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Peter King's Top 10 at Sports Illustrated

Everyone has a mock draft. Kiper, McShay, Mayock, Brooks, Casserley, Florio.


The latest comes from Sports Illustrated's Peter King. This is his top 10 with a twist in that he gives you what player he believes the team will pick and what player he believes the team should pick. Obviously, King is convinced about what the Dolphins will and should do:

Team............................ Will Pick................ Should Pick

Indianapolis Colts............. Andrew Luck.......... Andrew Luck

Washington Redskins..........Robert Griffin III...... Robert Griffin III

Minnesota Vikings............. Matt Kalil.............. Morris Claiborne

Cleveland Browns............. Trent Richardson..... Justin Blackmon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers....... Morris Claiborne...... Morris Claiborne

St. Louis Rams................. Justin Blackmon...... Justin Blackmon

Jacksonville Jaguars.......... Stephon Gilmore......David DeCastro

Miami Dolphins................. Ryan Tannehill........Ryan Tannehill

Carolina Panthers.............. Fletcher Cox..........Fletcher Cox

Buffalo Bills...................... Michael Floyd........Mark Barron


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But.. I’m not a very good DE evaluator.
Posted by: JS_in_LA | April 18, 2012 at 07:39 PM

The truth is, no blogger is a great evaluator. We don't have any personal contact with these guys or their coaches or their teammates. We are largely influenced by the media hype and some video clips.

I would really rather us not draft Tannehill just because I want someone to help us right now.

I'm just saying I can see why they would draft him and i could get over it.

My thinking is Matt Moore is going to give Garrard a run for his money. He's pretty savvy guy.

And if the both of them fail our season will already be toast by the time we figure it out.

At that point I say we go with Devlin and ensure a top 3 pick for damxx sure next year.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility though that Moore could flourish in the WCO. Stranger things have happened. Just ask Curt Warner.

Greg Cote FAIL.

Like on "Que" Odin shows up.

Odin, Ban saying that your trolling, And Poof, You show up, Whats the deal?, Are you trolling?

Winning is the bottom line.

Every fan has a different opinion on how to get there.

You can only hope that the FO "aces" this draft.

dolfan rick,

I totally agree.

Weeden seems a better prospect than Tannehill, even if he's older. But will Weeden be available for the Dolphins at 2nd round ?
Perhaps Cleveland will take Weeden whether at his 2nd 1st pick or in 2nd round before the Dolphins.
Then, it might be too risky to let go Tannehill in 1st round, unless the Dolphins somehow commit in getting the best QB next-year's draft (by trading or whatever it needs).

ha ha ha ha ha

Peter King is a Patsies fan...

The Fins have other needs that can be solved right away, but not drafting Tannehill, and trading down to get additional picks.. I honestly don't see the Fins drafting a QB who won't start this year or next... It would be a waste of a pick at the 8th spot.

I would like for them to select Quinton Coples or David DeCastro. They are 2 future pro bowlers, and can definitely fill the need at their respective positions.

The Fins are looking for impact players, and Tannehill is not one.

dfns006 @ 12:05AM:

I totally agree!

If any of the elite players are there at #8 that will solve the dilemma and make it a no brainer for Ireland
If they are not then we have to choose from about 5 to 7 players that are not considered elite but are pretty good and we could use - Tannehill is not one that we could use right now. He could eventually be a great QB but we need either an impact player now, someone who will be in the Pro Bowl every year, or let’s go get more top players by trading down.
I hope we trade down 10 to 15 slots if possible, and pick up an extra draft pick in the second or third round. This is a deep draft and an extra pick in the second or third round will help this team quite a bit. Odds are that most of the players picked in the first 3 rounds will be a starter most probably the year he comes in the league ( Except QB’s)
Let's use that #8 pick as leverage to fix our problems, if we trade down we get 5 picks in the first 3 rounds. That would really go a long way to solve our team needs
Under No scenario is Tannehill worth the #8 pick. If we get him in the second round that would be fine but please, please, not with the #8 pick. Get a really good immediate impact player, or trade down and pick up an extra draft pick.

Take Ingram 1st
Trade to get back into back end of first rd and draft Weeden.

Stephan Gilmore is a CB from the University of South Carolina.

Weeden goes late 1st early 2nd......and maybe, just maybe a team like KC or even a Seattle takes him in the early 1st. Remember Locker went at 8 last year to Tennessee and Ponder was to be a 2nd or even 3rd but went to Minnesota at 12 so strange things happen.

I think the Dolphins will surprise everyone and draft Fletcher Cox. The guy is an animal. He can rush the passer from the DT position. Put him on the same side as Wake and they cannot double everyone. I would be happy with that pick.

I think the only way they draft Tannehill is if Sherman really sells him to Philbin/Ireland or if Ireland picks him because he thinks that is what the fans want. Ireland hasn't drafted for "the fans" yet, so I don't think he will do that.

Either trade down or take Cox.

Say NO to Tannehill in the 1st round. He can't beat Moore head to head. No way. He not the one. It won't happen. Drafting Tanny at #8 is bad business. He will not be the best player on the board at #8.

Peter King gets paid by the same marketing firm that TanneHenne gets paid from.

chris chambers, wes welker, brandon marshal how in the heck can you build a team giving away your best receivers

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