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Peter King's Top 10 at Sports Illustrated

Everyone has a mock draft. Kiper, McShay, Mayock, Brooks, Casserley, Florio.


The latest comes from Sports Illustrated's Peter King. This is his top 10 with a twist in that he gives you what player he believes the team will pick and what player he believes the team should pick. Obviously, King is convinced about what the Dolphins will and should do:

Team............................ Will Pick................ Should Pick

Indianapolis Colts............. Andrew Luck.......... Andrew Luck

Washington Redskins..........Robert Griffin III...... Robert Griffin III

Minnesota Vikings............. Matt Kalil.............. Morris Claiborne

Cleveland Browns............. Trent Richardson..... Justin Blackmon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers....... Morris Claiborne...... Morris Claiborne

St. Louis Rams................. Justin Blackmon...... Justin Blackmon

Jacksonville Jaguars.......... Stephon Gilmore......David DeCastro

Miami Dolphins................. Ryan Tannehill........Ryan Tannehill

Carolina Panthers.............. Fletcher Cox..........Fletcher Cox

Buffalo Bills...................... Michael Floyd........Mark Barron


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Part of an April 3rd sun sentinel article on Weeden.

"An NFL pocket is not clean, and it requires active management. Marino managed the pocket with the kind of confidence in his ability to throw from any leverage. I see that same confidence in Brandon Weeden’s handling of pressure within the pocket. There are issues for him to work on, particularly a habit of stepping backward at times which can be coached into stepping up a little more often. However, you cannot coach the natural confidence Brandon has in his arm that he shows in his willingness to keep his eyes up the field and concentrate on dodging bullets from the inside of a phone booth rather than trying to pull down the ball and create athletically.

The other element of the confidence which enables Brandon to handle the rush so well is due to preparation and awareness. Weeden was one of the most adept passers I saw in 2011 at recognizing the blitz and knowing instantly how to beat it."

I say take Coples or Ingram at #8. Trade up in second round to get Weeden. Weeden could compete in 2012 unlike Tannehill.

Not that it matters or means anything really but McShay is of the opinion that Tannehills ceiling is higher than Barkleys. But who knows really until it all plays out.
Seems lots of folks talk of LONG term success, and rightly so. Long term success has more to do with the coaches and the culture than is does with players. Of course you need the right players but our long term success starts with Philbin and Ireland.

I don't really understand the Ireland hate. Pouncey was a GREAT pick, DT can turn into a good compliment to Bush if he stays healthy and Clay looks like a steal where he was drafted. Gates didn't do squat last year but he's still relatively new to football and has loads of potential, not to mention he's a perfect fit in the WC offense ( don't think its coincidence ) and this was only his first draft without Parcells. We don't know who really picked who before last year, but think about it. Clay= wc offense. Gates=west coast offense. Pouncey ? you guessed it. Again, not coincidence. I BELIEVE in Ireland.

If y'all wanna hate on Ireland for FA's, well i would ask you how you feel about Burnett and Bush and Moore. But yes, the good teams turn it around in one year right ? Just ask the class of the NFL, i.e.: Giants, Patriots, Packers, Ravens, Steelers......all just turned it around in the past 5 years to become what they are right ? WRONG.

Weeden is a good qb but he's probably just about maxed out. Not a lot of room for improvement. Plus it can't hurt tossing the ball up to Blackmon. Plus he had a 6-8 year age advantage on his competition. Those are a couple advantages he won't have so much in the NFL. I remember a really good college qb that was ranked a top qb coming out, made a splash in the heisman race and ended up being selected in the 2nd rd mainly due to his age...what was his name.....?
Oh yeah
John Beck.

Tannehill = Sanchez

Only difference is that the Fins let him hold a clipboard for 1 1/2 to 2 years instead of playing him from day one.

After two years they discover they made a mistake.

The only QB I'd take other than Tannehill, if I were to take a QB is Cousins.

ROSS BLOWZ, you are a moron, or don't like football. Don't like the team, don't watch them. don't listen to games, don't read about them, and don't post if you want them in LA.

Not a big fan going after Tannehill. Get the best play maker available! In fact get the best players available in each selection. Start a foundation (can't start it with a over hyped QB) and then do whatever you can to get Matt BArkley next year or make an effort for Landry Jones. If the dolphins really are in rebuilding mode they need to get the best players on the board.
Posted by: dolfnman

how do you know that Tannehill isn't going to be the best player availible on their draft board at #8?... after all they are going on their determination on who is the best player availible .. NOT THE MEDIA'S , OR YOUR DRAFT BOARD... think about it , and get back to me ;)

@Mike ... waiting for you to go away......... still waiting ....

