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Mike Sherman shares thoughts about Tannehill

Much has been speculated about what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, formerly Ryan Tannehill's head coach at Texas A&M, really thinks of the quarterback. I suppose we'll never know the full story unless someone gets Sherman drunk on truth serum.

But Sherman released a statement Thursday night giving you some of his thoughts on the topic:

"Ryan Tannehill is a unique individual. Much has been said about his intellect and athleticism. What hasn't been discussed is his unselfish nature and his "team first" mentality which fits in with coach Philbin's philosophy. four years ago when we were down receivers I asked him to play that position for us because we needed help there. He put his dream of becoming an NFL quarterback on hold to accommodate my request in order to help his team win.

"As far as his quarterback skill level is concerned, I doubt there is a player on Jeff Ireland's draft board who has been scrutinized more than Ryan Tannehill. The general consensus is that he is a talented quarterback with a tremendous upside. As his former head coach, I agree with that evaluation. He has just scratched the surface as a quarterback. His learning curve, however, will be enhanced and accelerated simply because he is coming to an offensive scheme and terminology where he has a lot of familiarity.

He is an extremely competitive person and will embrace the responsibility that goes with being the 8th pick in the NFL draft. There is no doubt he will work to exceed those expectations.

I am excited to have him in the quarterback room with Matt [Moore], David [Garrard], and Pat [Devlin]. He will be a great addition to that group. It will be very competitive to say the least."


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"Michael Davis, the brother of San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis and Miami Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis, was arrested in connection with a Thursday night assault in Washington D.C. and he could be linked to three other attacks in the same Petworth neighborhood, including the murder of a 66-year-old tourist, police told WJLA-TV on Friday.

The suspect's father confirmed to the television station that Michael Davis is in fact the brother of Vernon and Vontae Davis.

Vernon Davis tweeted reacted to the news on Twitter.


Just got a disturbing call from back home in washington dc. A good day gone bad! Hopefully he wasn't involved!"

Vontae comes from a f#cked up family....

Craig M,

Stephen Hill has track speed and is track fast but what I wonder is can he break down in a route with that same speed? I'm not saying he can't because I don't know but I wonder can he. He supposedly is also a terrible route runner. Again, I wonder is he a terrible route runner because he can't break down and continue to run at full speed?

Who knows? If he were the pick he would definitely be a welcomed pick but I wonder a player of his skill set, is he just s taller Clyde Gates who can only run go routes?

"D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said Friday, via The Washington Post, that Davis has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the Thursday attack on a 19-year-old woman. The Post reported police think she was struck in the head with a claw hammer. The newspaper also reported that the unidentified woman remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Lanier told reporters that Michael Davis was found near the scene of Thursday's assault and attempted to flee police, who chased him down and apprehended him. Lanier added that police have not conclusively linked the latest assault to three previous ones that also occurred in the same area, but she said similarities in the cases have them investigating a possible connection."

Unfortunately yes and yes Craig. I want pass rush in the 2nd, but I like Hill too. I don't think Hill will be there though (unless we move up). Also, I'm worried about all the pass-rushers taken. We may just need to suck it up and get Upshaw.

I like all the WRs you mentioned. Any would be good (I like Randle for some reason).


That's quite possible, that you are right on Hill. I know he had a Hell of a Combine and ball all accounts has good hands. If he's a clone of Gates, them I'm not interested. There are others who'd be more what I'm looking for.

Texas A & M only lost Von Miller to graduation so the team was in tact going into 2011. Tannehill took them to 6-1 in 2010. He got the credit for coming in and doing that. However, with the same team and with better passing yds per game, rushing yards per game, and scoring defense the team went 6-6 but now it's a team game.
Funny how the quarterback gets the credit when the team goes 6-1 to finish the season but, when the team goes 6-6 on the year it's not his fault; it's a team game. Double standard, huh?

"ESPN's John Clayton said on SportsCenter that a "run on wide receivers" could start as early as the top of the second round."

