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Overpaying for the QB is part of the drill

Folks, here's truth: Sometimes overpaying is just the right price.

The Dolphins' front office has lately gotten a reputation for declining to overpay for players, and particularly for quarterbacks. They declined to overpay for Kyle Orton and Carson Palmer last season. They declined to overpay for Robert Griffin III, Matt Flynn, and Alex Smith this offseason.

Now, it must be said that overpaying is a relative term. What seems like overpaying for one team might be reaching the exact right price for another. Obviously, the Washington Redskins don't think they overpaid by giving up three first-round picks plus other considerations for RG3. The Raiders last year thought multiple first-round picks for Carson Palmer was about right.

So let the message go out from here: Unless a quarterback falls directly to you (rare unless you are the Indianapolis Colts) sometimes overpaying is not only necessary, it is wise.

Can we agree on that?

I don't ask that question lightly. Most people would say overpaying is something to never be done. Overpaying is a great way to set a franchise back if you overpay for the wrong person. But here is my caveat:

If the Dolphins can identify a quarterback they have a conviction about, they should move heaven and earth to get that guy, including overpaying for him. Failing to do this means that you're doing nothing. Failing to overpay, if necessary, shows an unwillingness to gamble. It shows a play-it-safe mentality about which nothing terrible will ever be written -- but nothing great will ever be written, either.

And that brings me to Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins are doing everything they can to gain a conviction on this kid. They interviewed him at the Indianapolis Combine. They went to his pro day Thursday. They took him to dinner Wednesday evening. They spent time with him after the pro day, asking him to break down plays and show how prepared he is to understand the West Coast offense. (As an aside, it stands to reason Tannehill is a natural for the Dolphins offense since he's run it, or a major portion of it, during his 19 starts for Texas A&M.)

Tannehill, who was converted to wide receiver at A&M before being converted back late in 2010, is clearly taking advantage of the fact he's a quarterback and, by all accounts, the third best quarterback prospect in a draft with six or so quarterback-needy teams in the top 15 or so spots.

The Dolphins, at No. 8 seem in good position to land Tannehill if no other team shows desperation. But the problem is other teams, including Seattle, Kansas City and others might show enough desperation to try to get ahead of Miami to pick Tannehill. Those teams, in other words, might be willing to overpay for Tannehill.

That means the Dolphins might have to (gasp!) move up from No. 8 to pick Tannehill. They might have to (gasp again!) overpay for Tannehill. What makes this galling to some people is they believe taking Tannehill at No. 8 is already overpaying for the kid.

That's just the way it is.

The fact of the matter is that the NFL is a quarterback league and any team without one that is either a star or has the potential to be a star is living in the knowledge that it has virtually no chance of winning a Super Bowl until that guy appears on the roster.

And to get that guy on the roster, like it or not, you might have to overpay.


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The one problem I have with dolphins management particularly GM Jeff Ireland is that he doesnt take many risks. He is strictly "by the book" type of guy. Thats all in well but that kind of approach usually ends up with you having a very average team. THe best GMs in the leauge are guys who arent scared to take risks and have great intuition. For example, look at the Giants with JPP. They didnt need a DE particularly one who only started like 8 games. But they took a chance and now hes on the verge of becomming a superstar. Look at the Eagles with Vick, Redskins with RG 3, Falcons with Julio, Pats with Ocho and Haynesworth. Not all the moves work out but atleast these teams take the chance. Sometimes you have to take a chance to be apart of the game. Most of the time they draft players that are safe picks. The problem with safe picks is they are solid football players but they dont have upside to be superstars. Is it a coincidence the dolphins dont have any superstars on the roster? Our best impact players since this regime has taken over(Dansby, Wake, Solia, Marshall, Pennington) have all come from other teams or prior regimes. TAKE A CHANCE!!!!

"Can we agree on that?"

Uh ... no ... it depends on WHO you are planning to overspend on ... and what their credentials are.

Its just like a team that always plays not to lose...Take a chance, play to WIN.

dumbest article I have read in awhile and that's saying a lot. Overpaying is stupid when it's determined that you did indeed overpay down the road. When you purposely overpay that's beyond stupid. I'm not even sure there's a word for it but let it be known moving forward as "Mandoing". Mando wrote an article a few weeks back, thinking that Matt Flynn coming to Miami was foregone conclusion, essentially saying that Miami should NOT overpay for Flynn. Mando you're an idiot and a hypocrite.

all this draft talk is great,but i hope afterwards i dont hear anymore draft talk until spring of 2013. i am so tired of talking draft in october.

Ireland will never grow the b*lls it takes to give up what it takes to move up in the draft and draft this guy no matter how much he believes in him. If he didn't pay to get RGIII who is better, what makes you think he will overpay for Tannehill...? Exatctly

The Giants have one 2 recent super bowls with a very mediocre to poor QB.


