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Preview of the Dolphins offensive scheme

I've got a day off today but decided because I have some time to myself to (again) check out the Ryan Tannehill quarterback camp segment with former coach Jon Gruden. I'm glad I did.

The 25-minute tape below is interesting on many levels. It suggests Tannehill's work at Texas A&M was much more NFL intensive than the typical college approach. That's very good.

It shows why Tannehill will be ahead of veterans David Garrard and Matt Moore in his knowledge of the offense. (He's way behind in on-field experience against NFL competition but ahead in understanding the terminology and concepts of the offense he's running).

And, most interesting to me, it gave me something of a peek at the offense the Dolphins will run. Most believe Miami's offense will be the Green Bay Packers offense. Um, actually, it'll be more West Coast offense used at A&M with some Green Bay concepts added in. It is not the Green Bay offense per se.

So what will you decipher in this episode that will apply to the Miami offense. Examples:

It will show you the Dolphins future personnel groupings.

There is Eagle: Four wide receiver and a back.

There is Zebra: Three wides, a tight end and a back.

"That was our base personnel that this year we ran 90 percent of our stuff out of," Tannehill said.

There is Tiger: Two tight ends, two wide receivers, one back.

There is Y: Three tight ends, one back and one wide receiver. In this one the Aggies sometimes used the tight end as a fullback.

I'm confident the Dolphins will have the same groupings because West Coast offenses have had these grouping dating back 20 years.

They've also used the same hand signals for these grouping for 20 years. The Eagle is denoted by flapping of the arms. The Zebra is denoted by putting an arm across the body as in a stripe. The Tiger is denoted by holding up both hands like claws.

You will see Tannehill asked to name 15 formations. He names 12: Stack right, stack right plus, stack right minus, Trips left, Star left, Star right, Trey left, Trey right, Squeeze, Tight right, Stack right snug, Stack right Z short.

A typcial West Coast offense call that will soon make its way to a Dolphins huddle near you: "Ground left tight close halfback right sprint right Z corner halfback flat."

The Dolphins, er Aggies, made a lot of hay on outside breaking routes. Look for the Dolphins to make a lot of hay on outside breaking routes. There are three kind:



True comeback.

The Acute and true comeback are comeback routes. The Winston is an out route.

Acute goes 14 yards coming back to 12 yards. It is a five-step drop and a hitch for the QB. Out of the shotgun it is a three-step drop and hitch.

True comeback goes 18 yards back to 16. It is a seven-step drop for the QB. Out of the shotgun it is a five-step and hitch.

The Winston is a 10- to 12-yard out route. It requires a five-step-plant-and-throw motion from the QB. Out of the shotgun it is three-step-plant and throw.

Look for the Dolphins, like any West Coast team, to depend heavily on the Acute route. Tannehill clearly has a very strong arm in that he often threw Acutes to the wide side of the field in college. Not everyone can make that throw.

One problem with this route?

The wide receiver has to win. Herein lies the importance of the wide receiver that I feel the Dolphins have not full address, but that's another blog. The wide receiver must get the cornerback out of his pedal for the route to work. That means the wide receiver must threaten the defensive back to the point where he turns his hips to run. At that point the receiver is free to make his break and the play is an easy completion.

But if the receiver cannot make the defensive back get out of his backpedal, the defensive player is in perfect position for the interception. Along the sideline. With open field in front of him. The wide receiver MUST win. Or the quarterback cannot throw the football in that situation and must settle for the checkdown.

Tannehill failed to settle for the checkdown a couple of times in college and it cost him.

Did I mention the wide receivers must win and force the DBs out of their pedal?

Anyway, enjoy:


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So you're still admiting to hiding behind a fake name. Why? Ashamed?

your words of wisdom sound so astute though, very impressive.

Are you blind? I said I post on this site occasionally under THIS name. When people need their ego's in check, I come forth for the greater good.

Stop reading things that are not typed to justify whatever you're trying to prove.

The only thing you've proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt I might add, is that people don't like you. The reasons are obvious.

Enjoy blogging with the mental midget Aloco. I'm sure you can ask him your football questions & get a coherent, legible response. (SACASM)

I wonder if Odin talks about gay issues & other vulgarities on the Amish Dolphins site like he does here?

Do you realize that if you use this name to post "occasionally" that means you are using it as a "fake" name other than your normal one when you are protecting Gotham, lol. Don't know how to spell that out any better for you.

Ok, what is your OTHER name then??? And so far I know a total of 2 people (maybe 1) that don't like me, that's it buddy.

But I'm sure Armando is SO thankful he has you here for the greater good my friend. By the way, Aloco is about 6th on the list of top posters on my site (since you keep bringing my website up, I don't)

Tell everyone your other name, stop taking this crap so seriously. If you think you are "blogging" for the greater good i'm afraid you're already off the deep end

They have an Amish Dolphins site? I love their Produces.

