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Overpaying for the QB is part of the drill

Folks, here's truth: Sometimes overpaying is just the right price.

The Dolphins' front office has lately gotten a reputation for declining to overpay for players, and particularly for quarterbacks. They declined to overpay for Kyle Orton and Carson Palmer last season. They declined to overpay for Robert Griffin III, Matt Flynn, and Alex Smith this offseason.

Now, it must be said that overpaying is a relative term. What seems like overpaying for one team might be reaching the exact right price for another. Obviously, the Washington Redskins don't think they overpaid by giving up three first-round picks plus other considerations for RG3. The Raiders last year thought multiple first-round picks for Carson Palmer was about right.

So let the message go out from here: Unless a quarterback falls directly to you (rare unless you are the Indianapolis Colts) sometimes overpaying is not only necessary, it is wise.

Can we agree on that?

I don't ask that question lightly. Most people would say overpaying is something to never be done. Overpaying is a great way to set a franchise back if you overpay for the wrong person. But here is my caveat:

If the Dolphins can identify a quarterback they have a conviction about, they should move heaven and earth to get that guy, including overpaying for him. Failing to do this means that you're doing nothing. Failing to overpay, if necessary, shows an unwillingness to gamble. It shows a play-it-safe mentality about which nothing terrible will ever be written -- but nothing great will ever be written, either.

And that brings me to Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins are doing everything they can to gain a conviction on this kid. They interviewed him at the Indianapolis Combine. They went to his pro day Thursday. They took him to dinner Wednesday evening. They spent time with him after the pro day, asking him to break down plays and show how prepared he is to understand the West Coast offense. (As an aside, it stands to reason Tannehill is a natural for the Dolphins offense since he's run it, or a major portion of it, during his 19 starts for Texas A&M.)

Tannehill, who was converted to wide receiver at A&M before being converted back late in 2010, is clearly taking advantage of the fact he's a quarterback and, by all accounts, the third best quarterback prospect in a draft with six or so quarterback-needy teams in the top 15 or so spots.

The Dolphins, at No. 8 seem in good position to land Tannehill if no other team shows desperation. But the problem is other teams, including Seattle, Kansas City and others might show enough desperation to try to get ahead of Miami to pick Tannehill. Those teams, in other words, might be willing to overpay for Tannehill.

That means the Dolphins might have to (gasp!) move up from No. 8 to pick Tannehill. They might have to (gasp again!) overpay for Tannehill. What makes this galling to some people is they believe taking Tannehill at No. 8 is already overpaying for the kid.

That's just the way it is.

The fact of the matter is that the NFL is a quarterback league and any team without one that is either a star or has the potential to be a star is living in the knowledge that it has virtually no chance of winning a Super Bowl until that guy appears on the roster.

And to get that guy on the roster, like it or not, you might have to overpay.


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@ Slam,
But are you telling me that just by adding those 3, they went from being a 3-13 (or whatever it was) team to a 13-3 one? Without that coaching staff none of it is possible...Give those 3 to Sparano and we would've finished 1-15...
What I'm saying is that I do believe we have some solid players in both side of the ball and that our previous coaching staff had no idea how to use them to their potential...

I agree arturo we have solid players...no pro bowlers or superstars. Our roster is made up of solid guys. Solid guys are good but they have to have atleast 4 to 5 pro bowlers on a team. Those 3 guys I named are pro bowlers. not to mention the other pro bowlers they have like patrick willis, vernon davis, justin smith. They have way more talent than the fins.

Craig -- Weeden did not play in a pro system and will have to learn a whole lot too. Just like Tannehill, Weeden would have to sit and learn for a year. So that makes him 30 when he officially starts for an NFL team. That gives him a lot of years still but NFL teams would rather invest time for a Qb that will give them closer to 10 years.

If we come out of the draft with 1 of these 3 guys I will be happy. In order of preference.



You dont know what kind of career Tannehill will have no more than you know what type career Weedon will have.

Weedon completed 70% of his college passes. Tannehill was like 64%. You've been reading my posts. I Copy and posted the website with Tannehill's stats.

Its not Tannehill's accuracy itself scouts are concerned about. It's a word called C-O-N-S-I-S-T-E=N-C-Y Tannehills lacks.

