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Preview of the Dolphins offensive scheme

I've got a day off today but decided because I have some time to myself to (again) check out the Ryan Tannehill quarterback camp segment with former coach Jon Gruden. I'm glad I did.

The 25-minute tape below is interesting on many levels. It suggests Tannehill's work at Texas A&M was much more NFL intensive than the typical college approach. That's very good.

It shows why Tannehill will be ahead of veterans David Garrard and Matt Moore in his knowledge of the offense. (He's way behind in on-field experience against NFL competition but ahead in understanding the terminology and concepts of the offense he's running).

And, most interesting to me, it gave me something of a peek at the offense the Dolphins will run. Most believe Miami's offense will be the Green Bay Packers offense. Um, actually, it'll be more West Coast offense used at A&M with some Green Bay concepts added in. It is not the Green Bay offense per se.

So what will you decipher in this episode that will apply to the Miami offense. Examples:

It will show you the Dolphins future personnel groupings.

There is Eagle: Four wide receiver and a back.

There is Zebra: Three wides, a tight end and a back.

"That was our base personnel that this year we ran 90 percent of our stuff out of," Tannehill said.

There is Tiger: Two tight ends, two wide receivers, one back.

There is Y: Three tight ends, one back and one wide receiver. In this one the Aggies sometimes used the tight end as a fullback.

I'm confident the Dolphins will have the same groupings because West Coast offenses have had these grouping dating back 20 years.

They've also used the same hand signals for these grouping for 20 years. The Eagle is denoted by flapping of the arms. The Zebra is denoted by putting an arm across the body as in a stripe. The Tiger is denoted by holding up both hands like claws.

You will see Tannehill asked to name 15 formations. He names 12: Stack right, stack right plus, stack right minus, Trips left, Star left, Star right, Trey left, Trey right, Squeeze, Tight right, Stack right snug, Stack right Z short.

A typcial West Coast offense call that will soon make its way to a Dolphins huddle near you: "Ground left tight close halfback right sprint right Z corner halfback flat."

The Dolphins, er Aggies, made a lot of hay on outside breaking routes. Look for the Dolphins to make a lot of hay on outside breaking routes. There are three kind:



True comeback.

The Acute and true comeback are comeback routes. The Winston is an out route.

Acute goes 14 yards coming back to 12 yards. It is a five-step drop and a hitch for the QB. Out of the shotgun it is a three-step drop and hitch.

True comeback goes 18 yards back to 16. It is a seven-step drop for the QB. Out of the shotgun it is a five-step and hitch.

The Winston is a 10- to 12-yard out route. It requires a five-step-plant-and-throw motion from the QB. Out of the shotgun it is three-step-plant and throw.

Look for the Dolphins, like any West Coast team, to depend heavily on the Acute route. Tannehill clearly has a very strong arm in that he often threw Acutes to the wide side of the field in college. Not everyone can make that throw.

One problem with this route?

The wide receiver has to win. Herein lies the importance of the wide receiver that I feel the Dolphins have not full address, but that's another blog. The wide receiver must get the cornerback out of his pedal for the route to work. That means the wide receiver must threaten the defensive back to the point where he turns his hips to run. At that point the receiver is free to make his break and the play is an easy completion.

But if the receiver cannot make the defensive back get out of his backpedal, the defensive player is in perfect position for the interception. Along the sideline. With open field in front of him. The wide receiver MUST win. Or the quarterback cannot throw the football in that situation and must settle for the checkdown.

Tannehill failed to settle for the checkdown a couple of times in college and it cost him.

Did I mention the wide receivers must win and force the DBs out of their pedal?

Anyway, enjoy:


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Marino was not an elite QB. He could never win the big games.


I don't think an elite QB can be judged by superbowl wins or wins in general.

Dan won a lot of game and Dan is elite. Yet, no superbowls.

So it can't be about superbowls period. It has to be about "stats" alone. How many records did a player obtain during his career.

I need a loan! I am going to develop a system that identifies if a player is elite. Sort of like a passer rater. All sorts of things go into it.

1. Superbowl wins
2. Winning percentage
3. Passer rating
4. Attempts/completions/ints/tds/ everything.
5. How many other pro bowlers on the team?
6. Scandals
7. Rushing yards/attempts/fumbles
8. anything and everything will go into my program and produce a score that determines if a player (any player) is elite.


I know. Marino is a local hero but nicknamed NO RING DAN across the country for a reason. One of the biggest chokers in sports history. Not a money QB.

Jack and elite QB are the top 5 QB with the highest QB ratings. Simple

Ohio, No comment

Griese was a better QB then Marino. He could get the big wins.

