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Ireland: The evaluator evaluates himself

 Jeff Ireland has been the Dolphins general manager since 2008. And next week, as the general manager, he'll put hs evaluaton skills to the test by picking a new set of players for the Dolphins in the annual NFL draft.

But how has the evaluator done? How would the evaluator evaluate himself?

“Well, it’s a team effort," Ireland said during the Dolphins annual pre-draft conference Thursday. "Bill (Parcells) and I conducted a couple drafts together. I’ve conducted one here solely by myself with my team upstairs obviously. Certainly, I’m not responsible for all of it. When you look back and you made some good picks. Depends on how you look at it. If you look at the future or past of the draft and you say 50-55% and you say if you can be 50% in the draft over a period of time, you’ve done pretty good.

"I think where we were when we started to where we are now we’ve done a pretty good job of adding some talent to this football team. Certainly I’m not saying I hit on every single one because I haven’t. There’s no doubt about that. Some I have taken some risk on and hit. And some I have taken some risk on and didn’t work out so good, but that’s just part of the draft.”

One looks at Ireland's first-round picks and they have not been bad. They have been good. He picked starting center Mike Pouncey in 2011 and he picked starting cornerback Vontae Davis in 2009. (Parcells has told me he did the draft in 2008 and 2010 and Ireland did it in 2009 while he was still there.)

The early round picks after No. 1? Probably early to decide.

Pat White was a disaster, although that was a total organizational failure. Sean Smith is a starter. Daniel Thomas is still an unknown quantity. 

“I think all the picks are extremely important but certainly second, third, fourth round picks, I mean those guys need to be either starters or significant role players," Ireland said. "I’m a firm believer that you can find talent in the fifth, sixth and seventh and obviously free agency. So every pick, there’s a lot of thought that goes into each and every one of them.

"I’m maybe stubborn enough to think I can hit on every single one of them. So, we spent a lot of time this time of the year on fifth, sixth and seventh round and free agency. Those guys are up there right now grinding away at the free agent board as well.”

Ireland believes he can hit on everyone. That is a good attitude because you don't want a loser who is expecting a disaster after the second or third round. But ... maybe that's not something you actually want to say publicly. Sets one up for critique.

“I’ve got some good guys and some guys are still developing I would say (Charles) Clay and Reshad Jones and Chris Clemmons," Ireland. "Those guys are still here and they’re still developing. I think we drafted a kid last year in the seventh round, Jimmy Wilson, that I think is going to be a pretty good player.

"Time will tell with John Jerry and Koa (Misi). So Pat Turner’s still playing in the league. He’s not on our roster, he’s still playing in the league so we’ve got to do a pretty good job this year. I’m looking more in the future than in the past.”

OK, so how do you evaluate the evaluator?

[RADIO NOTE: Ireland will be on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, at 7:30 this morning. You can listen in South Florida at 640-AM on your dial. Or you can watch the show by clicking here. If you miss the early-morning interview, we'll replay the interview at 9 a.m.]


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When I watched your Tannehenne videos, time after time, he was absolutely nailing the slant and curl in routes. Anything turning in he was absolutely nailing. He sucked throwing almost evrything to the outside.

Thats why I say, if he doesnt improve that on the nfl level, smart dc's will take that away and force him to throw outside. Which clearly seems to be a weakness. Go back to your videos and see for yourself.


Ok where do I begin with you. I am not saying my mock will happen and I even wrote "just for kicks!" at the bottom. I know you are some adolescent "wannabe something". It was just thrown out there as a conversation piece. And no "I iz not mad you pulled my card son!". Also "All us dudes be acking stupid az heLLL yo" I hope that was a typo because "yo favorite player Donatri Poe" is spelled D-O-N-T-A-R-I Poe.

Great analysis that Soliai and Poe will be the best run stoppers in the league and every team will predictably pass. How is that any different then what most teams do now, pass every down.

You are a clown dude. Grow up!

Jeffy was drunk again when he made those statements.
An anus faced owner, a drunk midget GM, a rookie head case coach equals draft and season disaster.
There will be plenty of success for tarp factories to cover all the empty seats in JRS.

I agree that Harnish does resemble Tannehill. Tanny is better by a bit.
I posted on your site and explained better.
But in short, Harnish = fair back-up, doubtful stareter, IMO.
Tannehill is either starter (ceiling Cutler), or flop. Might stick around as a back-up if he's a flop, but back-ups TEND to be more steady than I suspect he may be - assuming flop.

An image for your viewing pleasure...