I know many of you missed it but Sid Rosenberg interviewed Ricky Williams and asked a question about Jeff Ireland, Willimas responded by saying, Im parapharasing.

Ireland is the nicest person in the world outside of football, he has a lovely wife and family. But he is def perceived in the organization by the players as a prick. He tries to have the same mentaility of his mentor (Parcells) but it just doesnt fit him. Maybe if he didnt try so hard to be a hard a** he'll get more respect from the players.

Can someone tell Ireland he is not or never will be his daddy (Parcells), jeez I understand he's the guy mentor but that doesnt mean try to be like him in everyway. FYI the prick way doesnt always get you respected by your co workers...

Good post for Armando Salguero.
But I am not agree.
Armando says: "So let the message go out from here: Unless a quarterback falls directly to you (rare unless you are the Indianapolis Colts)". I could add in that list Pittsburg with Ben Roetlisberguer, Green Bay with Rodgers, Bengals with Dalton, etc. so is more than one. And "overpaying" may be better than right paying. If some one that you select is outstanding don´t wait until his contract year, pay the right price to the man, and make a statement to the others players.
Washington thinks that they are one player for contention, and I believe is true, but take the Jaguars, ¿why they did not push for RG3?, they have much holes to fill.

If that is true then the reverse has to be true also. That is, underpaying is sometimes good and wise. When you underpay, people tend to work harder to get paid more. When you overpay, people tend to get complacent.

Tannehill can not beat out Matt Moore or David Garrard. There is no way he can. Why draft him at 8 or move up to draft him if he is not starting right away? Moore is only 3 or 4 years older than Tannehill. We can still get a good 8 to 10 years out of Moore.

And for the record. If we overpay and overreach, and he doesn't work out, then who do we blame? Ireland and his ineptness or the fans who wanted to draft a QB just for the sake of drafting a QB?


Irelands job is not to be friends or liked by players. His job is to get talent on the football team. At most peoples jobs employees dont get along or necessarily "like" upper management. Especially where the job consists of high turnover like the nfl.

PS...folks saying draft him and let him learn for a year or two. Learn from who? Matt Moore or David Garrard? I thought you guys said they were krap sandwiches?

Also, is there going to be true competition? Garrard seems to think so. Plus, didn't Ireland say he's been chasing his jock strap for well over a year now?

So to embrace Tannehill means to embrace Garrard. Because if we draft Tannehil then Garrard will be his mentor.

hey peak

i'd take eli anyday over the chit we've been rolling out for 12 years. that pass he made to manningham was perfection.we haven't had a qb that could make that pass since marino hung em up.

With an offensive and defensive line in place everyone else has TimE to do what they need to do

I spent the entire weekend in the swimming pool, so I'm sorry if I missed it, but did anyone favor me with a response to my question concerning what happened with the "unready" Tannehill played the great RG3 head to head? Thanks.

Mary (good name, it fits). Why don't you go to the Jets blog? You'd fit much better with the girls over there.

Slam, Im not saying for the guy to be friends with players, but dont look into their eyes and tell them one thing and next week do the opposite of what you just told them. "Y bell isnt going anywhere, next week Y bell cut". Develop your own personality and not that of some old senile man in Parcells.

Say all you want on Ireland but at least he's been spot on with respect to QB's. Remember when the fans where calling for his head after not drafting B Quinn or going hard and overpaying for K Orton? Got those calls right and we should thank him...Also, I agree with him (and Philbin) on Flynn.
Look, if we pick Tannehill at #8 it means that Sherman and Philbin believe he's the answer and we can rest easy. IMO he'll be there when we get on the clock; don't see the Browns taking him and it makes no sense for the other teams Armando mentions to go out and overpay.
If we don't take him in Rd1, I even see a scenario where he could drop out of the first day (ala Mallet). We then make our move and take hime early 2nd (trading with Indy or St Louis)

Mary (good name, it fits). Why don't you go to the Jets blog? You'd fit much better with the girls over there.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 02, 2012 at 11:07 AM

You obviously know nothing about girls. Stick to subjects you know about, if there are any.

There a reason why numerous players have come out against Ireland, if other GM were as bad as Ireland, dont you think they'll talk ish to about them. I'll never forget how former UM alum Bryant Mckinnie was out there as a FA that was cut, yet we opted for Marc Columblow. SMH these are the decisions you want your GM to get right..

Clue, I agree that's the perception with Ireland. However, with the Bell situation, I don't think he said one thing than another on purpose. Ireland said himself he tries to tell people things straight (because he doesn't want to mislead them).

But, on the Ricky thing, there was an article on the SS that reported Ireland letting Ricky stay at his house for a while (when Ricky went to Baltimore) until he figured out his housing issue. We rarely hear about that side of Ireland.

Frankly, I don't care what others (in the league) think of Ireland. I just care that he makes good picks and takes care of the guys on THIS team.

