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Peter King's Top 10 at Sports Illustrated

Everyone has a mock draft. Kiper, McShay, Mayock, Brooks, Casserley, Florio.


The latest comes from Sports Illustrated's Peter King. This is his top 10 with a twist in that he gives you what player he believes the team will pick and what player he believes the team should pick. Obviously, King is convinced about what the Dolphins will and should do:

Team............................ Will Pick................ Should Pick

Indianapolis Colts............. Andrew Luck.......... Andrew Luck

Washington Redskins..........Robert Griffin III...... Robert Griffin III

Minnesota Vikings............. Matt Kalil.............. Morris Claiborne

Cleveland Browns............. Trent Richardson..... Justin Blackmon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers....... Morris Claiborne...... Morris Claiborne

St. Louis Rams................. Justin Blackmon...... Justin Blackmon

Jacksonville Jaguars.......... Stephon Gilmore......David DeCastro

Miami Dolphins................. Ryan Tannehill........Ryan Tannehill

Carolina Panthers.............. Fletcher Cox..........Fletcher Cox

Buffalo Bills...................... Michael Floyd........Mark Barron


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Who is Stephon Gilmore and Fletcher Cox?


Who is Peter King ?

Overrated Sports Writer from Enfield Ct.

Peter Kings a sports writer

Who is Armando Salguero?

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

who are the Dolphins and what do they do?

SK it haters !!!!

Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest football team.
We take the ball from goal to goal like no one's ever seen.
We're in the air; we're on the ground; we're always in control,
And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl;

'Cause we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins, number one!
Yes, we're the Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins, number one!

And the Dolphins draft:

Rasputin Acorn, RB, Ireland State - Rumored to be a potential kick returner or backup receiver.

Lets draft Bob Duato

Enough with the Tannehill pic! He was a 2nd or 3rd talent in January, how does he move up to the top 10 because we NEED a QB for the future. We need players now! How can Sherman be in love with this guy when he got him fired with all those loses and interceptions? Question for you, how many GOOD coaches get fired in college football? Exactly, Tannehill is a bust, waiting to happen. We have an easy schedule this season, let's win 10 games and worry about QB next year, it's only been 19 years since we got a good one, what's another year?

Laughing @ PK


we want a qb whaaaaa, no dont take a qb whaaaa, Ireland stinks for not getting one whaaaaa, you reached for one whaaaaa. . . .

More importantly, the Dolphins off-season moves would suggest that Tannehill is on their radar.

T-minus eight days and counting!

This offseason has been a nightmare.

Yes, pick tanahill A team without a top 10 QB can't be a contender. he's a first Rd pick. detail doesn't matter. Pick him and another QB in the first Rd next year. QB draft in the first Rd has a 50% success rate. Accept that it's no possible to evaluate QBs with certainty and take two in consecutive years to solve the problem.

Take A QB in every round, I want the crying to be over, fans and media are one not sallies.

sweet list

Just move the garbage team to L.A.

Anybody watch the NFL Network last night? They had the Bears former head of scounting on air and he was awsome. He was brutally honest in evaluating this years draft class(unlike all the other"gurus"). He flat out said Tannehill is a second or third round talent period. Any team that drafts him earlier is crazy. This guy knows what he is talking about.


I respect the WAY scouts evaluate certain measurables but there are intangibles that are being ignored in the face of desperate need... I broke down every piece of tape I could find on RYAN TANNEHILL and BRANDON WEEDEN and, having watched every complete game let me tell you my 30 second analysis: Tannehill is an athletic kid playing over his head against bad competition and getting eaten alive against decent teams who is a nice athlete but not a "winner" at the qb position. To say he's "mistake-prone" is like saying it rains "a bit" during baseball season in Miami. He might have the exact same value as a Chad Henne (who also had nice numbers, btw) but clearly not a winner and My God, So NOT a top ten pick!! He might be a 3rd rounder in fact! His play in clutch situations was so bad, he got SO rattled when he should have been calm that he actually got his head coach fired. The same coach now running our offense. Why would you revisit that failure as a coach? WEEDEN is a whole other animal.... So he's old, so what? I watched a guy with a command of the field, anticipating throws long before the break was made, adjusting play calls at the line and possessing a CANNON of an arm! The kind of arm that could excel in Buffalo, New England and NY once a year when we play our divisional opponents. Yes, the ball would sail on him from time to time, but more after than not his passes were amazing. I don't care that he's 29. He's the best, most NFL ready QB the Dolphins have an opportunity to sign! Let someone else make the TANNEHILL mistake, we already had our PAT WHITE. We should grab the best player available in the first and draft WEEDEN as our QB of the future. The guy is THAT good! Go Phins! :-)

I need T.P. for my bung hole

Weeden now a top 20 pick despite age

WEEDEN, good 2nd rd pick. Not 1st, get either Ingram or Coples.

