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Ireland: The evaluator evaluates himself

 Jeff Ireland has been the Dolphins general manager since 2008. And next week, as the general manager, he'll put hs evaluaton skills to the test by picking a new set of players for the Dolphins in the annual NFL draft.

But how has the evaluator done? How would the evaluator evaluate himself?

“Well, it’s a team effort," Ireland said during the Dolphins annual pre-draft conference Thursday. "Bill (Parcells) and I conducted a couple drafts together. I’ve conducted one here solely by myself with my team upstairs obviously. Certainly, I’m not responsible for all of it. When you look back and you made some good picks. Depends on how you look at it. If you look at the future or past of the draft and you say 50-55% and you say if you can be 50% in the draft over a period of time, you’ve done pretty good.

"I think where we were when we started to where we are now we’ve done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team. Certainly I’m not saying I hit on every single one because I haven’t. There’s no doubt about that. Some I have taken some risk on and hit. And some I have taken some risk on and didn’t work out so good, but that’s just part of the draft.”

One looks at Ireland's first-round picks and they have not been bad. They have been good. He picked starting center Mike Pouncey in 2011 and he picked starting cornerback Vontae Davis in 2009. (Parcells has told me he did the draft in 2008 and 2010 and Ireland did it in 2009 while he was still there.)

The early round picks after No. 1? Probably early to decide.

Pat White was a disaster, although that was a total organizational failure. Sean Smith is a starter. Daniel Thomas is still an unknown quantity. 

“I think all the picks are extremely important but certainly second, third, fourth round picks, I mean those guys need to be either starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I’m a firm believer that you can find talent in the fifth, sixth and seventh and obviously free agency. So every pick, there’s a lot of thought that goes into each and every one of them.

"I’m maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them. So, we spent a lot of time this time of the year on fifth, sixth and seventh round and free agency. Those guys are up there right now grinding away at the free agent board as well.”

Ireland believes he can hit on everyone. That is a good attitude because you don't want a loser who is expecting a disaster after the second or third round. But ... maybe that's not something you actually want to say publicly. Sets one up for critique.

“I’ve got some good guys and some guys are still developing I would say (Charles) Clay and Reshad Jones and Chris Clemmons," Ireland. "Those guys are still here and they’re still developing. I think we drafted a kid last year in the seventh round, Jimmy Wilson, that I think is going to be a pretty good player.

"Time will tell with John Jerry and Koa (Misi). So Pat Turner’s still playing in the league. He’s not on our roster, he’s still playing in the league so we’ve got to do a pretty good job this year. I’m looking more in the future than in the past.”

OK, so how do you evaluate the evaluator?

[RADIO NOTE: Ireland will be on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, at 7:30 this morning. You can listen in South Florida at 640-AM on your dial. Or you can watch the show by clicking here. If you miss the early-morning interview, we'll replay the interview at 9 a.m.]


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I don't understand the need for the Tannehill debate going on for our team, unless you have no confidence at all in Sherman's assessment.

I'm content to concede that of all the pundits, of all the GM's and of all the coaches, nobody has a better idea of Tannehill's potential than his former coach Sherman, our current OC who as well has HC experience in the NFL. Who could more correctly evaluate Tannehill better than Sherman??? Kiper? Casserly? Bloggers? I'll take Sherman's word over anybody else's period, and I have to believe Ireland will strongly consider the opinion of both Sherman and Philbin.

I will admit I am not particularly impressed with Tannehill, but I will trust and support their decision. I do believe we have the guy that knows best on this one.

The link I sent you was from a previous post where I mentioned Ben Volin's pience on the PBP. In that post I mentioned how poorly Tannehill did in the 2nd half of games and how he was unable to lead his team back in the 2nd half of games when they were behind.
It has nothing to do with the 2nd or 3rd round grade in mention in the later post.

No Balls, for me, it's simple. Ireland needs to take Tannehill if he believes he can be the long term solution.

If he doesn't, trade back if possible & gather ammo. There are more holes on this team than a block of swiss cheese so more 2nd & 3rd round picks would help.

Whether Tanny would help this year or not is irrelvant. Whether Ireland is safe or not is irrelevant too. He has to do what's best for the franchise, not himself. I hope he drafts this way.