Poizen,Just cause someone goes out once in a while and ties one on doesnt mean there "Drunks", Just saying.
Posted by: FP4FGs. | April 18, 2012 at 04:47 PM

LOL At FG, A true "Drunk" Is Odin., Just ask his liver.

We said the same thing about Aaron Rogers he went 28th look how that turned out. yea we took Ronnie Brown

More on Weeden.

"According to data accumulated by rivals.com, Brandon Weeden was sacked only 20 times in his Oklahoma State career. That is 20 sacks on 1102 throws, a sack for every 55 attempts. That is outstanding. Playing in the same conference, Robert Griffin was sacked once every 15 pass attempts.

One also cannot dismiss the lack of sacks as being a function of a myopic offense full of check down passes, either. Brandon Weeden threw deep and wide as much or more often than any other upper echelon prospect in this Draft.

If you look at Brandon Weeden next to a player like Ryan Tannehill, who is four years younger than Weeden, this could also give you perspective. Right now, the Cleveland Browns at #4 overall are wrestling with the idea of whether to take Tannehill. It is my belief that a 23 or 24 year old Brandon Weeden would win a battle for Draft position with a similar-aged Ryan Tannehill.

If that means that a 23 or 24 year old Weeden would not look out of place at #4 overall, it sets his high water value at 1800 “points” on the infamous Draft Value Chart. If you assume Ryan Tannehill to have a 12 year career, with 10 of them being high quality years, then Weeden at four years older should have an 8 year career, with 6 of them being high quality years, approximately 60 percent of the high quality years of a Tannehill.

However, as I said, the four missing years do not shake out as valuable as the six remaining. So, perhaps that puts a 28 year old Brandon Weeden’s value more toward 75 percent of a 24 year old Weeden. In chart terms, that would make Weeden’s high water mark priced at about the #9 overall pick."

Tannehill = Sanchez
Only difference is that the Fins let him hold a clipboard for 1 1/2 to 2 years instead of playing him from day one.
After two years they discover they made a mistake.
Posted by: Say No Tannehill

where did you buy your crystal ball at? Just cause someone says he isn't ready to play Doesn't make it true!? ... everybody said Cam Newton wouldn't be ready to play. I guess their Crystal ball was bought at a prop shop! probably yours was too. Just cause someone says something doesn't make it true.

Irelands thinking is "Is he(Tannehill)a Acorn"??If he is I'll draft him, If he's not I wont.We are after all a team of Acorns.

@Say No Tannehill >>> tell it to Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland ... this is a sports blog not the draft room ... nothing we can do about it... we are in the same boat as you ... we got no say ..LOL

Name a QB over the age of 25 to come out of college and have any success in the NFL.

@thavafin >>> maybe his name will be Brandon Weeden

Maybe we draft Tannehill and he develops into a top 5 qb.
Maybe we draft no qb and Moore emerges as a top 5 qb.
Maybe not.

Jim McMahon, Though he wasnt 25 I think he was 24 when Drafted, I might be wrong though.

sports fans need to put down stats and satistics and who's done this in the past and who's done that. what players suceeded and which players failed .... that doesnt matter. what matters is does this kid have the skills , and can he help our team , is he willing to learn , does he play for the money or does he play for the love of the game , Is he willing to put football above everything else. will he back up his players no matter what. and theres your pick! problem solved

I love Lady Watusi brand mayonnaise. Scrumptious! I'm covering my nude body in it right now.

Praise Jesus.


Jags going Gilmore?
And should pick DeCastro?

Wha?!!...... Gilmore better than Kirkpatrick? Star hungry Jags should pick a guard?

Gives more creedence to the hope that we don't go Tannehill.

And I predict that no way they waste the number 8th overall pick on a QB, who at best, is a late first or second rounder. Bill Parcells taught his man not to trust a college QB who's only had one season as a starter.

jeff row,

In the first round the best player available could be Kalil, Clairborne, Blackmon or Richardson if one of them dropped down to #8.

Fins would then have to ask themselves which one also fills a need. It would probably be a choice between Blackmon and Clairborne since the Fins have Long and Bush (unless they want to trade Long or Bush for more picks).

Then you add Coples to the mix. He's a need and a best pass rusher available.

Then you have Tannehill. Fills a need but won't start for 1 1/2 to 2 years. A first round developmental QB is the best player available in the first round with the #8 pick? This pick will cost Ireland his job. I believe he's a smokescreen to make someone trade up to get him. This will make one of the four players drop to #8.

