draft with the other guys but I didn't see him as being a 7th-FA prospect either. I thought he should be rated as at least a 5th rd prospect and now he is.
Those Holiday Inn Express commercials don't lie. I wasn't staying at one when I did my breakdown of Tannehill so I must be wrong about him.


DeCastro didnt slide, I always said he was the right pick for us, not the popular pick. Everyone in the draft wasnt looking for a og. He didnt slide. He went exactly where he was supposed to go.

To a team with vision of building a dynasty calibre oline. He's still playing next to a Pouncey isnt he? LOL

The Nate Palmer piece on my blog is on fire. I am getting a huge amount of hits on there for this piece and I think he's starting to pick up steam and I would not be surprised to see him go from an UFA prospect and end up as high as the 4th round.
This kid is an unbelievable talent at wide receiver and, if the Dolphins could take someone like Gates in the 4th last year, Palmer is definitely worth it. He is a better prospect than Gates was.

Amini Silatolu
Bobby Massie
Coby Fleener
Brian Quick
Dwayne Allen
Vinny Curry
Cordy Glenn
Andre Branch
Rueben Randle

If they are all available when we pick in the 2nd round who do you take from this group?

Wow what a great PR statement from Sherman. The Dolphins have a great PR writer for sure. However what is going to happen when you have a QB with a clipboard and there is no elite receiver or elite pass rusher to win football games. The Dolphins do not have a Floyd or a Wright at receiver or an Ingram rushing the QB. Well they have Ryan Tannehill holding a clipboard on the sideline. How do you justify that.......Tom Brady was drafted in the 7th round and so was Matt Moore. A great NFL QB needs support from elite players.

In case no one figured it out from the last blog where they argued college is different from the NFL. They don't use the same offense and were too ignorant to recongize the West Coast of the NFL is the same West Coast played at Texas A&M which is the same West Coast Philbin is familiar with... please take note of these simple words.

"His learning curve, however, will be enhanced and accelerated simply because he is coming to an offensive scheme and terminology where he has a lot of familiarity."

The difference is wrinkles. Moore and Garrard have to learn a completely new offense to them. Leg up.

I take Vinny Curry.


I want to take this slow. I really respect you and your opinions. Although the mere sight of your screen name causes a stir in my loins lets get to know each other. We will know when the time is right.


I absolutely love the DeCastro pick for Pittsburgh. They are going to be hard to handle in the playoffs now. Ben will now have far better protection up the middle and thier ground game just got more powerful too.

It upgrades thier defense because thier offense will now put more points on the board and thier already good pass rushers will really be able to pinn thier ears back and come after the opposing qb's now that theyll have bigger leads.

Dude DeCastro's addition just upgraded thier entire team and we're still at day one of the draft. LOL

Well, another Christmas ruined.

I'll tell you what, for all the whinning I did about Ireland taking Tannehill, I can prove to you it was warranted.

I guarantee you guys that the rest of Irelands draft blows chunks! I guarantee it. Anybody that looks at Tannehill and sees an 8th overall pick can't know much about aquiring talent.

Everybody has been waiting to see how Ireland does post Parcells. Well, here you go. It's worse than you think. I'm not saying I know more than Ireland, but Ireland hasn't got a clue.

Without Parcells, Ireland is a ruderless ship. He's in over his head.

The only good pick he made was pouncey and he had to REACH to get him. It's a wrap. It's going to get way worse before it gets better.

Don't kill the messenger, I'm just telling you like it is!


See how the cute little troll keeps trying to play with me. LOL

Now, quite simply, the Dolphins had better pick a WR up in the next two rounds - probably better do it in the second, along with a RT, and a OLB. Round out the draft with a DL, CB, and Safety... we are good to go.

Who the hell did we draft in the second round I'm going to sleep

Lou, I like Curry and Branch but I am torn between pass rusher, oline due to NE and NY getting pass rush. I really like Silatolu and Massie.

It'd be nice to get either Jonathon Martin OT Stanford or Coby Fleener TE Stanford tomorrow with the 2nd rd pick

Yesterday's Gone,
Your a total DB!!!

For all the folks bagging on Tannehill consider these numbers.

Last year he threw 29 TDs and 15 picks.
The year before he threw for 13 TDs and 6 in less than half as many pass attempts. So his TD:INT ratio was 2:1 as a starter.

We'd all feel better if he had started another year and hypothetically if his career numbers were 62 TDs and 31 picks I don't think anybody would be complaining and if you think it's presumptuous to add 20 TDs and 10 picks consider this, in 2009 Jerrod Johnson, the Aggies starting QB threw for 30 TDs and just 8 picks.

So the numbers suggest a few things that no one is talking about a) unlike Chad Henne whose numbers declined each year at Michigan, Tannehill's numbers were trending up and b) we should be excited about the prospects for the offense under Mike Sherman provided they can add some more players on that side of the ball.