Brian C...was this the same head of scouting who helped draft Cedric Benson, Marc Columbo, Rex Grossmen, and David Terrell in the first round?

I think Peter King (and most of the other draft pundits) may get surprised by Miami's pick at #8! For some reason, I think we take someone else other than Tannehill, or move down and acquire more picks. Ireland will base his draft on what Philbin feels that he needs. Moore/Garrard may suffice for a year while Philbin installs his system and molds the team. Why bench a top-15 rated QB or a good veteran for a kid that's a reach at number 8? Especially, if that's what everyone thinks we should do! Nope, Ireland's ego will have him going another way with the pick. Just to prove what a genius he is (in his own mind). Unless Sherman & Philbin convince him otherwise, little Jeffy will pass on Tannehill.

I just have this feeling...
(could be gas though).

The knock on Weeden is his age.
Personally I don't care.
If the man can make us competitive for the next five years then sign him.

anyone thinking he is a 2nd rd pick is going to be sorely mistaken. Scouts and coaches have seen enough to know he is easily the third best QB available arguably the best if it werent for age.

there is no way Weeden will be available at 42

I have this gassy feeling also, wanna compare?

The media loves some sucker picking Tannehill in the top 10. Why? So they can crap all over the team that picked him when he turns into a turd pick because it takes him 4 years to learn how to play.
If he isn't game changing top 10 draft pick, don't draft him. Stupid media.

Who the hell is Peter King?

When did he ever put on a jock strap!

If it were possible i'd trade up from 42 to land Weeden and draft Kuechly at #8 or get Kevin Zeitler #42 and try and go after Cousins with a trade up to another 2nd.

Maybe I'm losing it, but I'm slowly getting on the Tannehill bus!

I know we need other players. Here is my thing, if we were guaranteed he would start and put up numbers like Andy Dalton, would you do it?


I'm just don't know what they should do. :( I have no faith in them.

I personally would like this Floyd WR out of ND.

I'd like to see anyone drafted who will look good in a tight white uniform.

Tannehill will still be on the board with our 2nd pick. We already have better QB's on the current roster and have a rookie project QB with Devlin. The only two QB's worthy of first round picks are going first and second overall...the rest are not ready for playing on Sunday's this year. We are not in a luxury position to pick a player that won't contribute this year. We need to pick DeCastro. He's an immediate starter that just might make the pro bowl his rookie year.

Lets revisit this in 10 days time....and see how full of BS PK really is...

Poizen, Floyd a drunk, you dont want him

I say pass on Tannehill. We can win with what we have. The coaches will need to develop the talent we have and our draft picks. I say trade down #8 and see if we can get a lower 1st pick and a 2nd rounder or two 1st rounders towards the bottom. We can get a handful of rookies into the mix to make our roster even better. The QB will come in due time. Just sayin'

who cares the draft, Jeff Idiotland screw up every year!! so Kill Jeff first and them draft someone

The NFL's greed and all the Thursday and Saturday games have ruined the league. The reason? Now it's all a crapshoot. Which teams are good is like the lottery.

It used to be that football games were played on Sunday, with one Monday game and the Thanksgiving game.

This *predictability* rewarded smart coaching and training. Everyone was on a level playing field. An expert organization would know how to balance recovery time, practice, etc. with when the game would be played.

Now because of the NFL's desire to broadcase more games, we have random games on Thursdays etc and it's basically like the WWE now (wrestling). Pure entertainment.

They should rename this crap the XFL.

Clue, I cant disagree, however some of the best dolphins in history were drunks.

Dan Marino
Zach Thomas
Sam Madison

Dan Marino we all knew about, Sam, Zach along with Patrick Surtain, Derrick Rodgers, and a few others were trashed in Davie's ale house often enough that I am from MA and drank with them 3 times. :) Along with Larry Izzo. :)

I'm fine with King's pick, but isn't he the genius who predicted we'd win the SB in Sports Illustrated the year we went 1-15.