The focus must be finding a long term solution at QB.
If he passes on Tannehill, then I can only assume it's because he wasn't sold on him.

We'll have to wait another year for a worthy QB. Then the 2-3 years to groom him & it's still gonna be a long time before this team can compete.

Ireland Is Absolutely Worthless...He Has Proven It Time And Again...He Wont Pull The Wool Over My Eyes...For YOU 5 Phin Fans Who Still Support Little Jeffrey 'Moron' Ireland Get Ready For The Disaster That Will Be The 2012 Season...Sad But True....Miami Dolphins 2012 AFC East Cellar...Last Place.

Ireland said he not drafting any players where they have to sit for 3 years holding a clipboard. There you have it were not drafting Tannehill, think Couples or Ingram

Disgrunted Dolfan --- I'm not a big Ireland fan either. But the fact of the matter is that this team in 2012 likely can't be saved in 2012 with this one draft. Doesn't matter who is drafting for Miami. Let's hope Miami makes a wise decision on Tannehill. No one knows what the right decision is. Let's hope we draft well this year. This team has a lot of needs.

...Here is what I want to know..What evidence do any of you have that Sherman can develop a quarterback?? There is none. I'm not saying he is a bad coordinator..Just the opposite. I think he can put together a gameplan, knows offensive football. Put it this way..He is good at smoking the weed, I just don't know if he can grow it..

Go back and look at his history. what evidence is there Sherman knows or has ever had success with a young quarterback..there is none. David Carr? Can anyone name the Seahawks Qb in 1999 when he was "grooming quarterbacks"..

Now obviously he had Brett Farve. So Quarterback development was never an issue..I'll give you that. He was also there when the Pack drafted Rodgers(Thompson was the GM, and McCarthy took over after year 1..How much credit he gets is up to you)..

So some of us assume that Sherman is this quarterback guru who will groom Tannehill into the savior of this franchise..I hope your right. The evidence from both guys says otherwise.

DA @ 11:37...

You kinda sum up my point...DC can read and then parrott all the BOGUS reports he wants...the bottm line is this...OUR OC was his HC....we JUST watched this EXACT SAME scenario play out with the Flynn/Philbin case...

How many REPORTS from PAID REPORTERS wrote colums saying FLYNN is a LOCK to land in Miami...shall we fire up the google machine....

We have the man on our team that can tell Ireland and Philbin what NO SCOUT can....NO PAID REPORTER can...and no TV ANALYST can...

Its really as simple as that....

I do have one question tho....

Would you draft the guy that got you fired @ your last job....

It really could be as simple as that...when we apply a little common sense...

He's actually done quite well on his own. Parcells threw a ton of money away on Jake Grove, and wasted time on Berger. Irelands nailed it on Pouncey. Center - done- forget about that position for 10 years.
We got Reggie Bush for a 3rd string safety? Freaking great move. Two 3rds for a psychotic WR who was trending down was probably as good as you are going to get - better sooner than later. Can't wait to see how Clay and Gates pan out. If he had anything to do with getting Dansby and Burnett two yerars ago then I applaud him. Those guys can flat out play and Dansby along with Bush were the ones pissed off w/ the suck for luck talk and were the one acting like they wanted to puke after losses. Those guys are leaders and are the kind of ballers (see 'baller' i.e. a thug who brings it every play) you want - not like Brandon Marshall (see also 'bawler' 1. One who cries or sobs loudly; wails)

Posted by: That guy

If he had anything to do with getting Dansby and Burnett two years ago then I applaud him.
>>>> Dansby is overpaid and underproduces. This was a bad signing for Miami. Miami can't cut him though due to the accelerated cap hit.

Can't wait to see how Clay and Gates pan out.
>>> Who knows IF they will even pan out? They will likely not be studs though, so they are NOT great picks. Throw in Daniel Thomas who we traded up for who has BUST written all over him.

