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Naanee looking for best year of career

Legedu Naanee has been a role player during his NFL career. He's looking for a breakout with the Dolphins.

How do I know?

He says as much below:

(On how his initial meetings were with Coach Philbin and what was the determining factor in signing with the Dolphins) - “First of all, they went great just walking around the facility. Seeing first of all, the history on the walls and from being a kid watching the Dolphins and then meeting with Coach (Joe) Philbin who had so much success in Green Bay and the enthusiasm and vision that they had there and kind of bring that same kind of program here. It was a no brainer to come.”

(On if he knew anyone on the team before signing and what did they say about the Dolphins) - “The only player I knew and played with was Kevin Burnett. We played together in San Diego. I haven’t talked to anybody on the team or anybody about the Dolphins before my visit. I just kind of came and let that be my first impression.”

(On how is your foot injury) - “The foot injury is healed. The biggest part is getting back to running and practicing every day, so as far as the recovery part I mean that will come with time and playing football, conditioning, and all that stuff so today was a great day my first day working out as a Dolphin. And I ready to build on that.”

(On what are your expectations) - “I’m ready to come in and have my best year. Seems like each year I’ve kind of built on what I’ve done before and in the last couple years I have had a kind of injury that kind of slowed down that production for me. This year, looking forward to staying healthy all 16 games and putting my best football on the field.”

(On what has held you back besides the injuries) - “I think that’s exactly it, the injury thing. Being in there for four games like 2010. I was in there for a few games and had injuries that set you back. You get back and get into the loop of everything. I think it’s important to be healthy 16 straight games and this year especially being able to join early with the offseason programs and getting that relationship with the quarterback. Stuff like that is huge. I’m excited about it.”

(On how do you see yourself in the offense) - “Well, I’m not exactly sure how I’ll fit in it. Today, was the first day of install, the first time being expose to the offensive team. The X’s and O’s of what they’re trying to get done so from the stand point right now I’m just trying to get down, learn it, and then play football. Stay in the role that they have for me initially and just grow within the offense. This is the first time I’ve played in this offense and right now I’m focusing on the details getting the X’s and O’s down.”

(On have you played in a West Coast offense before) - “No.”

(On what are the differences with the West Coast offense) - “Just from today, Day One, a lot of it was just terminology. Concepts are similar, but as far as the way that plays are called, the way every is going to be done. It’s different than how I’ve it done previously so that’s one thing I’m going through right now.”


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the common housefly has a life span of approximately 24 hours. even they show to have more life experience than ohio dolfan.

My response to 10:59 is this is a blog about opinions and ideas. Who CARES what can or can't be proven, this isn't a court of law or a scientific forum. It's where you come, discuss things about OUR team, and people can respond to it affirmatively or speak their own mind on the matter.

No one feels any superiority complex, and that is only felt by the people who feel like they lost out on an argument. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you can't hold your own in a debate, then don't get into it in the first place.

I've been on this blog for years. It was better at one time. Not sure what happened to make all the cretins come out of the woodwork over the last year or half-year, but ask anyone who's been on here for longer than a year and they will tell you it's degraded. And if the regulars were fine before, it's stupid to think it has anything to do with them.

And if you feel you're being condescended to, maybe pick ONE name, don't make it a TROLL name, and post under it CONTINUOUSLY, and maybe you'll be allowed to enter the winners circle yourself one day. At least it's something to strive towards.

I'm counting on several factors for the 11-5 record.

1) Success with the WCO.
2) Coples or Ingram being a starter.
3) Defense getting more sacks/turnovers.
4) Moore staying at #12 rated QB in NFL or better
5) Breakout season from several players

No luck with #2 and #3 will ensure a losing season.

Here we go again with DC long and drawn out posts, Has there ever been a blogger who just rambles along more than DC?

Just by reading his posts I gather that he's a guy who wants to be liked by everyone, he wants to be articulate in his posts yet it's the same BS spewed over and over and over again. Makes you want to jump off a bridge right?

