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Draft day is here: Ready for a Prius draft party?

Draft day is here! Big doings here at The Miami Herald and on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640Sports.

Here's the deal: First off please check out the information below. It tells you what I believe will happen during this Dolphins draft. It tells you what should happen. It gives analysis and opinion. Pretty cool, right?

Then tune in to my radio show at 640-AM in South Florida or the webcast right here at The Miami Herald. We'll be talking Dolphins and NFL draft with tons of guests, including Nat Moore, Keith Sims, Tony Collins, Louis Oliver, Gino Torretta, Troy Drayton and others throughout the morning 6-10 a.m. You are welcome to call in toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-640-9385.

We are having a draft party in a Prius. Let's just say it was the suggestion of a co-worker I respect. 640Sports will have on-air personalities driving around South Florida in a Toyota Prius throughout the day. For my show, the Sports Brothers will be on the highways and byways giving out prizes.

If you listen to the show and attend the Dolphins Draft party starting this evening at Sun Life Stadium, you can win the 640 Sports Challenge. All you have to do is listen, show up to the draft party and win.

The winner gets a Jake Scott autographed football. Scott was the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl VII, the game that culminated Miami's perfect season.

As to the actual draft, consider my thoughts by way of categories:

Most likely draft pick in Round One: Ryan Tannehill. As I wrote in my column today, Tannehill simply makes the most sense for a team trying to plug a hole that's been leaking far too long. He is not ready to play in 2012. The Dolphins won't admit this because, well, it's probably not wise to set the bar so low. But as Mike Mayock said this evening on the NFL Network, the guy is going to take a year or two to become NFL functional. The Dolphins have that time because they have two vets that I write about in the column.

Do I dig the idea of Tannehill?: Not that much. I believe the Dolphins would be picking a guy at No. 8 that is not the eighth best player in the draft. I understand QBs are overdrafted. This would be a classic case of a player being overdrafted.

Most likely alternative: Trade down. The Cowboys need to jump higher to grab Alabama safety Mark Barron. They need to get up ahead of the Bills who covet Barron and are scheduled to pick 10th. If the Dolphins aren't truly sold on Tannehill to the point they could be talked into picking lower and adding a second-round pick, this is the scenario that could play out. Frankly, I would love this scenario because Miami should still get a good player at 14 and then have two second-round picks plus two third-round picks. The Cowboys have the 45th overall pick or 13th pick in the second round.

Most likely player drafted if not Tannehill: I still think the Dolphins love Fletcher Cox. He fits as an addition to their 4-3 look. He can be an inside presence -- you've seen what that did for Detroit when they got one. He has pass-rush skills that can translate to DE. And he'd be great in sub packages. There's also the fact he would play right away. By the way, if you're thinking the Dolphins have plenty of DT help, remember the team is considering Jared Odrick at DE and Randy Starks is unsigned after this season.

Most likely player drafted if not Tannehill and Cox: South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore. Dolphins like him a lot. He also plays an impact position where the Dolphins have lacked players that turn the ball over. There are some NFL teams -- New England among them -- considering going with extra corners and dialing back to one safety. It is an adjustment to the offensive explosion that's happening in the league. Teams simply require more cover players.

Player the Dolphins absolutely, positively will not draft in the first round: Iowa OT Riley Reiff. Remember him? Kiper and Bucky Brooks and others had him listed to the Dolphins in their early mock drafts. The Dolphins don't love him much. He has short arms. He lacks explosive punch. And he simply would be a reach to anyone picking him in the top 20. And I don't foresee the Dolphins being that low in the round.

Quarterback I like most not named Luck or Griffin: Kirk Cousins of Michigan State. You will laugh, but he reminds me of Tom Brady. Under the radar guy. Chip on his shoulder. Played in a major conference for a long time and won a lot of games. Did heroic stuff in college. Was a wonderboy in the fourth quarter. Was very good in the red zone. Has a solid arm that could get better. Smart. He is a leader, as made obvious by the fact he was captain three consecutive years. He'll probably go in the late second or third round. I would take him. At the end of the day, I guess I'm big on production. You know, stuff that happens on the field.