LOL!!! Well let's see there's the Rams with two picks, the Panthers, the Browns, the Bills, & the Colts who all need WR's. Good f#cking guess!!!


I was just reading that story. Another peaceful day in Chocolate City!!!

What, you guys don't want to move here?

I see Hill as more of a college version of Brandon Marshall. He could be wide open w/nobody near him and he drops the pass. He's got speed but I don't know if I want this team taking a chance on another guy that's going to drop td passes and then say, "My bad."

Who's the closest to Jordy Nelson? That's Philbin's prototype. I wonder, does he HAVE to be white (it's a joke folks, relax).

Day 2 and Tannehill AT 8 still makes little sense to me.

I am NOT an expert but what does that matter? Since when does one need to be an expert to have an opinion??

Does everyone that comments on the state of the United States or a Presidential candidate have to have 8-10 years of College level Poly Sci courses?

Regarding Tannehill...who was Miami jumping ahead of? QB Weeden went in the 20s. Seattle got Flynn.

People say oh we have 3-4 QBs???? WTH?? Ever heard if you have 2 QBs you probably have none.

"IF" and say if Tannehill comes in and beats out Moore and Garard then he will already be ahead of where I believe he is. To say he should and will sit and wait with a clipboard for a year then you have patience in spades.

People say if the Fins didn't pick Tannehill there would still be complaing....exactly right, BUT it would simply be the people that wanted and like Tannehill. I honestly feel there are just a couple people on the blog that complain just to complain. That's the main trouble with the multiple screen names...you can't identify who is actually doing or saying what. Sadly, as much apathy as Mando has shown towards cleaning up some of the junk posts it could be him doing some of it. NOT SAYING IT IS but could be. I guess he simply says, hits are hits. This may be why Ohio would be able to get a blog rolling.


Rob, we're ALL on the same page now. Let's fill some holes: Pass Rusher, WR, RT, TE, S.

Let's find some STARTERS!!!

Craig M and Pro Lou,

Yeah I don't know much about Hill other then he killed it at the combine with his speed. But I have a feeling they go pass rusher or O-line and then get a WR in round 3 and with the other pick in round 3 take either a CB or safety. Just a guess but for some reason I think they pass on WR in round 2.

Picking Tannehill was the EASY part of the draft...now comes the really hard part...finding the right talent to match your needs.
This is where Ireland will get the change to silence his critics.
Come on Jeffy...were pulling for you!

Closest to Nelson is Criner. He runs beautiful routes and he can catch anything.

You're absolutely correct. I just hope Ireland spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express.

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts Indy gets TE .

I like Brian Quick. Great size and speed combo. He's 6'3 220 but he supposedly ran at the bottom in the 3 cone drill and 20 yard shuttle. When you watch his highlights and I understand they are highlights he appears much faster with a nice amount of quickness for that size too but who knows.

FLEENER! (Damn I hate posting from an iPhone!)

DC...just cause I'm eating my crow doesn't mean i like it....

Like Rob in OC says...the pick makes no sense (@ # 8)....you leave the 1st rd with a starter PERIOD....even if your starter turns out to be a bust...you picked to improve your team....

Maybe he Tenne improves us in the long run...but he does ZERO for this year unless he gets the starter's job....

Rob in OC, curious, what doesn't make sense? Moore and Gerard are average QBs who will not bring us rings. No 1st rd QB pick in 30 years, how much longer should we wait?? 28,000 season tickets sold in a 74,000 seat stadium. This franchise needs a turn around, told you if they fired Sporano it goes back to the 5 year rebuild. Accept the fact this team is not going anywhere the next couple years, jeez, they dumped Bell and Marshall, does that yell we are trying to win this year. It is what it is. At least you will be able to watch the games, pretty much believe all the games will end up blacked out in Miami.

I am NOW rooting with ALL my heart that Tenne becomes the day 1 starter....

"Indeed, the Dolphins’ biggest needs are a pass rusher to replace Jason Taylor, a receiver to replace Brandon Marshall and a cornerback to bring depth to the defensive backfield. They also could use another right tackle, but that’s less of a priority."