Regarding Marino/SB comments: You do understand this is a team sport? Or maybe you don't.

Here's some hints: There's 10 other guys on offense. There's 11 other guys on defense. More guys on the side line. Then you have to have a little luck.

Pretty easy, no?

"I talked football to a troll so much today on the Herald that he went silent……..hahahaha it was fun and hilarious

he didn’t know what to do….other than try to call me 3rd grade names…….it really wasn’t fair of me"

Posted by Ohio on his site:

WOW, do you know how to distort the truth or what!

He knew exactly what to do. Ignore you!

Do you REALLY think your posts were so informative that you forced him to hide in shame?

Nothing like patting yourself on the back. Right? Somebody's gotta do it!

Armando, Ohio again has his name link to his blog. Please ban this guy.

Tell everyone your other name, stop taking this crap so seriously. If you think you are "blogging" for the greater good i'm afraid you're already off the deep end

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | May 01, 2012 at 04:46 PM

Dude, are you dense? I POST OCCASIONALLY UNDER THIS NAME. When dumb presents itself ONLY. Today, you brought the dumb FAST & FURIOUS!

Not under other names, THIS ONE ONLY.

Do you comprehend this yet? Or do you need extra help after class?

In all seriousness, you can't be this dumb.

I've exposed you enough today. If you continue to bring it, I will resurface.

Dan Marino played touch football. I remember seeing him run AWAY from the DB after throwing an INT on more then one occasion. LOL

Ohio Dolfan = rose colored glasses homer

We have always been very splendid(don't really know what $ means) and are always on the Spirit of Fun and like we Cubans say, heh, you cranking the Car(you stirring the Pot) we don't mind. However, these are very different TImes and we have to test limits. If it burns, withdraw.

Dan Marino, the 2nd all time pick 6 QB. First is Favre.

It is clear to me that Tannehill will have a 20 year career and break every record in the books.

Well C3PEO, I also saw him, on more than one occasion, throw TD's. (I know the PEO upthere is misspelled, but you might want to ask a Cuban what it means).

Last night it was Kush and Ciroc I was super geeked

I'm actually sad right now. I have a prototype program on judging elite plays.

Sorry to report. Dan is not up there.

I need to try to tweak it so he can get in. So far, he's not in unless I jerryrig the numbers.

Phillip Rivers ain't in there either. Neither is Joe Namath.

informative...perhaps TMI? LOL

You, my friend, are worst than a silent fartt.

@Sea Man

Based on my preliminary FINDINGS I have to back track just a bit.

Winning a superbowl helps.

So Ryan needs to win at least 2 superbowls to be in the ELITE running. Eli won two and he is ELITE according to my prototype program.

Superbowls tend to follow great seasons. Just an observation I made.

What's your Prototype, buddy? Below the knee, way past the belly? What?

Okay...we need better categories.

1. Elite with a big E.
2. elite with a small e.
3. Dan falls in the elite with a small e category.

Sorry guys but he didn't get it done. Maybe a few more superbowl wins/losses or other might have tipped the scales.


I knew a small guy that tipped the scales at 275 lbs.

Okay...new rules

Top 10% is big E Elite.
Next top 10% is small e elite.



Anybody around here knows a Middleweight Female Hooker? Just asking.

So troll,

If you don't like me why visit my site so much? :)

And please avoid 14 paragraphs worth of babble in your response.....nobody is impressed

I will wait for confirmation from Ohio that it is he at 5:50PM.

ohio why don't you stay at your own blog with odinspie and stop bothering us here?

My era formula is simple.

1950's +3
1960"s +2
1970's +1
1980's 0
1990's -1
2000's -2
2010's will be -3

Subsequent years I will add +1


No what...change that to the following


I'm telling you guys I will figure this thing out. I want to know beyond a reasonable doubt which QB's are elite and which ones are Elite.


My formula is better:

1987 +15
1992 +7

1966-71 -22
1956-59 +2


2002-10 -12
2011 +3



So this dude admits below the only time he ever posts is when he wants to start sh*t. At least the Ohio dude knows and talks football. Armando said he wanted to rid this place of trolls like you that take up space.....epic fail

Dude, are you dense? I POST OCCASIONALLY UNDER THIS NAME. When dumb presents itself ONLY. Today, you brought the dumb FAST & FURIOUS!

Not under other names, THIS ONE ONLY.

Do you comprehend this yet? Or do you need extra help after class?

In all seriousness, you can't be this dumb.

I've exposed you enough today. If you continue to bring it, I will resurface.

Posted by: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT UP! | May 01, 2012 at 04:53 PM

ohio why don't you stay at your own blog with odinspie and stop bothering us here?


Oh, please I want you to have Tigers Jaw Granola. You and Susan eat from the ceramic turtle bowl and I will oil my fur clothing in Egypt.

