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Preview of the Dolphins offensive scheme

I've got a day off today but decided because I have some time to myself to (again) check out the Ryan Tannehill quarterback camp segment with former coach Jon Gruden. I'm glad I did.

The 25-minute tape below is interesting on many levels. It suggests Tannehill's work at Texas A&M was much more NFL intensive than the typical college approach. That's very good.

It shows why Tannehill will be ahead of veterans David Garrard and Matt Moore in his knowledge of the offense. (He's way behind in on-field experience against NFL competition but ahead in understanding the terminology and concepts of the offense he's running).

And, most interesting to me, it gave me something of a peek at the offense the Dolphins will run. Most believe Miami's offense will be the Green Bay Packers offense. Um, actually, it'll be more West Coast offense used at A&M with some Green Bay concepts added in. It is not the Green Bay offense per se.

So what will you decipher in this episode that will apply to the Miami offense. Examples:

It will show you the Dolphins future personnel groupings.

There is Eagle: Four wide receiver and a back.

There is Zebra: Three wides, a tight end and a back.

"That was our base personnel that this year we ran 90 percent of our stuff out of," Tannehill said.

There is Tiger: Two tight ends, two wide receivers, one back.

There is Y: Three tight ends, one back and one wide receiver. In this one the Aggies sometimes used the tight end as a fullback.

I'm confident the Dolphins will have the same groupings because West Coast offenses have had these grouping dating back 20 years.

They've also used the same hand signals for these grouping for 20 years. The Eagle is denoted by flapping of the arms. The Zebra is denoted by putting an arm across the body as in a stripe. The Tiger is denoted by holding up both hands like claws.

You will see Tannehill asked to name 15 formations. He names 12: Stack right, stack right plus, stack right minus, Trips left, Star left, Star right, Trey left, Trey right, Squeeze, Tight right, Stack right snug, Stack right Z short.

A typcial West Coast offense call that will soon make its way to a Dolphins huddle near you: "Ground left tight close halfback right sprint right Z corner halfback flat."

The Dolphins, er Aggies, made a lot of hay on outside breaking routes. Look for the Dolphins to make a lot of hay on outside breaking routes. There are three kind:



True comeback.

The Acute and true comeback are comeback routes. The Winston is an out route.

Acute goes 14 yards coming back to 12 yards. It is a five-step drop and a hitch for the QB. Out of the shotgun it is a three-step drop and hitch.

True comeback goes 18 yards back to 16. It is a seven-step drop for the QB. Out of the shotgun it is a five-step and hitch.

The Winston is a 10- to 12-yard out route. It requires a five-step-plant-and-throw motion from the QB. Out of the shotgun it is three-step-plant and throw.

Look for the Dolphins, like any West Coast team, to depend heavily on the Acute route. Tannehill clearly has a very strong arm in that he often threw Acutes to the wide side of the field in college. Not everyone can make that throw.

One problem with this route?

The wide receiver has to win. Herein lies the importance of the wide receiver that I feel the Dolphins have not full address, but that's another blog. The wide receiver must get the cornerback out of his pedal for the route to work. That means the wide receiver must threaten the defensive back to the point where he turns his hips to run. At that point the receiver is free to make his break and the play is an easy completion.

But if the receiver cannot make the defensive back get out of his backpedal, the defensive player is in perfect position for the interception. Along the sideline. With open field in front of him. The wide receiver MUST win. Or the quarterback cannot throw the football in that situation and must settle for the checkdown.

Tannehill failed to settle for the checkdown a couple of times in college and it cost him.

Did I mention the wide receivers must win and force the DBs out of their pedal?

Anyway, enjoy:


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Finally you put something out there of merit. No hatin today. I don't see the new staff fist pumping for field goals thank god.

We don't mind the young bloggers here and their opinions as they lack the experience we have. The older ones flaws in Football knowledge, uff.

There are eerie similarities beetween many posters here and YG/DB. Hmm..

Jaison after reading your reply, I'm struggling to figure if you're a troll or just extremely ignorant. I hate writing these kinds of things Jaison, but the stupidity is epic and aggravating.


sorry odin but tannehill was also a good pick.

