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Ireland: The evaluator evaluates himself

 Jeff Ireland has been the Dolphins general manager since 2008. And next week, as the general manager, he'll put hs evaluaton skills to the test by picking a new set of players for the Dolphins in the annual NFL draft.

But how has the evaluator done? How would the evaluator evaluate himself?

“Well, it’s a team effort," Ireland said during the Dolphins annual pre-draft conference Thursday. "Bill (Parcells) and I conducted a couple drafts together. I’ve conducted one here solely by myself with my team upstairs obviously. Certainly, I’m not responsible for all of it. When you look back and you made some good picks. Depends on how you look at it. If you look at the future or past of the draft and you say 50-55% and you say if you can be 50% in the draft over a period of time, you’ve done pretty good.

"I think where we were when we started to where we are now we’ve done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team. Certainly I’m not saying I hit on every single one because I haven’t. There’s no doubt about that. Some I have taken some risk on and hit. And some I have taken some risk on and didn’t work out so good, but that’s just part of the draft.”

One looks at Ireland's first-round picks and they have not been bad. They have been good. He picked starting center Mike Pouncey in 2011 and he picked starting cornerback Vontae Davis in 2009. (Parcells has told me he did the draft in 2008 and 2010 and Ireland did it in 2009 while he was still there.)

The early round picks after No. 1? Probably early to decide.

Pat White was a disaster, although that was a total organizational failure. Sean Smith is a starter. Daniel Thomas is still an unknown quantity. 

“I think all the picks are extremely important but certainly second, third, fourth round picks, I mean those guys need to be either starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I’m a firm believer that you can find talent in the fifth, sixth and seventh and obviously free agency. So every pick, there’s a lot of thought that goes into each and every one of them.

"I’m maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them. So, we spent a lot of time this time of the year on fifth, sixth and seventh round and free agency. Those guys are up there right now grinding away at the free agent board as well.”

Ireland believes he can hit on everyone. That is a good attitude because you don't want a loser who is expecting a disaster after the second or third round. But ... maybe that's not something you actually want to say publicly. Sets one up for critique.

“I’ve got some good guys and some guys are still developing I would say (Charles) Clay and Reshad Jones and Chris Clemmons," Ireland. "Those guys are still here and they’re still developing. I think we drafted a kid last year in the seventh round, Jimmy Wilson, that I think is going to be a pretty good player.

"Time will tell with John Jerry and Koa (Misi). So Pat Turner’s still playing in the league. He’s not on our roster, he’s still playing in the league so we’ve got to do a pretty good job this year. I’m looking more in the future than in the past.”

OK, so how do you evaluate the evaluator?

[RADIO NOTE: Ireland will be on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, at 7:30 this morning. You can listen in South Florida at 640-AM on your dial. Or you can watch the show by clicking here. If you miss the early-morning interview, we'll replay the interview at 9 a.m.]


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When will you stop believing the BOGUS reports....

Will Ireland ask Tannehill if his momma's a hooka?

I just don't like his smug attitude. Like in the press conference when he said Tannehill comes from a good family with that sh$t eating grin on his face. For some reason I just don't trust or seem to like the guy very much. Watching Grudens QB football camp on ESPN it seems like all the quarterbacks coming out are pretty decent players so hopefully we can snag ne of them.


Depends if tannehill says his dad is a pimp and his mom works for him.

John, are you not able to understand things that are written? What part of Armando saying Bill Parcells told him he did the draft in 08' and 10' didn't you understand? Ireland did the draft in 09 and 11. Those are the facts you somehow glossed right over while reading the story. Pretty convenient when you posses no objectivity.

Last year we were wineing and dining Mallett....didn't draft him...

We have ZERO interest in Tannehill as a QB @ pick #8...

We don't have a Brett Favre to hold down the fort while A. Rodgers develops....If the QB isn't a sure fire starter...then he doesn't get picked @ number 8....this isn't 1980's football any more....and we fans expect our 1st ROUND QB...to start from snap one....


When will you stop believing the BOGUS reports....

Posted by: Kris | April 20, 2012 at 10:18 AM

Ditto for several others here that bite the bait so easily. It's predraft spin and shuffle out there. Let's hope Ireland is not as gullible as the fans, and I don't think he is.