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Citizen of Rome...

Try 17.399% instead...just a hunch.

The "us" is a dead giveaway for who your troll really is Ohio...he also uses the word "we" a lot when talking only about himself......

This isn't hard to figure out....

The worst part is...your troll on this site....is a frequent contributor on your site ohio...

We(sorry, but I was finishing my pan-grilled Rib Eye steak), as we were saying, We(Armando, the other Posters, Juanita y sus amigas, etc) have noticed that whenever there is any mention of big dikks in this Blog, some posters here turn very angry and all excited.

anyone want to kick the tires on Gaffney or J.Jones? As mediocre as they are, they still are more qualified starters than most of ours.
But If Ireland can manage to actually draft a few WRs next year, I'm OK with short contracts.

It's amazing how some Posters put their Draft choices above Ireland's. To Us(yeah, Armando, Juanita and all her friends) it can only mean that they are Crazy.

Wow,,,,hahaha someone has a crush on me. Getting talked about when I'm not even here, now you're just making me blush. A site devoted to talking about the Miami Dolphins and he's talking about me! I'm honored.

And still switching names. "For the good of the blog". Bwaaaaaahahahahaha!

Ohio,,,take it as a joke if you want...but EVERYBODY knows the your Troll normal screen name is Oscar Canosa.....

Now...Ohio....you have the information...what you chose to do with it is up to you.....


Ohio absolutely trounced the coward tonight. I meaN TROLL. He's not a coward on the inteenet, only in real life when it's comes to his country and family.

Anywhoo, seriously, as dumb as this troll is, you'd think he'd try to stick with picking on the retards. You know, those afficted with the same problems he has.

A heads up troll, TRY picking on ALoco, HE might not embarrass you and expose your stupidity as much.

BTW, if ALoco toasts your asss, that means your wonderlic is about a "1 1/2". If he burns you don't even come back under any of the names you were using today.

PS: Even though you change names hourly, there's still one dead give away-ROTFLMAO! You can't sneak by anybody but the dumbest of dumbshyts. Even with the name changes, it's too hard to hide all that Ignorance.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ohio schooled you arse ;)

Seriously? Do you know anything about football?


What did I walk into here? Yes. Do tell, yes. Sounds like animosity. Yes.

odin how many more hours of your life do you intend to throw away cackling about trolls and gaylords?

unfortunately football is not like baseball,where you can take a bunch of cheaper younger guys and still be a winner. My understanding of the west coast offense is that they use a short passing attack in place of running the ball as much and for that to work you still need a bonified, accurate QB. As of right now we don't. You need to have a good if not great receiver corps to able to move the ball down the field. look at the niners of the 80's and Packers of the present, anybody see a parallel? great QB and very good receivers. This offense will stall frquently in Miami this year. we will be in the bottom 3 in offense and because we wont be able to stay on the field it will effect the defense to also be in the lower tier in the league. Godd news is we will have a VERY high draft pick next year.

Kris, please embellish on the oscar charge. It interests me for reasons I'll go into later. But what are your facts man?

The following acronyms add zero value to your posts, entertain nobody, and if anything, only make your posts less desirable to read:

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Nor does the addition of these infantile acronyms mean that you 'scored any points'. It just means you are so seriously starved for attention to the point that no blog can help you.

I dunno but he just referred to the Cuban and I haven't seen much of the Cuban since ALoco got caught red handed changing screen names.

He was having a conversation with himself and accidentally posted as ALoco while still signed in as the Cuban Menace.

If that wasn't bad enough, he didn't catch until he answered himself and posted back again-ROTFLMAO!

You could click on the Cuban Menace name in blue and see a good part of the conversation he had with himself. I busted a gut laughing so hard.

Now, I don't know if Oscar is really ALoco(yes I do, wink, wink), but their styles and phrases share some similarities.

Not quite the gay talk you were looking for now was it Troll? ;)

I know you remember the episode I'm refering to don't you. You didn't come back as the Cuban Menace for two weeks and when you did, you claimed to be on vacation.


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!



kris any problem with the keyboard today?

mine is stikcking andn so i wll jst reaD pOsts foR nOw.

kris is only too happy to find someone to bust because he got caught doing the same thing months back. then he gave the incomprehensible excuse that his keyboard was sticking that day.

uh, i see, and so that explains why he was changing his name?

judge not lest ye be judged.

Texas A&M's offense was a dumbed-down version of Green Bay's offense. So no, we're going to see something closer to GB's offense.

Guy from Mich State wont be beating anyone deep. He ran a 4.6 40. Now, he might be winning a few jump balls though.

Oh, by the way, Mando...

You forgot to mention that they've modified the WCO to include a "Read Option". And, that they ran most of their offense "No Huddle"!

Just saying...


Nice Mando!! Kudos for keeping it coming on your day off, brother

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