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Philbin talks to fans, preaches faith

Joe Philbin spent 45 minutes this evening on a conference call with Miami Dolphins season ticket customers. He took their questions. The media was allowed to listen but was kept at the kiddie table playing with our crayons. (In other words, we were asked to keep quiet).

Anyway, these are the highlights of what Philbin said in response to fans questions:

Mauricio in Miami-Dade asked Philbin to convince him that the Dolphins are worthy of investing in. The fan asked for Philbin's best halftime speech to motivate him to buy tickets.

"My experience is that with every successful organization in any sport you have to have good people," Philbin said. "You have to have faith and confidence in those people. I have great confidence in [owner] Steve Ross and [general manager] Jeff Ireland. Sometimes you just have to have faith.

"I'm asking for your faith and confidence that I'm going to be able to deliver results."

Philbin didn't offer too many specifics about, well, anything because he probably cannot and probably doesn't want to with what he can. But he was clear on his intended use of Reggie Bush.

Unlike last year when Miami mostly used Bush as a traditional running back until very late in the season, Philbin said his staff will try to maximize Bush. He mentioned using him at wide receiver. He mentioned using him in different formations. He mentioned doing things to create mismatches, which is what I thought Miami would do last year.

"We're not just going to hand the ball to him," Philbin said.

Speaking of wide receiver, Philbin obviously included the position among those needing upgrade. He mentioned wide receiver in the draft, along with quarterback, pass-rusher, defensive back. But it was interesting to me he referred to improving the position through free agecy and the draft. Free agency seems pretty much over to me as there is not a great amount of great talent left out there that I know of. He obviously knows more. Maybe he has something up his sleeve ... I hope.

Philbin mentioned the QB position a couple of times. Shocking right? IF you're a Dolphins quarterback you better be getting in your playbook because one aspect of the coming quarterback competition between Matt Moore and David Garrard is learning the West Coast offense and more specifically the Dolphins' version of the offense.

Philbin made the point that one way he'll be looking for the quarterback to "separate themselves" from on another is by more quickly learning the system and showing coaches they can be comfortable in the system.

Philbin was Green Bay's offensive coordinator but he didn't call the plays. He won't call them in Miami, either. "Mike Sherman will call the game," Philbin said. "I get to put in one play per week but I don't get to call it."

I'm confident he was kidding there as coach has something of a sense of humor. Philbin made the point Miami's offense will be a collaborative effort.


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This blog posting said nothing. And these comments postings say nothing.

Dolphins are a big nothing.

Angry post typo - Armando - Again you sound like a child......

some real pot stirrers on here today.
i like joe philbin.i am glad to have a coach who understands the passing game. whats it been 17 years since we did. i expect bush,thomas,and clay to have excellent seasons in the wc offense.i think we may finally see moore and wallace get a REAL chance to show their wares as wideouts as well.hartline is perfect for this system to.

So the plan is to sign a free agent wr leftover? Roscoe Parrish was just signed by the Chargers...Is there anyone noteworthy that is left?...PS-Tell the Fins organization that we dont care about free agent visits if we can't sign anyone before they leave. In free agency, once they leave unsigned, they are long gone and we all probably realize this.

flipper june 1 many players get cut. basically the second wave of free agency

relax folks he could be looking at training camp casualties that know the wc offense,come cheap, and come only if he is not happy with what he has now and what they draft. FREE AGENCY IS BS anyway. more times than not you overpay for a guy that never lives up to the money.great teams build thru the draft and then keep their own free agents.


You left this morning with out giving me the high hard one or even a little kiss!

What gives sweetheart?

i had the shiets again from bad Brazilian food and steroids mixed together.
i'll ram you tonight, sugar britches!

really guys,
can you really predict how well the season is going to go based on free agency???? Get behind the coach and players, and hopefully as the season starts we will hopefully see the START of the good things are about to come our way. If you do not support the coach and the players the season wil be lost before it starts no matter what the performance(rather than reults sometimes)of the team is like. There is no doubt a good few teams will have cap casualties so lets be patient and have a little faith in the man in charge. IMO analysing every decidion that is made and looking at it with a microscope or with a short sighted view won't help us understands some moves sometimes.

So Stephen Ross claims the Dolphins chose not to sign Flynn, while his head coach is saying that Flynn could give the media a better answer as to why HE chose to go elsewhere!
Posted by: Ross lies? | April 04, 2012 at 09:48 AM


Ross is way too cheap to pay good players like Flynn. Clearly Philbin wanted Flynn.

really guys,
can you really predict how well the season is going to go based on free agency????