Let me lay down the most likely scenario. Draft Tannehill at 8.

1. Moore starts the season. Goes 3 and out and everyone starts booing calling for Garrard.

2. Garrard goes in. Goes 3 and out and everyone starts booing Garrard and calling for Tannehill.

3. Tannehill goes in. Goes 3 and out, 3 and out, 2 and INT. Everyone starts calling for Ireland to be fired again for overpaying and overreaching.

Its been like this for 30 years folks!

brady quinn was cam cammoron and randy mueller's screw up


2012 minus 30 years is 1982 when the phins were in the superbowl, then we drafted a guy named marino and we were competative until he retired.it basically started to suck about 10 years ago because even wanstash made the playoffs a couple of times.

DC, I guess thats TBD, but when you make decisions like sign Colmblow over Mckinnie than that raises serious doubts IMO of coarse.

here you go formally Timmy, was curious what you were talking about because I didn't see the game.

Texas -- "Texas A&M hasn't been able to throw the ball deep all season."

"On Saturday the Aggies finally discovered that aspect of their game and it propelled an already potent offense to its best performance of the year."

"Ryan Tannehill threw for 415 yards and a career-high six touchdown passes and Ryan Swope caught four of them, also a career-best, to lead No. 21 Texas A&M to a 55-28 win over No. 20 Baylor."

"Texas A&M stays awake in the second half against Baylor to avoid yet another nightmare, ESPN.com's David Ubben writes. "

"The Bears got within six points after a touchdown run by Terrance Ganaway in third quarter, but the Aggies scored 21 straight to take a 55-28 lead with about six minutes remaining in the game."

"Swope's fourth touchdown -- his second 68-yard reception of the game -- was the first in that span. He finished with 206 yards receiving and also had a 68-yard TD reception in the second quarter. He also scored on receptions of 8 and 5 yards."

"Texas A&M finished with a season-high 681 yards of offense."

TO BE FAIR,,,RG3 had a good game throwing for a school record 430 yards and three TDs. And to ask how they did head to head is silly because it's a team sport. But YES, Tannehill ripped it up that day.

brady quinn was cam cammoron and randy mueller's screw up
Posted by: 41phish | April 02, 2012 at 11:13

You're right, although I wouldn't call that a screw up. Brady Quinn is worse than awful...Anyway, funny how it seems that the fans just jump in the QB bandwagons looking for magical solutions to our issues...

not only did they sign colomblow, they defended him on seveeral occasions! that guy defended the passer as well as a cloud of smoke.


i still wonder how quinn would have done if he got picked by a team with a stable coaching staff like andy reids eagles

Jack, and the huge problem is, even with all this lack of talent, lack of a franchise QB, lack of any big-name WRs, TE's on the team, we have the LEAST CAP space out of any team in the AFC East (see James Walker's piece on espn.com). This is why Philbin REALLY needs to get this ship turned in the right direction. Miami REALLY overspent on a less-than-stellar oline last few years, and combined with their overspending for Marshall, Dansby, Burnett, Bell and others, and lack of development of their younger players, don't have much to show for it.

We need to improve through the Draft, develop players, and manage our CAP room better. That will take a few years to clean up.

Put your seatbelts on!!

I just want to point out, (and this is only for the people who point to Texas A&Ms record as a reason they don't like Tannehill), that Texas A&M had the worst pass defense in the nation. Statistically and any other way you slice it their defense was the worst in college when it came to the pass and really poor against the run.

Mckinnie was a top 10 T coming out of college, god only knows where Colomblow was drafted yet Irelinda went with Marc and defended him.

Clue, agreed. Doubts are in order. Now it's time for Ireland to either prove those doubters correct, or prove he's not as bad as some think. A better HC should help him fix some of the things that are broke (I hope).

thanks phin78

Im not trying to be Mr. Negative or anything, I just have my doubts about the guy. Never the less I hope we have a good season but I doubt it.

Anyone know what happened when the great Tannehill met the unproven Landry Jones? Anyone?

i still wonder how quinn would have done if he got picked by a team with a stable coaching staff like andy reids eagles


tough to say. but it reminds me of AJ Feeley, Scott Mitchell, Cassell, Fiedler, Ray Lucas and a long list of etc. Average QB's that look good when put in good systems, but mediocre when challenged in other teams..

I love how Tannehill might go #4 overall after his Pro Day. Hey, didn't Pat White and John Beck wow at their pro days? Tannehill didn't win at A&M surrounded by mediocre talent but he's going to do it in Miami? The Dolphins are going to suck this year. They should just wait for their high draft pick in the 2013 draft and pick up Matt Barkley who would be the 2nd or 3rd quarterback taken in this draft if had come out...and Tannehill wouldn't be getting all this press.

