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Proof Dolphins are working these days

The Dolphins are in the middle of their offseason program and I know this because the pictures don't lie.

Below are Reggie Bush, a workout machine, on the bench; quarterback Matt Moore, who will be competing for a starting job, doing some heavy lifting; and cornerback Sean Smith is showing off his new look hair cut.

(All photos courtesy the Miami Dolphins)

Reggie bush weights




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First MO FO's!


Damn Reggie with the 85 pds dumbells. I can prob do 3 sets of 8 with 60 at most. Reggie a strong man..

Glad you corrected your error in time Mando :)

The first pic definatly wasn't Jake Long!! lol

Damm missed by one minute

Oh yea Aramndo, Reggie not on the bench, I wouldnt expect you to know since you look like you never worked out in your life.

Matt....60 lbs dumdbell inclines......you need to work harder.

Nathan, he's a QB... Cant expect much more

Reggie is definitely on an inclined bench. So many know-it-alls on here.

Well he should of been more specific, there also a bench press..

Actually Clue, Reggie is doing inclined dumbell presses which is done on a bench, just inclined. But you probably have never worked out a day in your life.

Freezin, How about you give us a favor and go kill ya self?

the only thing that matters is results on the field

For you rookies, when you say lets get on the "bench" ppl are genrally refering to the bench press. No one says lets go on the bench and think about dong decline and incline fukkin idiots.

Them Dolphins are ready to bring it. BIM Believe in Miami

This is turning into dirty talk about which user works out and who doesn't.

The interesting point here is committed players are working out.

Aside of the impressive number of pounds in his dumbbells, Reggie looks like a true hard worker.

Matt Moore is more relaxed lifting 60 pound on each hand, but he's a passer not a running back.

I can't figure Peyton Manning lifting the same weight that Jake Long uses for training.

Can't take this...going to the bench...I mean bed...

This is good....beats photos of them at the club at 3:00am, or mug shots

Armando where are your work out pics??

Dolfdan13, you mean the one with the Cheese Pizza in Armando mouth?

Clue you are an idiot, plain and simple. You are wrong, I'm a personal trainer, "get on the bench"? Who says that? You have a routine and when working the chest you do flat, incline, and or decline benches. IT'S ALL ON THE BENCH DUMMY. You set the bench to different angles to work different parts of the chest. Incline is for upper chest and front shoulders. Flat is for middle chest and tris. Decline is for lower chest and lats. It's all on the bench. You were wrong and were called out for it. But instead of admitting your mistake you turned into a 5 year old little brat. Pathetic. For someone who calls himself clue,,,,,,well,,you know.

Clue - your just a dick ain't cha? What's the matter, your boyfriend leave you?

Better start worrying about the talent on this team. Players who sucked before they hit the weight room in the off season will still suck when the team starts the season. Our offense will be un-watchable this year. Mark it down.

it would be even sweeter if i saw a pic oc wake in this article...........so sad


Armando - got any cheerleader pics you can share?

although the game isn't won in the weight room/conditioning programme. It certainly can be lost if you don't put the effort in to prepare properly for the upcoming season. For me this will also show the coaches the type of players who have the right work ethic, not because of how much they may lift but more about how much effort they put in in everything they do. Start off well and you have a chance IMO

The Dullfins are cemented in the cellar for many years to come.

Who cares the f*** bench we don´t have the enough talent on this roster to do something important!!! i wish that someone hit Jeff Dumberland´s head with that 85 pounds...

I freakin love Reggie Bush, bro. Hard working professional who has earned his fame.

Way to work Matt and Sean too.

Go Fins.

Great pics. Thanks Mando.

Ross/Ireland, the worst Owner/GM tandem in the league?

Clue you need to get a clue! Clearly you know nothing about a gym.

Ross is too cheap to pay Wake fairly.

Scotty, I love Wake, but he is an undersized overachieving end and didn't show much last year and was pushed around. He relies on pure speed. There may be some concern on whether he can maintain that level at his size. Also I am reading more and more that Miami is taking Coples at 8. If so they would probably want to keep their limited cap room for him.

I know more about the gym then some of you dough boys in here. A lot of internet tough boys out today huh? All you pus*sies can suck a di*k!

I hope Sean Simth's new hair cut is a sign of the young man maturing and being ready to do the work to be a starting professional football player. I have really dogged him in here in the past because the KID got smoked on the field all of time. He has a lot of talent and I hope that he really makes a change for the better this year and he proves he is capable of being a starter in this league. I wish this MAN the best if he has indeed made corrections to his work habits.

dolfnman, are you a fukkin idiot.. Im sorry I should of said you are one. Turdhead, Wake was doubled all the time cause no one else couldnt creat pressure. Givbe us all a favor and go eat a dik.

Clue.....is not very intelligent. Notice how he never responded to the dude that called him out for being wrong. L.M.flucking.A.O.

Ron, Call him out?? For what I dont give a crap, but you sir are a retard. I called you out. What are you gonna do now?

Hey clue, "givbe us all a favor" and "eat a dik" you "fukkin" idiot hahahahaha do you spell wrong all the time on purpose or are you just DUMB ?

I'm gonna go jump off the empire state building because Clue the little girl in remedial english class called me a retard and huwt my widdle feewings ( sad face ) hahahahahahah you f.ucking DOLT

Ron you sir are really a retard, try spelling the words correctly and you'll notice the blog is sensored dik head. SMH some of you need to flush you head down toilets.

Lol yeah I know, its just funny to see a moron calling people out for being stupid. And its not just your spelling, its your whole elementary school style.

Hey Ron tell your mom I'm cumming right now. Literally cumming in her...

Ron, u mad bro?

Wow, didn't see the mom joke coming....hahahaha i remember when i was in the 5th grade and those were still funny.

Also when trying to work the upper chest it is important to set your bench at a 30 degree angle. Most people make the mistake of setting at a 45 but this puts a lot of work on the shoulders and takes away from your chest work out. Hope this helps you with your workouts in the future Clue. Now go hit that bench!

Why would you think I'm mad ? Don't project your feelings onto me, bro. That's what insecure people do.

Anywho, I'm done talking to you turdheads, I got better things to do like bang Ron mom.



Clue's real name is clueless.

Worst person here.

Clue, shut your freaking mouth. Right now, you little sissy.

Go Fin, u mad bro?

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Wow Bush's form is TERRIBLE. That's how you blow out your back. You never arch your back to work out a chest muscle. Jeez is anyone in there paying attention to the players technique?

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BURN..... Again

When one realizes how dumb he is, one resorts to asking, "Are you mad, bro?" hahahaha CLASSIC

Ron, 2 words

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