(from l to r) Tuna, Tony, & the Ball Boy in their younger years


Whether people agree with me or disagree with me isn't important to me. The most important thing is for Ireland to make the correct decision on that first pick.
Sherman knows Tannehill better than anyone and he knows what kind of talent he's dealing with in Tannehill so when Miami picks in the first round and takes someone other than Tannehill we will all know how Sherman felt about Tannehill's ability to be the future franchise quarterback of this team.


However, I do have to say one thing concerning Harnish. When all is said and done and the draft is over I don't expect Harnish to be around as late as the 7th round.
For some team that's looking at a developmental guy that has a solid starter Harnish is a good pick for them either in the 5th or 6th round. I don't believe that 7th round FA monicker is warranted.

sorry, I went all 8th grade for a minute there.

DC....i'll take your extended silence as an apology....all is forgiven man.....

Lets kust keep our comments more about football...and less about personal attacks or beliefs....

Comic Relief Central is what this blog should be called lmao.

First the worst mock draft by little girls Annie (Andy NJ) Now Yesterday's Gone thinks he knows how to break down a QB. "Tannehill was nailed every slant and curl" blah bla blah. You dudes come on here and talk crazy about poise in the pocket, accuracy, quick first step, violent hands hahahah. At least little girl Annie didn't attempt to give analysis on nonsense. You guys are the worst fans in the league. I am shamed to be a Miami fan sometimes with this stuff.

Dontari Poe is fool's gold.


Dude is 350 ran a 4.8, did 44 reps on the bench and was a 3 year starter. Yeah you right he sound terrible. Yall need to get it right now that Poe is a beast and will be like Haloti Nata from Ravens.

Ireland Is Absolutely Worthless...He Has Proven It Time And Again...He Wont Pull The Wool Over My Eyes...For YOU 5 Phin Fans Who Still Support Little Jeffrey 'Moron' Ireland Get Ready For The Disaster That Will Be The 2012 Season...Sad But True....Miami Dolphins 2012 AFC East Cellar...Last Place.


As you wish sir. Everyone has their "picks".

For me, I see only 5-6 dudes that I think have a shot at dethroning Moore and being worth a future-franchise trial.
Cousins, Weeden, Tanny, Osweiler, Wilson, Foles. A while ago I'd have put Keenum in there, but he seems to be MIA. Not sure what happened. Did he sleep with a scout's wife? Or just stink up his pro-day?

And btw, FOles & Wilson are a long shot. Not sold at all. And Osweiler is a shrug - if we have a pick left, and missed the top dudes, why not.

you BELIEVE in someone's talent give them a chance to develop into a star. I trust in Philbin & Sherman's ability to pick a QB who will develop into a star, period.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN

Obviously almost every QB is going to take time to develop. No one is arguing that. I have complete trust in Philbin too. Problem is I don't trust Ireland. And Ireland is the one making the decision (not Philbin).

Do you really think Ireland is going to draft a QB at #1 when he is on the hot seat and the QB is unlikely to play in 2012?


Am I missing something? The Fins signed a TE yesterday named Wes Brown who was FINANCIAL PLANNER out of Westminster College in Utah (way out I understand)according to Fox sports. Not very newsworthy sure but an interesting story. You would think the Miami Bush Leage Herald could have mentioned it, Maybe all of Miami's copy is prewritten by the local Pennysaver sports desk and it has not caught up to Mando yet.

"I'm a firm believer that you can find talent in the 5th, 6th, and 7th round..." Well duhh....

@Bob Schumaker

I believe its Les Brown. Maybe Wes but I read it was Les.

Anyways, sounds like a Mark Wahlberg movie to me.

Who knows, maybe its the Blind Side movie. Who knows anymore with this team.

Yep. Seemed hidden on the two top local papers.
Problem is he's a basketball player. Fair jump shot good hops.

Played some receiver in High School.
Had an amazing pro-day at BYU. In other words, ran fast, jumped far. I'm surprised McShay hasn't moved him up his QB board ;)

But can he play TE? Or receiver? No idea. Not tall/heavy enough for TE. Big for receiver, but as long as he can make sharp cuts and catch, ..who knows?
Worth a try. I have no problems with it. Cheap.

Hate to tell you folks this but TanneHenne is a check down master. Slants and check downs is all he knows.

Pretty easy to throw a slant pass and check down guys.

On the slant all you see is the WR's numbers staring at you. BTW...all TanneHenne does is stare down his receivers. I don't think Belecheat will have any of that nonsense going on.