Getting ahead of ourselves for Friday: In the second round I'm thinking offensive line and specifically right tackle. Mike Adams of Ohio State is a possibility. I also like Kendal Wright of Baylor as a WR possibility here. My concern is the Patriots, who worked out Wright as late as this week, will grab this kid late in the first round. If the Dolphins pick up multiple second-round picks, keep T.Y. Hilton of FIU on your radar. Kid is a TD waiting to happen. Otherwise he could be third-round material as both a WR and returner.

What must happen before the weekend is out: If the Dolphins leave this draft without having added a right tackle that can compete for a starting job, I believe the draft will have failed in part of its purpose. Yes, I know Lydon Murtha is the favorite of some fans and the team has liked him for some time. But he's injury-prone, folks. And durability is a critical factor. I saw Artis Hicks work at right tackle this week and he looks like someone that other teams discard. Maybe he'd look much better in pads. I hope so. But I believe the club needs to draft a right tackle at some point this draft that can plausibly take over the starting job.


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I think it was pretty telling when Jeff Ireland said that his biggest draft regret was Pat White. That should tell you that he's not going to overdraft Tannehill at pick # 8 because his evaluation of him doesn't warrant that pick. I think he will pick a D-Lineman and that makes me cringe. I would definitely take Floyd, he reminds me of Larry Fitz.

TigerSam the reason Tannehill has great anticipation is because he sits there and stares at the receiver just waiting for the break. Another words he locks in and stares receivers down. There is plenty of highlight reel where you can see it. Most analysts rate Weeden higher, but his age is the drawback.

Who is McShay and why is he a draft guru all of a sudden? I never even heard of the guy up until a few weeks ago.

dc, no tradin' back,stay put. k?

Trade down to #14 with Dallas...guarantee Tannehill is still on the board.

That give us Tannehill + an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick, depending on the structure of the trade.


If guys like McShay were really any good at what they did they would be a GM with an NFL team.

Tannehill is BUST waiting to happen!!!!....Draft Fletcher Cox!!!!

Two Things To Get Off My Chest Today:

1 - I am a Jeff Ireland skeptic.

2 - As a diehard Dolphins fan, I wish Jeff Ireland all the luck and success in the 2012 Draft. He is the leader. He is in charge. I hope and pray he has the most successful Draft in his tenure as the Dolphins GM. I will not mock him during these few days. I will not predict failure for his picks (during the Draft). I will wholeheartedly support the moves he makes and ask EVERY Dolphins fan to wish exactly the same thing for Ireland: SUCCESS!


Very well said. However, that's easier said then done. The draft is an EXTREMELY emotional day & I might freak out if I hear either Tannehill, Cox, or Coples name tonight. LOL!!!

Jon Gruden on TV this morning was asked who the "sleeper" QB was in this draft, his answer:

Russell Wilson, QB - Wisconsin

While I agree that Wilson has great accuracy, I don't see him starting in the NFL anytime soon.

I think the Fins can trade down to 14 and still get Tannehill... the other teams between 8 and 14 dont need a QB. If Tannehill is gone, so be it. Draft Cousins in the 2nd round.


I agree. I think Tannehill will be there at 14 as well.

I'm just not sure if Dallas wants to give up picks.

It could get interesting though. Someone on Armando's radio show just said Cincy is also wanting to trade up to get Barron.

..Proffesor Lou.. I like WR. Broyles as well. He would have been a first round pick if it weren't for his injury. I don't think the Phins even have him on our radar though..No reps at his pro day, no individual team workout..I don't see it.

Heard this morning the Jets are considering a move UP to grab Richardson?
Holy Crap...jump from #16 to #4? that's crazy!

nh, saw the chucky qb w/wilson. he luved that guy.
just 5'11" but so is brees. sooooooooooooo.

Good morning fellas and Happy Draft Day to all of you!

Wow big day. Im so amped. I made sausage and peppers last night, got the wife picking up rolls from the bakery and got a 6 pack of LandShark (Fins Up!) with my Dolphins mug in the freezer!

I'm big on selecting Tannehill and I hope and think he will be the pick. Although I wonder does Miami call the Seahawks and Chiefs bluff as potential Tannehill suitors. Also call Cleveland's bluff to trade up for him. If Miami picked up an extra second to trade back 6 spots and still got Tannehill, freaking wow!