Kris, when you prove to me they are bogus. Also, I'm not "believing" anything. I'm simply stating what I heard. I thought it was a lock we'd take Tannyhill even before I heard this report. I think it's a guarantee unless someone moves up.

The report is simply interesting because the guy said it was the SCOUTS who were so high on Tannyhill. They're the ones who were watching him last year. Before Philbin. Sounds like (if the report is accurate of course) they might have drafted Tannyhill even if Philbin wasn't the HC. That's interesting to me.

But, I know Kris, this didn't come from the Illuminati or the "chemtrail" conspiracy theorists you so admire and believe in 100%. This report came from, gasp, a reporter, whose paid to report on these sorts of things. Oh, the horror. Discount them immediately.

Sorry dude, that's your opinion, not mine.

Why would they let Henne walk...just so they can draft Henne again @ #8....makes no sense...

I heard a report on some radio station that said Ireland will post his draft board on the fins site the day before the draft. Can't wait to see it.


I will your PROOF will come on DRAFT DAY...

and whats up with the NON-FOOTBALL related insults...

wasn't it you just a few short weeks ago that made a plea for civility....

I don't believe I insulted you in the least during my post...

why so defensive...

SCOUTS bluff too, even if you write it in capital letters.

While I think Ireland is a good evaluator and generally good at the analytical side of his job, the team has not put enough priority on the QB position and has had some definite misses there.
Also, his people skills are lacking and we defintely lost out on some players due to that...

I did read somewhere that Ireland would have picked Matt Ryan over Jake Long but Parcells wanted Long.

We really need to draft Tannehill and take a bit of a risk there.


Sorry man but your previous comment is such 'bunk'. 'We fans expect our first round QB to start from snap one'. Who gives a sh*t! YOu don't speak for the majority of the fanbase. We just want this team to get it right. Who cares if he starts now or in year three, as long as he goes on to have a successful NFL career. Most of us are tired of the constant shuffle at the QB position.

Not looking to get into a fight. I realize you don't like the kid and you're probably still pissed they didn't draft Mallett last year but seriously, if he's the right guy then let's draft him. If he's not....then too bad....at some point Ireland will probably lose his job over it. But to not draft a guy at 8 because he won't start right away makes no sense to me. If Jake Locker turns out to be a good NFL QB for the Titans then they did the right thing drafting him. That's how I feel about Tannehill.

My friend lives next door to one of the SCOUTS and he said there was a flying saucer in his living room last night.

Will Ireland ask Tannehill if his momma's a hooka?
Posted by: Anthony | April 20, 2012 at 10:19 AM


He only asks the blacks those questions.

IF...we take our silly little emotions out of the argument....and even shelf the fandom for a second....

It will become quite clear that these "leaks" are all to manipulate the draft board in Irelands favor...

I commend him for trying....he probably wants to trade back (surprise)....and theses "leaks" are just ways of enticing somebody to jump....

Were playing CHESS people...not checkers....

I'm confident Ireland will find us another Pat White or Chad "Robo" Henne. LOL

Craig M....

You can write all the silly little curse words you like....it doesn't change the FACT that Tannehill is only in this postion because other QB went back to school....

Drafting a stand in @ # 8 is dumb and desperate....

I would also like to point out...that LOCKER is the only one you can use because the REST of the 1st RDQBs taken...are STARTING....

SO yes...NFL FANS EXPECT their 1st RD QB to start....

Aloco would you please stop stating your opinions and then calling them facts? Grab a dictionary so you will have a better understanding of the words. If you think the Dolphins are the worst team in nfl history you are either a budding young woman who just got her first period or you have never watched an nfl game in your life.

Anyways guys, work calls. We'll all find out soon enough who was playing games and what was real. At the end of the day I think we all just want a player that will make this team better, be he a QB, WR, OL, or DL. Team has a ways to go before they are close to winning anything. My feeling is if we don't take a QB this year, we're just delaying the inevitable. I'm Ok with Moore and Garrard but I don't see them winning anything with them. You take your AB now or you do it next year. No guarantee we're going to be in position to get one next year either. I fully expect teams like Cleveland, Seattle, Arizona and Buffalo to be in the market for a QB again next year. It'll be another game of musical chairs and we'll be debating the trade-up option all over again. Stay tuned....