Yeah but...
he ran like a 2.37 40!!!
And he saves burning babies from orphan buildings!
..wait... flip that.
And he has pretty feet. ..or good footwork. Something.

Mr. McShay, sorry your notes got wet. Can you email them to me again?

Jack -- He didn't run a 2.37 --- Ireland on the radio this morning confirmed if was higher, but he was still very fast.

ost consensus scouting reports on Tannehill suggest at least a two year waiting period before becoming a legit starting nfl qb. This brings up two critical questions:

1. Can we afford to use a #8 pick on a guy who could be the next Chad Henne if not allowed to sit at least 2 seasons?

2. What happens if Moore goes down? Garrard goes down?

As it stands now, both Moore and Garrard are under 1yr contracts. No way Moore sticks around knowing he'll lose his starting job in Tannehill's 3rd season. Folks, you can nearly 100% believe this is Moore's final season in Miami if Tannehill's drafted at #8. The writing would be on the wall for Moore.

Uhh....Jacksonville let go Garrard for a reason. No one has any idea what Garrard will look like in live action after trying to shake loose the rust of an entire season of inactivity. Plus he's an aging vet that was just adequate at best when at the peak his playing career.

So, imo, taking Tannehill at #8, we better draft v2 qb's or sign another vet backup has been in fa next year. It could be highly unlikely Matt Moore nor David Garrard will be Miami Dolphins next year. Especially Moore, if he shows to be an average toright at above average qb this year.

PS...If Zach Thomas deserves a HOF nod then so does Donovan McNabb.

Neither one ever won anything. But both have the stats to back up their time in the NFL.

How can Zach get in and not Donovan?

Its guaranteed if Tannehenne's drafted #8, by default he'll have to be our starter in 2013. Moore's not resigning knowing he'll only have one year as a starter before the #8 pick takes over.

This is the final year of Moore's contract and Garrard only has a one year contract too. Either Tannehenne will have to start in 2013, or bring in an old washed up vet to allow him one more year to sit.

No Balls is dead on. No way Ireland takes a developmental project in the first round when his job is on the line. He needs players that will start from day one, someone who will make a difference and be talked about for rookie of the year. Coples is that guy unless someone else falls. Think Weeden or Cousins in the 2nd or 3rd if your looking for a QB.

Not sure if anyone answer this but I will ask it again.

What if we draft TanneHenne and convert him back to WR.

Dude probably the 3rd or 4th best WR in the draft.

let the speculation be over!! No way Ireland picks a QB in the first round. First round will be a RT. Sorry!!!
The soonest we will see a QB is second round and that will be a project.

I still don't see why Ireland would sign Garrard and not start him. Doesn't make sense to just throw money away.

Could have used that money to pay Wake if he was planning on drafting TanneHenne.

They let Peyton go for a reason also YG. And Mario Williams was let go for a reason. Heck, even Joe Montana was let go for a reason. Even Dan "the man" quit before he was let go.

Sometimes, its all about the money.

I don't put much emphasis on why Garrard was let go. I put the emphasis on his stats alone. Garrard is no scrub.

Quick! Who is the 3rd best WR in the draft?

If TanneHenne wasn't a QB he would be 3rd I bet.

If Miami stays at #8, the pick has to be Coples unless Jacksonville takes him or one of the Elite-6 fall.

Miami desperately need a pass rusher and he is the #1 pass rusher in the draft and can start immediately.

The fact we are over analyzing this is silly. The pick is pretty much a sure thing. This talk of TanneHenne at #8 really is silly.

TanneHenne is:
(1) Not rated a top 10 player in this draft
(2) Is no sure thing
(3) Won't likely play in 2012

There is NO way Ireland take TanneHenne unless Stephen Ross tells him he has too! The fact we are even discussing it is BEYOND SILLY.

Simply not going to happen.

I think its better to draft Kirk Cousins 2nd rd. It may entice Moore to resign, plus Cousins doesnt have the sharper learning curve Tannehill will have.

Actually, Cousins may be far more prepared to start in his 2nd season than Tannehill would. Cousins has adequate armstrength to make all of the nfl throws and could possibly be giving Matt Moore a big push for the starting job in 2013.

IMO, easily the best pick at #8, that would have the greatest overall effect on both sides of the ball would be to take David DeCastro. Adding him to a mix that already includes Jake Long and Muarice Pouncey gives us a top 5 nfl oline for sure.

Then the skill positions on our offense becomes even more lethal, scoring more pts changes how we're able to play defense, while also giving the defense more time to rest. Meaning a fresh and still dominant defense at season's end.