I just found this nugget from Ben Volin. Finding a RT is LESS of a priority???? Is he serious??? Yes we need a pass rushing DE, a WR, & another CB but considering the inexperience of Murtha & the talent of Hicks I think RT could be our biggest priorty. I'd be very happy if the 42nd pick is any one of these guys;

1) Bobbie Massie
2) Andre Branch
3) Brian Quick

I would not be happy with Alshon Jeffrey, Jonathan Martin, or Reuben Randle.

Although I'm not a fan of the Tannehill pick I tend to agree with you. I'm hoping he's good enough to sit Moore and Garrard and start from the beginning. May as well put him out there if you're picking him that high. Jacksonville did it with Gabbert and Dalton got his chance. So, if Tanny is the pick at #8 he should go from day one.

I like Brian Quick. Great size and speed combo. He's 6'3 220 but he supposedly ran at the bottom in the 3 cone drill and 20 yard shuttle. When you watch his highlights and I understand they are highlights he appears much faster with a nice amount of quickness for that size too but who knows.


I couldn't agree more. Very good production in college & I think this kid is going to be a heck of player for some team.

Professor Lou,

It should never be a double standard. I just do not think you can blame all the losses on Tannehill. There are fans here that do not like the pick, which is understandable, and now paint a gloomy outlook for the Dolphins just because they picked Tannehill. I believe it was Jacksparrow who posted yesterday that "every team in the NFL improved in the first round except the Dolphins."
Really? Come on! That whole statement is just negative because the guy he wanted was not selected by the Phins. At least the entire fan base wasn't blindsided by some a pick like Eddie Moore or Ted Ginn Jr.

The fact is that Tannehill is surrounded by coaches who have produced some credible QB's in the NFL, so let's give them the chance to develop this kid. Also, remember Tom Brady was graded low and only projected to be a sustainable back-up.
Yes, Tannehill has limited experience, but it is the consensus of all REAL draft analysts that Tannehill has what it takes to become a very good QB.
It pains us all to sit back and be in the "wait and see mode," but what other choice do we have?


How about this? Branch or Upshaw in the second and a trade up for one of the WRs with one of our thirds and something later. It's the kind of move I can see Ireland making. Andy, I like Quick too and I also like Rueben Randle.

Does anybody we're looking for in a passrusher? A pass rushing OLBer or a true DE?

Rob in OC and Kris,

I know you guys aren't happy with the selection and you say it makes no sense. I just don't understand your logic. Look at the history of the NFL. There are many QBs drafted in round 1 or later who weren't NFL ready in year 1 but give them time to learn and gain experience and they became great.

Steve McNair say forver and when he got his chance he became a league MVP and took the Titans to a Super Bowl.

Philip Rivers sat for 2 years and I know he had Drew Brees in front of him but Drew Brees was considered the stop gap because he never got it done until then but Rivers wasn't ready.

Big Ben couldn't beat out Tommy Maddox and only got in because of injury and he wasn't supposed to be NFL ready and took them to the AFC Championship as a rookie.

Flacco went to Delaware was supposed to be a project and because of injuries became the starter and took them to the AFC championship as a rookie.

Look at McNabb's draft class. Couch, Akili Smith, McNown all started as rookies and look where it got them while McNabb didn't start until 3/4 of season was over.

Why the negativity on a guy sitting and learning. The history of the game tells us that it's more the norm to let a guy sit and learn then to rush him and become:

Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Tim Couch, Trent Dilfer (early on), Steve Young (early on), Drew Brees (early on).

Why is it so terrible to take a chance on a highly talented QB then another position who is just as much a risk of failing.

Coples, Ingram, DeCastro, Floyd, Cox we have no idea which one of these guys will become stars or bust and the history of the league tells us some of them will.

I't seems like we already have a tweener in Wake and we need depth on the DL.

On the other hand,there is talk of moving Misi inside so we'll be thin at OLB.

