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Naanee looking for best year of career

Legedu Naanee has been a role player during his NFL career. He's looking for a breakout with the Dolphins.

How do I know?

He says as much below:

(On how his initial meetings were with Coach Philbin and what was the determining factor in signing with the Dolphins) - “First of all, they went great just walking around the facility. Seeing first of all, the history on the walls and from being a kid watching the Dolphins and then meeting with Coach (Joe) Philbin who had so much success in Green Bay and the enthusiasm and vision that they had there and kind of bring that same kind of program here. It was a no brainer to come.”

(On if he knew anyone on the team before signing and what did they say about the Dolphins) - “The only player I knew and played with was Kevin Burnett. We played together in San Diego. I haven’t talked to anybody on the team or anybody about the Dolphins before my visit. I just kind of came and let that be my first impression.”

(On how is your foot injury) - “The foot injury is healed. The biggest part is getting back to running and practicing every day, so as far as the recovery part I mean that will come with time and playing football, conditioning, and all that stuff so today was a great day my first day working out as a Dolphin. And I ready to build on that.”

(On what are your expectations) - “I’m ready to come in and have my best year. Seems like each year I’ve kind of built on what I’ve done before and in the last couple years I have had a kind of injury that kind of slowed down that production for me. This year, looking forward to staying healthy all 16 games and putting my best football on the field.”

(On what has held you back besides the injuries) - “I think that’s exactly it, the injury thing. Being in there for four games like 2010. I was in there for a few games and had injuries that set you back. You get back and get into the loop of everything. I think it’s important to be healthy 16 straight games and this year especially being able to join early with the offseason programs and getting that relationship with the quarterback. Stuff like that is huge. I’m excited about it.”

(On how do you see yourself in the offense) - “Well, I’m not exactly sure how I’ll fit in it. Today, was the first day of install, the first time being expose to the offensive team. The X’s and O’s of what they’re trying to get done so from the stand point right now I’m just trying to get down, learn it, and then play football. Stay in the role that they have for me initially and just grow within the offense. This is the first time I’ve played in this offense and right now I’m focusing on the details getting the X’s and O’s down.”

(On have you played in a West Coast offense before) - “No.”

(On what are the differences with the West Coast offense) - “Just from today, Day One, a lot of it was just terminology. Concepts are similar, but as far as the way that plays are called, the way every is going to be done. It’s different than how I’ve it done previously so that’s one thing I’m going through right now.”