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Mike Sherman shares thoughts about Tannehill

Much has been speculated about what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, formerly Ryan Tannehill's head coach at Texas A&M, really thinks of the quarterback. I suppose we'll never know the full story unless someone gets Sherman drunk on truth serum.

But Sherman released a statement Thursday night giving you some of his thoughts on the topic:

"Ryan Tannehill is a unique individual. Much has been said about his intellect and athleticism. What hasn't been discussed is his unselfish nature and his "team first" mentality which fits in with coach Philbin's philosophy. four years ago when we were down receivers I asked him to play that position for us because we needed help there. He put his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback on hold to accommodate my request in order to help his team win.

"As far as his quarterback skill level is concerned, I doubt there is a player on Jeff Ireland's draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill. The general consensus is that he is a talented quarterback with a tremendous upside. As his former head coach, I agree with that evaluation. He has just scratched the surface as a quarterback. His learning curve, however, will be enhanced and accelerated simply because he is coming to an offensive scheme and terminology where he has a lot of familiarity.

He is an extremely competitive person and will embrace the responsibility that goes with being the 8th pick in the NFL draft. There is no doubt he will work to exceed those expectations.

I am excited to have him in the quarterback room with Matt [Moore], David [Garrard], and Pat [Devlin]. He will be a great addition to that group. It will be very competitive to say the least."


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You are a clown ALoco

Is Luck even making 8 million a year?

I thought the new rookie structure would not allow Tanny to make that much ALOCO.

This is great for the franchise. At least we have a direction now and a QB we'll be committed to. If all goes well, he will be the foundation to build around on the most important position on the field. It will allow focus to be in other areas. I'm excited!


Yeah they lost sight of the Rookie Wage Scale. Cam signed a $26 M deal over 4 years with $15 guaranteed. They are doing anything to justify why Tannehill has to either start or he is a BUST already, smh!



Pouncey signed a four year deal for $9.3 mil plus incentives for playing time that could pay him a little more. Regardless, doesn't matter what world you live in, that doesn't compute to an averge of $5 mil a year and it doesn't put Tannehill anywhere close to the $8-12 mil a year you're talking about. We could argue this all day if you like but your saying Pouncey makes an average of $5 mil a year is bogus.

Football first - Go Fins! Nice pick. Day TWO is the one that really counts to me. Tannehill is an unknown with upside. Now we need OG and DE that can start instantly and make an impact. We have 3 picks today. At least 2 of them MUST be solid starter.

Secondly, Odin and YG should get together and make jelly babies all over each others faces. Now THAT would be entertaining vs. the inane bickering back and forth over absolutely nothing.

Anyway, FishSpikely has spoken, everyone may now go about their business :) Have a great day and GO DOLPHINS!


"Cam Newton received a four-year contract last week worth $22,025,498, according to numbers obtained by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas.

Here’s a breakdown of how Newton will get paid.

He gets an immediate signing bonus ot $14,518,5444. He’ll then make base salaries of $375,000 in 2011, $1,376,159 in 2012, $2,377,318 in 2013 and $3,378,477 in 2014.

The Panthers have an option to pick up the fifth year of his contract in 2015 but will have to pay Newton the average salary of the top five players at his position (based on the 2014 season)."

Luck will get a very similar deal.
Both #1 OVERALL picks
so keep trying to argue that and keep failing.


good research. I thought it was 26 M but nonetheless some guys have Tannehill making 8-12 M a year is insane lol.

andyj, i understand why you are using the giants, and i agree in theory, but they are your ONLY example, besides the steelers, and not even really, because they got where they did and beat who they did with pass rushers, sure, but it was because of eli. can there be any doubt, either of their bowl wins? he has had ice water in his veins when it comes to the playoffs, and both times he took two teams with mediocre years and brought them to a different level by being calm and accurate.
besides the giants and maybe the steelers, every superbowl team (and almost all playoff teams) now have a great qb and weapons to throw to. its the league now. its not defense, and ironically the pats and packers prove it. no way ten years ago could you get to the superbowl with league worst defenses, now it doesnt matter. we knew the broncos werent going to the superbowl not because of tebow so much as because even with a killer defense that came on late they DONT SCORE POINTS.
bottom line: if youre not a top 3 defense in the league, and STILL backed up by a top ten qb with weapons to throw to, it doesnt matter how great your defense is, you are not going anywhere. score points = playoffs. or build a top 3 defense. since we are not the steelers, ravens, 49ers, i choose points.