We Have Draft Picks,

Do you like Brian Quick at 42 or round 3?

Switching over to new blog


Wow, nice to talk to a long timer even if we have been on opposite sides many at time. I like the way you phrase you question...very cool and level headed.

Totally agree that attendance has slipped, is slipping and will further slip. You are 100% the team is rebuilding.

The part that doesn't make sense to me is the way the team is going about turning it around. (Realizing I have at least a 50/50 chance to be right or wrong about Tannehill) I don't feel there was any proper value by getting him at 8.

I guess does it make better sense worded "is Tannehill a QB prospect only 6 slots behind RGIII and 7 slots behind Luck?" I feel those guys have the tape,the experience, the actual production and display abilities at least 20-30 slots better. It is just what my studies and research with my own eyes brings to my aqua n orange bleeding heart.

As a fan supreme hopefully Tannehill makes me a "he ain't no talent scout fraud" so the Fins can actually win sooner rather than later.

Also, if our braintrust was so hot to go into rebuild mode then why would they even try to chase P Manning? They jettisoned Marshall before Manning chose his team. If you chase Manning doesn't that say they feel they feel the entire team can win now?

I do recall you banging the table for Gronkowski...great call by u. Your McClain choice has been mediocre butvat least he is playing as my Brandon Graham choice has been Yatil Green incarnate...injured constantly.



Yeah sorry guys, I just don't understand your logic. EVERYBODY says Tannehill's not ready and needs time but you wnat him to play right away. Don't get the logic. Let's throw him to the wolves and ruin him as the Browns did with Cocuh and the Texans did with Carr. Not sure what makes you guys think you know more than everybody else or thinking you have a better way to do thing. He's not ready and I hope Sherman and Tannehill realize that and don't get tempted to do something dumb.


As for when they get a QB....

Hey they tried to get Manning (a proven winner)
They obviously weren't high on Flynn (with Philbins inside knowledge)

I dont think Tannehill will be "the guy" but obviously at least Ireland does. It is impossible to know how much input Philbin has as a brand new coach. Ditto Sherman.

Ross was enamored enough with Ross to keep him around so he must be listening to him.

Conveniently (by design or not) Tannehill can be sat down with little suspicion. "He NEEDS to learn" is what Ireland can say.

Of course if Tannehill is all that and a bag of chips he will blow many of my theories right out of the water. He will have to start and win games to do that.

I'm ready to be wrong if Tannehill has "the right stuff" to do so.


See Craig, it's disgusting, that's EXACTLY what I said we should do this morning (I said maybe try to trade up to get a 2nd 2nd-rounder) but same idea.

We're becoming 2 halves of the same brain. THE HORROR!


My understanding of Rob/Kris' frustration is they don't feel you should get a high first-round pick to sit on the bench. And especially (again, this is my understanding of their thought-process) if we have a bunch of needs.

So, either you get a QB and play him to start the process of learning his role (they're theory goes) or get a playmaker at another position of need.

It's understandable why they are upset. However, again, if this works out, and 2 years down the road Tannyhill is our franchise QB and doing well, all will be forgotten and forgiven.

I think these are 2 good posters on here, and deserve to vent one day removed from what they perceive to be a disaster.

If this was Sparano, I might agree with them. But I have faith in Philbin. And I'd be a hypocrite, since I've been clamoring for a 1st-rd QB for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS.

Ron In OC, cheers Rob, like u said, hopefully this will work out.

There is zero chance Tannehill will beat out Moore this year. Moore is in his prime ready to explode for a great year. It will be like the 80s 49ers.

ROSS IS A FOOTBALL MORON. Tannehill was rated at about #45 by the "experts" on the draft board. The generall feeling around other post like B;eacher Report, ESPN and others is this is it for Jeff Ireland. We could have added a receiver, a offensive lineman, or fill other holes. We folded to fan pressure and could have picked this guy up in the 2nd round, or not. Giving up 82 sacks last year the Fins need to protect the QB. Moore and Garrard would be fine with help. This is another year of disappointment for the Fins fans. Wait until Ross watches his empty stadium and $$$$$$$$ go away.