If youre going to support the kid here, At least Google his last year stats. He was accurate "AT TIMES". But his "accuracy/inaccuracy" was all over the place. He had a 80% game, then a 40% game. Everything else in between read like a "heart attack chart". His accuracy isnt close to consistent.

One week you could get a 80% game. The next a 40% game. The kide was all over the charts like a heart attack ekg. CraigM its ridiculous how you try to defend your picks looking only for info that supports your side. Youre never willing to look for the cons to weigh against your pros.

You forget some posters here are "educated". We dont take your flawed bs as gospel. Only the blind sheep and you do. LOL

Weeden is the Andy Dalton of this years draft. He is the most ready to play qb of all the 2nd tier qbs including tannyhill. He is a winner just like Dalton in college.

We will suck this year because we traded away our biggest playmaker. Bush, Moore, and Fasano (hopefully Fasano won't be our TE next year) will all be less effective with Marshall gone. Not to mention all of our receivers. I don't see the Fins drafting someone who will instantly make our receiving corps relevant either (at least not right away). I don't see anyone in this league winning without a great QB with solid receivers. We have neither.

Obviously I hope I'm wrong. We will be taking another step backwards this year. Other teams in the AFC East have made moves to make their team better next year. We've haven't.


Because Weedon is 28, I guarantee you the team selecting him will have him sitting only 1 season. Believe that. He only gets a 1yr grooming.

The dummy6 CraigM says no says Weedon's better than Tannehill. If he left mommy's basement, he would have heard for the last couple months deraft experts say Weedon would be the 3rd qb taken. If not for his age.

CraigM, its incredible what you would learn by leaving mommy's basement for a minute. Or snatching your head out of your rears.

I pointed out that both the Eagles and Chiefs are putting Tannehill through his paces the next couple of guys. Maybe he's not the third rounder that some of you like to make him out to be.

Posted by: Craig M | April 02, 2012 at 11:35 AM

A bunch of teams worked out Mallett and where did he get drafted? 3rd round. Don't you ever learn anything? Don't you realize teams work out players to figure out where they should be rated and not because they must be first rounders?

Anyone know what happened when the "great" Andrew Luck met the unknown Darron Thomas? Anyone?

I just got out of the pool and wanted to know what happened when those two met.

@ Posted by: Slam | April 02, 2012 at 11:54 AM

Will not argue that we still need more talent, but the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. Start winning and we'll start sending more.
I look at our roster and I can see at least 5 with the potential to get there: Long (already is), Wake (been there), Bush (in the correct system he could put big numbers), Bess (love the guy, reminds me too much of Welker), Dansby and even V Davis (too inconsistent now but has the potential)

We never could have matched the price for RGIII, let alone beat it. Washington had the positioning for that trade. Overpaying for Peyton...no cap room.

Let's be reasonable.

Tannehill? Drafting him at #8 would be "over-paying," in that he's a reach there...but I'd be fine with that. Moving up...multiple picks...fora reach?


Armando, You're a moron. Seattle just signed Flynn. They aren't going QB in RD1!!

Philly has Vick, will go QB but in later rounds.

Chiefs have Cassel and Orton. Not going QB in RD1

Browns are only major worry and they need so much help everywhere else its crazy not to mention Richardson is still on the board. After 1 season its a bit premature to give up on McCoy considering there were no weapons or an o-line to protect him.

Publish just to publish.......do more homework. I don't even get paid and I just summed it up better than you.......

Weeden is the better QB now, the reason that Tannehill is rated higher is about 5 years... Is weeden better now than Tannehill will be in 5 years... That is the question & if he is, will he still be on your roster after his rookie contract is up. I would prefer Tannehill, only because of age & the fact I like Moore... He had a better QB rating than Eli Manning did the last 9 games of the season... So I would like to see what he can do with a OTA, preseason & coming in as the starter for the whole year... With Weeden's age there will be pressure to get him in as the starter sooner, since his shelf life isn't as long..


You're right, I DON'T know if Tannehill is going to be any more successful than Weeden. I have NO IDEA if the kids going to be good or not. What I have a problem with is you making BLANKET statements that 'Wedden is BPA over Tannehill' and 'he'll provide 7-8 years of better production'. There's NOTHING to back that up.