-Yeah, except was post was about how much I like Miller. Miller was projected and ranked as a 1st rounder. He slid because of a shoulder? Come on, he's a RB. We got a 1st round talent in the 4th. Hence, in my opinion that makes him the best pick of this draft.

BTW, you sound awful defensive about Tannehill-lol.

every time i read one of your posts i vomit a little in my mouth.

-Everytime I read your posts I laugh and wonder if ignorance really is bliss. I'm sure you can verify this for us.

either you're raging on the team, or talking about how knowledgeable you are... gag.

-As usual, you're wrong on both counts. I openly admit: I don't know shyt. I do formulate MY OWN(ahem)opinions. I stated my displeasure with Irelands draft. I stated my negative thoughts and have moved on to the positives. Like above, I'm just finished studying Miller and can't wait to see him on speacial teams and getting some carries.

Raging on my team? I've had nothing but praise for Philbin/Sherman. I've even praised the job Coyle did with Cinci and believe it will carry over here.

Ultimately, I have stated over and over that I believe Moore will establish himself as a franchise QB this year, in the middle of all this adversity and rebuilding.

You wanna suck Tannehill balls that's fine with me. But why can't I like Moore? Why are you touchy about defending Tannehill? Why do you have such a big problem with my opinions about Moore?

You're free to worship a 1 year wonder college QB all you want. But you better STFU with the dumbshyt, confusing the issues and lumping everything into a Giant Tannehill circle jerk. Don't you EVER question my Fandom, my opinions and my knowledge of the Miami Dolphins Son! Ya Here?

anyone who makes mock drafts needs to find a new hobby!!

-I'll bet 80% of the bloggers(80% of football fans in general, especially those that manage fantasy teams) here and Ohio's site do Mocks. I have plenty of hobbies, doing Mocks is one of my ALL TIME FAVS, you don't like that, eat a dik panzy!

My educated guess would be that you're just jealous because you don't have the intelligence to even attempt a mock.

or a girlfriend!! same goes for anyone who posts more than 20 times a day!! if i get above 5 i wanna poke my own eyes out.

Posted by: jaison | May 01, 2012 at 01:45 AM

I'd bet your to sissified to poke your own eyes out. However, if you'd like some assistance, come on over and see me?

Can you count vagasil boy? I posted two times in the past 24 hours!


odineyes about as smart as a cockaroach...

Can someone confirm if a cockaroach have a brain?

Well odins back to bring more gaayy refeerences to the blog. He just can't go a day without doing that.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

Very few People writing on Ohio's Blog anymore. I guess he didn't realize that this Bloggin thing is a millions $ business and many People profit from them. He probably got leaned on. He has a family and, only if he received threats, is something to worry about.

First ever guest writer on my new post! fyi.....

Armando if you click on Ohio Dolfan name you'll be directed to his blog. Yes thats right he still hasn't learned yet. SMH

"Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin mentioned that the Dolphins are currently without a ”master plan” in regards to when newly drafted QB Ryan Tannehill take over as the team’s starter. “If there is one, I was never told about it,” Philbin said."

Who is running this team? Why would Philbin not know the master plan?

This team is a bunch of liars or a bunch of puppets.


Does anyone really want to see what phins78 looks like? He looks like he should be cast in Jarheads 2. Go to Ohio Dolfan site and check it out..

I've seen that "other" blog. Not sure why I'd want and/or need to see the same people from here post the same things there (seriously, what's the point?) but I don't think it's a big deal either way.

Some of the bigger Dolphins blogs with people from all over are mildly interesting, though.

Philbin needs to put his Head Coaches hat on. He still thinks like an assistant coach.

This is what he should have said.

"We are going to evaluate everyone and start the best players. If that's Ryan then its Ryan. If its David then its David. If its Matt then its Matt. If its Pat then its Pat."

My God, at the very least the plan should be we are going to start the best players.

FYI = jeff

Insurance, jeff, insurance.

No bigger than this one, pal. We are from all kinds and classes.

Thanks Mando. Wow, maybe JI got this one right.



odineyes about as smart as a cockaroach...

Posted by: Logan | May 01, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Can someone confirm if a cockaroach have a brain?

Posted by: Logan | May 01, 2012 at 12:31 PM

Can someone confirm if a coackroach have a brain?