Yes 4-12 this year. Dont expect much contribution from the rookie draft this year. New coaches, systems. And no Brandon Marshall!

Also, I am warming up to the idea of Matt Moore or Garrard being our starting qb as long as they (or one of them) can impress Philbin by adapting to his playbook...I think if Moore was provided better protection (from the right side) his numbers and wins both would have been better...I think we should still secure one more WR (Cotchery?) and definitely a RT through free agency to help and embarce our qb's presently on the roster...As far as the draft goes with our first pick, we should go for a playmaker that should be ready to start and positively contribute from week 1 of the 2012 season as well whether it be an offensive or defensive player.

f#ck Flynn ok. he chose to sink on the choker pete carrol's ship. the guy is a freakin 7th round pick who beat 1 team.good luck to him but he's got more of a chance of becoming the next scott mitchell then he does of winning a super bowl & he is not an upgrade over matt moore or garrard for that matter.

4-12??? have you seen the schedule? we have winnable games against the bills and jets, and we usually play the pats hard. we have jax,st louis,seattle,oakland and tennessee at home.all winnable games. we have indy,arizona and cincinatti on the road.all winnable. yeah our offense is an unknown, but last time i checked, our D was pretty good. i expect improvement from the DB's to since our d coordinator turned bust reggie nelson into a player.

true very easily schedule, sad we will waste it. another 6-10 season coming

LMAO, I guess Tim posting this picture of Home really ticked him off:


This Joe Philshit only spoke S-H-I-T... he sayas that they will use a lot of Reggie Bush?? come on, this guy is far away to be like Ricky Williams in 2008... if they try to use only Reggie he´ll suffer some injury... and trust me Daniel Thomas is only an other garbage RB... we´re fish fried this year...

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

sgt oddball from kelly's hero's

What about Mike Sims-Walker? I think he's a UFA, and was Garrard's favorite target in 2009 & 10.

He has size & speed (or, had, anyway). 6'2", 4.35 40, when drafted in 2007.

I wonder if he's healed from the knee injury.

For everyone who thinks Philbin = Cam (I don't, BTW), you should be clamoring for the fish to pick up Camarillo, so your team can notch the one win...

Go fish.

Cuban Mebace please try to get your facts straight. The San Francisco coach whose name you don't know is Jim Harbaugh, he was approached when TS was coach. TS coached into another season before being fired. So Harbaugh wasn't a choice ahead of Philbin. Ok? Cowher was not contacted or interviewed for the job, and neither was Gruden. Fisher was interviewed and was the first choice, so what. A few coaches who weren't first choices for their team include Mike McCarthy, Mike Tomlin, Jim Harbaugh, bill Blelichick, and John Madden. Those hires worked out pretty well.

Cheap Fish it's a metter of value not dollar. Flynn wasn't offer a large contract because he has started 2 games in his career. Prior to the Detroil game his Qb rating was 75, about the same as Henne. Of course after the Lion game it shot way up. Take the Lion,s game out of his stats and see what you get. He could be Tom Brady or he could be this year,s Kevin Kolb.

yeah thanks for nothing philbin.. face it, REBUILD REBUILD REBUILD!!! Say it!! cuz the rest is b.s...

No word on Hoyer? Nothing...nada...zilch?
No word on Tannehil...nothing...nada?
Any thing on WR Blackmon...nothing?

This out fit has as much clarity as Obamas administration...Shesss...sic

Capt crunch,why on earth would they tell you or anyone else for that matter how they are going to do business over the next few months? I don't hear any other coach talking about possible signings do you? Guys I think you all need to calm down take a breath and let these people get on with their jobs. Everyone speaks highly of coach Phil in so give the man a chance and let him do what he was hired to do. Serious question lads - which 1 player in the draft outside the top prospects would you really like to see playing for the phone next season?

*phins - sorry that's predictive text for you. :-)

Matt Moore will be the franchise QB and we will win 11 games this year watch.

Gloom,despair and agony on me.Sheesh you guys sound like a bunch of whiny old ladies.After a terrible start we got things rolling and played some pretty good football for the last 9 weeks of the season.We got the best quarterback play over a 9 week span that we have had since Danny retired.With a complete offseason training program this year we should come into camp in better shape and ready to start off like we finished last year.

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