Swamy, that's pretty optimistic. Moore better bone up on the playbook. He'll need a PhD to go 11-5 (I don't see him having too many targets to go to).

DC is the troll magnet. I don't want to be liked by everyone, I want to be liked by my true allies here. And if I can attract the trolls away from them, and onto myself, I'm fine taking that hit. I'm like Jesus that way. Just not a God (yet).

I just left Ohio blog. Man its such a big circle jerk its disgusting.

Ohio: Professor Lou how big is my Johnson
Professor Lou: 11 inch, your a big boi
The Crusher: Can I hold both of your wangs?
DC DOlfan: Wow, 11 inch your a big boi
All together: Jerk Jerk Jerk, SKkkkeeeett

so much drama in the lbc its kinda hard bein snoop d o g g

DC, continue building your government missiles leading to the destruction of mankind in your government job

And people like Ohio are strong enough mentally to take care of themselves, but I interject because I love and respect the guy, what can I say. He's classy, intelligent, and an asset to this country. And I for one am not ashamed to align myself with TRULY good people, and that's what Ohio is. He's probably someone I have little in common with outside of the Dolphins, but that's what makes this World great. I've traveled all over this World and have friends in every corner of it. Because I'm genuine. And believe in compassion and respect.

You others could learn something, but you choose to keep your heads up your assses.

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | April 18, 2012 at 11:03 AM

No, in your mind perhaps. You won't accept that people dislike you. Enough that they will not talk about the team to riduclue you at every turn.

It's not about the team anymore, it's about you & your friends attitudes. If you dislike someone enough, a Man will tell you. People here are telling you & others they don't like you.

You have a sheltered & shallow view point. You only see what you want to make your point because being right is all that matters.

Like I suggested earlier, stick to what you know, not what you don't.

Trolls in general, What is the point? Just curious... The more you do it, I don't think your going to push away the people you don't like anyway.

I just don't get it. Are you a dolphins fan? I know more about the people you hate here than I know your thoughts on the Dolphins.

I mean, the truth is, a lot of insults are being thrown here, toward you, from you, so it is not just you. But how many of the people throwing the insults would do it to each others faces?

I mean insulting in a blog is flexing keyboard muscles, and that is, well, lame.

I don't know, I just don't get the whole thing. I would like to read more about thoughts on the Dolphins than everyones hate for each other. JMO.

DC, Im curious why dont you think you would connect with Ohio Dolfan outside of talking Dolphins footbal, what lead you to this conclusion?

No, they aren't Dolphins fans Poizen. That's why they can be spoken to like dogs. I wouldn't disrespect a Dolphins fan that way.

Dc and Poizen, We trolls like to keep things fun and light hearted, lets be serious it gets redundant and boring reading the same posts about the Dolphins over and over again, So we like to take shots at some bloggers who come off as idiots or as I like to call them ducks. Without us this page would be a h* mo festival

CraigM is Ohio dimwits coughing pubic hair. Doesnt it make sense a bunch of dimwit lightbulbs would come in the same package?

Combine all of thyose dimwits together and you still couldnt cast a glow on a midnight shadow. What a bunch of losers. All legends in thier own dimly lit minds! LOL

Ohio, I have to agree with you, I seen that comment about wishing death upon family members and thats totally uncalled for. I called the guy out for it

OHio pea brain,

Paranoid man. You were afraid to give adnistration rights over at your blob because you were afraid some one wanted to steal that circle jerk piece of crap away from you. Then you would have to run home and tell mommy now wouldnt you? LOL


Ohio, odinseye (also known as unconcerned observer - signing valhala among other things give you away retard), Craig, DC, have all whined about this site and wrapped their lips around Ohio yet they all keep coming back here.

The fact of the matter is there will be mad traffic here at the draft and once the season draws near. Its ok we will welcome you douce bags back. They can't stay away despite what they say.

They may have to change names to save face but they will all be here.