Ireland is a complete idiot, a mediocre. The Dolphins have never been worst in such a period of time. The popular opinion towards our team has never been lower. The pro bowl players are usually from none to one, in the best of the cases. So in what sense the draft has been good under Ireland et al.
V. Davis has been a B, B+, player but not an A player. S. Smith, a C player in average. J. Odrick, a C or D player, etc. Etc. The secondary, in general has been one of the worst...remember the TD by Brady in the first game, from yard 1 ?
And what about C. Henne ? A B player in his best days, C in average. So I would rate Ireland's decisions as C, being soft. This is not a good grade. And if we take into account the poor free-agent decisions then Ireland goes down to D. And if we consider the wins-and loses he fails miserably.
So I don't know which moronic criteria are using those people in this blog who think that Ireland has done a very good job. With such mediocre assessment it doesn't surprise me why this team is where it is. I have not seen any improvement since Ireland landed here, honestly. And if you have, then lend me your blurred glasses to hide my eyeballs from this horrifying vision. I want to see the same hallucination you see then.

..Seriously..They are talking about it on First Take..Kellen Moore. I would be more comfortable taking Kellen Moore in the 4th or 5th round over Tannehill...Seriously..If we are looking for a quarterback to sit and learn for the next 2-3 years..Moore is a better quarterback, better suited for this system, and we don't use a first round pick on a guy whos "nfl balls aren't ready to drop"..

1 guy is an accurate passer, and a winner..The other..Not so much. Yes the second guy is taller, runs fast, has a better arm, and looks better in shorts..But watch the games and who stands out? One guy no risk..The other guy...Again we will see.


I'm not saying Tannehill will work out. I'm not qualified to say that. But all I hear is 'don't draft him for fear of being wrong'. Nonsense! Where's the same cries on Ingram and Coples? What I'm saying is you've got a young guy with a good work ethic, who's athletic, who has a good arm and the desire to get better. Is that enough? Of course not. Is there risk. Of course. But if he was a sure thing we wouldn't even be getting a sniff at him. People get all worked about this thing and I'm saying why? The new CBa lessens the commitment to these guys GREATLY. It's not the same game any more. You draft a QB, let him develop and hope he works out. Are you really telling me that Barkley coming into the league next year has no questions and chances are we're not even going to be in position to draft him. So when do you suggest we start this process?

You bring up Foles but com on man....we're not even talking the same guy. That's a weak argument. The knock on him seems to be his feet and you're not going to be able to fix that. He's going to go 5th or 6th round for a reason. Towards the end of the year, the knock on him was that he'd given up and was just chucking the ball. That's who you're suggesting? He's not even in the discussion....sorry.

Jeff Ireland doesnt overpay players?! Why are we right against the cap with players like Incognito making 3 mil, Fasano making 4 mil, and most baffling of all McDaniel who isnt even a starter making 3 or 4 mil a year? Wakes, contract needs to be redone and Davis and Smith are both on their rookie contracts who both will recieve a boost in pay. Thats how Ireland should be judged on how he retains the talent he manages to pull in.

Ireland is an arrogant fool! In my line of work, if my ending results were 50% good, I'd be fired. The Pouncey pick was obvious. But in 2010 moving down to get Odrick and then Misi in the second when we could've had safety Earl Thomas (14th overall), defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (15th), center Maurkice Pouncey (18th), tight end Jermaine Gresham (21) and cornerback Devin McCourty (27). Vonta davis when we could've had Clay Matthews? Last season moving up to Daniel Thomas? Come on!!! Obvious he's not gonna take Tannehill with the #8 simply because he passed on Matt Flynn and Alex SMith. Tannehill is not ready to play. I believe he's thinking Moore and Garrard are as good as its gonna get for now. And to say free agency was used for depth shows just how unimpressive he is.

Armando did you ask Ireland how he made Stephen Ross his personal billionaire puppet?

The draft is only one element in evaluating a GM.
How has he managed the cap (terribly)?
How has he done in trades?
Landing free agents?
Finding and hiring a Head Coach?


You keep saying this...'one guy with risks, the other guy no risk'. What's the risk you are talking about? Being wrong on a first round pick? OK, who's the guy to pick that won't be a risk? Richardson? Probably not there and we don't actually need him as badly as other positions. Floyd? Yeah I could see that. But how many games is Floyd going to win us? How many games did Marshall win us? Comparable receiver. Didn't make a bit of difference last year, as we went 6-10. So what's the risk you talk about? Financial risk? Minimal. Risk of being wrong? You have that with any player. We have to get away from this moindset of 'drafting not to be wrong'. Who's the guy who can help this team win? I say it's Tannehill. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. So we get it wrong and do it again in four years, maybe with a higher pick.

