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Naanee looking for best year of career

Legedu Naanee has been a role player during his NFL career. He's looking for a breakout with the Dolphins.

How do I know?

He says as much below:

(On how his initial meetings were with Coach Philbin and what was the determining factor in signing with the Dolphins) - “First of all, they went great just walking around the facility. Seeing first of all, the history on the walls and from being a kid watching the Dolphins and then meeting with Coach (Joe) Philbin who had so much success in Green Bay and the enthusiasm and vision that they had there and kind of bring that same kind of program here. It was a no brainer to come.”

(On if he knew anyone on the team before signing and what did they say about the Dolphins) - “The only player I knew and played with was Kevin Burnett. We played together in San Diego. I haven’t talked to anybody on the team or anybody about the Dolphins before my visit. I just kind of came and let that be my first impression.”

(On how is your foot injury) - “The foot injury is healed. The biggest part is getting back to running and practicing every day, so as far as the recovery part I mean that will come with time and playing football, conditioning, and all that stuff so today was a great day my first day working out as a Dolphin. And I ready to build on that.”

(On what are your expectations) - “I’m ready to come in and have my best year. Seems like each year I’ve kind of built on what I’ve done before and in the last couple years I have had a kind of injury that kind of slowed down that production for me. This year, looking forward to staying healthy all 16 games and putting my best football on the field.”

(On what has held you back besides the injuries) - “I think that’s exactly it, the injury thing. Being in there for four games like 2010. I was in there for a few games and had injuries that set you back. You get back and get into the loop of everything. I think it’s important to be healthy 16 straight games and this year especially being able to join early with the offseason programs and getting that relationship with the quarterback. Stuff like that is huge. I’m excited about it.”

(On how do you see yourself in the offense) - “Well, I’m not exactly sure how I’ll fit in it. Today, was the first day of install, the first time being expose to the offensive team. The X’s and O’s of what they’re trying to get done so from the stand point right now I’m just trying to get down, learn it, and then play football. Stay in the role that they have for me initially and just grow within the offense. This is the first time I’ve played in this offense and right now I’m focusing on the details getting the X’s and O’s down.”

(On have you played in a West Coast offense before) - “No.”

(On what are the differences with the West Coast offense) - “Just from today, Day One, a lot of it was just terminology. Concepts are similar, but as far as the way that plays are called, the way every is going to be done. It’s different than how I’ve it done previously so that’s one thing I’m going through right now.”


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Basically when you can switch all of your recievers in and out of all 3 positions. You create mismatches. Move your presumedly #1 wr into the slot. either the defense has to move its #1 corner into the slot or there will be a huge mismatch of having your #1 wr against the defense's nickel corner.

So if the #1 corner's now defending the slot, thier nickel corner is playing on foreign grounds trying to defend a wr out wide. Another presummed mismatch. Nickels are used to covering on the wideout.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 18, 2012 at 12:32 PM

Yeah, except we have no no. 1 WR so that blows you're theory right there.

How can their nickle corner draw a mismatch when our best receiver is a no. 2 or 3 slot type?


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"I'm counting on several factors for the 11-5 record.

1) Success with the WCO.
2) Coples or Ingram being a starter.
3) Defense getting more sacks/turnovers.
4) Moore staying at #12 rated QB in NFL or better
5) Breakout season from several players"


Dude...I'm trying to stay positive these days leading up to the draft but 11-5??? That would be SOMETHING alright.

As far as the Number 8 pick I'd be shocked if Ireland doesn't take Coples. I'd rather have Kuechly b/c he doesn't offer as much as the bust factor as Coples but Ireland gravitates to DE's who are enormous in stature. I think Ingram is a very interesting prospect & he may turn out to be a great player BUT Ireland would be going against his size requirements by taking him & at Number 8 he's not going to start changing they way he analyzes players now. Ingram is 6'1" & a half so I just don't see it happening.

I can see a team like the Eagles who don't mind shorter guys trading up for Ingram like they did with Graham a couple of years ago. Especially since Graham has had a number of injury problems this move would not surprise me.