Idiot Ohio still trolling Armando's blog, so funny. He thinks he's going to recruit new future circle jerks for his sheeply men's blog.

Go on over to Ohio's, where men are sheep and sheeply men are not afraid.

Why am I so dumb, I wish Ohio would take me back because I throughly enjoyed his blog. Ohio please I throw myself at your feet, I want to come back to your blog. PRETTY PLEASE....

The Dolphins home schedule is BORING!

Ohio deutsh,

Youre the one in fairy tale land. Youre the one who thinks someone wants to still that pice of crap blog away.

Oh and btw did you read phins78 and ALoco's post there telling you Oscar Canosa was trolling me? You did nothing you piece of crap. As far as Im concerned you may be Oscar Canosa yourself. You and that ratag piece of sheepl mens blog are the "L" in loserville. LOL

I'm Back~~~
D.C.why are you being an ass wipe~~Where is your twin sister Kris~~

Trolls, fair response, but other trolls wishing death to others family do not help your light hearted cause.

Also YG, you have some interesting discussions about football some times, but get off the Ohio thing for christ sake. It is way to old.

You don't like him, he doesn't like you please move on. I feel like I reading a f'n soap opera than anything about football.

Heading to lunch, be back later.

ROSS, save the Dolphins. Fold the team.

Not to be too arrogant, but I AM THIS BLOG! I don't post for a couple of days, and all I see is posts about ME. Don't believe me, go back and look at past posts. You might see me post a couple of times. Then, at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY, you'll see other posts with my name in it.

So how can I be "welcomed back" when I OWN THIS PLACE?

Ohio dong turd,

All Im saying is a lie? some who went to your f.a.g.f.e.s.t have already confirmed for themselves its loserville central. But of course you would be delussional about it. Your head f.a.g in charge. LOL

See, just like clockwork, a troll fan of another team. ON MY NUTSACK!

It's good being the KING! Right now, I'm swaying my hand back and forth like Saddam used to.

I didn't whine doofus.


I called you & others like you out to stfu. You give men a bad name.


I dont blog everyday about how the blog sucks, the trolls are out of hand. That's all you, Craig M, odinseye, DC dumkoff and the like.


The message is to all you babies. SHUT THE FUKK UP OR MOVE ON. The reality is, nobody cares if they ever see you again.

Posted by: what a doucher | April 18, 2012 at 09:48 AM





Ross needs to stop charging NFL prices for his Arena caliber team.

Poor Legedu's blog has been devastated by fighting amongst bloggers.

Haha, hopefully he doesn't read it. It may negatively impact his ego.

Yippee............... Ohio-tard has left the building! LOL

DC, STFU, you own nothing and if were to never post here again no one would c are, and you wonder why ppl call you out. Your the biggest douche in North America


you make a contribution to the blog. but seriously, and i mean seriously, you just ramble on endlessly way to much. many of your long posts can be condensed to 3 sentences. many are endless repetitions. try making shorter concise posts and only longer posts when it necessary.

I'm sorry I thought this was a MIAMI DOLPHIN/NFL FOOTBALL blog, but I think I somehow wandered onto the set of Days of our Lives.

I look forward to seeing what Hartline,Bess,Clay, and Bush will do in the WC passing offense. Fasano too now that he does not have to play RTjunior.Naanee,Moore, and Wallace will make the WR competition interesting.

41phish, way to steal my line about the Days of our Lives comment, nevertheless I agree.

lue are you still here?


Hartline has to be replaced. He's not an NFL starter on any decent team.

sorry CLue
must have missed it

I agree about Hartline, he cant get open against a decent corner.