LMFAO-Way to butcher the english language.

Can someone confirm if a football have a air?


"Did I mention the wide receivers must win and force the DBs out of their pedal?"


Look....The Niners won a lot of games last year w/o great WR's. If we can consistently establish the run & get the running backs in space in the short passing game we can keep defenses off balanced. With that said the pass receiving TE is going to be critical. Maybe it's Agnew or maybe it's Clay or a mix of both but the TE REALLY needs to make a difference in the passing game this year.

As for the young WR's--Gates, Wallace, & Moore all need to produce this year or they're going to be gone.

Note to Ireland--Get rid of some of the dead wood on this team & clear some cap space. Sign Jake Scott to a one-year deal to be our RG & re-up on Wake.

You are confusing anger with hate, son.

Ryan Tannehill will start Game 1 this Season for the Miami Dolphins.

FYI = jeff

Posted by: Pretty easy to figure out | May 01, 2012 at 01:08 PM


Nope. Seriously. Not the same person at all.

It might be wise for you to modify that No subject is taboo.

First ever guest writer on my new post! fyi.....

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | May 01, 2012 at 12:53 PM


Continuing to advertise AFTER Armando asked you not to & take the link out of your name.

Do you have A.D.D.?

Here, I'll give you a hand(not that hand!). How bout, No Football subject is taboo? Huh?

3-13 and draft Barkley next year.

Why would anyone go to an Ohio blog for Dolphin news?

I think the Dolphins have more blogs then they have fans left.

Your groupings and play calling can get a defense off balanced to a certain extent.

But without being able to back off the safeties, the DC's will stack the box(with a safety too)and man up the receivers.

We need at least one guy to demand double coverage or it's going to be a LONG season.

Whats Randy Moss and TO doing these days(joking)?

Ryan Tannehill will start Game 1 this Season for the Miami Dolphins.
Posted by: oscar canosa | May 01, 2012 at 01:30 PM


I doubt our coaches are that dumb. Tannehill is a project and starting him before he's ready would ruin his career and confidence.

Some greedy People wanting to charge Posters to comment in their Blogs. No surprise to Us. We also know what's coming after that.

Tannehill will never beat out Matt Moore. Moore is a top 10-12 QB.

I guess Ron and Stu are youg'uns.


Run Ohio Dolfan.. Run away and never come back. This is advice Scar gave Simba, now I'm passing it down to you.


ALoco stop sucking up to Ohio, and JS, are you fukkin him?

Oscar, are you saying Ohio wants to charge ppl to post at his site?



DONKEY ......

Calling our coaches dumb for wanting Tannehill to start day 1 isn't very fair.

Tannehill was the 8th overall pick of the draft. That means that Ireland felt he was about the 8th best player out of the thousands of collegiate canidates.

Why is it such a stretch to expect the 8th best player in college football to start?

Don't tell me it's because of inexperience. This offense is completely new to incumbent Moore and backup Garrard. Tannehill on the other hands knows about at least 80 to 90 percent of the offense already. He'll come into camp ahead of Moore and Garrard.

Tannehill will be working with his same old coach and knows the offense already. Add in the fact that he was the 8th overall pick of the draft, I do not see any reason why he shouldn't be the starter day 1.

If I used my 8th overall pick under these exact same circumstances(same coach, very similar/same offense), I would expect to him to start day 1.

Anything less = EXCUSES.

Disclaimer: Before you start all the name calling and accusations, please just let me remind you:

Please don't coveiniently "forget" to address the points and issues I've posted ;)

My children, I have already told you 3 or 4 times that we are going 13-3. There is nothing left for me to tell you. You can stop fretting.

Don't worry Aloco,

It's all the same person trying to make it seem like a "mob" is coming at you, lol

Fellow Bloggers,

Please answer this. Since I haven't been in here the past 3 days, has FYI been in here chatting football this whole time? Or did he magically show up again a few minutes after I did?

I think he's in love with following me!!!!!!!!

OHIO.............. I AM HAVING GOOD TIME...........

IT'S THE INTERNET .............

(( MOB ))???? MY FOOT...........


Odin, I see you continue to strive very hard to always be wrong. Matt Moore is the starter. He's a top 15 NFL QB already. Other posters have already explained why Tannehill won't start game 1. Man you're dumb.