Your plan is to trade back and take Wedden and the way things have gone with this franchise it never goes as planned. If you have THAT kind of convicion about Weeden then you take him at 8. We're not the only team looking for QB help. We saw last year guys get overdrafted and it might happen again this year. With your plan we're going to get left out in the cold again or draft a Cousins or Osweiler, which I think would be a mistake. As Armando has said, if you have a conviction for a guy you draft him. Who cares where he got drafted.

You also talk about Tannehill's 'lack of consistency'. He's started TWENTY games in his career. What kind of consistency were you looking for in such a small body of work? Consistentcy will come with experience.

Just wondering.... Does it occur to those of you who spend you time blogging bashing Jeff Ireland and writing the same "Miami is gonna suck for 10,000 years remarks" that you are falling right into the best laid plans of the media about Tanny...?

Does it occur to some of you that "Spinning" is what Media guys like Armando do for a living..? Do you realize Armando is making his way between being a serious journalist for the MH into trying his hand at "Shock Jock" with his pals on the radio...?

Trading up to the #3 pick for Tannehill would be walking right into the plans of many. Minnesota needs a Left Tackle like a dead man needs a box. They move back to anywhere beyond the #5 pick and they can way "Buh Bye" to the best LT in the draft Matt Kalil... Think they want that to happen...? Who picks in front of number 6 pick who is going to trade up for Tanny to #3...? Minnesota ain't budging....

Cleveland has a shot as one of the best Running backs to come out since Peterson in Trent Richardson, OR Cleveland could take Blackmon or Clairborn, Two of the top guys in the NFL Draft... Think they want to trade back to say... Pick 12 or 13 and HOPE that a guy that good is still there...? He won't be... Because Miami, Jacksonville Tampa or Carolina will have snatched either Blackmon, Richardson or Clairborn in a second if they are there... and Miami CERTAINLY would have grabbed Kalil ending up with the best O-line in Football by a damned site....

Do you believe Jacksonville is going to allow themselves to miss on either Kalil, Richardson, Blackmon or Clairborn if they are still there...?

Everyone is trying to believe it ALL ORBITS AROUND MIAMI..... wrong...!!!!

MANY teams have need of blue chip players... trade back out of the top ten so some team can get Tanny and you get they're #11, 12 or 14th pick and they are GONE.... The cost will be too high... Miami would benefit GREATLY should some stupid team jump up and drive players down to Miami... Tannehill is NOT the end of the World. There is a draft next year and Tanny ain't playing this year anyway... I would LOVE to see Blackmon or Clairborn or Kalil or a top 5 player driven back to Miami because someone got itchy for Tannehill....

Smarten up... all you guys spending too much time bashing your team and not seeing what cards we hold here... Miami keep getting downplayed in this draft... when they way I see it we cannot loose... we either Get Tannehill or one of the best guys in the draft which would fall to us because someone else got antsy.... Go Miami!!!

Again, if the Fins believe Tanneyhill is the LONG TERM answer, then they need to get him. Preferably, I would rather see Blackmon or Couples, if there and go Wheadon in the 2nd.

marc innis @ 12:05

exactly right and that is why we should trade down out of 8 to about 15 or so because it is very likely tannehill is still there and even if he is gone we can still get 1a,1b,or 1c(cousins,weeden,osweiler).chiefs also have b quinn


Pretty obvious you can't even have a mature conversation without getting into name-calling. My mistake for giving you too much credit.

Have a good day.....and go f-yourself!

LOL Jack. Thought maybe you were another personality of the blog troll that often talks to itself using its different names. Even if you are (apologies if not) that was hilarious.


See Canada Phil @12:05 PM. This is the same outlook scouts have. Its only the "5YR Gap" that troubles everyone.

For the last couple months scouts have been saying Weedon's definitely a top 10 worthy selection. If not for the 5yr issue(28yrs old). Its widely reported he would have been the 3rd qb selected. Let me count that for you so there's no mistaking:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Robert Griffin
3. Brandon Weedon

This is the order qb's would be taken this year if Weedon were 23yrs old and not 28yrs old. Was tha plain enough english for you? Im sure it wasnt. LOL


But why get cute, thinking Tannehill might be there at a later pick. If he's the guy, then you draft him. I like Weeden but I don't like any of the other picks. To me, Cousins will be the bust of the group. TO me, you're right back where you were draft Henne. It's a wasted pick IMO. If you like Tannehill, then draft him. If you don't then pass. Not into this moving around, trying to get better value for your pick. In hindsight, Dalton at 15 last year would have been a great pick. The team probably thought they could get him later and waited......MISTAKE! If you like him, then draft him.