Nobody thought Brady, Romo or Warner were acorns worthy of development either.

Will Weeden, Foles or Cousins be a better fit in Sherman's offensive scheme?

It's talent + intellect + leadership + coaching that make a great QB.

Chemistry is the least know variable...the locker room, the team bus ride to the stadium, the sidelines, the HUDDLE.

This is where talent evaluators often miss their mark and draft purely on production numbers.

Can he win?
Do players respect his word?
Is he a born leader?

Henne lacked leadership and never had the respect of the players in the huddle that he could lead them down the field when it mattered most.

I'll take a proven leader over someone who has a 65% completion rate.

Darryl D

I'm not a taker on this 'grooming a QB' philosophy. Sure training and guidance helps, but ultimately you either have the ability or don't. You sink or swim as an athlete in pro sports, not as a student of who is grooming you.

Some wanted Peyton so he could groom a young QB for us. Well, name a QB Peyton ever groomed? Sorgi? You either got it or you don't and not even the great Manning can change that.


Flynn/Philbin I agree same exact analogy and I am not surprised at all by that outcome.

a leaky sausage is not a good thing people.


There's risk with every pick, be it 1st round or 4th round. You want to hit on as many of them as you can. But let's not get carried away with '1st round - lots of risk', '4th round - no risk'. If you're wrong on your first pick it makes things tougher but there are NUMEROUS guys in the league that weren't first round picks that are stars today. Do I actually have to ryhme them all off. Arian Foster led the league in rushing and wasn't even drafted. There are tons of examples if we look closely. Risk has been minimalized under the new CBA.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong but too say Tannehill will be the answer simply because they're picking him in the first round is kind of premature. The pick, if it happens, will be based on desperation and need which is really not a good reason for it. Brandon Weeden supposedly beat Luck, RGIII, and Tannehill in games. And most analyst say Tannehill is a second round talent. So beware.

Let's rate Ireland in relation to draft slot & also money paid:

Mike Pouncey B+
Daniel Thomas C
Edmond Gates D
Charles Clay C
Jimmy Wilson B+ (7th round pick)

Reggie Bush B+ (Also could have gotten Sproles, Portis)
Matt Moore B+ (Knocked for not letting him compete as a starter in preseason)
Kevin Burnett C+
Marc Columbo D

Overall I would give Ireland a C+. A C+ is not going to cut it though. Miami must hit with impact starters in rounds 1-4.


Gotta disagree with you bud. Cousins has all the leadership ability in the world but I just don't see him as a guy who's ever going to be a good NFL QB. I'll actually throw something at my TV if this ends up being the guy Ireland drafts. Expect to see some very anti-Ireland posts from me (yeah from me) if he goes this route. This is my biggest fear. There's nothing special about this guy and I think he's going to very ordinary in the NFL. Scared to death this in one of those 'accorns' that Ireland drafts.

Typically if u employ someone that is well respected and well thought of in their field others will most certainly come to try and pry them away from you. Since Irelands arrival todate before Parcells departure and since that's never occured, not to mention if you take in only a portion of what the media puts out there the feeling amongst other execs is that many Exec's and free agents alike steer clear of him and the Dolphin organization.

Some may hang their hat on the distain for Ireland being his "prostitue" comment to the WR that yr, but I find it hard to believe if you have a good track record and are well thought of in the NFL circles that one slip up would virtually make u a paraiah, so that leaves one to believe he's maybe not so hot at
his job.

IMHO Mr. Ross is trying to run this franchise like a business and is solely looking at the bottom line figures, he appears to have little passion or competence for that matter to own let alone run a franchise. Only time will tell.

All this Ireland hate is over the top in my opinion. "Ireland sucks" "Fire Ireland" and all that is wasted thinking on all of your and my parts. I have been guilty of it before as well but enough is enough. This is just over kill to the fullest extent.