The team sucking the past three years is all on Ireland and has absolutely nothing to do with Sparano. Sparano is a great coach, that is why so many teams had him on their wish list while he was in Miami.


speak for yourself on "we have expecting our 1st round QB to start from snap one".

I couldn't disagree more. Don't be fooled by the numbers some rookie starters have put up in recent years. This is a pass happy league where you can't touch a QB or WR down field. That's the difference between the "80's" and now. I think a guy can have first round talent but not be ready in year 1.

Forget what Cam Newton and Dalton did last year. For everyone of those guys there is 2 to 3 that have failed because they lost their confidence because they just didn't quite have the NFL game down. If Tannehill is the pick and I expect him to be the pick if no one trades up (Cleveland isn't taking him) then I actually prefer its an open competition and if he loses which I also expect then no big deal.


Peace man. I respect your opinion on this. I get that your not sold on the kid. I get that you don't think Ireland is picking him. I do. We'll see what happens next week.

I still think I owe you on Reid being fired/resigning. This would make you 2-0 (although I did tell you that the team wouldn't draft Mallet last year).


Steve Ross, this has been the offseason from hell. How about some good news for a change? Like Ireland's fired?

Craig M...

Peace to you as well....I am going out on a limb here...because obviously I have no Idea what Ireland will do...

But I do know this....

Tanny seems to be a bridesmaid...rather than a bride...

He wasn't good enough to keep Sherman from getting fired in College....

In doubt Sherman wants to stake his pro carreer on Tanny @ # 8....much the same way Philbin wasn't gonna pay a GAZILLION dollars for a maybe in Flynn....

To me it all seems to risky...and for those reason...I say Tanny sits till the 20's....


Greetings brother.

You make a good point. One other thing I will add to your comments, it's not about what Newton and Dalton did last year, it's about what they do in their careers. Nobody knows right now whether them starting last year was the best thing for them long term or not. Of course they had awesome season but we're not going to judge their careers on their rookie season. The kid in Tampa, Freeman, led his team to a 10-6 season his rookie year. Not so great last year and there are whispers that maybe he's not all that. would he have been better to sit a year and develop. Don't know yet. What about Alex Smith? Would he have had a better career if he'd sat for a year or two? Maybe. Sanchez? Don't forget he was a world beater first two years. But would he have a better career if he'd sat for a year. He's lost right now and now he's got Tebow breathing down his neck and the whispers are out there, so who knows. Time will tell. Botom line, there's not eveidence to suggest starting a QB from day one is best for his career. None.

I asked this question earlier and I'll ask it again. At the end of last year everyone had Tannehill rated no higher than a 2nd round pick. Some even had him as a 3rd. If nothing had changed between then and now and that's where he still was how many of the Fins fans who are supporting taken Tannehill at #8 would be on the Tannehill bandwagon banging the drum for him? How many would be saying that Tannehill is worth more than a 2nd or 3rd round pick and would still be high on Miami taking him? There were an alwful lot of people out there who were tired of seeing Miami take a quarterback in the 2nd round and, if Miami took him there, I doubt the excitement would be the same.
Those same people who hate the quarterback picks in the 2nd would still be saying, "great, another 2nd round quarterback." They wouldn't be saying, "I can't believe we got Tannehill in the 2nd round. What a steal!"
Read the breakdown I did on Tannehill on my blog. Then read the comparison I make between he and Chandler Harnish. Then read Ireland's comments on how he feels about a player who didn't flourish in college and how he doesn't feel he should take him at #8.
There's no way these guys had Tannehill rated higher than anyone else and that means he couldn't have moved up that fast on their board. His pro day was nothing special and nothing has changed since the end of the season.


I agree with much of your post...where I disagree is the QB sitting thing...like you said..this is a pass happy league where recievers can barely be touched...and the the defense can't come with 5 yards of the QB....

SO if you have that QB who has that rare mix of cockiness and arm strength...he will be a sure fire star in the "new league" for years to come....