To stop Brady and other playoff caliber QBs the Fins need to find a shutdown CB (Clairborne if he slides) to complement Davis or a pass rusher (Coples) to complement Wake. If they can fill these two positions in the draft, it will probably be Ireland's best draft ever.

I guess he did'nt take the 4 year Mormon mission then., I Stand corrected.

Say No to Tanny...

Im curious if anyone cares that Claiborne is a scholastic dunce. If they do, then he slides. Goody.
If not... no slide.

Coples or Ingram will be there. Either works for me. Prefer Coples.

I think they are only 2 year missions.

I Stand Corrected again.

On Weeden and QBs starting in late 20's:

"In the case of longevity, I did a study of the number of career starts of quarterbacks in NFL history that did not get their first opportunity to start seasons until their late 20’s. One must remember that the very first reason a quarterback will cease starting football games is because he is not talented enough, so I limited the study to quarterbacks that had played in at least one Pro Bowl. The study was illuminating. The average age when this group of quarterbacks got their chance to start was 28 years old, which will be Brandon’s age at the start of the 2012 season. The average number of career starts covered enough for 8 solid seasons of starting. When limiting the study to players that played in at least two Pro Bowls, that number jumped up to 9 seasons’ worth of starts. If you nail the talent question on Brandon Weeden (which should always be the most important question), then you should be able to expect at least 8 seasons’ worth of starts. Notable quarterbacks involved in this study include Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, Kurt Warner and Roger Staubach, all of whom are (or will likely be) in the Hall of Fame."

Gee I can't wait to see the next mock draft 12.0...
C'mon draft if nothing more than to stop talking about the endless array of possibilities that no one ever has or ever will come close to predicting.

Say no to Weeden

Say no...
nice work, if your facts are straight.
I'm prefering Cousins, but Weeden is .1 behind him. Probably best pure passer in the draft.

Denver would like to know how 35 yr.old QBs fare? ;)

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

@Say No Tannehill ....>>> all these things you say are just your opinion... you dont know how long it would take Tannehill to start , he might beat all the other Q/B's out and start at the start .. WHO KNOWS?!?... as for the value of the other players you named , how do you know what Joe's and Jeff's draftboard looks like? did you sneak into Joe's office and see it? they might think that Coples isn't worth a first round pick, they might think that Tannehill is a top 5 draft pick ... and what smokesceen? I haven't heard anyone in the dolphin Brass say they value Tannehill? Or even if they like him ( or what to draft him) the smokescreen is coming from all these say called draft experts and ESPN which get it wrong every year

Gotta like a guy that gets drafted for baseball and doesnt makeit and goes back to school, I wonder if he went back for some Tail?, But then again, Who go's back to school for tail and enrolls at OSU?


that's funny.

I'd like to see a QB picked but not in the first round.

On Moore. Last year he was ranked 12th in the NFL. I expect that the team as a whole will continue to improve making him better.

None of the QBs that have enjoyed success in the league at a later age started their careers at 28 either. They had been in and usually performing well up to their later days. But I suppose its always possible for things that have never happened before to eventually happen...like a older QB coming out of college and having success in the NFL.
Jus sayin

dolphins are the new lions

Brandon Weeden = Chris Weinke
Except Weinke was better.

I'm not sure why folks get their hearts wrapped around one pick or the other.

The draft is a crap shoot like it or not. If we draft Tannehill, one would assume it would be because of how well our OC knows him and rather or not they think he would fit into the WCO.

Beyond that we've made worst picks than Floyd,Ingram,Coples,Reiff,or Decastro before.

Most everyone thinks those listed above will be good football players and thats good enough for me.

I would love to get an elite player but the best odds of that are in the top 5 or 6. All the rest are for sure a crap shoot to be elite.

Guys there is no sense in debating Tannehill. None. Who would know his potential better than our own OC? I mean c'mon. Do you think he needs to read what the pundits say? He's the OC, he has HC experience and direct personal experience coaching Tannehill. I'm willing to trust they make the right decision. No mock or no accumulated pundit articles are more valuable than Sherman's personal experience with him.

It's futile to worry about. For every pundit article whether pro or con influencing your opinion, I'm saying, I'll take Sherman's opinion over anyone else's you can dig up.

Jeff Row,

The Fins have invited or met with most of the players that are being pegged as the picks from #3 to #7 plus more.

Yes, I'm assuming that they are at the top of their draft board for the skill positions they play. Why would they bother inviting them in for interview and testing?

They played it safe by picking Long when they could have picked Ryan.

Why would they start gambling now on a QB that most experts claim is a reach and that doesn't have any probability of playing his first year?