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Sounds like we're going to have about 9 or 10 guys in training camp all fighting for about 5 (maybe 6) Wide Receiver spots. So, once the competition is complete, we may have a better group of WR's than most people give us credit for. The WCO spreads the ball around and makes use of mismatches on the field. Which beats the heck out of the old "3-yards & a cloud of dust" Dan Henning system! It took a while last year for the guys to adjust to Daboll's system and show some progress. I just hope it doesn't take as long in Sherman's. We've needed the WCO for a while, in my opinion. This is a pass-happy league and we've been using out-dated systems. Thanks to Parcell's philosophy, we have huge players that aren't real fast. Plodding along at 7-9 & 8-8 just doesn't get it done in today's NFL. And, we may fly underneath the radar this year and surprise a few people. 9-7 is do-able. Keep the faith! GO FINS!!!

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Keep drinking the Kool Aid Armando. This guy isn't going to be anything special here. You should've asked him how he's going to feel lining up in a situation where the best qb on the roster is the mechanical one they use in practice.
I also agree with the sentiment not to take Tannehill. I'd rather take the best player on the board at 8, regardless of whether it's a DT, or an offensive lineman, or a stud safety..... Our team needs help at virtually every position, and I'd rather know we took the #1 nose tackle in the draft, than a quarterback who is maybe 5th or 6th best in the draft depending on who you speak to, and hasn't even played the position for that long.

odin, congrats on your 37th alias in 1 day. You have beaten home's record.

if there is any blogger more pathetic than you, please have him step forward. if not, enjoy your title as the blog as*hole.

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Posted by: odins failing liver | April 18, 2012 at 01:43 PM


show me the draftees,,,show me the draftees,,,

How can you get excited about going nowhere????

Hi guys, I read abour 4 blog sites every day Dolphins sites that is but seldom post...I went to Ohios site a few minutes ago and it seems pretty nice...but I have one question...why so many trolls disrupting all these sites continually?..are they all little kids with nothing better to do?Palm Beach Post is about the only blog with few trolls but even thst is getting worse..so much talk about sex and drugs its really disgusting...there are other chatrooms for that stuff...I come here for info and opinions on Dolphins football and nothing else...whar can be done to clean up these blog sites?...yours truly a 46 yr Dolphan

1A Odinseye
1B Craig M
1C Phins78
1D Ohio Dolfan
1E Unconcerned Observer (Odin)

Funny, I guess since he said it then it must be true. Didn't Dansby claim he was the best LB in the league?

New coach and new system is right.

So was Dick Saban.

So was Sham Shamaron.

So was Phony Suckrano.

I hope we don't panick and move up to get Tannehill. He should fall to us at 8. Even though I still think he's a reach at 8 I could live with the pick seeing that it wasn't too long ago that our then coach Cam the Moron spent the 9th pick on a punt returner/wr who never contributed much and isn't even on the team anymore. So spending an 8th pick on a project QB can't be any worse right? Right?

You don't know how happy you trolls make me when I'm at the top of your lists. Here you are, trying to make a point of embarrassment, and actually I carry it as a badge of honor. Please continue to make me #1 in your hearts!


Please enlighten the board and tell us why Tannehill will transform this team this season, next season or subsequent seasons?

He is not that good! His RISE to stardom is because of McShay. McShay and Tannehill recently hired the same marketing firm.

first of all, yg and phins66 get a room and f@#! can you say "petty". Scott, allow me to enlighten you. texas a@m fan I am, kids got brains and big arm and athelethism. have watched all season. he beat every QB in this yrs draft with a no talent supporting cast.He can make all the throws, just needs to transition to the speed of the nfl. I'm not posting to bash anyone, especially the team that I love. my blood runs orange and teal.

I still can't believe they didn't get not even one playmaker in free agency-wide receiver, right tackle, one, just one, would've made this draft so much easier. Now can't miss on Tannehill with the #8, meaning he wont play until next year and thats one potential playmaker that they'll miss out on with that #8. Not really looking forward for this season although I can wait for FOOTBALL!

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