Think about it objectively. If it's true that Ireland was in charge of the draft every other year with Parcells then that is a weird scenario in itself. Ireland is a Parcells' disciple but no 2 men ever will be thinking exactly the same on an entire draft strategy and to not be able to add to what you would want to do the following year is really unfair to judge someone as a whole.

Has he done a mediocre job? Yes. But the fact is he still in the GM and will be in charge of this draft. Give him a chance to see what he can do with consecutive drafts and see if he can compliment last years picks. It will be tough with a new system and all but in some cases players are players.

As far as him being smug and a jerk that would be true as well but many GMs are Ireland just hasnt produced a winner so he catches more heat then others. Look out in San Diego with A.J. Smith he isn't even professional enough to deal with his own coaches (Schottenheimer). Mike Brown (Cincy), Tannenbaum (Jets), and even coach/GM's Andy Reid and Belichick. None are easy to deal with or jolly by any means.

Flat out I'm not wasting my thoughts on how bad Ireland is. I am hoping he does a good job and wishing him well. He is what we have for now.


Most analysts don't have Tannehill second round. That's not an accurate statement. Most have him going top ten. Do I need to ryhme them off....Mayock, Lombardi, Casserly, King, Banks, McShay, Kiper, Brandt.....many others. Not sure why people KEEP saying this....it's not true. Most Dolphin fans maybe.

And this draft has nothing to do with desperation. When has Ireland ever drafted or made decisions in desperation? Passed on all the QBs last year despite having a need for one. Wouldn't overpay to trade up and get a guy like Dalton or Mallett. Passed on all the QBs in FA this year. Wouldn't give what was needed to trade up and get RGIII. So I say where is the desperation? If they draft Tannehill at 8, it'll be because they are sold on him. Nothing else.

NO Balls,

Rating a player after only one season of play is like rating how good a virgin was in bed her first time. How they do it 3 years down the line is when you can get a true assessment.

Pouncey gets an A as a rookie center from several sources. Gates was not given much of a chance. Clay did excellent for the few times he played. Thomas was injured, but at least he played, not like the #2 and #3 backs chosen last year who sat the whole season with injuries.

Keep in mind those were rookies on a team installing a brand new offense. You are a bit too harsh.

"I'm a firm believer that you can find talent in the 5th, 6th, and 7th round..." Yeah, Ireland believes that cuz he sure as hell can't find talent in rounds 1-4 ever.


very funny. I like the analogy.

DA...Good post. I wasn't neccesarily singling you out..Just the crowd of Sherman will and knows how to develop Tannehill group..He may indeed be the right guy..I just see no evidence of it from his past..

Craig M...The posts aren't showing up in real time for me today..the 12:09 posts just went up..

Let me clarify..Saying this guy is a risk, over that guy isn't my point. I should articulate this better, or use my choice of words better..What I am saying is that We are talking on selecting Tannehill. For most of us we concede that if we do Tanny will sit on the pine and learn his craft..This is fair to say like him or not yes?

My point is I think we are wasting a pick using it on a guy where we can find equal in my mind better value later in the draft..A guy that is going to do the same thing..Sit and learn, At that point what does it matter where you are picked. If you are sitting and learning, you figure it out, or you don't.

I'm not a Tanny guy, this is obvious. I get every argument for why we should take him I really do. I'm just not buying it. Now I understand that you believe the "reward" is much greater then the "risk"..Or that you see no risk at all...Do it again in 4 years if it doesn't pay off, Ireland gets canned, and half the base is happy about something..

Now what would I do...I'm trying to trade out of the spot, if I can't I'm taking Coples. I'm building this team with guys that can play now. I know Coples is a risk, but not a guy that has the potential to set the franchise back like a quarterback I'm not sold on..Remember, we may "try it again in 4 years" but really if we miss, the 4 year trial is just the start..We have to go through it all over...To me Tannehill isn't worth the bet..

Just my opinion.

tiredfinfan >>> I agree with you about the 2010 trade down. It was a DISASTER. We gave up drafting an All-Pro stud at various positions for a couple of decent to mediocre players.

Two is not better then one.

And the trade up for Daniel Thomas will end up being a disaster if Daniel Thomas doesn't develop into a Stud this season (Which he likely won't). Daniel Thomas has BUST written all over him and we traded up for him.