Actually, Tannehill was rated higher than that by the experts.

Some of you are simply stupid beyond belief. Just because a guy gets drafted in the first round doesn't means he must start or it was wasted. Just because you start a raw QB his first year doesn't mean he is ruined.

Tannehill needs experience. The bench will not provide that; however, if the offensive line can't protect him and the coaches can't gameplan to keep him learning rather than being a tackling dummy, you must sit him.

MOST players don't come on until their 3rd year in this league. You Madden morons haven't figured that out yet. You guys think you draft a guy because he was hyped, you start him, and he is a superstar. It ONLY works that way in fantasy land.

Shut up already. It was the best move the Dolphins had. Tanney could be better than Luck OR Griffin with the right coaching and approach.

So that some of you may understand, think of it this way: you could either pay that stripper $100 early in the night, or you can go home to your hand.

Thanks for the kind sentiments DC.

At a root level the true fans can seperate venting from mindless, unsubstantiated complaining of which I hope I don't do that often.

In the end, I pray for FIN wins over fantasy wins($in my pocket), actual bets ($in my pocket), my own pride (tough to swallow), others perceptions (means more to some than others) or just about anything.

DC I recognize you are equally passionate as are many if not most on this board. Everybody has a different map to find the treasure is all. I hope to shout one of is hits on the proper game plan...actually may it be Ireland first even though I don't think he is a killer GM in my humble opinion.

Sadly, I think Rick Spielman (whom I happily kicked to the curb) is doing a KILLER job in Minn after leaving the fins. So does his Billonaire boss as he is now a GM instead of just the head Poobah scouting director. They got their guy and still got extra picks. It shocks me that Ireland can't get Tannehill and add extra picks as well.


I already told you that if you're talking Miami Dolphins, you're talking super bowl.

I agree DC,

Kris and Rob in OC we always got along. Rob and I, we always got along we both loved Brandon Graham 2 years back but how can you percieve drafting a 1st round QB a disaster it's like what else do you want? We needed a franchise QB period. 4 Head Coaches have said Moore isn't worthy of being an NFL starter and is stop gap QB. Drafting building blocks is why we are where we are and 3 losing seasons in a row.

Miami had to go bold they went bold by drafing a QB with first round talent and all the tools to be successful. The fact he continues to keep working with Sherman is great. A lot these college guys come out and are broken down on a new throwing motion and told what they were taught was wrong and this is the way to do it. Miami won't have that problem.

Philbin and Sherman got their guy! Be happy with it. I trust their opinion more then anyone elses.

So feel free to vent but the dramatic "world is ending" routine and not calling them out particularly but everyone who is down on the pick needs to chill and be patient.

He's our new Dan Marino,

Im saying that because he is the only other QB to be drafted in the 1st since Dan Marino, nothing to do with his skills, lets hope he can win SB's.

Getaclue, please do so, your moron talk and your speculation doesn't make you look any smarter than anyone else.

I am new to this forum. Saying that I have been a Dophins fan since their start. I feel that this new coaching staff is top notch, and all the assumptions that have seen written are just that...assumptions. We will not know what will happen till it happens. I was not sure of taking Tannehill in the first round but we really don't know the guy like the coaches do. Give it a chance perhaps we will be pleasantly supprised.

Tannehill on Grudens little special actually looks like the most angry QB I have seen in this draft.

Not saying it means he will succeed. but he has already shown more fire than the last five guys (minus CP, who was awesome)& please give him a year.

I am glad to get a quaterback from Texas. They live eat and breath football in that state. In the Army I met several a Texas A&M officers and I have the highest regard for the quality, work ethic, skill and selflessness they devote to the organization. I am excited to live in Miami and be Dolphin's fan. Way to go!

omg stop pre judging the man we need to support our guys O,K?

Where are all the people who posted here so negatively about Tannehill...what are they saying now after the 3 and 3 start?

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