You might well be right. Time will tell. For me it's Tannehill at 8 to us or the Chiefs or Seahawks jump on him at 11 or 12. Does he deserve to go in one of those spots? Probably not based on 19 College starts but the true test is what will he become down the road. These personnel guys are smarter than you and I and if they see it in him he'll get picked. If not then he'll fall as you said. It'll be interesting to see how far he'll fall if he does fall. My guess is into the 20's as you mentioned and maybe a team like us or Buffalo will trade up to get him. Maybe he goes to Cleveland at 22, who knows. All in all it'll be good drama fro TV and I'll be watching.

True enough Craig....

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas...this has been a long nmonth....

Look for the Tannehill dinner.... comming soon...

"Comparatively speaking Ireland has done well and so did Parcells. There was nothing here when they came in. Ginn at 9 the year before. The year before that was Satan."

"Under normal circumstances it takes at least 4 or 5 years to completely revamp a team."

Posted by: Just shut up

I've read some dumb things in my life but, those comments take the cake.

Compartively speaking? You justify a lousy GM perfromance because they are better than the bums before them?

You SHOULD compare your GM to the good ones in the NFL. That's how you judge them. How do they stack up with the best. NOT the worst!

Maybe in upside world, you're logic makes sense, not here on planet earth

4 or 5 years to revamp a team? OK, but, guess what?It's year 5 & we're revamping what was just revamped! Explain that one!

Does this make ANY sense to you yet? The WORST part is that the GM doing the revamping is largely responsible for it having to be revamped in the first place!

Maybe you should do what your name says & JUST SHUT UP! We'd all be better off.

Irescum is 6-10 in his 4th year. Evaluate that!

It's not just about 19 college starts. It's also about what he's done in those 19 college starts. He lost to mediocre competition and when he played against the better competition his completion % was $hit and he threw 3 int's. In addition, he wasn't able to bring his team back from defecits and pull out wins. Read the piece by Ben Volin on what Greg Gabriel said about Tannehill's performance, especially in the 2nd half of games. It's Henne 2.0. He can't score points in the 2nd half and he throws too many int's in the 2nd half.
All in all it's a bad prospect for the fins to bring him in. I didn't see Ireland taking Flynn in free agency and I really don't see Ireland taking Tannehill at #8. People think Ireland is stupid but he's not that stupid.

How happy is Brandon Marshall to be off this laughingstock team?

Professor Lou,

I tried to respond to your earlier post this morning but it didn't go through. Sorry, it's not accurate to say that 'Tannehill was a 2nd or 3rd round pick since the end of the season and he's only being moved up because QBs dropped out and the media had moved him up'. Where are you getting that from? The media? Gil Brandt had Tannehill in his top ten since day one. Chack it out if you don't believe me. Earliest mocks had Tannehill mid-first to late first and in a few cases early second. So I ask you this, if you could take Andy Dalton today at 8 would you? I would. Andy Dalton went second round last year. If you could take Locker today at 8 would you? I would. Locker went in the same spot last year.

Most evaluations of the players hasn't been done until the last couple of months. They wanted to evaluate pro days and the combine. So who would you be referring to as saying, 'Tannehill has been a 2nd or 3rd rounder since the end of the season?'. Let's give him worst case scenario of early 2nd. Would it be worth drafting him at 8 if he ends up being the next Andy Dalton, another second rounder. I'd say yes. There is just as much rish drafting Coples or Ingram or Upshaw at 8 and yet nobody has a problem with that. How come? This team continues to shy away from the QB position in the first round for fear of being wrong and drafts supposedly safer lineman. How's that working out for us? Draft the kid and give him a chance to work and develop under his College head coach.

Here's the link:


4 or 5 years to revamp a team? OK, but, guess what?It's year 5 & we're revamping what was just revamped! Explain that one!

Posted by: Reall

POST OF THE DAY!! My favorite is Ireland rattling off the name of almost every Dolphin on the roster claiming they are all "IMPACT" players.

Good morning D.C.Dolfturd~~I see lady boy Kris still has his nose up your butt~~

Bills rule the east this year~~

Craig M...

Because its a 4 YEAR MISS....thats why you can't chance it in the 1s rd...with a maybe...