Let's see what Ireland does this year. Not that we have a choice anyway...

Now with regards to his track record, sure most of us can say "Hey 50% stinks" but in sports remember baseball players are paid millions for failing 70% of the time, cause players make it to the HOF w/ life time batting avgs of .300 or just over.

So 50% I don't really no, I think we need to more focus on the misses and just how awful they were, cause in my mind the Pat White fiasco was or should've been grounds for someone losing their jobs, as other organizations for most part had this young man rated no higher than 5th rd to take him so high w/ the #2 was so brazen & bold that most of us fans thought "Hell the Parcell bunch musst know somehting or have some sort of plan" so we all jumped on board feeling we'd found a jewel, instead we quckly learned the kid couldn't throw a 10 yard out pattern.

That should've never been missed by anyone no matter your plan for him, cause the plan was always to have him as a QB never to rotate him elsewhere.

I don't mind if Fins take a shot at Cousins as long as they are targeting him and don't use a high (1st or 2nd) round pick on him...

Ireland has been nothing but a failure in the NFL. Why does he still have a job?

He gets a C

..I have an issue that Tannehill fell into this spot not by his own talents. But because other better prospects stayed in school. I know this isn't the fault of Tannehill, it is the way the ball bounced. But he was never rated a top 10 pick until recently. Go back and read stuff from December when guys like Mayock, Casserly, Lombardi were ranking the prospects..Tannehill was the 5th rated guy....

His stock rose because of nothing he did..It was purely by default..This all of sudden changes his talents to top 10 pick?? I get it that he is the 3rd rated guy now..These are the players we have to choose from now..They guys that stayed in school have no bearing now..I get all that..But Come on. Does aanyone really believe Tannehill would be a thought at this point if the top prospects would have come out?? This is a joke.


Good post at 12:26pm. I get your points exactly. I think it comes down to whether you are or aren't a Tannehill guy. But no means am I saying he's ready to go right now. He's not. Will he ever be? Hard to say. But I do see the potential and I get excited for what he might become. I see top ten QB in the league type of potential. With that being said, there's no guarantee but with him I'd be prepared to take the risk. Reward is too good to pass up IMO.

asaid that I get the Coples argument too. Good player, possibly even a great player at some point and yes, he helps right away. I'd be prepared to sit and wait on Tannehill and fill the holes other ways.

(Parcells has told me he did the draft in 2008 and 2010 and Ireland did it in 2009 while he was still there.)

Okay, can we get the actual quote from Tuna? I still don't buy they were "leapfrogging" drafts. I just don't believe that.

1. Colts - Andrew Luck QB
2. Skins - RG3 QB
3. Vikings - Matt Kalil LT
4. Browns - Trent Richardson RB
5. Bucs - Morris Claiborne CB
6. Rams - Justin Blackmon
7. Jaguars - Melvin Ingram DE
8. Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill QB
9. Panthers - Stephen Gilmore CB
10. Bills - Riley Reiff OT
11. Chiefs - Luke Kuechly LB
12. Seahawks - Quentin Coples DE
13. Cards - David DeCastro G
14. Cowboys - Mark Barron S
15. Eagles - Fletcher Cox DT
16. Jets - Whitney Mercilus DE/OLB
17. Bengals - Cordy Glenn G/T
18. Chargers - Michael Floyd WR
19. Bears - Jonathan Martin OT
20. Titans - Dontari Poe DT
21. Bengals - Dre Kirkpatrick CB
22. Browns - Kendall Wright WR
23. Lions - Janoris Jenkins CB
24. Steelers - Mike Adams OT
25. Broncos - Michael Brockers DT
26. Texans - Stephen Hill WR
27. Patriots - Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE
28. Packers - Chandler Jones OLB/DE
29. Ravens - Donta Hightower ILB
30. 49ers - Bobby Massie OT
31. Patriots - Devon Still DT/DE
32. Giants - Lavonte David LB

Just for kicks!

Quoted from different Armando article:

“Last year we needed to add speed on the team, some speed, some playmakers,” Ireland said. “We had some really good possession-type offensive skill-set [players] but we needed some explosive playmakers. That was glaring to me last year.