If Miami missed on Tannehill and still traded back I would go with best impactful player on the board. No linemen!

tanne is gonna need 5 seasons on the bench,u'r 1st rd'r needs to f'n start...

I don't believe KC is ready to give up on Cassel enough to give up a mid first rounder on Tannehill.

Seattle signed Matt Flynn so they didn't have to use a 1st rder on a QB.

If Cleveland doesn't take Tannehill at 4 and Miami doesn't take him at 8,his lst chance of going in the fisrt rd is to Cleveland at 22 IMHO.

Miami has done a good job of confusing the media about Tannehill. They want everyone to think they are hiding the fact they are interested, but just maybe they have no interest at all.

2watt...my #1 trait in a QB is leadership. Can you, at 22 or 23 years old and fresh out of college, lead men 5-10 years older than you?
Henne lacked it, Moore seems to have a bit more, but we need an alpha male in the huddle that all 10 guys are willing to break walls down for.

So if Wilson is 3 inches shorter, but yards higher on the leadership scale, I'd take him.

Some one correct me if I'm wrong. These are the teams currently running a West Coast Style Offense right?

1. Green Bay Packers
2. Denver Broncos
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Seattle Seahawks
5. Houston Texans
6. Minnesota Vikings
7. Washington Redskins

Texas the only one with a Big WR. Obviously, we want to mirror the Packers right?

In 2009, Packers were #9 in the draft. They went DT.
In 2010, Packers were #23 in the draft. They went OT.
In 2011, Packers were #32 in the draft. They went OT.

Apparently, Green Bay loves fresh bodies on the LINE.

This is why I think the other teams in the draft want Miami to move up in the draft and take Tannehill.

Those teams want Fletcher. Green Bay was 6-10 in 2008. Did they panic and reach? No, they went out and got Rodgers some better protection on the LINE.

..I'm thinking that unless the Dolphins have done a masterful cover job. The pick tonight will be Tannehill. I don't like it, I think it is a mistake. I will try to keep my personal biases aside when it becomes fact.

Now if the pick isn't Tanny. I hae to hand it to Ireland and CO. For hanging a smokescreen the size of Texas. That would be like the NFL GM's version of punked should we pass..

Perhaps I have to much draft overload, and the taliking heads on TV have entered into my brain? I would be suprised if Tanny gets passed over tonight.

13-3. Matt Moore goes to pro bowl. 4200, 62%, 35/8

D Thomas -- 900, 4.8, 500, 6.5, 16

Bush -- 800, 5.2, 400, 5.5, 15

Draft day is my Festivus. We can start with the airing of grievances.

1. The offseason was a disaster.
2. The ongoing Wake saga is a disaster.
3. Trading Marshall was a disaster.
4. Mando runs hot and cold. One day he's blasting Ireland and the next day he's carrying Ireland's golf bag.

Will be staying up for the draft at 1am in London, England to watch it live on NFL.com.

Anybody else worried we might swing and miss big on this draft. Seems nobody stays on the team or in the league long if Mia drafts em in the first 3 rounds

Dolfan Rick,

I agree that Miami may be able to trade back with Dallas and still get Tannehill.

KC - Cassel is far from elite but with Jamaal Charles and signing one of the best run blocking RT in the league in Eric Winston and signing Peyton Hillis they seem to be a run first sort of team and in that situation with the talent they have (Charles, Hillis) and the contract Cassel has it makes sense to add another position then can get them back to the playoffs in a weak AFC West.

Seattle - I don't care what anyone says about Pete Carrol loving Tannehill they just signed Flynn to a pretty big contract (Starters money) so why divide a locker room so early if Flynn struggles early with drafting a first round QB with so many other needs.

If Miami was to trade back to 14 and pick up the extra 2nd rounder the only team blocking them from getting Tannehill at 14 would be Cleveland trading up from #22. It may be worth calling everyone's bluff. Miami could add a lot of talent with the 14th, 2-2nds and 2-3rds

The Phins need to have a great draft!!!

It's been too long in the doldrums.

Go Miami in 2012.