Scotty, I think Philbin/Sherman like the guy. Just kind of basing this off initial reports and things they've said, I think they think he has potential. So just be prepared for him having a larger role this year. However, I'm with you, not sure he's up to it or not.

beezer, if that's your opinion and you're a fan, you're entitled to it. I accept it and don't have anything disparaging to say to you in response.

clue feels slighted that someone on a blog used his days of our lives comment. now that is a sad sack desperate for attention and strokes.

yes dc. just constructive criticism, nothing more. take it or leave it.

hartline and many of the other young players never got the chance.i see guys like Belichick and Coughlin gettiing young players and throwing them to the wolves to sink or swim.Sparano throws them to the bench to get a tan.It's a long list:hartline,jerry,garner,hilliard,clay,odrick,clemons,cook,moore,wallace. i know the last 2 went to IR but how many sacks do we have to see colombo give up before jerry,garner,or cook gets a shot.could they do worse

great YG is back. he a cancer whereva he goes. time for him to run this place into the ground again

The funniest part: He doesn't think people can see through his aliases and CYA motives.


Posted by: doucher's Mom is a DoucheBag | April 18, 2012 at 12:24 PM

odins 9th name change in the last 24 hours. Now that is Pathetic!

"No Troll Tards allowed."

Odin, always with the gay trademark. You're not even creative. How many fake names is that for you now?

Posted by: Unconcerned Observer aka Odin | April 18, 2012 at 11:02 AM

Guilty conscious there SWINGER?

How do you derive GAY from Troll Tards?

You must know something we don't, eh Sweet Cheeks?

beezer, get off my d*ck. GTFOH if you come here to bash me


I assuming from what Philbins says, he will try to get more overall, from the recieving corps we do have. He said all of the wr's have to learn all 3 positions. No defense will be able to hone in a particular wr to shut him down.

It's like Mohammed Ali said before the Frazier fight:

"Im gona float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Joe Frazier cant hit, what Joe Frazier cant see."

Basically when you can switch all of your recievers in and out of all 3 positions. You create mismatches. Move your presumedly #1 wr into the slot. either the defense has to move its #1 corner into the slot or there will be a huge mismatch of having your #1 wr against the defense's nickel corner.

So if the #1 corner's now defending the slot, thier nickel corner is playing on foreign grounds trying to defend a wr out wide. Another presummed mismatch. Nickels are used to covering on the wideout.

When your wr's can play all 3 positions well. You can create and exploit mismatches all over the field. At some point there will be a breakdown in communication by the db's, perhaps leading to a long td pass.

Does anyone care we have to go cross-country to play Arizona and San Fran? And if we pull a Giants and lose to Seattle at home, I don't know WHAT I'll do!

Wish Sparano would have learned that YG. But I guess now I'm glad he didn't. Those 2 games vs. Jets SHOULD be easy wins for us.


I really wish you last longer in Ohio. You suck and make this place worse than it already is

You have a sheltered & shallow view point. You only see what you want to make your point because being right is all that matters.

Like I suggested earlier, stick to what you know, not what you don't.

Posted by: The Imaginarium of Dumb Bloggers | April 18, 2012 at 11:32 AM

Doucher is right. This Dilwad Legend in his own mind hasn't posted one thing even slightly related to football. Let alone the Dolphins. Not even under his other "Top Secret(ROTFLMAO)" aliases.

Yet he questions others motives and contributions. ROTFLMAO-What a Douchanarium ot the dumbest blogger.

db. that is nails' # too.lol
he was fun to watch plow dls' down field 4 rw btw.


Exactly what I mean YG. I thought we had finally gotten rid of your stupidity and nonesense!!!

Please go away again

I'm pleased that Naanee is looking to have his best season. I know people think of this as just a fringe signing but IF (& if is the operative word) he can stay healthy than he'll produce for us. Is he a Number 1 WR??? Not at all & that MUST be addressed in the draft but my point is that you don't need more than 1 Alpha WR.

Outside Greg Jennings--who I believe is an excellent player--do the Packers really have superstars at WR??? Sure Rodgers makes guys like Jordy Nelson look great but he's a product of that system. How would Nelson have looked on the Dolphins last year??? IMO--Probably a lot like Hartline with a little more speed (maybe less fumbles) but there's NO WAY he'd have caught 68 balls for 1263 yards playing for the Dolphins last year. Not possible with Marshall here.

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