I so wish everyone could see the big picture in this. Just trying to add shiney pieces alone is not going to have the overall dominant effect you imagine. If we pass up creat5ing a dominant oline, all of your shiney new pieces will become more easily defensed on both sides of the ball.

PS...if Wake relented then I don't see him doing squat this season. Obviously, Jeff will NEVER pay da man.

Wake is yet another used up commodity on this team.

Jack, Wright is listed as #3, Hill would be my bet.
I haven't paid much attention to Tanny's WR skills, but he resembled a TE is style to me. Might be flat out speed, but cutting at quick glace looked slow.

If you insist, I can try and go over it again, but...

YOU REALLY think he'll be playing WR for someone?

Yesterday's Gone --- Decastro is a great prospect, but Miami has a more pressing need rushing the passer. They will take Coples #1 barring an Elite-6 player falling or JAX grabbing Coples. I expect them to take a WR in the 2nd round (unless the top TE falls) and then draft an OL and QB in the 3rd round.

We're all talking about Tannehill for weeks now. Not too many people discussing specifics.

Prof. Lou makes a good point in Tannehill's Henne like second half performances.

A few things I'd like to point out:

1. Tannehill struggles at reading through his progressions. If you've watched, or are willing to watch, even on his youtube **HIGHLIGHT** videos he struggles. The Highlight reel, which is SUPPOSED to malke him look good prove this. He goes from his first read, to safety valve ROUTINELY and VERY quickly. Not a good attribute for a guy coming into a WCO.

2. He locks on his receiver with the best of them. Moreso than Henne EVER did in my honest opinion. Again, not a great attribute for a WCO QB.

3. The guy almost never fake pumps. The only time I've seen it was instinctually when under heavy pressure. Even in those situations, very seldom.

Having said all that, there is one thing he does that I like. It's not enough to make up for other areas, but. When the play(s) start breaking down, Tannehill is very good at keeping his head and eyes downfield. Thus, at the college level, he was very good at extending plays and creating on the move.

All in all, the guy is simply way to much of a project to justify a 1st round pick. Not even a late first round pick in my opinion.

Let's say you started a new business. You can do things to make money right away or you can play the odds and hope your BRAND pans out down the road.

If Jeff drafts TanneHenne then is BRAND is a matter of record at that point.

His brand would be ACORN pie over STORE bought pie. I don't know about you folks but I don't have time to cook a fresh acorn pie. I buy my pies off the shelf.

To make a pie (instead of buying a pie) proves you have a high opinion of yourself. You think you can make a pie better than CONGLOMERATES like Piggly Wiggly or Safeway

Tannehill is NOT a franchise QB and even if he IS, it will be 3-4 years until he is at that level. Ireland doesn't have that much time. Tannehill will NOT be the pick if Miami picks at #8!


Alot of people say Wright is the 3rd best receiver in the draft. Don't believe it.

Stephen Hill is head and shoulders above Wright. Though I wish we could get Hill in the 2nd, I predict he goes very quickly after Floyd.

The pundits rank Hill lower, but you watch some NFL GM pull the trigger on him way sooner than most expect.

PS: Clue, you couldn't have been more wrong in saying Hill has bad hands and runs poor routes. Whatever mock drafts you've been reading, burn them.

Hill is the 3rd best WR in the draft and not much of a drop off at all from Blackmon and Floyd.

You dont take a pass rusher at #8 unless the guy's a top 5 pick who slipped to #8. Coples,Ingram are sort of mid 1st rd talent. You dont draft them at #8.

But Im sure some of the armchair gm's here would do that.

You have to figure playing opposite where Wake now plays, is the most difficult to be truly dominant anyway. To justify spending a #8 pick, that guy has to be a beast setting the edge, making tackles, and sacks.

On that side of the defense if the guys gives you 5 sacks you can consider that the average. Even if he gives you 7-8sacks a year on the side you can consider him a beast. But 7-8 sacks a year is hardly worth a #8 pick.

But if you swap sides with Wake and that guy, you run the risk Wake will leave you a little more vulnerable in the run game. Wakes gotten better against the run, but still's far from being beastly.

Hill is not a WCO receiver, Kendall Wright definitely is.