Couldn't google all that stuff fast enough mr. FYI?

How about an easier one for ya FYI,

How do you feel about the NFL moving the Overtime rules implemented during the playoffs over to the regular season as well?

Do you like the new rules?

Paul I thought Ohio was an imbecile, you sir have taken the crown.

Ohio, No comment

It can't just be that. The highest when? Single season or their career? Tony Romo was Elite last year using your rule.

NFL history:

2. Steve Young 96.8
3. Joe Montana 92.3

You telling me Jeff Garcia and Culpepper are Elite QB's?

Of course you have no comment FYI, because the post was about football

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Marino dissapeared. 1-10 in road playoff games.

Here you Go FYI, go to this link, do some reading, then maybe when you come back you'll feel more comfortable in contributing to this blog.


ALoco go make some mint tea and be elite about it.

Ohio, I have no comments for you Forrest, get it.

Just trying to help ya FYI, I feel bad you have to troll to make yourself feel better.

Go read up on some stuff and this experience will be much better for you my man

Jack, If your talking season by season, If Romo had a top 5 QB rating than he's elite. With the exception of Garcia and Culpepper the rest of thoughs guys were elite. But you have to also factor in games played as well

I'm going to figure this out.

Joe Montana is the model Elite QB.

Trent Dilfer will be the cut off since he did win a superbowl.

Joe is a perfect 100.

Trent will be 90. Even though I don't think he will get to 90 but you get my point. Someone will fall in the 90 point category. Whoever that is will be the cutoff.

Some probable data sets.

Superbowl wins are 10 points each.
Superbowl losses are 9 points each.
Conference championship wins are 8 points. Conference championship losses are 7 points.
Passer rating is face value (meaning 88% is 8.8 points)
Number of prowbowlers on the team is minus points.

I need some other data sets.

Ohio, or Forrest as I like to call you, What part of I dont like you dont you understand. Mr. Gump, Im trying to be as clear as glass with you, and you still dont understand.

Know what...under my own data sets I don't think Dan can be Elite. He might make my cutoff point.

So FYI, you love to troll, but when I respond by talking about football you clam up and get quiet?

I need to remember this?

PS: Who better fits the West Coast Offense? Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore (These are both QB's for the Dolphins...fyi)

Forrest, I dont have time for your nonsense Tard.

Ted you are the epitome of stupidity. Without you we wouldn't have as much to laugh at.


Odin, I see you continue to strive very hard to always be wrong. Matt Moore is the starter. He's a top 15 NFL QB already.

-This is my exact position. The reason I questioned the Tannehill PICK is because of how much I like Matt Moore.

So, as usual, it's YOU that is wrong. LMFAO-Do you even comprehend ANYTHING you read or write? LOL!

Other posters have already explained why Tannehill won't start game 1. Man you're dumb.

Posted by: Ted Flanders | May 01, 2012 at 02:17 PM

-You go by what the posters here decide? You write something so incredibly STOOPID and end it by calling someone dumb(LOOK OUT for that Mirror TED!)?

PRICELESS-Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

No disrespect to any of the posters here, but Duh, Ted, I think I'll go with the Coaching staffs statements and releases to form my **OWN** opinions.

PS: Let me see if I can dumb down something enough for you to comprehend:

Yeah Miami! Woooo WhooooooooP!!!!

I'm sorry, I just read Ted's(FYI, Blog Hit Troll, Mike, tj, Coalition, yadda yadda, etc, etc)I just re-read Ted's post and I just have to add:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

haha........Football & the dolphins to you = nonsense

so why come here then?

I kind of feel bad I hurt the troll's feelings


Forrest, how can a retard hurt my feelings, your logic is flawed TARD

True...games played. Playoff wins. Playoff losses.

Peyton had a lot of shots at winning more than one superbowl. Under my data sets he might be pushing the envelope on being elite. He is productive year in and year out but he failed to show up in the playoffs also.

He won one but had a chance to win like 10 I believe.

FYI continues to retaliate at a 3rd grade level. Messing with this guy is really just too easy. I guess it's not fair of me to continue to expose him.


Who passed the ball to Mark Clayton and Mark Duper? AKA the Mark Brothers?


I can't even respond to your rambling advertisement for Tannehill(excuse fest is probably more accurate).

You set up a bunch of weak assed strawman arguments(I know I need to mexplain that for you)to knock down. Things I never said.

Your response was so worthless all I can say is no, I didn't have Miller in my Mock. After we drafted him I read everything I could find on him and watched all the clips/videos and Youtubes.

Many reputable sites had him pegged as a first rounder before the injury. Those are the facts. deal with it. He was the best pick we made value wise(if you even know what that means?