Yep you'r right on the money with what you reported above. ALoco, the number one pick in the draft last year makes $5 million a year, so there's no way the 15th pick if making the same. Tell yourself whatever you want but that's the truth.

Luck and RGIII will get something very similar to Newton this year. Gone are the contracts paid to the likes of Long and Bradford.

Don't get worked up over the money. This is about WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS!


THE INCENTIVES ..............

ALOCO, That might be true, The good news to that point would be those incentives do not count toward the CAP. That is Ross's money, I think. So As long as Tanny's cap number is 2-4 mill a year, he could sit...

That is what some backups for aother positions make. the key is the cap number as far as I can see.

Gotta go guys....

Excited for the next two days. For the record, I believe Ireland will go pass rush in the second (Andre Branch?), WR and OL in the third and possibly S or CB in the fourth.

So lets take a look at Jake Lockers contract and it should be fairly similar to what we should expect to see Tannehill sign for.

Signing bonus 7,650,000
Avg salary 3,146,500

also, that comment about play him and bust quick....thats not right. thats not what the fans want. I want the 8 pick, and a guy making more than almost every player on the team to be on the field on sunday. and if he throws 15 td's with 20 int's, you better believe most fans are educated enough and, well, fanatic enough to watch the games and know if he showed signs, if we don't have anyone he can throw to like locker or ponder, we wasted what, almost two years on henne before we even started to see him. u can sit a sure thing like luck if you have peyton, because who better to learn from.
my point is, his numbers won't tell us, just like him sitting won't. his play WILL.

Do not compare this kid to Dan Marino! No one compares to Dan Marino or Tom Brady. Besides Marino had better coaches, a better defense, and much much better receivers. Oh and no Jeff Ireland thank god!

Well maybe if Tannehill is not the starting qb for us in week 1, perhaps he can play some WR again? He probably would be good enough to make the team on that merit alone! Just sayin'.

It is good that the new Draft format provides Teams with time to change Draft strategy after Rd 1. Forget Tannehill for now. NE and the Jets have considerably reinforced their front 7 and is our priority now to strenghen our O-line as much as possible. ASAP.

My prediction for 2012

Fins will have a winning season and make the playoffs with Moore.

I've looked at the schedule and they could go 10-6.

5 losses

Pats -twice

Agree Oscar
Next pick is OL

I admit that I was pretty skeptical of Tannehill as a top-10 pick, as I am with any player that makes huge leaps up draft boards when no games are being played. However, after watching Gruden's episode with him, I have to say I'm impressed with the kid.

He's definitely not ready to start. Whether he can develop in terms of handling himself under pressure, and in his decision-making, will be crucial.

make that six losses

Any names, thavafin?

I honestly think alot of you need to step back for a second. I think I know what needs to happen, what what I think means nothing... why?

Because NONE of us have any clue what Philbin and Sherman are bringing to the table on offense. In GB it was a hybrid of strategies with Philbin/McCarthy, and their QB coach.

Philbin will take some of that, but not all. I really do not think anyone of us can predict the proper time table for Tanny, or really anything until we see what is going on on the field.

I am cautiously excited, since there are big changes. But really anyone tryin to judge how to predict Tanny's worth today, is simply guessing from thin air.

I really wish we gave up one of our 3's and the 2nd rounder to get back in the first to grab Decastro. Ireland, cmon man quit sitting on your hands and be aggresive.


Good post!

