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Draft day is here: Ready for a Prius draft party?

Draft day is here! Big doings here at The Miami Herald and on my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640Sports.

Here's the deal: First off please check out the information below. It tells you what I believe will happen during this Dolphins draft. It tells you what should happen. It gives analysis and opinion. Pretty cool, right?

Then tune in to my radio show at 640-AM in South Florida or the webcast right here at The Miami Herald. We'll be talking Dolphins and NFL draft with tons of guests, including Nat Moore, Keith Sims, Tony Collins, Louis Oliver, Gino Torretta, Troy Drayton and others throughout the morning 6-10 a.m. You are welcome to call in toll free from anywhere in the United States at 1-888-640-9385.

We are having a draft party in a Prius. Let's just say it was the suggestion of a co-worker I respect. 640Sports will have on-air personalities driving around South Florida in a Toyota Prius throughout the day. For my show, the Sports Brothers will be on the highways and byways giving out prizes.

If you listen to the show and attend the Dolphins Draft party starting this evening at Sun Life Stadium, you can win the 640 Sports Challenge. All you have to do is listen, show up to the draft party and win.

The winner gets a Jake Scott autographed football. Scott was the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl VII, the game that culminated Miami's perfect season.

As to the actual draft, consider my thoughts by way of categories:

Most likely draft pick in Round One: Ryan Tannehill. As I wrote in my column today, Tannehill simply makes the most sense for a team trying to plug a hole that's been leaking far too long. He is not ready to play in 2012. The Dolphins won't admit this because, well, it's probably not wise to set the bar so low. But as Mike Mayock said this evening on the NFL Network, the guy is going to take a year or two to become NFL functional. The Dolphins have that time because they have two vets that I write about in the column.

Do I dig the idea of Tannehill?: Not that much. I believe the Dolphins would be picking a guy at No. 8 that is not the eighth best player in the draft. I understand QBs are overdrafted. This would be a classic case of a player being overdrafted.

Most likely alternative: Trade down. The Cowboys need to jump higher to grab Alabama safety Mark Barron. They need to get up ahead of the Bills who covet Barron and are scheduled to pick 10th. If the Dolphins aren't truly sold on Tannehill to the point they could be talked into picking lower and adding a second-round pick, this is the scenario that could play out. Frankly, I would love this scenario because Miami should still get a good player at 14 and then have two second-round picks plus two third-round picks. The Cowboys have the 45th overall pick or 13th pick in the second round.

Most likely player drafted if not Tannehill: I still think the Dolphins love Fletcher Cox. He fits as an addition to their 4-3 look. He can be an inside presence -- you've seen what that did for Detroit when they got one. He has pass-rush skills that can translate to DE. And he'd be great in sub packages. There's also the fact he would play right away. By the way, if you're thinking the Dolphins have plenty of DT help, remember the team is considering Jared Odrick at DE and Randy Starks is unsigned after this season.

Most likely player drafted if not Tannehill and Cox: South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore. Dolphins like him a lot. He also plays an impact position where the Dolphins have lacked players that turn the ball over. There are some NFL teams -- New England among them -- considering going with extra corners and dialing back to one safety. It is an adjustment to the offensive explosion that's happening in the league. Teams simply require more cover players.

Player the Dolphins absolutely, positively will not draft in the first round: Iowa OT Riley Reiff. Remember him? Kiper and Bucky Brooks and others had him listed to the Dolphins in their early mock drafts. The Dolphins don't love him much. He has short arms. He lacks explosive punch. And he simply would be a reach to anyone picking him in the top 20. And I don't foresee the Dolphins being that low in the round.

Quarterback I like most not named Luck or Griffin: Kirk Cousins of Michigan State. You will laugh, but he reminds me of Tom Brady. Under the radar guy. Chip on his shoulder. Played in a major conference for a long time and won a lot of games. Did heroic stuff in college. Was a wonderboy in the fourth quarter. Was very good in the red zone. Has a solid arm that could get better. Smart. He is a leader, as made obvious by the fact he was captain three consecutive years. He'll probably go in the late second or third round. I would take him. At the end of the day, I guess I'm big on production. You know, stuff that happens on the field.

Getting ahead of ourselves for Friday: In the second round I'm thinking offensive line and specifically right tackle. Mike Adams of Ohio State is a possibility. I also like Kendal Wright of Baylor as a WR possibility here. My concern is the Patriots, who worked out Wright as late as this week, will grab this kid late in the first round. If the Dolphins pick up multiple second-round picks, keep T.Y. Hilton of FIU on your radar. Kid is a TD waiting to happen. Otherwise he could be third-round material as both a WR and returner.