Here is another thing. Jeff doesn't know anything about the West Coast Offense. So therefore, he is relying on Philbin right?

Green Bay loves drafting for the LINE in round 1. Either defense or offense.

I think mando retains the same basic opinion of Ireland. I think he says nicer things to quell the blood lust many fans have that are calling for awful things to happen to Ireland. Also it probably doesn't do well for his report with the team to absolutely blast them and write only awful things

A good solid reciever should be available in rounds 3- 4. Marvin Mc Nutt from Iowa. He will be a solid number 2 reciever for whoever picks him. Athletic, decent speed,good hands. Converted QB. Watched him his entire time at Iowa as I have season tix. Reiff is gonna be drafted too high. He is NFL ready but has flaws in his game.

..Andy in NJ. Sounds great..I have bone in ribeyes, some Steelhead extra dry pale(at least there is a fish on it)..and some Fernet Branca just in case I want to get wierd...Fired UP!!!!!1

Tannehill - Signed, Sealed, almost Delivered.


It will be hard. We all have our opinion on what should be done. But now is not the time to judge. Now's the time to pray. Best thing that can happen to this team is this becomes Ireland's greatest Draft class yet.

We may not all get what we want in the beginning, but if it equals wins then we will all get what we want in the end.

IMO, the West Coast offense requires a lot of players who can make plays when called upon. West Coast does not require a few select superstars. Aaron is a superstar surrounded by players who can make a few plays when called upon.

So I can see Miami trading down now. The more players making plays the better.

13-3. Write it down.

Moore, Clay, Thomas, Bush, Gates, Hartline, Wallace.


I can't wait til the season starts, so we can watch the Fins pound people in the mouth. It's gonna be a lesson in pain each week for the other team. Aaaw yeeeah.


Awesome bro! lol

Am I the only one who doesn't think Miami will take Tannehill at #8?

I see #8 being a impact player on defense.

PS- Weeden is by far the 3rd best QB in the draft, and if he was 22-yrs old with the same skill set he'd be a top 10 pick. Cleveland will be happy to have him.

PS...If Jim Kelly can get into the HOF so should Donovan McNabb.

Lets hope Ireland is making a deal with Belicheat for Mallett....

A draft draft surprise....that come with some NE seasoning....

I can't believe Armando's radio show is on the flagship station for Yankees baseball.

No wonder the Marlins can't sell tickets to their new stadium.

Four superbowl appearances (zero wins) is the hallmark of underachievers.

But Kelly got in?

I don't see much difference between four NFC championship game losses and one superbowl loss COMPARED to four AFC championship wins and four superbowl losses. That about evens things up if you ask me.

But Kelly got in?

I appreciate how the Dolphins have kept their hand close to the chest.
Maybe the F.O. is finally learning.
Hoping we get this draft right or at least get damn lucky.

Go Miami Dolphins!!

Watched the Gruden QB prospect marathon last night on ESPN. Nice draft primer for the QBs. Think I still like Weeden best of the QBs not named Luck or RG3. Think he's a guy with the maturity and mental makeup to start and play at a high level in 2013, assuming of course that Moore or Garrard don't prove they belong. Cousins does look a bit like Brady, but could he play like him?

I agree with you Jack. Only difference is Mcnabb should have got out while he was on top. The last few seasons haven't helped his case any.


I think it's a possibility they will pass but a slim one. I think they draft Tannehill at #8 but if Miami trades back to say #14 with Dallas or another team team and Tannehill is there they still take him.

I am in the minority that I like that Ireland didn't force the issue on Flynn or Alex Smith and don't think he will force it on Tannehill either. If he falls to them then at 8 or 14 then his positional value is too much to pass on.

I really am liking Armando's theory of trading back to #14 and calling eveyone's bluff on Tannehill. If Miami trades back to #14 drafts Tannehill and has 2-2nds and 2-3rds on paper this is the best draft Miami has had in memory.

Nobody thought Brady was worth a bag of beans in the 99 draft.
But with the right system & coaching he became a superstar.
Belichick saw something that no one else did...POTENTIAL!
If Sherman & Philbin see potential in Tannehill, even though the youtube video is showing us otherwise, then I will trust their vision.
Truth is, Tannehil's UPSIDE is greater than Weeden's and therefore has a greater potential to be a star in this league.

