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Mike Sherman shares thoughts about Tannehill

Much has been speculated about what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, formerly Ryan Tannehill's head coach at Texas A&M, really thinks of the quarterback. I suppose we'll never know the full story unless someone gets Sherman drunk on truth serum.

But Sherman released a statement Thursday night giving you some of his thoughts on the topic:

"Ryan Tannehill is a unique individual. Much has been said about his intellect and athleticism. What hasn't been discussed is his unselfish nature and his "team first" mentality which fits in with coach Philbin's philosophy. four years ago when we were down receivers I asked him to play that position for us because we needed help there. He put his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback on hold to accommodate my request in order to help his team win.

"As far as his quarterback skill level is concerned, I doubt there is a player on Jeff Ireland's draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill. The general consensus is that he is a talented quarterback with a tremendous upside. As his former head coach, I agree with that evaluation. He has just scratched the surface as a quarterback. His learning curve, however, will be enhanced and accelerated simply because he is coming to an offensive scheme and terminology where he has a lot of familiarity.

He is an extremely competitive person and will embrace the responsibility that goes with being the 8th pick in the NFL draft. There is no doubt he will work to exceed those expectations.

I am excited to have him in the quarterback room with Matt [Moore], David [Garrard], and Pat [Devlin]. He will be a great addition to that group. It will be very competitive to say the least."


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I agree Andy. It seems all the people bashing Tanehill were the same guys wanting to give Henne more time. I don't get it but then again I like the pic.

Personally I think people can't get over having a new shiny car and not being able to drive it.

Lets hope he quickly learns to slice and dice secondaries in the NFL.


Andy, I agree. But truthfully I'm joking with all the gloating. Just to get under some people's skin. All fun and games.

The truth of the matter is, like you said, this isn't Sparano and Co. A bunch of bumbling idiots when it came to devising an offensive scheme. We have the cream of the crop when it comes to NFL offense in 2012. Philbin/Sherman, I'm tying myself to THEM, not the personnel. I don't know if Tannehill will be the next Dan Marino. But I DO KNOW Sherman worked with Favre, Philbin worked with Rodgers, and those guys turned out to be pretty good. They will know how to develop this player right, and how to USE THE PIECES THEY HAVE TO CREATE AN EXCITING OFFENSE.

That's why I'm so happy today. Because gone are the days where you WASTE a 1st-rd pick on a guy who won't move the needle ONE INCH towards Championships.

All these guys saying Tannehill is a project and won't play this year are TOO MUCH, because THERE plan was to go get some lineman or something, and act like THAT was going to get us into the Playoffs. The truth, we did that, sure, we found a piece, but we'd STILL have to find MANY, MANY more to become relevant. SO their way would take JUST AS LONG IF NOT LONGER than this way.

And now, with the new CBA, this guy won't cost a fortune. If he doesn't work out, it won't set the team back decades. Heck, we've ALREADY been set back decades.

People are just mad they didn't get their way. I understand their disappointment. However, if this works the way they are planning it, the JOY of this fanbase will erase any sadness a fan may feel right now.

"You doubters need to take a step back and get some perspective on the QB and how in some cases it takes time."


A lot of the posts are from people who just want to bash everything the Dolphins do. No one can deny that we needed a starting QB for the future & this kid fell right in our lap. We have the right coaches & the right system for him. What else can you ask for???

If we didn't take him & he became a legitimate starter the very same people who hated the pick yesterday would be complaining in a couple of years that we should have taken him.

On a side note--Flynn signed a three year/$26 Million deal which is a LOT more than Luck is about to make not to mention Tannehill. Flynn didn't start a whole lot of games @ LSU & had only two NFL starts in one of the best offenses in football so he's far from being a sure thing.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks

Thanks for your thoughts "we have", but....are we saying we thought Flynn was the answer, but it was because of the money he wanted that the brain trust shied away from him? If so, prior to the meeting they had to have known what he was asking for anyway? Why meet with him.

IF they soley believed in Tannehill, then why entertain Flynn? They knew both qb's very well....

Sorry to rant on this, but i gotta assume, either its a PR nightmare that they really wanted Flynn but passed due to money. They had to have thought Flynn was the answer otherwise why meet? they already know him.

We have Draft Picks, I like Brian Quick but he's kind of raw. So that scares me a little. With that said though he could develop right along with Tannehill. I also like Randle.

I forgot about Massie. He'd be a good OT and pick for the fins. I like Glenn too but from what I am reading and if I am to believe it, then Philbin likes a more athletic OL. So I am not sure they'd take Glenn.