What must happen before the weekend is out: If the Dolphins leave this draft without having added a right tackle that can compete for a starting job, I believe the draft will have failed in part of its purpose. Yes, I know Lydon Murtha is the favorite of some fans and the team has liked him for some time. But he's injury-prone, folks. And durability is a critical factor. I saw Artis Hicks work at right tackle this week and he looks like someone that other teams discard. Maybe he'd look much better in pads. I hope so. But I believe the club needs to draft a right tackle at some point this draft that can plausibly take over the starting job.


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Can we trade our top pick for Mallet? I'd much rather have Mallet then Tannehill.

I hope our defense holds up this year...I'd hate to see Sparano run the wildcat with Tebow and make us look bad.
Has me thinking Ingram @8...but realize a long-term solution at QB is a higher priority.

What many People don't realIze is that, all the trades among Teams during the Draft HAVE ALREADY BEEN TALKED ABOUT OR CONFIRMED.

Nicky I agree. I'm sick of people hating on the organization. Have they been stellar. Ooooh no. But not having faith in the team and not steadily rooting for the team isnt helping.

I agree that Tannehill has more upside than Weeden. That being said I don't see any correlation between upside and becoming a star. Production on the field makes you a star and I see more production on the field with Weeden, at least short term. And this franchise needs answers short term. We'll all know the answers in about 12 hours.

There is a Code of Honor among Teams in the NFL, something like the Mafias, where they collaborate with each other for business sake; and they admit no Traitors.

Scotty, Ireland should've drafted Mallet last year. Instead he squandered 3 picks on a crap backup RB.

oscar,the other gm's toy w/ ire.lol

Trade down!!! Tannehill is NOT the answer. Fire Ireland now. Oh, I forgot.. we have to wait for another losing season.

Ireland will get us another Pat White or Chad HennePuke. LMAO!

Certainly Joe Robbie double-crossed the NFL. And you have seen the results up to now.

Trade down. We need more junk!

I am not giving up on Thomas, giving up 2 picks for him was a bit much, but he deserves a full year.

On draft day, I've decided to weigh in.

This team has holes so just about anyone they draft will fill a need. However, you would ideally like someone to fill a need & make an immediate impact. And I don't mean a RG or RT.

To me, Mark Barron! We passed up Earl Thomas a couple years ago & we're still paying for it.

I think the Jets talk about going up for Richardson is bologna. I think they want Barron. Leonhard is a FA, always hurt. They lost Poole to Dallas. Safety is the Jets biggest need.

If he's still there at 8, he should start immediately & make a big impact. Barron is my choice if with Blackmon or Floyd, then Tannehill as back up options in that order.

Well, I believe we can unwrap him now. It will be Nick Perry in the 2nd Rd. Please?

While it's likely their pick will be Tannehill at 8 it does make sense now why they like Fletcher Cox as well.

He could play left end in the 3-4 or inside with Solia in the 4-3.

At any rate with Langford and Merling gone and Odrick playing with steel rods in his legs, DE depth is also crucial in this draft.

Draft day is my Festivus. We can start with the airing of grievances.

1. The offseason was a disaster.
2. The ongoing Wake saga is a disaster.
3. Trading Marshall was a disaster.
4. Mando runs hot and cold. One day he's blasting Ireland and the next day he's carrying Ireland's golf bag.

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 26, 2012 at 09:29 AM

I'm already loosening up my knee in preparation for all the knee-jerk reactions I'm going to make after each Dolphins pick.

Anyone else having trouble with the blog this morning?

Its loads it doesn't load. I don't appear to be having trouble with other sites.

@TigerSam If you are so great at analyzing tape, how come you didn't realize that Michigan and Michigan State are not the same schools?? ANOTHER Wolverine QB I think was the quote. Just proof how many fktards we have on this site.

Trade up to 1b and select RG3 before the Skins do at 2.

This was the offseason from hell following the season from hell.

Armando, it is awesome to see that you are no longer drinking the Tannehill Kool Aid as we need an immediate impact playmaker at #8...

Also, as far as Murtha goes...he wont be able to get the job done. My sources from Nebraska tell me he really underachieved there. Not a very hard worker and did not produce much as a result...What I saw of him last preseason he played poorly but maybe it was due to his injury that landed him on the IR before the season started?

Keeping my fingers crossed we trade back to the mid first round!