Ok since everyone is throwing their two cents in, I will as well. I think 8 is too high for Tannehill. I like the idea of trading back in the mid teens (Dallas) and still getting him, but if we stay at 8 I think Cox should be the pick. This kid is an animal and will dominate for years. If we trade back and don't get Tannehill, I like CB Gilmore, OG DeCastro, DE Coples, WR Floyd...one of those guys would do. Then pick up our highest rated QB in 2nd. I really like TY Hilton. I think that kid is going to be a star in the NFL.

Andy NJ....

I agree with your post @ 10:11....that is a similiar scenario to were I see us taking Hennehill...I highly doubt we take him @ 8.....


I am South Philly born and raised and a current NJ resident about 20 minutes outside of Philly so I followed McNabb's career closely and I believe he is a HOF. And I am an Eagles HATER!

McNabb was a winner in Philly and gave Eagles fans the best decade and winningest mark they ever had over the length of his career compared to any other era in Eagles football.

I blame Reid more then McNabb for the Eagles losses. The Carolina loss and Buccaneers loss was all on Reid not McNabb. In the Carolina loss Duce Staley couldn't be stopped but had like 10 carries because when it matters Reid is pass, pass, pass. In the Bucs game Gruden outcoached the balls off him.

Miami should trade back and Dallas makes sense. They covet Barron and will trade up. Tannehill will be there at #14. But the Dolphins are not smart enough to do this.

I know a lot of you think we should not draft Tannehill but should go with Weeden later. Weeden has some nice stats, but is not even close to as athletic or throw as well on the run as Tannehill. Plus weeden has been known to just throw the ball up and let his superior talent go get it. I'm sure his is more mature than most QBs coming out and I would not be unhappy to see his as a Fin, but I would prefer to get Tannehill later than 8 in the first round, than Weeden as our 2nd round pick. Weeden in the 3rd would be a good value though.


I hope this is the case. And if Miami did trade back and then missed because someone took Tannehill then so be it. I like Tannehill a lot but the gamble here could be worth it because it's a bold move that could pay off.

However, if they take Tannehill at #8 mission accomplished. If Tannehill is a bust then IMO he was still the correct pick at the time for Miami.

Lets all agree on one thing, no matter what we do in the drafts many of you are going to be beatching about something or another. Fireland and eveything else right?

Lets hope Ireland is making a deal with Belicheat for Mallett....

A draft draft surprise....that come with some NE seasoning....

Posted by: Kris | April 26, 2012 at 09:58 AM

If he were to trade Mallett to a division rival, that could only mean he hasn't been impressed with him and doesn't worry about playing against him, not a good sign.


You got that right. Everyone has their own opinions about who they should take someone will be on here crying Miami wasted their pick.

I want Tannehill but I am open to other scenarios like trading back and building a dominant D by drafting a pass rusher or adding DeCastro to have a very good O-line.

Just last year I wanted Mallet #15 and when they go Pouncey I understood it. Passing on him in round #2 was what disgusted me and ruined my draft last year. I will not let that happen 2 years in a row. I gotta stay open minded and not just say the draft was a failure if they don't get who I want.

Some guys are fanatical and not in a good way!


Great point! And I have personally moved on from Mallet! lol.

Plus Mallet is not a good fit for a WC offense. He doesn't have a quick release. He has a long release and just not a fit to me.

Barron would be a really great pick for Miami at #7. But like I told my wife this morning the Dolphins will pick a doorknob. She is a Dallas fan so we have lots of fun. I finally convinced her last year that Tony Romo blows goats. I have a bet with her that Orton is the starter in Dallas by week 5.

Mallett has crappy footwork and IMO a slower version of Henne.

Philbin's #3 trait in a QB is excellent footwork, something Tannehill possess.

Mallett, looked like he was running through mud ever time he scrambled.

I hope Jeff Ireland hits this draft out of the park. I know everyone hates on the guy. He does work hard and I think he does have a plan. I'm hoping he trades down and gets another second. The value in this draft is in the 2-3 rounds. I think Ryan will fall and we get Malcolm Flyod and Tannehill. I think JI knows this is important for the team.

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