As for pass rush there are 3 guys: Upshaw, Curry and Branch. I'd take any of them.

I am hoping Sanu slips to pick 72.


I took your 'the Dolphins won't pick Tannehill, you can't take it to the bank' but when I got there the bank had gone bankrupt.

All kidding aside, there's a coupe of things I don't get. I don't get how when Philbin was hired you criticized Armando for never acknowledging the hire and in your words 'giving the guy a chance to show what he can do in the lead role'. But all I read from you last night was negative, negative, negative towards Tannehill. Doesn't Tannehill deserve that same chance you wanted for Philbin....a chance to show if he can do the job or not. Like Philbin, isn't this a guy we need to get behind.

One other thing, don't get how you are so Hell bent that Mallett is a first round pick and Tannehill is a third round pick. Isn't it the other way around. Please don't tell me about the off field character issues being the only reason Mallett was a third round pick. There are TONS of guys who go first round and have character issues, Dez Bryant being one that ocmes to mind right away. I know you're really set in your ways and in a lot of ways that's a good thing but I'm suggesting maybe you need to re-think some of this at some point.

Well, Im exscited, looks like our two new cioaches have some things to believe in with this kid! For right now, I am sold. Looks like we might have our future QB...


I would not suggest throwing Tannehill out there Week 1. I don't think there's any hurry to get him up to speed (this year). I think the Coaches feel they can teach the system to the players. Start turning the personnel towards that system, and let a veteran like Moore take it this year so that other players (linemen, receivers, etc.) can understand how it should work.

Then they can worry about starting Tannehill next year. I'm fine with our 1st-rd pick on the bench. I just want him ready when he steps out on the field, since lots of people will be comparing him to Henne right away (though that's the silliest comparison out there, as he is VERY athletic, and Henne is and WAS a statue).

A mock draft on NFL.com see 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 DE and 3 O linemen taken in the first nine picks of the second round.

If Ireland/Philbin have a target they're sure of amongst those picks they need to use a 3rd or 4th round pick to move up. We'll face 3 better defenses in our division next year, we need another WR or a RT just to be competitve.

Craig, I'm thinking of having a bust of Ireland bronzed and put in my foyer. Behind bulletproof glass. That no one would be able to touch without white gloves. On a red, velvet carpet.

Wait, just thought of something, I'm no fan of Mitt Romney, but anyone else see Ireland as a VP candidate?

Well, I think the deal here, is he is not Henne at all, oer say. In fact Henne was more NFL ready than Tanny. That being said, if Tanny is the same as Henne I am still excited! Henne would have been a success here if this was the offense philosophy he walked into.

The key for Tanny now, is to soak up what our coaches can give him, and for our fan base to be patient and not start trashing the guy if he makes mistakes the first couple years of play.

Just my opinion, but our fan base seems to just turn on people way to quick...

The Fins did exactly what they needed to do with this 1st Rd pick. I do not expect TanneHill to start this year but to learn and develop. Nice going Find

Also, no one forget, the Jets took a risk too. Coples is widely thought of as the most possible bust in the 1st-round. So they didn't get a definite star either.

Tannehill will be ready at his pace and the coaches will give him the time and education he needs. I think it will be pretty fast (mid first year is my estimate). If you look at what he did his first year starting it was really impressive to be able to step in like he did and play like he did. Says a lot about his ability.


I view picking Tannehill as it was the right pick last night and 5 years from now when he is a franchise QB it was the right pick and for the naysayers if Tannehill doesn't work out then I would still look back and say at the time 100 percent he was the right pick.

Lets see. Sherman thinks highly of him as a QB, thinks he hasn't even scratched the surface of being a QB. If he had such a high opinion of him as a QB, then why ask him to convert to a WR. If he was that good of QB then why not keep him at that position and be that great QB he claims he is now!


Yes all the bashers are the guys who wanted players of no value like at #8 like DeCastro and Coples who slid to jets. The rule is if you need a franchise QB and a potential franchise QB is there then you take him. There is no such thing as a reach in this case.

Odin spot on!!

That was Ireland's best pick since being a Dolphin. I am hoping for better than that today.

Morning Gents...looks like Ireland took my advice and drafted Tannehill at #8.

I was originally on the Suck for Luck train...then jumped on the RG3 bandwagon for a while and have been firmly entrenched in front seat of the Tannehill Bus.

We needed to draft a franchise QB and when the first two franchise QB's came off the board, we grabbed the next one in line.