I give Ireland credit for saying he wanted Manning to throw...

not over paying for Flynn....

passing on Ponder and Gabbert....

You can't just take a QB in the 1st rd to say..."hey...i got us a 1st rd QB"....

You have to have the RIGHT QB....and i don't think a converted WR is it....

Professor Lou,

You're judging a kid on 19 College starts and with a sub-par roster. It's the same argument I had with YG. He wants to throw completion percentages stats out as his argument that the kid doesn't have it. What he doesn't consider is the team that he plays on. Who is it you're excited about coming off that team, Lou, as a good NFL prospect. He didn't have the talent to play with. That's not an excuse but a fact. I'm saying you can't label him at 22 and based on 19 starts. He's not a finished product and he's going to take time to be a good NFL QB but with Moore and Garrard we have time. We've seen the team draft lineman after lineman and it makes NO difference. Great, so Coples is on the team. How many games do that win us? Guys like him are a dime a dozen. Take a chance and if we're wrong then we do it again in four years.

It's time for a D.C.Dolfturd filibuster~~

Hey Guys...back from vacation, the Virgin Islands rock!

Anyway, my two cents on this is:

Philbin wants to DEVELOP his players to match his scheme...that leads me to believe he, along with Sherman have requested Ireland take Tannehill at #8.

It's a no-brainer: Sherman has been molding Tannehill for 4 years.

Draft Tannehill...let him hold the clipboard for 2012 then he gets to compete in camp next year. Why is that so hard to comprehend?


Posted by: Professor Lou | April 20, 2012 at 11:04 AM

I'm not really a Tannehill fan, but one scouts opinion doesn't mean anything really. His opinion is no more valuable than Irelands or Philbins or Shermans, so lets find out what they think. It would be hard to argue that anyone has a better idea about him than Sherman. So we'll see.

Jeff Ireland is the worst GM in NFL, an incompetent is the best word to describe him...

May be he isn´t responsable for all but he´s responsable of our low talent roster...

we have only 3 or 4 elite players on it...
Cameron Wake
Reggie Bush
Mike Pouncey
Jake Long

may be 5 good players...

Anthony Fasano
sean smith
devone bess
Vontae Davis
Richie incognito

the rest of our roster is totally irregular or mediocre like the GM´s work...

Sign Wake you failed kicker you! He showed up to camp without the new contract he requested and that he obviously deserves.
This Fireland is a nut job and I am no Zombie fan. I don't just accept mediocrity, and that is what this guys is...at best!
The question is, how do we keep this guy out of the draft room next week? Maybe we should tell him that there are prostitutes running amok at the Jests training facility. Captain Save a Ho here will come running.

it's all been said...thank Dog the draft is less than a week away...soon, the speculation will be over and there will be a whole new draft class for everyone to critique.

This draft may finally be the one that proves Ireland out...good or bad.

I'm hoping for the best.


Fair enough. I can see that argument. But the team misses in the first all the time. They missed on Ginn, they missed on Jason Allen, they missed on Yatil Green, they missed on Fletcher, they missed on Avery. Misses happen.

I agree, you don't take a QB to say you took one in the first round. You take one if you think he has the skills to be a good player down the road. I think given time, under Shaerman's tutelage, that Tannehill could be a good NFL QB.

I said it earlier, but there's just as much risk drafting a guy like Coples or Floyd (and I like Floyd). But what if he gets into trouble again off the field. The risk is there. What if Coples continues to take plays off and shows up to camp out of shape. There's lots of what ifs. There's four year misses there for each of those guys.

..Sweet the Tannehill debate..

I'm with the guys that are on the side of WTF??? We have all spewed our opinions, thrown out our own facts to support our arguments on both sides.. I think taking Tannehill is a mistake. Nothing more nothing less. The Pro Tannehill guys aren't going to say anything, or uncover some new discovery about him where I have some epiphany that we are doing the right thing(should we draft him)...there isn't much more to say. Both sides are set in the sand. I won't kick or scream should we pick Tanny, just as I assume if we pass his supporters will not lose a second of sleep...We will see.

Those critical of the past dolphins draft fail to realize that each coaching staff drafts players based on their vision of the teams needs at that time.