If that prediction doesn't get you laughed out of the league, then nothing will.

Poizen, the reason they won't take Floyd is because there's another guy, from LSU, who they say is almost exactly the same as Floyd, who will be available later.

So it's Tannehill or a pass rusher IMO (unless Blackmon is miraculously there).

we should def pass on tannehill and take weeden 2n rd but we all know ireland will take him if hes there

UGH. LSU, There are some good ones I guess, but that school always dishes out mediocrity or less to the NFL.

This is effin ridiculous! Ireland has a prime chance in gaining some fans back in his good graces, all he has to do is:
Trade first round picks with the eagles for Asante Samuel
( our int would double)
Then make sure we draft a wide receiver first round, second round line backer or de (or Lamar miller if he's available around 40th pick, hissing value is dropping and he could be the second round steal like mauluga) and tommy streeter and russel Wilson in third. Completely changes our team, by getting canes gets fans interested and tickets sell, and lets get excited about this season!
All Ireland has to do is a variation of this. Fixes the complaints about wide receiver, Sean smith, qb, Lack of canes, and playmakers,
I do not want wheeden, but better than no qb, but he will have literally a decade less than luck and rg3.
But Ireland won't do this. He will draft ANOTHER damn end or OL first round, take no name ass players who didn't show up on the big stage on Saturdays but for some reason he thinks will on Sunday, and we will be vying for Barkley and Ross will still not fire Ireland.
I'll tell u also, besides the two qbs, I have no doubt that the difference maker this draft will be Justin Blackmon. He's aid of Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson, and that might seem like too high praise, but it really isn't, and I guarantee

Not a big fan going after Tannehill. Get the best play maker available! In fact get the best players available in each selection. Start a foundation (can't start it with a over hyped QB) and then do whatever you can to get Matt BArkley next year or make an effort for Landry Jones. If the dolphins really are in rebuilding mode they need to get the best players on the board.

Poizen,Just cause someone goes out once in a while and ties one on doesnt mean there "Drunks", Just saying.

For what ever it is worth in the article KING states that Tannehill will not get past Seattle pick #12 under any circumstances. As for the Bears scout I assume he was on staff when they drafted QB's like Bobby Dougles, Cade McNown and Rex Grossman. I am not sure I would use his evaluation as something to base the pick on.

As for Coples he would not play much for the phins this year either maybe 10 snaps a game. Who would they sit so he could play, Odrick, Starks, Wake?? No way. Further, most of the recent mocks have Coples 5-10 picks and as Mike Mayock states he would not take him before the third round.

Floyd does not really fit the definition of a West Coast WR. Decastro is the safest pick in an area of need but that would be another huge $$$ investment into the OL.

trade first rd picks?? u can have samuel for a 4th or 5th rounder right now. its his contract that is the problem

dusty, Weeden is my choice too, but like you said, "we know Ireland."

Poizen, you don't like LSU, lol. That sounded personal bro.

Poizen interesting view..

FP4, kinda the point of my post, that is what Mr. floyd did as a college student at ND. Check the previous posts, I was responding.

Part of my job covers that part of the country, All the saints fans cringe at LSU draft picks. Devry Henderson was like the anti christ to most of them... LOL

OK, gotta run, talk to ya tomorrow.

I'm willing to bet that 90% of the Tannehill haters never watched him play one game last year. I watched a few of his games and came away incredibly impressed. Most specifically, the Baylor game. He absolutely DESTROYED it and outshined RGIII. No one knew who he was and I kept telling all my buddies "watch out for this kid. He's gonna gain steam". And now here we are staring down the barrel at him. I know a lot of you are tentative, but I can promise you this kid has moxy and oozes talent and promise. Unlike spent college QB's like Brady Quinn and Henne, Tannehill is like an untapped oil well. Yes, he may need to be coached up. And I know that's not always desirable when spending a top 10 pick. But we have capable QB's and if the end result is a franchise QB, who cares if he doesn't play year one. Go Dolphins and LET'S GET US SOME TANNEHILL!

im not a hater thats for sure. living in kc i see almost every big 12 game. weeden is def better than tannehill. taking him at 8 is a huge reach

There's quite a few holes in the fins, And knowing Ireland Id say man the life boats.

Lay off the crack Rob.

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