Did anyone see the smirk on Ireland's face when they flipped on the Fins War Room Camera moments before the pick was announced?
My take from that intimate moment was this:
Ireland was picking Tannehill at #8 the whole time and was relieved he was still there after a few wild trades just took place.

Well, all I know is, a headcoach doesnt ask the franchise QB to play WR, cause he's down a WR or two. No wonder Sherman was fired. And Tannehill played that position(WR) for two yrs. Tannehill played QB for one yr, thats 1 yr folks and he didnt win one game against a top 20 college team. Well, at least, if he busts at QB the fish can make a WR out of him. Picking at #8 means you draft a player who can play NOW not two yrs from now. You thing Luck or RG3 are waiting a yr or two to start?
Jeffery you have just drafted the 2012 version of Brady Quinn. Hope you have other "things" on your job discription. Another 5-11 season,,,maybe.


Not sure you guys have given it much thought but I enjoyed the new format of the draft and not showing the phone calls. So the Commish can announce the pick before we all know the pick. I for 1 enjoyed that.

We Have Draft Picks,

You are on the same level of thinking as me. Phiblin, Sherman have worked with one of the best ever in Favre and one of the current best in Rodgers. Tannehill gets to work with Sherman who has already has worked with and a relationship. There isn't a better situation Tannehill could have went to.

Philbin and Sherman are tying their NFL coaching lives to Tannehill I doubt they are doing that to make the fans happy by picking a QB or to sell tickets. They are putting their reputations on the line.

We'll have to wait till the end of the 2012 season to see if Moore becomes a top ten QB. That could be achievable since he was already a top 12 last year.

We'd then have to wait till the end of the 2013 season to see what Tannehill can do.

But wait...what if Moore does become a top ten QB in 2012 will he be given a fair shot at being the starter in 2013?

Tannehill could then be looking at becoming the starter in 2014 assuming Moore doesn't get injured.

I just hope that the better player starts.

Poizen, yes I agree Henne was more NFL ready. But these guys are making Tannehill out to be Henne and he's ANYTHING but. Andy can attest. We're both Michigan fans. And Henne was NEVER an athletic QB. He always had a gun. He was a good passer. But he could NEVER have been a WR. Henne was Henne and Tannehill is Tannehill.

I'm not saying Tannehill will be more successful than Henne. I'm saying he's not going to play like Henne (because he has different attributes).

I wish Henne luck, but I'm going to give Tannehill the SAME respect as I did Henne and GIVE HIM A CHANCE to play before I tear him down.

Glad to see some guys step up in here today to fight against the sky is falling mentality.

He's officially a Dolphin now, give him a chance.

HENNE GOT............. 7 MILLION A YEAR.........

AND A PRIZE.............

BLACKMON.................WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT ............................



Totally right. There is NOTHING wrong with the thinking that when you need a QB, if there's a guy you like, you pick him. Forget this, 'he's a second round QB', 'he's a third round QB'. Who cares! Montana was a third round QB, Brady a sixth round QB. It's irrelevant where the guy was supposed to go in the draft. Only think that matters, will he be any good?

There's an element of the Dolphin fanbase that will hang onto this pick for dear life and actually HOPE that the kid fails just so they can back Ireland and the franchise for picking him when they did. To me, as a fellow Dolphin fan, that's extremely sad!


At first I wanted flynn, then hoped we'd make the redskins trade for RGIII. I never wanted Manning but when we chased him I got on board (however I never wanted Smith).

Now we have Tannehill I'm excited. I realise all I want is something to be done to make this team a contender. I saw a clip of Tannehill taking the ball 60 yards for a TD and I'm excited to see him develop for this team. I'd like to see him in a pre season game and perhaps come on for some 4th quarters this year.

The thrill of football isn't in winning, its realising that you MIGHT win, that you have a chance. I find the Patriots and Brady boring to watch, despite, or because of, the winning seasons. I want to see what Tanehill can do and where he can take this team.

Only a fool would tear down a player before he has a chance to prove himself on the field.

...with that said, then only player that was highly touted in the last 10 years that I knew would bust was JaMarcus Russell.

There was just something about that guy that had failure written all over his face.

I've turned Craig to the Dark Side (drafting 1st-round QBs).

My Work Here Is Done!




Craig M,

You're right about that. Anything Ireland does is crap to some of these guys and like I said before the draft, Ireland is here to stay for at least this draft and probably beyond so get used to it.

Tannehill was the right pick and everyone who don't like needs to stop hating the kid before he ever plays a down. Aren't they tired of so called instant fixes.