Bash me all you want. I am so much smarter than all you fools who get led around by the know nothing media like a dumb dog on a leash.


Derek4Dolphins, Take your Homer glassess off, this isnt the SS where there's a big orgy with all the bloggers over there. We are all fans of the team and want them to do well, but to turn a blind eye to incompetence is what we wont do.


Weedon's now projected late 1st to early 2nd rd. Im betting my money someone jumps on him mid to late 1st rd.

This blog topic already states "Over Paying" for the qb seems to be the way nfl teams are going. By this logic alone I can see Weedon going 1st rd.

Weedon reminds me of the red-headed kid in Cincinatti, Andy Dalton. Just like another poster mentioned.


Good riddance! Logic is a waste of time with you. You seem to live with your head buried deep within your bowels. LOL


Kyle Orton plays for Dallas, not KC. The Chiefs are looking for a long-term answer at QB and someone to push Cassel. They also tried to get into the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. They also have a private workout with Tannehill today.

The Eagles were at Tannehill's workout last week and have a private workout scheduled with later this week.

And Seahawks definitely have room on their roster for a rookie that can become their starter down the road because their financial ties to BOTH Flynn and Travaris Jackson beyond this year can be easily cut if you've been reading what I wrote about the true worth of Flynn's contract rather than the inflated figures reported. Saying they cannot be interested is like saying the Dolphins cannot be interested because they have two veteran QBs on the roster.

Look, I sometimes make mistakes. I'm human. But this time you're not looking so good.

Ireland is off the hook this year because Sherman and Philbin will have more influence in the draft and pick
Tannehill at #8 if they so desire. Also, this means it will be offense loaded. As a matter of fact, this was the case since Philbin was hired, it was Philbin's decision not to "overpay" for Flynn.
Considering most experts high opinion on Tannehill, If the Dolphins don't trade up for Tannehill It'll be a masterful strategy considering all the teams that reached for a quarterback last year that have resulted in little production. Even selecting a good receiver is possible in this year's deep WR class. Keep in mind they will develope Clay as a TE.

Dolphins draft is developing as follows:

1st rnd #8 QB Tannehill
2nd OLB Zach Brown (At 6' 1 & 1/4", 242, was the fastest LB at the combine at 4.7 40. With this speed he should be able to make up for safety weakness or even pressure quarterbacks. And, his name is Zach!)
3rd WR Ryan Broyles, Dwight Jones, or Joe Adams
3rd OT Bobby Massie
4rd WR T.Y. Hilton (Go Golden Panthers!), Jairus Wright, or Tommy Streeter (Go Canes!)
5th Safety
6th, 7th or Undrafted TE, DE

@ Posted by: Craig M | April 02, 2012 at 12:16 PM

Here is where the Sherman hiring will pay off. His knowledge of Tannehill will determine if he goes #8 or not.
Now, what if we don't take him at #8? What are the other teams to think if his old coach isn't as high on him? Will they let him slide?

Craig M

agree dalton at 15 turns out to be good but there where many that wondered why we did not trade up to get gabbert.in hindsight i am glad ireland did not make that move.gabbert is scared in the pocket and that may be something he never overcomes. i just hope for once in forever after this draft,we are not talking draft again until spring 2013 and not freakin october

If the Dolphins are going to pay or over pay in the actual draft IMPO is to late-because the franchaise QB already are going- and a trade with the Vikings will be a disaster beacuse Tannehill is not a top ten Material, the best thing for Miami is trade down with the Eagles (# 15 they need a Off. Tackle )take a 2nd round and is Tannehill is there take him, if he is not there we can take Cousin in the Second Round with the Eagles pick.

Riddle me this: Tell me one team that feels they overpaid for a "FRANCHISE QB"?

If you get a chance to take someone you BELIEVE is a franchise QB it is impossible to overpay...

The questions becomes whether or not your right or wrong, not if you overpaid.

Armando, Overpaying for a QB will set your franchise back years. Ponder overpayed for, Gabbart overpayed for him as well same with Sanchez. Give me an instance where overpaying for a QB payed off for a team?