Ross wants a pick that will fill his stadium. A Tannehill pick won't fill seats in 2012. I'm assuming the experts opinion is right that he isn't ready to start (but then anything could happen, but I doubt it). If Coples turns out to be the next Jason Taylor, that will fill the stadium.

Ireland,the last of the Trifecta, will be gone if Tannehill turns out to be a bust. Something fans probably won't know for another year at least.

Ross wants a pick that will fill his stadium.
Posted by: Say No Tannehill | April 18, 2012 at 07:16 PM

There is no pick that will fill the stadium. Winning will fill the stadium. Any pick after #2 is going to be just one more player needing to prove themselves.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion even Peter King. That said if the Dolphins go with Ryan Tannehill they are in a rebuild mode and fans can forget about winning or making the playoffs. Guys like Mike Florio and King are more about the showbiz popular opinion without a lot of substance. For another team Ryan would be great but the Dolphins have been so bad with their skill position picks and have to many immediate needs other than QB. If they do not address them now the team will not win without a big time receiver or a pass rusher to take the pressure off the secondary. King and Florio are clueless when it comes to playing the game. All due respect to Florio but he is better at giving a legal opinion about things that happen in the NFL. King is more of a Jimmy the Greek type guy, 'Listen to me even though I'm clueless. If the Dolphins pick Tannehill they will not make the playoffs for the next two seasons in my opinion. They are to far in the whole on skill positions due to Parcells and his big only philosophy.

The whole Weeden article.


They also had a detailed article on Tannehill yesterday.

It's amazing how many of you are more easily influenced by any pundit or sports writer than a real NFL HC whose primary expertise is OC.

Just believe what every guy who gets paid to crank out an article writes over a real pro, sure.

Glad to see the dolphins playing well today, Yeah it's only 3 to zero Vs the hated Bills but I think it's time to open up the Bottle of Jim Beam(My Second one)(LOL) And maybe snort a little cheese With my Hottie.


Posted by: Odinseye | September 12, 2010 at 01:40 PM

Guys I had to go deep into my Odin File to pluck this one out., Enjoy

Here we have a blog that thinks Hyde, who never coached in the NFL, has a more astute opinion than Mike Sherman.

It's easy to see how illiterate Bush got elected twice.

Peter King is a sports writer. His boss says, Peter, crank out a Mock. Peter says ok. He cranks one out. That is all it is. A sports writers guess, no different than anyone else's paying attention.

Some of you have no perspective whatsover. I guess Say No To Tannehill would like Hyde coaching our offense. LOL.

Some of you have such a limited perspective. Ryan leaf was born May 15. So I guess we should never draft any QB born on May 1. LOL.

May 15



I wouldn't say we're in a rebuilding mode just because we draft Tannehill.

They would just be preparing for the future beyond Moore or Garrard. If both of those fail,then it's rebuild in a hurry behind Tannehill.

I do agree right now our biggest needs are pass rusher and WR. I kind of get the feeling that Ireland thinks are biggest need is a pass rusher,based on the few words he's revealed.

I think if we do indeed take Tannehill it will be bacause of pressure from Ross and fans and media to produce a franchise QB. And of course Sherman and Philbins opinion that Tannehill could be that guy.

Finished watching Coples, two games worth.
The knocks on him, that he took plays off.. yeah I can see it. BUT, those were mostly plays where he played DT. I don’t think he cared for DT very much.
The other “bad” plays looked like poor decisions that he couldn’t overcome. Went the wrong way, now stuck in lineman’s grasp, etc. A few good years in the NFL, and a good D-coord will solve those plays.
The rest looked impressive. Expecially when He was on the outside, genuine pass rushing. Strong enough for DT, and run defense. Fast enough for DE pass rushing. He looked pretty darned good to me.

But.. I’m not a very good DE evaluator.

Sparano and Ireland are definitely being fired. Look for Mike Nolan/John Gruden to be new GM/HC.
I just hope that whatever s h i t t y team Sparano coaches next year brings in Chad Pennington to help develop the QB.
Posted by: Odinseye | December 12, 2010 at 02:58 PM

I Will say this for a drunk he is quite astute in some of his ramblings, then again look at the Nolan/Gruden comment. Maybe he can see the future with his "Beer goggles"

JS aren't the negatives you make about Couples and the fact you evaluate him improving "in a few years" the same reasons you (and I and others) don't want to take other players at the 8 slot?

Jesus Ban, Do you work for the FBI?, Imean going back almost two years forposts?, Get a life Loser.

green cheese,

Special feature by universal draft not Hyde.

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