Ohio, Please stop tooting your own horn, your a used car saleman who tries to come off as a polite, nice guy when your real agenda is to gather more attention to your worthless blog. Give us a favor and go f yourself. Thanks.


You're such a solid contributor to this blog FYI.


Guys, see what Im talking about. Ohio a used carsaleman who will smile in your face but sell you a POS car. You sir are a coward.

Anyone thinking Tannehill will start this year is football stupid. The coaches will target him starting next year IF he develops.

odin, randy moss plays for the 49ers. o is washing cars for a living.

nice deflection. lamar miller seems to be the balls you like to suck on. BUT he is more iffy than tannehill, that's why he dropped to the 4th round. don't think one single expert had him going in the 1st round, unless you had him in you faggy mock draft in the 1st round!! he will be a kick returner, if he can stay healthy. maybe in a year or so he will get tie in the offense. but it was a good pick in round 4.

deflection aside you have ragged on tannehill for what seems like a month already. "he was the 8th pick so if he doesn't start he's a bust" no, not even close!! carson palmer sat behind freakin' jon kitna for a complete year didn't take 1 snap in the regular season!! he was 1st overall and i'm sure signed a bigger contract in 2003 than tannehill will sign this year. eli sat almost half a year behind 40 year old kurt warner. tannehill isn't going to be peyton manning day one, but he is loaded with the attributes you want. size, arm, intelligence, and the added bonus of speed. 4.62 40 for a QB is great. also, i'm not a hater of moore. if they didn't draft a QB i would have been fine with moore competing with garrard. you love moore but don't be shocked if garrad beat him out.

mock draft are pointless wastes of time. and spending time talking about them is even worse. they mean nothing i can't believe the draft gets 3 days of TV. it's as boring as it gets. i'd rather watch golf, or regular season baseball on a 20" tv. there are supposed experts who have the fins draft in the top 5 and love ryan tannehill.i don't love or hate him, i think he has a great upside based on his physical tools and knowledge of the offense. if he starts day one i think he will have stats right up there with luck and better than RG3. he has potentially this best line of the 3 teams, definitely the best RB's. also i don't think we need a marshall at WR. we have 2 speed guys in hardline and gates. both are fate than marshall. we have several guys, bess being the top, who have no fear going into crowds over the middle. the 6th rounder cunningham was also a great pick. look at his numbers. the guy makes a ton f catches, and 12 TDs is no joke.

as far as your lame sissified comment. unlike most people who post on here i'd have no problem giving you my info and showing you in person which one of us is the sissy. i'm in pittsburgh but would be glad to make a pit stop when i come in florida in july. you should stick to being a blog tough guy hiding behind a faggy made up usermane.

It's nice to know that somebody agrees with me.

It's been kind of wierd lately. I made it be known that I wasn't a fan of the Tannehill PICK. That's fine, it's my opinion.

Now that he's a Dolphin, I can't help rooting for him to be the next Super Bowl winning Hall Of Famer. That's just the way it is for me an my LOVE of any and all things Dolphins.

Now though(and this is the wierd part)whenever I post that I think Tannehill should start day 1, people attack me like I just robbed their Mothers.

They never accused me of anything when I was calling for Henne to start? I'm at a loss-LOL.

Apparently Tannehill is a touchy taboo subject with alot of the bloggers!

I have to be honest. If anything, I would sit Luck and RGIII for a year. Suck as hard as we can and get some new top 10 picks next year. Then start them.

But Tannehill needs to start right away. If they let Moore start, Tannehill might not ever get another chance.

I'm still trying to figure out what it means to be an elite QB.

Dan Marino was elite with no superbowls.

Trent Dilfer is not elite with a superbowl.

Anyone have a SOLID DEFINITION OF AN ELITE QB? I still think Eli is more lucky than elite.

Henne didnt start his 1st year and he had a lot more experience then Tannehill does.

Mr. FYI,

Do you think Tannehill should start Day 1 or should he sit behind Moore or Garrard?


Which of the receivers that the Dolphins drafted do you think has a chance to compete for a starting job this year?


Do you like the project tight end we picked up off the street in free agency or do you like the one we drafted better?

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