In summation: Instant Fail Jaison. Please DO try AGAIN!

I'm going to put something together and email it to Mando.

If my theory is sound Montana or Brady should end up with the most points. And all the true elites would be in the top 10.

Well odins back to bring more gaayy refeerences to the blog. He just can't go a day without doing that. Why is that?

Ohio, stick to the game Forrest.

I've been "sticking to the game" asking football and Dolphins questions Mr. FYI.

And your typical responses have been name calling and deflecting statements. Football talk makes you uncomfortable for some reason. So why not wander back to the yahoo entertainment block you came from?

Or tell me which tight you like better! The guy off the street or the drafted one!!!!

Blog Troll,

So far you make unfounded accusations as a mean to keep mentioning your preferences.

Pretty slick for a closet Queen.

One question though, Why never a football related post from you? Never! Why is that?

Secretary not permanent fixture of office until screwed on top of desk.

How DC and Craig's trolls at least know a tiny bit about football and phins? My troll doesn't know crap! Not fair!

Ohio = Tool

It is good for girl to meet boy in park, but better for boy to park meat in girl.

Ohio, it was the MarkS Brothers. The phrase is plural. They went to the super bowl 2 years before you were born.

Ohio, While Im having a good back and forth with Jack, Forrest mean while keeps trying to get in a debacle with me. SMH. Mr Gump please stick to the game son.

Jack, many elite QBs won only one super bowl. Getting one is enough. Peyton WAS the team in Indy. He's elite.

I agree with you that Eli is not elite. He's a tool. Same with Grease. These guys had great teams. Same with Aikman.

Also, while I'm here, news flash to you sheep: this is not a passing league.

Pay attention Mando. Shame.

That's a myth. You can still win with defense and running.

I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

Here’s a thought:
Gaffney was dumped today. Shall we rent him for a season or two until Ireland can scribble a few WR names on his 2013 draft board? He had a good season last year. Maybe a fair band-aid.

Light travels faster than sound.
This is why trolls appear bright until you hear them speak.

Glad you took 20 minutes to go read some stuff FYI :)

By the way you talk I'm actually surprised you read. Maybe you were able to retain some info from the pictures though

Ohio = blind kool aid homer

BTW I watched the video. I'm pretty sure Chucky was masterbating under the table.

1. blog-troll

To hide under a bridge of the information superhighway known to be travelled by your sworn enemies, waiting to pounce at an opportune moment with senseless attacks and irrational rants.

Is there anyone more of a dirtbag than Forrest, he'll smile in your face while screwing you. No H0M0

That worked perfectly......i gave the definition, then FYI gave you guys an exact example of the definition right after! Thanks FYI

Ohio, seriously? You're embarrasing yourself. Enough already.

Sarcastically asking him questions that you know he wont answer? Then acting like he can't discuss football cause he's only here to troll?

Deal with it, he's doesn't like you. Neither do I for that matter. You merit no dialouge. Your pathetic & self indulgent antics impress no one.

A big crush to your ego but, it's obvious, he finds you useless & annoying. And, I concur.

So please, go ahead and ask me a football related question so I too can ignore you. Then, in predictable fashion, call me a Troll. That'd show some oiginality on your part.

And before you suggest it, I am not FYI. I'm just tired of your schtick. The only 1 coming to your defence is Aloco, who may be as smart as dixie cup. Go figure.

You don't even know how silly you look, do you? For your own well being, stop..

I don't have a football question for you @ 4:13.....

I only have 1 question for you. What name do you normally post under since you were too scared to use it with your little rant?

The name

Fock off!!!

haha that's what i thought

Update: this video rules. Thanks Mando.

Forrest, dont you have some work to get done today like updating your blog? Get lost.

The best way to compare QB's of past Eras is to ask the DB's that had to defend them at that Time. For instance and I don't know if the young'uns here remember him, you might want to ask "Rod" Woodson(HOF 2009, 1 of the 5 best Players in the last 75 years of NFL Football)(gently, he has little patience with BS) about Marino. He will tell you in no uncertain terms what he has said so often in the Past, "Marino was the best QB I ever played against" We here have no reason to take the piles of BullCrap that abound here. Write to Woodson.

Ohio Dolfan in Websters Dictionary:

A false sense of importance or likability when creating your own blog.

BTW, fake me at 4:21. For the record, I post under this name occasionaly. Especially to your friend phins78. In part because like him, you need to learn when to shut up. Rambling like a bunch of old hags!

I have no need for vulgarities. Stop buying into every post to you. They do it to egg you on. It works.

If you can't handle the truth Ohio, please feel free to find shelter at your own blog.

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