First pick last year? Center.
Next pick? Big possession style RB, skipping over explosive DeMarco Murray (did ya forget he was there folks?)
Next picks? Projects. Possible playmakers eventually, but can't make plays when you don't play.

I'm not making a statement of good/bad drafting, just trying to understand his stated "philosophy". Seems like if he truly believed in what he just said, he would've done opposite things.

So...I'm kinda hoping he says we're after big slow fat guys for the practice aquad, and maybe THEN we'll end up with star playmakers.

if you can dodge a wrench you can dodgge a ball

...Gotta roll. Up to the Missouri River for Spawning Rainbows, and hungry Browns...Have a great weekend, be safe. Time to go rope some trout!!!!


I mean does it really mean much where Maycock and Casserly rank them now as opposed to before? Aren't they just feeding off whaever inside info they can get? Is his stock rising, or are they just getting more feedback from their sources that are saying he will go higher than they originally projected?

Remember, its a game, its entertainment for the fans. They have no bearing on the real draft board or what any GM is planning. It's fantasy draft board for them. They try to guess what the GM's will do, the GMs don't take cues from them.

To answer mando's question, Ireland sucks. Is a loser and will never produce a winner here. Period

Exactly how does a quarterback who throws for 4,300 yds, 28 td's and completes nearly 70% of his passes on an offense that features no real talent other than Criner quit?
He was the ONLY reason Arizona State did as well as they did, otherwise they would have lost the four they won.

I'm not really a Tannehill fan, but one scouts opinion doesn't mean anything really. His opinion is no more valuable than Irelands or Philbins or Shermans, so lets find out what they think. It would be hard to argue that anyone has a better idea about him than Sherman. So we'll see.
Posted by: beezer | April 20, 2012 at 11:11 AM


Opinions aside, you can't argue with what he says about Tannehill's inability to lead his team back from a defecit or Tannehill's ability to lead his team to scores in the 2nd half or his touchdown to int ratio in the 2nd half of games. It would be different if Tannehill had played against stronger competition but he lost games against mediocre teams and he threw 3 int's in each game against three of his tougher opponents. Those int's were on him and nobody else. The comp%'s in those games were all on him as well. Take a look at them and you will see how bad he is at putting the ball where it needs to be so his receivers could catch it.
In addition, doesn't any of this seem strange to anyone? Look at the talent of Luck and RGIII as quarterbacks. They are going 1 and 2. Now, can anyone honestly say that Tannehill is that close to those two in terms of ability. No way!

Lou and Craig,
if you're refering to Foles, ...
Foles is Tannehill without the speed. Same guy otherwise.
If we want a strong armed project that will take years to develop, but has a possible big upside, then we can find him in he 4th-th round and his name is Nick Foles. And when he flops, ...oh well late rounder, no biggie.

Only problem is he can't play receiver while he waits. ;)


Your mock draft is the worst! No way Gilmore is a top 10 guy and no way Riley Reiff is either. Where else should I go let me see oh Poe at 20? The dude is monster he is like 350 and destroyed the combine. And having UpShaw going to Pats is a joke. Upshaw is the the best 3-4 player in the draft. He played at Alabama and for Saban. Your draft sucks

My point exactly. Tannehill is overprojected. Nick Foles can't run, he isn't mobile. Neither is Manning. I'm not saying I necessarily advocate taking Foles but in comparing one to the other there's no way Tannehill should be pushed up the boards into the top ten when Foles, who is a better prospect, is projected to go in the 5th round.
In addition, like I keep saying, Chandler Harnish is still a better prospect than Tannehill. He's got more athletic ability, better accuracy and he's won 11 games for his team 2 years in a row. Not saying I want him either, I'm just saying Tannehill's draft position isn't warranted.
I also keep saying that none of these guys want to read my 3 part breakdown of Tannehill on my blog because they don't want to here it.

From: The Finsider
Author: Kevin Nogle September 5, 2011

The Dolphins surprisingly get a lot out of their draft picks. However, they also aren't afraid to cut bait on someone they don't feel is developing.