What will help this pass rush most is playing with bigger leads and a offense that will keep them off the field more. That begins with a great oline, then everything else falls into place.

when you BOYS are ready for some real blogging come visit my site where all the SS MOB hangs out. No cussing alowed is all I ask, just ask for the link

I am in a very bad mood today as I am to get a lot of $ due to me. Therefore, I will not take it out on any of the Posters.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree with Odin, Oscar. Hill is a stud.
I seem to recall several similar receivers doing juuuuuust fine in SF in ye olde days in the WCO.

Wright is a good WCOer, but slot mainly. Little slight for the ends. Good pick up, but not ahead of Hill on my board. But he'll start for someone at slot, and do well. Either WCO, or not, he'll be fine. Same with Hill.


I agree with you on the O-line and Decastro. It would help out the team overall. But, who are we kidding? Do we really think Ireland will drop another first on the O-line san current conditions?

As far as Ingram, I agree again. I wouldn't use the no. 8 pick in him.

Coples is a bit more iffy. * might be a tad high, but when you combine him with being an area of need, it's not much of a reach. I admit it. Myself, I would take Coples at 8.

Overall, I wouldn't mind taking Decastro, Coples, Kuechley or Floyd at 8. Ingram? NO!

Right or wrong, that's my honest opinions.


I understand clearly where all of you guys are coming from about the pieces you would like to add to this team. However, until we come to a real solution to our oline, we'll continue to struggle scoring points. Which overall, on both sides of the ball, leaves very little unchanged.

A great oline dictates how the defense has to paly them. Great olines creates weaknesses because dc's have to gamble in ways to put pressure on that olien. Both in the run game and the pass game.

A great oline also dictates how the opposing offense has to play against your defense. This allows you to create leads of 10-14pts or more. That completely changes the approach the opposing offense has to take to try and win the game.

That allows your pass rushers to pin thier ears back and come after the qb without fear of thier run game. That makes the opposing offense one dimensional. But when playing from behind or always playing in very close game. The playbook is always wide open for the opposing offense.

Odin, If Ireland said we had glaring need for speed and playmakers (like he did last year), then we'll draft an O-lineman. So far that's his pattern. ;)

He hasn't said that yet though.
If he says we need linemen, then what? QB? WR?

Anybody speak Ireland?

The Miami Dolphins are poised for 13-3 and a title run, yo.

JackSparrow the stupid is back. Child, every team has to have a backup QB. Garrard is getting paid nothing--that's not Cam's missing money.

According to Ireland, in another interview, Defense is his highest priority in this Draft. HMMMM....


I want no part of Coples at #8. I want no part of choosing any player inside the the top 10 with a "slacker" label on him. Those type players always show "flashes" but hardly ever are "consistently" great. You just dont draft underachiever labeled guys inside the top 10. If you do, that's usually what you get, "an underachiever".

Speaking of underachiever, Phillip Merling fell completely out of 1st rd status because of the "underachiever" label. Even drafting him 2nd rd in Miami, he's still holding true to his "underachiever tag".

So you see, we need look no further than Merling, to see ahwt an "underachiever tag" gets us in Miami. Just say no to "underachiever Coples" at #8. He may not be as advertised even if we could get him 2nd rd, like Merling.

You just dont select "slacker labeled" players top 10 regardless of the position he plays. See Coples scouting report. LOL



Defense is the need, huh?

ok, so that prob means offense is first pick. But WHERE? QB? WR? OL?

Heck, Misi may not be all we want him to be just yet. But we can never accuse Misi of being a slacker. He's 100mph every play.

He only needs to develop some pass rush moves to have more versatility in how he attacks the olinemen on his pass rushes. Also needs to learn to play slightly smarter overall. But Misi is far from slacker.

Totally amazing to me that guys are advocating taking Cousins in the second round. It's the same guys who were ready to run Henne out of town after year one. What in God's green earth does anyone see in Cousins? There's very little upside with this guy. Doesn't do anything particularly well and makes bad decisions at key points in the game. If you want more of the same, then Cousins is your guy.

Professor Lou and JS, I just don't get your thinking on Foles. He's going to get KILLED in the NFL. The guy just can't move. You're not going to be able to improve that. Teams will throw the kitchen sink at him and he won't be able to get out of the way of the pass rush. Lou, you're talking about Manning and Brady? Come on! Brady's played behind one of the best OL's to come along in years and same with Manning, plu both are extremely smart. Are we really putting this guy in the same category?

Lou, my comment about him quitting was something I read from a number of scouts. The book on him was that the team was going so badly he simply started chucking it. You through out his stats from last year. Stats don't tell the whole story. Take a look at what he did when it mattered. That's what you did with Tannehill. How come you didn't do the same with Foles?

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