If Tannehill doesnt make it at QB he could probably beat out Hartline at WR.

This was the offseason from hell following the season from hell.

Posted by: Fins are Garbage | April 26, 2012 at 11:05 AM

I can't argue with that statement but I'm just to loyal a fan to call them garbage.

Never give up! Remember Jimmy V?

Ryan Mallet was the most divisive player in the draft in 2011. Ryan Tannehill is the most divisive player in the draft in 2012.

No matter what Miami does, they can't win.

Draft Tannehill and he will remain on the bench for a year. Some fans will be thrilled we finally took a QB and others will think we reached.

Don't draft Tannehill and he becomes this year's Ryan Mallet. Question upon question of how the Dolphins could once again pass up on a potential future franchise QB.

I would lovc for everyone to be happy with who Miami picks for a change, but unless an Elite-6 player falls or Miami finds some way to trade down AND get picks plus the player they want, I can't see how everyone is going to be happy with this draft.


The Dolphins never fail to disappoint!

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

No Balls....

Good post...and that kinda sums everything up....

DD posted something similiar yesterday....Its lose/lose for Ireland....his ONLY hope is that Philbin does a lot of winning on the field with his players....

Ahhhh, Jake Scott. The only Dolphin #13 to win a Super Bowl.


The Dolphins never fail to disappoint!
Posted by: NO Balls | April 26, 2012 at 11:12 AM

No life. I hope you don't teach your children to be this negative and gloomy.

Trade down, I hope we trade down! Unless Blackmon falls to us.
Trade down, pick up Decastro, tade back into the bottom of the first and grab Fleener, Stephen Hill or FLoyd.

Friendly advice.

It's a game. It's for entertainment. Some of you get so worked up and disgusted over this it is really sad. Improve your life and the game will be a game and not some horrible woe is me doom and gloom soap opera. Something is wrong if you are getting so bummed out over who Ireland may or may not pick.

Sending Ireland out to do the Dolphin draft is like sending my 12 yr old out to block Cam Wake. You just close your eyes and hope he doesnt get slaughtered. LOL

HOLY COW! Joe Schmoe sighting! It has been a while, or at least since I have seen.

Good post.

QB, Safety, DL, LB, RT, RG, WR ... team is still a mess in terms of needs. Tannehill alone isn't going to fix that. Luck and RG3 are gone... get over it before calling for Irelands head if he doesn't take a qb @ 8.

Just get better this draft and that will be a big step. One solid draft after another... baby steps.

Doesn't necessarily match what will be be best available. I'd take Baron or Kuechly w/ 8 , move up from 3rd or down from 2nd and take Cousins if he's there. Don't see a world of difference between Cousins andf Tanny. Cousins was more accurate against better teams when you compare the teams and the both are around a 2:1 TD:int ratio.
Tannehill is probably a better athlete, but cousins completion % against good teams looks better. Of Cousins 10 picks last year 3 were in a 3 OT win against at tough SEC opponent in the bowl game.

I just had an interesting conversation with someone very, very, very, very, very high up in my drinking circle.

He said we should draft Tannehill. I asked why? He said "so you dolphin fans can finally shut the hell up." He followed that up with, "plus there will be no more excuses."

Every year its..."if we only had a QB blah blah blah." He said all the excuses can finally stop and this team can finally get sold to LA.

Tannehill nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! He is not accurate, winner in forth quarter, only physical skills. Potential to Real is big step. Dolphins are dreamers! Big mistake at 8.

Dear God:

Please allow Jeff Ireland to draft well tonight. Unlike those who have no competitive spirit that I won't name (but look at 11:35am), MOST of us FANS just want our team to be relevant. We don't even need a SB winning team...just yet. Winning more games than we lose a couple years in a row would be nice (beggars can't be choosers). Maybe a Playoff appearance (AND WIN) once every few years would be an added plus.

We've waited patiently Oh Lord. Some not so much. But regardless of the sh*t you've placed in our team's uniforms year in and year out, we've supported them when they have taken the field. However, our spirits are low O Blessed One. We have waited, and prayed, and You have not answered our prayers. And soon we will have nothing left.

We ask You, before that time comes, when no one will care about the Miami Dolphins anymore, that You just give us a smidgen of attention. A playmaker or 3 is all we ask. Not much. Maybe the ability for the offense to have back-to-back TDs. Maybe a DB that can intercept a pass. Even a pass-rushing compliment to Cameron Wake.

Thank You O Beneficent One! We will praise Your name if You can do us this one little favor.