Overall many people who know QBs like Tannehill. Miami has needed a QB for 13 years. Miami took a chance on QB who's sky is the limit according Gruden, Bill Polian, Gil Brandt, Joe Philbin and Sherman liked him but some of these fans would rather take a chance on another unproven position.

I'm lost with their logic. I really am. My only thoughts are they are the Matt Moore is a top 10 QB club and he finished 6-3. They all ignore he was 6-6 and on his 3rd NFL team and a stop gap QB.

Kind of sucks that we have the 42nd pick instead of the 40th pick. I don't really understand why we don't have the 8th pick of every round but I guess the NFL mixes it up....Whatever.

The teams that are ahead of us like the Bills, the Panthers, the Rams (have two picks ahead of us), the Colts, & the Browns all need WR's. Therefore I think we will see a run on WR's before we pick which will hopefully leave us with Branch or another pass rushing DE or a solid RT prospect. IMO--Might have to wait until the 3rd to go WR unless we LOVE someone & trade up in the 2nd.

We needed a QB, we havent drafted one since Marino, what are some of you complaing about? I swear some of you are just always pissed off no matter what the Dolphins do. Ireland went to Sherman asked him what he thinks, they scouted him, had a conviction about him and picked him. Stop beatching so much!

Tannehill will be Chad Henne revisited. YAWN

Tannehill is nothing like Henne loser.

Cordy Glenn from Georgia
But maybe too big for WCO OL?? But they said they still want the big physical guys.



And Moore has ALWAYS been a .500 QB. So, all of a sudden, because he's been "given a chance," he's going to miraculously become an elite QB, when he hasn't done that in six years in the league. Please, stop it (to those thinking that). He doesn't have the weapons around him, and he doesn't have the ability to improve the team himself. He's better than he was, but he's still not good enough. That's the hard pill many of you will have to swallow today.

And you know who agrees with me: Steven Ross, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman.

Who you got on your list?

Luck is going to sign a 4 year/$22 Million rookie contract which is less than Newton signed.

I'm good with the pick. At some point you have to take a risk. Watching the films of Tannehill, his size, athletic ability and skill set remind me of a young Steve McNair. Given Philbin's history with QB's, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if he's on board with the Tanny pick.

Yeah I am sold.
If he is there at 42
Cordy Glenn OG Georgia
WR back to back in the 3rd.


LOL good stuff!

GarbagePlate, Good comparioson, I was thinking more Aaron Rodgers but Tannehill more athletic

@Clue. Great post. Would have been nice to flip some of those Marshall picks to get DeCastro. That guy will end up being one of the best picks of the draft. Getting a guy like that where they did is why the Steelers are contenders every year.

Can't find Cordy Glenn among tackles, thavafin. Anybody good, doesn't matter. But I mean, right now! Today. With our 2nd Rd. pick.

Or maybe better off WR/DL in 3rd.

In the WCO, is there a lot of 3 steps drops? Im asking this because in Tannehill pro day thats all he did. Its all about quick reads and a lot of slants from what I saw. If this is the case Moore will struggle with this.


Agreed! Moore's highest potential is slightly above average, not elite. He just doesn't have the brains to be elite. I have a hard time believing he'll do as good or better than last year, with a new offense and no BM.

I'm glad the Dolphins went and got the QB they wanted. Naysayers be damned. Any comment by an expert who says they reached at #8 is just dumb. For one, the experts had Tannehill rated top-20. So why a reach? Because they took him at 8 when they could have had him at 15-20? They don't have a pick at 15 or 20!! They had a pick at 8, they needed a QB, they took the best one available.

People that are all over this idea that Tannehill will start sooner rather than later need to think for a minute. Does Philbin seem like an impulsive guy to you or a guy who's a meticulous planner? Does the model that he comes from rush their QBs or let them sit and learn and develop? I'll give you a clue....it's the latter.

Joe Philbin is going to do things his way and what the fans want in all of this is irrelevant. If you can't be patient, then maybe you should find a new team. Good chance the Browns will start Weeden bu week 4. Maybe you should try supporting them. Moore and Garrard are perfectly capable of carrying the gauntlet for as long as it takes. It's Moore or Garrard's job for as long as they show they can do the job and the rooks job to show he's more than ready for the job. Get the egg timer out....