Patience people, patience!

To the people crying and whining over the tannehill pick why don't you go pick a different team to follow, you've been crying for four years that Ireland always takes the safe pick and now they take a chance and go with the QB and you still cry and whine well you can't have it both ways give it a rest already

Also guys, don't discount the type of player Philbin is looking for: bright, team player, athletic.

Not saying it's definitely going to work or not (I'm of the opinion you look for talent first), but it worked for him in Green Bay, any nothing's worked here in the past, so might as well give it a try!



Did Ireland become a Top 5 GM in the NFL last night? Is that what we all witnessed?

I would not suggest throwing Tannehill out there Week 1. I don't think there's any hurry to get him up to speed (this year).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 27, 2012 at 08:50 AM

C'mon jeez. You have nothing better to say than this most obvious point all have uttered 1000 times??? DC, will you stop breathing if you don't type? Will you die if you are not constantly writing blah blah? It sure seems that way.

New Flash....YG is still face down in a puddle of his own puke from an over-indulgence of alcohol last night. We won't hear from him till about 3pm today.





That's the one thing that this fanbase doesn't have....Patience.

My hope is that this team has a very successful season and somehow makes the playoffs. If the team struggles, all we're going to here ALL year is 'when are we going to see Tannehill play'? Best thing that can happen is a good season from Moore and Garrard and most of us even forget Tannehill is on the team, like Rodgers with the Packers. Let the kid watch and learn, out of the spotlight. See you in at least 2013.

By the way, welcome aboard kid! Been a very long time since we'e had a first round QB. Here's to hoping you have great success and that we don't need to draft another one for 10-12 years.

Maybe next 4 picks could go like this.
42. Brian Quick WR
72. Mitchel Scwartz OT
73. Nick Toon WR
102. Derek Wolfe DT

Looks good to me.


So for rounds 2 and 3 there are a lot of possibilities but right now in round 2 we appear to be able to get a very good player at one of the need positions.

OLine - Cordy Glenn, Bobby Massie, Peter Konz, Jonathan Martin, Mike Adams

Pass Rusher - Courtney UpShaw, Andre Branch, Vinny Curry

DT - Devon Still, Jerel Worthy

OLB - Lavonte David, Zach Brown

WR - Stephen Hill, Reuban Randle, Alshon Jeffrey, Brian Quick

TE - Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen

CB - Janoris Jenkins, Josh Robinson, Trumaine Johnson

Any thoughts of you want round 2?

The Pats reloaded big-time on defense last night...the AFC East is a very tough division from a defensive perspective.

I hope our new WCO can be effective against these stout teams in our division.


Sometimes crap needs to be learned

Texas dolfan I hate those picks. Sorry, but b quick is overrated, and toon is another hartline. We need streeter, get back the size we lost with Marshall.
If tannehill is a bomb, why does it have to cost us a whole two years to figure it out? Would u rather go 4-12 with Moore this year and 5-11 with tannehill next year or find out tannehill is god awful this year and have a chance at Barkley or jones....he doesn't need to sit when his number one knock is game experience!
We better draft a slew of wideouts now and coby if he falls to us! Because we won't know about tannehill until we get the receivers to throw to. Matt Ryan and flacco are good qb picks because the gm gives them unlimited weapons. We need to start that mentality in Miami. The running game is now overrated.


I noticed you didn't have Andre Branch on your list. He's a kid I like. I'd be tempted to go with someone like him in the second.




Awesome pick. Tanne will start sooner than later for us I am sure of it sometime mid-season when the record does not look so good. Garrad is hurt and Moore is tossing picks like tuna salad.

Brian Quick or Reuben Randle. BUT I think Randle will be gone when we pick. The Rams have 2 picks before us and have a huge need at WR.

I'm in the camp that I too would rather forget that Tannehill is even on the team this year and ever time we see him he has the headset on and clipboard in hand.

If for some godly reason Moore & Garrard are completely ineffective and we are sitting at 2-10 then hell ya, put the kid in for a game and see how the learning curve goes...but none the sooner IMO.

Craig m, sitting him makes no sense. We won't make the playoffs this year and that's guaranteed with garrard and Moore. Tannehills knock is playing experience.....he won't get that with the clipboard. He has a bad year, but shows signs, this fan base will be understanding. We gave chad henne three years, didn't we?

I feel you Aloco,

How about one year of randomly putting him in at times to get some experience, then go at it full fledge next year if he's playing better or at least equal to Moore?

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