...Philbin is the most intelligent coach we've had in house since Shula, so let's give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him to BUILD the team as he sees it. Period.

Stop attacking Ireland based on his previous drafts that included Tony Sparano's picks and let's focus on the present day draft...that has Joe Philbin calling the shots.

But the team misses in the first all the time. They missed on Ginn, they missed on Jason Allen, they missed on Yatil Green, they missed on Fletcher, they missed on Avery. Misses happen.

Posted by: Craig M | April 20, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Convenient, but that is old history. This current FO has done well in the first, maybe batting 1000 if Odrick continues to improve.


I'm a little confused. Wasn't your original argument that Tannehill has been a 2nd or 3rd round pick since the season ended and the media has driven up his value. Isn't the artice you sent me from two days ago? I'm looking for stuff from the end of the season where everyone said he was a second or third round pick. You made it seem like that was the consensus. What you've sent me is one guys opinion. I'm sure there are articles like this out there on a lot of these players. I read one guy who said he didn't think Coples should be a first round pick. So for that reason should we need not pick him? Consensus I've seen on Tannehill is mid to lower first. He's moved up as the need has been enlarged by the media. So I think we have a choice. If you like him, you take him at 8 or you roll the dice and trade back and take him where he should probably go. I think that would be a mistake do to that.

Thanks for sending me the link.

Here's how to sum up Jeff Ireland. There is a difference between:

A. Drafting and
B. Building / managing a team that can compete on a weekly basis.

Ireland may turn out to be pretty good at A but, is pisspoor at best on B. Good GM's are good at both, not just 1 or the other.

He's a scout prentending to be a GM.

Keep Moore...coach him up, get an OL/DE/WR/TE, get Miller, Nick Foles fro AZ - Good QB on a BAD team...lost but still performed against USC, Oregon, etc...

Nov 15 2012
Buffalo 45 Miami 10

Miami and Jet's fighting for 3rd place in A.F.C East!

Question is will Ireland use a #8 pick on Tannehill when his job is arguably on the line and Tannehill more then likely won't see any action outside of preseason?

Tannehill isn't going to help the Dolphins win one game in 2012, and since it will impact them getting a likely "impact starter" in 2012, this is quite an investment.

Only way Ireland is drafting Tannehill is if Ireland believes Tannehill will be a franchise QB and Ireland feels like he has job security past this year.

The risk is much too great for Ireland to draft Tannehill. Look for him to draft Coples as an immediate starter on the defensive line.

If course Tannehill will become an All-Pro in 3-4 years from now and we will all scream how Miami should have drafted him (like Drew Brees).

Craig M and Kris

Yea there are a lot of examples that can you can go either way with successes vs failures but I think of guys like Tim Couch, David Carr, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, Cade McNown and even guys who had no dedication to the game like Jamarcus Russell and Leaf off the top of my head.

I think of successful guys who sat like Rodgers, Eli sat for most of his rookie year as did McNabb who had a successful run in Philly and even non first rounders who say for obvious reasons but nontheless became stars by sitting and learning like Brady, Romo etc.

My point being there is a proven track record of guys sitting and learning and not having to take "the first snap from day 1".

Convenient, but that is old history. This current FO has done well in the first, maybe batting 1000 if Odrick continues to improve.

Posted by: beezer

The problem isn't Round #1... It is Round 1 + Round 2 + Round 3. And when you factor in Rounds 2 & 3 the Dolphins have struck-out for the most part.

During the 2011 season, Foles completed 286 of 426 passes for 3,191 yards and 20 touchdowns. He ranked first in the Pac 12 Conference and fifth among all NCAA Division I FBS players with an average of 352.58 yards of total offense per game.[2] He also ranked second in the Pac 12 and 20th among all FBS players in total passing yardage.[3]

just food for thought - draft this kid 3rd or 4th rd, not Tannehill

If that's the case, then look at Foles and what he accomplished on a team with NOBODY. The only weapon he had on his team was Criner. When you consider what Foles did with even less then he should be a top ten pick. Your argument doesn't hold water.
I'll say it again. Check out the 3 part breakdown I did on Tannehill on my blog. There's a lot to be worried about there.

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