Check out Jonathan Martin, Donald Stephenson.

Looking at at rds 2 and 3 tonight, I'm thinking quality over quantity.

When I talk with Jeffy today I'm going to suggest we use some of our late rd picks and if needed one of next years 3rd's to secure and extra 3 rd pick or 2 tonight.

I think our draft would be complete with a haul like this:

rd2-Vinny Curry DE-Marshall
rd3-Chris Givens WR-Wake Forest
rd3-Amini Silatolu G-Midwestern
rd3-Juron Criner WR-Arizona
rd5-George Iloka S-Boise State

"And Moore has ALWAYS been a .500 QB. So, all of a sudden, because he's been "given a chance," he's going to miraculously become an elite QB, when he hasn't done that in six years in the league. Please, stop it (to those thinking that). He doesn't have the weapons around him, and he doesn't have the ability to improve the team himself. He's better than he was, but he's still not good enough. That's the hard pill many of you will have to swallow today.

And you know who agrees with me: Steven Ross, Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin and Mike Sherman.

Who you got on your list?"


You're probably right about Moore but if Moore has a great season is that REALLY so terrible??? Since Tannehill is pretty inexpensive we could still re-up on Moore for a 2 or 3 year deal. That's a GOOD problem to have. I have no problem letting Tannehill sit--like Rivers & Rodgers did--if Moore is playing at a high level.

Is that realistic??? I have no idea. I don't have a crystal ball on my desk. All I know is that there's NO WAY I expected Moore to be a clear & substantial upgrade to Henne. Maybe Moore is a late bloomer & he will thrive in our new offense.

I don't like the pick, because Tannenhill can not win in the 4th quarter when it counts. Well its time to set aside the ego and see what this QB could do for the dolphins. And see how Irelad address the pass rushing.

I read in Philbin's post round 1 interview that we were trying to get back into the first round. I wonder if they were targeting AJ Jenkins. I like that kid and feel the 49ers got a special WR.

If it wasn't Jenkins then who do you think and might that player still be available?

I'm good with the pick. At some point you have to take a risk. Watching the films of Tannehill, his size, athletic ability and skill set remind me of a young Steve McNair. Given Philbin's history with QB's, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if he's on board with the Tanny pick.

Agreed & Sherman's inside knowledge doesn't hurt either.

I for one am excited to see Tannehill play in the pre season. This is what we wanted, we all know what Garrard and Moore brings to the table but Tannehill is the future. We dont know if he'll be a bust or a franchise QB. He has only had 19 starts and threw 29 TD, cmon man he hasnt reach his celing yet. Anyone else excited?

Let me tell you something about Ryan TannYhill. I love to say his name with a y in the middle instead of an e . Let me get on point with this young man. I had a chance to talk to this football throwing machine and this young man is going to wow you in a serious way. I tell ya I can't wait to see this kid get in there and start throwing becuase let me tell you this young man has a cannon attached to the right side of his body.Boy I tell you he comes right out of Texas A&M where they teach smart stuff and man I can't even say some of the words they use there but this kid is going to impress from day one.

We need a got damn QB. Many of you wanted to draft another d lineman, o lineman, WR's. We needed a QB!

With only 19 starts in college, Tannehill is a project and a surprise pick at #8. Looks like an attempt to wake the dwindling fan base thats unlikely to work.


IMO--Tannehill will play this year;

A) If he's the best QB on the roster which is not the case today
B) If Moore & Garrard get injured

Yeah oscar Johnathan Martin is still there also OT Stanford.
Either one and I suppose whichever they would feel is he bigger need on the right side OG or OT.
I personally think OG since we have been able to shore up the middle of the OL in forever.
Long-Cogs-Pouncey-Glenn-???(Jerry/Murtha) or

Tannehill will start by game 6 when were 0 and 5.

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