This the what happened:

The 'Trifecta' botched it.
Parcells exemplfied the 'Peter Principle' in that he MAY be a fine coach, but he failed miserably in an upper managemant capacity.
Ireland spent 4 years emulating a person (Parcells) that was in over his head.
Sporano is a good statistician, not a good head coach. His tinkering RUINED not only his quarterback(s,) but the offensive line as well. His inability to make a decision ruined any chemistry and keeping everyone 'on-their-toes' was just another in a long line of lapses in judgement.

Philbin is head & shoulders a better HC and I can only hope that Ireland opens his mind to new thinking. I like the Philbin hire...just because he & Megamind are twins.

tony in miami,

Nobody's toughing Cousins until 3rd rd. His arm strength is only rated "adequate". What I do love about Cousins is how his draft status, report, and size closely resembles Montana. So does his college production.

Google Montan's predraft report and then Cousins. It amazing how similar they are. If gm, I would take Cousins(if available) 3rd rd no matter what qb I had already selected. We have an "extra" 3rde rd pick from the Marshall trade.

Its a "Hail Mary" that just might cash in for us. Montana only won, what? 3-4 sb's. He was drafted 3rde rd and his college career and predraft scouting report it like the "identical twin" to Cousins. Just sayin... LOL

Montana would not have been Montana on any other team at any other time.


The Cheifs are not after a qb. Did they try to get Peyton Manning? uhhh yea its Peyton Manning. Most teams will go after a qb if he is an upgrade. Not so sure Tannyhill is an upgrade of Cassel right now. Cassel did make the Pro Bowl in 2010 and has been reunited with Daboll who coached him in New England.

The seahawks were just a playoff team a year ago, and they beat the saints. I think they are more interested in adding playmakers to make a playoff run. They could also use an offensive lineman.

The only true competition is going to be the browns. I still think they draft one of the elite prospects at 4.

Philbin seems to be a sort of brainiac hc. Sort of in the mold of a "Bill Walsh". If only we would get Bill Walsh like results from his hire and we would be in nfl football heaven. LOL

Of course several teams will be checking out Tannehill. It means nothing more than evaluating him close up. Nobody knows where he will get picked so some teams will only be interested him in the second round if not further back.

To overpay is bad by definition. If everything turns rigth, then you didn't overpay.

It's like giving 110% of your effort.

It's simple math

YG, lets not get too far ahead, you were prob saying the same about Cam Cameron.

Wasn't Chad Henne the 3rd best prospect in his draft?

Montana didnt really have a ton of talent on the Notre Dame teams he played on. He came along during the wrong Notre Dame era.

Curt Cousins wasnt surrounded by a ton of talent at Michigan St either. Yet all he did was win and raise the level of play of everyone around him. I believe this maybe a point that's missed in his predraft assessment.

It scares me a little that IN 6-7YRS, Cousins will be the fish all but one nfl teams will be talking about that got away. They all miss out because they omitted how closely both his college career, producton, and predraft report. Closely "twinned" Joe Montana's.

Im not advocating taking Cousins 1st or 2nd rd. But if he's still there 3rd rd with either of our 2 3rd rd picks. We need to pull the trigger whether we have already selected a qb or not.


Believe me, I never said that about Cam Cameron. I never could overcome the fact Cam Cameron had 2 first names! LOL

We "OVERDRAFTED" for Chad Henne. Based on what I personally saw of his college career, as a gm, I wouldnt have touched him before the 5th rd. LOL

Craig, I happen to like Weeden better myself (just based on my casual observations of watching them play), but I find myself asking the same thing you did to YG.

IF Weeden is head and shoulders better than the rest of the QBs (besides Luck/RG3), then why aren't NFL people saying that? JUST because his age? It doesn't add up to me. It's like I'm missing something.

At this point, honestly, I don't care. I know I'm not smart enough to know, for sure, who will be a great NFL QB. And I don't even know the system Philbin wants (other than WC) or the players he think are worth developing.

So I'm really putting this Draft on Ireland/Philbin. I need to make heads/tails of the team first before I offer any suggestion. Let them do what they think is needed, be it Tannehill, or someone else, or just go with the QBs we have now for this year. I'm staying out of it and leaving it to the professionals (all the trolls on here will be thrilled).