Another QB once finished his college career with just 10 more TDs than INTs (79-69) and went on to shatter the NFL record for TD passes in a career and a bust in Canton. So before you start drinking the Kool-Aid that Tannehill's numbers don't measure up and he wasn't the right pick at 8 you might give the kid a chance. He may not break all kinds of NFL records but given time and more weapons to work with he could turn out to be a pretty good QB, at a time when guys like Manning and Brady are headed out to pasture.

But if he does let's not give Fireland too much credit, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


I havent a clue as to who or what to pick in the 2nd or 3rd rd. My total 1st 3 rounds draft board is totally wrecked.

1. David DeCastro-- Steeler
2. Kirk Cousins--Aint happening
3. Bruce Irvins-- Sea Hawks, way overdrafted

So you see, my draftboard got totally wrecked day 1. LOL

I also like Massie. He's a big body and strong. He's like a left tackle playing right tackle. So, like you, I'm torn between pass rush and o-line in the 2nd and that's because the talent it both is hard to seperate.


Its pretty simple - Weeden wasn't a first round pick and went 22. Tannehill shouldn't have been a top 25 pick. Weeden should never have seen the first round.

Its like numb-nuts paying Starbucks $4 for a coffee. Yes, the Dolphins overpaid. I would have liked to see them trade down to 15 or so and get Tanney and another pick. In all likelihood, they would never have gotten Tanney if they had waited though.

Tanney has the arm, smarts, athletic ability, and competitive spirit we have wanted in Miami. He can be and should be the franchise QB we have wanted. He is raw. The mistake would be sitting him and expecting him to cure. Protect him and throw him in the ring. Thats what we did with Marino.

IF Tanney isn't starting by mid-season, the Dolphins have screwed the pooch.

Curry 42
Massie 58
Nick Toon 4th
maze 5th
Wright 6th
miller 7th

No doubt in my mind Nate Palmer's moving up into the middle of this draft. It's crazy.

Oh and here's a list of the top 10 TD tossers in NCAA history before Case Keenum broke the record last year.
Of all the guys on this list the only two guys who have done much in the pros were Chad Pennington (who had Randy Moss with him in college) and Phillip Rivers.

So again, take those college numbers with a grain of salt.

Colt Brennan Hawaii: 131 touchdown passes (2005-07)
Ty Detmer BYU: 121 (1988-91)
Timmy Chang Hawaii: 117 (2000-04)
Tim Rattay Louisiana Tech: 115 (1997-99)
Danny Wuerffel Florida: 114 (1993-96)
Chad Pennington Marshall: 100 (1997-99)
Matt Leinart USC: 99 (2002-05)
Kliff Kingsbury Texas Tech: 95 (1999-02)
Philip Rivers North Carolina State: 95 (2000-03)
Brady Quinn Notre Dame: 95 (2003-06)


For Gods sakes he didn't throw 29 TD's last year.

He threw 19 TD's to 15 INT's. Yikes.

The kicker: He only threw 29 in 4 years at A&M.

I hope last year wasn't an abberation.

I would like to see my Dolphins go straight for good offensive linemen tomorrow. We can pick DE Cam Johnson at #72 (unless crazy seahawks overdraft him a round earlier or something) and WR can wait until 3rd-4th round.

he actually did throw 29 TDs last year

LOL!!! Ryan the Lion huh? Let's hope its not a Wizard of Oz remake.


I agree and YG said it earlier.

Tannehill was the 8th overall pick of the draft.

If he ain't starting day 1 then somebody screwed the pooch, plain and simple. There's no way around it.

The only thing we'll here other than Tannehill is the starter, is **EXCUSES**.

I got a feeling we'll be hearing a lot of those.

The Pats, Jets and Bills have all improved this year through free agency and the draft.

What have we done?

1. We traded away our best offensive weapon.

2. We cut our best defensive tackler and leader.

OK, we used free agency to add depth(excuse for not getting anyone worth noting).

So, with the 8th overall pick of the draft do we make up some ground?

The simple answer: NOPE!

We got the most inexperienced QB to have EVER been taken in the first round(at no. 8 mind you)and we expect he'll sit for at least a year.

OK, so what have we done with free agency and the 8th overall pick of the draft?

The simple answer: NOTHING!

Seriously! We got a bunch of scrubs and a QB nobody would have picked until the 2nd or 3rd round.

Oh yeah, we also pissed off our best pass rusher, the guy that was ranked the best OLB in the NFL.

We should do Wake the same favor we did Henne and let him go play for any other team than Irelands.

Cowardly Lion: All right, I'll go in there for Sherman. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch, guards or no guards, I'll tear them apart. I may not come out alive, but I'm going in there. There's only one thing I want you fellows to do.

Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow: What's that?

Cowardly Lion: Talk me out of it!


Are you saying Tanne's numbers shouldn't be a factor when drafting at #8?

I hope the kid has a heart. The tin man didn't have one.

Tanne is a tin man. Dude will rust under those Florida monsoons.

Mario Williams: Welcome to the NFL Ryan.

Ryan: Can you get off me?

Revis Island: Welcome to the NFL Ryan.

Ryan: Didn't even see you man.

Bill Belecheat: Welcome to the head coaching ranks Joe.

Joe: They gonna fire me now if I don't call a time out.

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