I think the Dolphins have shown a desire to take a few chances each draft, especially in rounds where they have multiple picks (i.e., Pat White and Sean Smith in round 2 and John Nalbone and Chris Clemons in round 5 of 2009), looking to find that solid performer, while also taking a project. It hasn't hit every time, but occasionally it does (Lex Hilliard as the third 6th round pick in 2008).

The Dolphins draft has been more surprisingly successful than I realized. With 32 draft picks since 2008, 20 of those are still on the rosters (62%), and 10 are starters (31%). It's not always perfect, but it's been decent. What are your opinions?

Obviously Kendall Langford was lost to the Rams in fa this offseason, same with Chad Henne, and we've cut bait with Hilliard.

So that means 17 of 32 player drafted since 2008 are currently still with the team. Yes, there have been boo-boos, yet over 50% of the players drafted since 2008 are currently still with the team.

itsy bitsy spiderloc,

It's called a mock draft. There are thousands of them out there. Everyone has their own feelings on what way a team goes with the pick. Even the draft guys at ESPN, Kiper and McShay miss on many 1st rounders. Relax dude it aint that serious.

Peyton Manning's rookie year = sucked
Drew Brees rookie year = sucked
Drew Beldsoe's rookie year = sucked
Troy Aikman's rookie year = sucked
Terry Bradshaw's rookie year = sucked
Phil Sims rookie year = sucked
John Elway's rookie year = sucked
Eli Manning's rookie year = sucked
Dan Fouts rookie year = sucked
Joe Namath's rookie year = sucked

I can go on and on.....If you BELIEVE in someone's talent give them a chance to develop into a star. I trust in Philbin & Sherman's ability to pick a QB who will develop into a star, period.

Prof Lou,

Watched your Tannehenne videos. @ things jump out at me about Tannehill:

1. He's great throwing routes breaking in towards the middle of the field.

2. He's horrible throwing anything breaking down the sidelines or breaking noutside towards the sideline.

Next time you watch it, pay careful attention to this.

If nfl dc's catch this theyll flood the middle and isnside areas of the field to force him to throw outside to where his accuracy seems to considerably wain.

Dc's flooding the playing inside in, will further tighten already small nfl throwing windows, taking away Tannehill's throwing and accuracy strengths as a qb. Tannehill really needs to greatly develop his outside throwing accuracy in the nfl or be chased out of the league.

...and if that person is Tannehill, the I support it and don't care where he is currently ranked in this years draft.
It means NOTHING where the so-called experts have him rated...

I don't think he's that great throwing the slant either.

Ragged Andy haha,

You mad cause I pulled your card in the mock draft? It was the worst I have saw here. And way to go on the limb with the Tannehill to Miami pick. All you dudes will be stupid when Miami passes on him and takes Coples or my favorite player in the whole draft Donatri Poe. Poe and Solia will be best run stoppers in the league and teams will be predictable passing every down.

NH Fins,

Qb's drafted top 5 suck thier 1st year primarily because of two things:

1. There's an nfl learning curve.

2. Going to a team drafting top 5, the olines usually absolutely suck.

Usually as both, that qb nfl IQ improves, and the oline around him improves. He slowly becomes a beast.

Once that qb has a solid to great oline and great supporting pieces. That team then begins to quickly have a great offense.

Opinions aside, you can't argue with what he says about Tannehill's inability to lead his team back from a defecit or Tannehill's ability to lead his team to scores in the 2nd half or his touchdown to int ratio in the 2nd half of games. ...

Posted by: Professor Lou | April 20, 2012 at 01:02 PM

I won't argue or debate it one way or the other. Sherman I believe is the #1 guy in the NFL to make the call on Tann. I'll give his opinion the most value. I really don't care what anyone else says. You can paint an argument anyway you want. For every negative article about him there is a positive one. I'm trusting the opinion of the one guy I believes knows best. Simple as that.

I have a good vibe about Philbin and Sherman, I believe they know what they are doing until they prove otherwise. I am for one glad they didn't let neoptism get in the way of fairly evaluating Flynns worth.

At least you didn't say, "Sherman knows Tannehill better than anyone so, if they take him, I'm on board with that."
That was the #1 argument why they were going to take Flynn in free agency too and that didn't happen.

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