Are we set to sign Rocky McIntosh? This guy would solidify our LBs; averaging 78 tackles per season with Redskins; would be a very soild pick up!

My thoughts on the draft are these; don't worry about the "franchise Qb" in the 1st round pick with Tannehill.... He's a big risk in my opinion.

I would instead trade back to get K. Wright and then in the 2nd round I would pick up Fleener!
That's RGIII and Luck's most dynamic weapons.... & we can have them both on our roster for years to come!

That's the way we have to think going into this draft!

Mando, you do not move UP in the draft for Tannehill period. Yes, pick him at #8 IF he is the guy the FO is most comfortable with, but #3 - #5 is by no means set in stone progession of choices. Weeden is a better passer/decision maker/leader - and ready now. Cousins is a better field leader/competitor/winner, and presents a lesser risk. I know Tannehill has a nicer arm, and snazzy footwork - greta. If they want him, pick him. Bu don't you DARE trade away your picks for Tannehill when you refused to do it for RG3.

No way, no how. Embarassing to even mention it.

Seattle isn't moving up for Tannehill. They just signed Flynn to a big contract as we all know. Don't trade up for Tannehill, but if he's there at 8 and Philbin likes him fine take him.

Sorry for the intrusion. I was spelunking in the Himalayas and wanted to know what happened when the NUMBER ONE OVERALL PICK IN THIS YEARS DRAFT met Darron Thomas?

I've been out of town for a few decades. Can someone remind me what happened to Mike Tyson when he met Buster Douglas?

Point being this...

Tannehill won't be vetted properly until he faces REVIS ISLAND and MARIO WILLIAMS.

And try to come back from behind facing Tom Brady.

Y'all willing to risk a #8 pick on all those unknowns?

I don't think it is a good idea to either move up and or overpay for Tannehill. Someone like a A. Luck is a no brainer while anyone else, at least at this point, is at best questionable. I like a number of other QB's which are not as much of a risk. I like Osweiller in the 3rd, or even Weeden if he shouls slip down to the 3rd or even Austin Davis in the 5th, provided the Dolphins have a good QB coach who could correct some questionable habits if his.

@Ak Fin Fan

You don't think the Raiders overpaid for Jamarcus? LOL!!!! Jamarcus is the reason they changed the rookie contracts.

Hey ya'll, why do you think there has been no interest in Graham Harrell - he's been sitting in Green Bay as the 3rd string QB waiting for his chance, he lit up the scoreboard at Tex Tech, set records, etc ... I'm surprised that he hasn't surfaced somewhere else as a starter or 2nd string player.


And that's the point! Tannehill is not 3rd best for no reason. There is probably not much difference between him and Moore.

We already have a Tannehill on the team right now. Maybe two!

When there is a new Coaching staff and new system the smart thing to do is draft a QB that has the skills to fit in that system. If Tannehill is there at #8 draft him and develop him. He has a higher ceiling than Flynn or A Smith. I would even feel better keeping Moore than paying either of them 8 or 9 mil a year. I believe after one yr Tannehill could be a top ten QB and put up better stats than Ryan or Flacco.

Agreed, Dolphins have failed to offer substantial money agreements for key prospects just to ensure their presence in Miami (RG3, Manning, Flynt).

However this Tanehill thing looks more like overtime gambling based on a theatrical show (Combine productivity). Mere size is not a guarantee either. Dolphins didn't even wanted this guy a few days ago.

It would be best if Philbin begins to review promising QBs for future drafts instead. And this time he needs to find someone he REALLY wants regardless of the price, so Ross and Ireland have a chance to plan on advance and trade for the right pick.

What do you guys think about Matt Barkley???

So let me get this straight, we'd be willing to move UP to #3 or #4 on draft night for Tanneyhill but didn't jump to #2 for RG3??

That is retarded, oh wait, we're talking about the Dolphins, so this makes perfect sense

So Tannehill is gonna make our WR's look like pro bowlers? A rookie is gonna come in and start dictating to veterans?

Ya'll don't think Moore and Garrard have more RESPECT in this league than some 3rd drafted QB?

Tell me how Tannehill will come in and gain RESPECT right away with the Dolphin players?

Drafting him would be a wedge issue for the veterans KNOWING two things.

One, he is 3rd best. Two, he was placed as the starter for no other reason than to please the fan base.

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