Maybe Tim Tebow can say a prayer for the Miami Dolphins.


Here are Ireland's options today.

Trade down and tick off everyone.

Draft Tannehill at 8 and tick off half the fans.

Pick another at 8 and tick off the other half of the fans.

So you are Jeff. You know no matter what you do at least half the fans will be upset. Personally, I would just tick off everyone and do my own thing. That way I can say I did it by myself without any help from anyone.

I think this dude might trade down today guys.

Please allow Jeff Ireland to draft well tonight. Unlike those who have no competitive spirit that I won't name (but look at 11:35am).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 26, 2012 at 11:49 AM

You are not competing, the team is. You are merely whining and praying over something so trivial I just can't see getting as worked up about it. Be happy when the win, but don't let it ruin your life when they don't.

The Prayer of the Humble.

If I don't approve of Ireland's pick tonight, I will not sulk and complain about it forever. Some of you are still complaining about picks in past drafts.

Did you know life goes on?

Poizen, greetings & salutations.

So who will be first to pass on Manning, Brees, Brady or Vick for Ryan Tannehill on their fantasy team?

I mean really, you guys love him so much right? If you love him so much then pass on Brady and take Tannehill in your fantasy.

Isn't that really the key if he's good or not?

Cousins sounds good to me. Get an get a starter immediately at #8 and also a project QB later on in the draft. If Tannehill can't take to the field this year why is he a top ten pick? makes no sense.

ron s.

I get what your saying but I don't think for the most part anyone lets it ruin their life and it would be very sad if they did. I'm a huge college football fan and Dolphins fan so it goes hand and hand and myself like many others are passionate about the draft. Bummed out for a draft night, I am guilty like last year and the Jamar Fletcher pick as well but let it effect my life, job, children, or even a simple meal (sausage and peppers and cucumber and onion salad), NEVER!

However, I agree when people go to far which does seem to be the case on here far too much. I don't like the way people take criticism of thier opinions so personal that they go and make a fake name to mock/insult another poster. The Ireland hate is just beating a dead horse at this point. He is still the GM and be hopeful he has his best draft yet.

Preach on brother DC! Amen!

Just yesterday I wanted to stay at #8, didn't want to trade down. But Mando brings up a couple of good points. And I'm not laughing at Cousins at all, love the kids fire and competitive spirit. He will definitely be a leader. So if the Dolphins can trade down with the Cowboys and still be at #14 while also picking up their second rounder giving us the 2 seconds and 2 thirds that would be a great way to fill a bunch of needs. 5 picks who could all possibly start but more likely 3 or 4 would start right away. I'll sign up for that in a heart beat.

Did you know life goes on?

Posted by: ron s. | April 26, 2012 at 12:07 PM

A miserable life goes on. With severe depression. They say smoking takes years off your life. So does losing. I feel a piece of me die with every loss. And it never regenerates with a win. Just dies. Forever.

Tannehill was pushed up the draft board by the draft gurus and the media who have nothing better to do than hype a guy to create more interest in themselves and the draft. It's a self-serving motive.
If Tannehill was still sitting at his original projected spot, which is somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round, I doubt the Dolphin fans who are dying to get him would be screaming to take him and saying he's the 3rd best quarterback in the draft. If Barkley had not decided to stay in school Tannehill would not have been pushed way up the board like he was and we would be having the same type of debate over him as we are over Tannehill and Tannehill would be an afterthought.

@AndyNJ wrote:

"The Ireland hate is just beating a dead horse at this point."

Problem is the horse isn't dead yet. Its still leaving horse apples all over Sun Life Stadium.

Andy, see the post at 12:18 :)

Poor guy. I hope he makes it through the night.

Andy, Are you thinking that Dallas may trade up with us to get Barron and we move to 14 and take Tannehill?

I am kind of thinking that if an opportunity like that comes up we'll jump on it and pick up a 2nd or a 3rd with some late round change too.

That would be an ideal draft scenario for me.

Matter of fact Andy. We need to get Mike Vick up in here to take care of this horse.

How happy is Brandon Marshall to be out of this cespool?

These talking heads NFL Network and ESPN kill me. First they talk up Tannehill until everyone has Miami taking him at 8 on their mocks.

Now their saying Tannehill is a reach at 8 because he's not ready to start. Well no shyyt.

The one thing I heard I'll agree with is that Ireland doesn't need to be listening to he media or the fans. He needs take whoever is top on his board based on what he and the coaches think is the right pick for this team.

What is a Prius? I know Prions.

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