If we're going to build through the draft then draft Tannehill and start getting rid of all the average (HIGH PAID) players we have on this team.

I just want to be able to wear my Dolphins hat without being embaress

I made a comment earlier and it got censored....what gives guys? There was no profanity in the comments.

I pointed out that both the Eagles and Chiefs are putting Tannehill through his paces the next couple of guys. Maybe he's not the third rounder that some of you like to make him out to be. This is what the good teams do....they have in-house QBs but they PLAN for the future. That's what we should be doing. Most of you want to draft a QB and expect him to perform right away and if he doesn't then there's something wrong with him....ridiculous!

Then how about just "UNDER PAYING" For a "QB" who will "OVER PAY" us in Production? That qb:

"BRANDON WEEDON"......................

We can trade down at least 7 spots(15th), pick up a extra "2ND RD" pick, and still have a qb That maybe "MORE PRODUCTIVE" over the next 7-8yrs.

If we draft Weedon(15th) and gain an extra 2nd rd pick. We would still be "overpaying" for Weedon since he's projected late 1st to early 2nd rd. At least we would get more production over 7-8yrs plus another good player to add to our roster(the extra 2nd rd pick).

Doesnt this make far better sense. Weedon is rated the better qb over Tannehill. The 28yr old issue is all that's knocking back. It isnt lack of talent.

The problem is there are too many expectations if Miami drafts him. Of course there will be expectations on Luck and RGIII. Especially for RGIII. He can't even throw 1 INT before they start calling for Shannehans head on a platter.

But Tannehill is another story. Going 8 is enough for the fans to expect something great in return.

You folks willing to guarantee Tannehill can live up to your expectations. Or will you just be booing him come November?

For Peter King's MMQB this morning. Interesting that so many guys on here have said Tannehill isn't accuarte enough for the WCO but Cosell says he is accuarte.

"Noted NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell says Tannehill is a more accurate passer on the run than Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, which is something to say for a guy who played wide receiver for two-plus seasons while waiting for the quarterback job to be his in 2010."

Sherman thought so highly of Tannehill that he moved him to WR? At Texas A&M? And now he will draft him at 8? Makes sense to me.

Craig m, Your posts prob got sensored because you put the Eagles and Chiefs in the same sentecnce with "good teams"

@ Posted by: Steve Davis | April 02, 2012 at 11:28 AM

Why would we suck this year? Look at what the Niners did with the same 'crappy' team they had in 2010. I'm not delusional to say we are one or two players away from a ring, but I have faith in what the coaching staff can do with our roster. That and a soft schedule (at least on paper) could give us hope to win maybe 9 games..

We expected great things from Ginn and he went #11. Then again, I still think we should have kept him as a kick return specialist. Not as a #1 or #2 WR though.

JT, the Redskins cost for RG3 was three draft picks.True they traded two away and switched positions with the Rams on the numbervtwi pick but now they must USE the pick on RG3..
.Thats two traded and one used on RG3....that is a total ofbthree first round picks for one player.


Show me ONE expert who has Weeden listed as a better pro prospect than Tannehill. I like Weeden and I'd be happy with him but for you to say 'we'd get more production over the next 7-8 years' with Wedden is a ridiculous comment! You don't know that....it's your opinion. Don't make it sound factual because the truth is none of us know.


Could be. It's ridiculous that it got censored. I was basically agreeing with what Armando had said.

Tannehill will disappoint like Mark Sanchez. Remember the last time a team(Jets) traded up to the #4 spot to grab a 1year starting qb(Mark Sanchez].

Remember the Jets didnt ride Mark Sanchez into 2 acf championship games(losses). They rode thier defense and run game with Sanchez serving as "caretaker".

If based on "BPA", Weedon is clearly the better qb over Tannerhill. Tannehill may only be the better athlete, running a4'6 40. That's a good thing only if not planning to fix the oline. LOL

Off my stat game today. Ginn went 9!

Arturo, you must have not seen that 49ers defense. The same crappy team added a superstar rookie in Aldon Smith last year. They also added 2 pro bowlers in carlos rodgers and Navarro Bowman.

NOTHING will change as long as Ms. Ross and Jeffy the drunk are in charge!

YG has Weeden as BPA over Tannehill but he's got NOBODY else saying that? How come? If Weeden is all THAT (and I like Weeden) how come NOBODY has him going top ten? If he's such a sure thing shouldn't he be top ten, for a guy who will 'give great production for the next 7-8 years?'. But nobody.....best I've seen is late first. Forget about age for a second....if he's SUCH a sure thing shouldn't there be a line up of teams picking him? There isn't. Truth is NOBODY knows what Weeden will become either. It's a ludicrous argument.

if weeden was the same age as tannyhill he would get drafted higher than him.

You tweeted "tons" of Dolphin fans say Dolphins over paying for Tannehill...
Do you actually count the losers that follow you on here?

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