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Proof Dolphins are working these days

The Dolphins are in the middle of their offseason program and I know this because the pictures don't lie.

Below are Reggie Bush, a workout machine, on the bench; quarterback Matt Moore, who will be competing for a starting job, doing some heavy lifting; and cornerback Sean Smith is showing off his new look hair cut.

(All photos courtesy the Miami Dolphins)

Reggie bush weights




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Clue is 13 years old and 200 pounds?

That would certainly explain her lesbian fascinations.


Hey you better watch it voter, clue might call you a "fukkin fukface" LMAO

Lost in the shuffle regarding the bench is the fact that Reggie is arching his back, negating the full incline press.

How exactly does arching your lower back negate the incline press ? Everybody is different, I have seen people keep their back flat and I have seen people slightly arch. Not sure it makes a huge difference.

Wasn't attacking you btw JB, just curious as to what you meant.


Cause its a CHEST exercise and NOT a lower back exercise....it is also and Isolation type exercise.....meaning you don't want to incorporate any more muscles than needed....he isn't doing a Cross-Fit exercise.....

Reggie is a rock...so I know he doesn't need work out tips from me...but he could probably use some from the strenghth and condition coaches.....THEY GET PAID TO SPOT THAT STUFF....AND MAKE CORRECTIONS.....that could lead to better overall muscle development....and minimize footnall and ZNON-football related injuries.....

football and NON-football....

BTW...like the Sean SMith look....I know that Sampson believed that his hair was a source of strength.....

In todays world....a player cutting his hair is usually a sign of Maturity and realization that they need to take their profession more seriously....

I don't know what Smith's reasoning is...but I hope i'm somewhere in the ball park...

I hear you on that Kris, however, I feel like most likely he is pushing to finish his set in that picture and that is why his back is arched. I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me. Hopefully the strength and conditioning coaches are competent, otherwise we could be in trouble lol

I'm 5"11, 190lbs. I curl 85's and my wrists are sometimes sore. I give Reggie his props. 85's are not easy!


Agree....and you have a point....sometimes when your finishing off sets you do strain a bit...and people tend to lose their form....@ the gym for us "joe's"...I think its fine....for a starting RB on my team...and a key contributor.....I just want to see him do everything perfect and disciplined....probably more my hang-up than his....

Such man gossip. Who would have known pictures of these guys lifting weights would draw so much nail polish talk. Oh gee I hope the condition coach and Reggie know more than a blogger expert. Maybe one of us can get Mando Mindy to pass a message along? We don't want our darling players not exercise their muscles properly.

Oh dear, Reggie and Matty appear to be holding their breath! Heavens to Betsy! They should be exhaling while exterting force. Even my hairdresser knows that. I sure hope these trainers are aware of this.

Green Cheese are you related to that girl named Clue?

Sad lot u so called fans r .....pathetic .....

Green Cheese.....

If ignorance is bliss....then you must be in HEAVEN.....

That name suits you ALL to well....

120 lbs is not a lot of weight. Moore needs to get down with the STEE ROIDS.

sure jack

Jack 60 pounds dumbbells is pretty heavy. 85 that Reggie was doing is excellent especially for his size

no doubt clue, those are tough

Regie must of hav ben warming up I wiegh 165 n do 5sets of 10 with 85lbs dumbells

There are more pics than this on the miami website, been there for at least a week.

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Don't u hate it when ppl lie

Take it easy on the dumbsheet troll tonight fellas.

Craig M schooled his asss pretty god damn good today.

Hilarious how fvcking dumb this troll is.

For those trainers out there - not Clue, apparently - notice how Reggie has his butt way up off the bench? Very poor form. I was a trainer for a long time. Either it's strict form or it's not at all. Get a spotter for the last few reps and keep the form (I'm making an assumption that he is hitting his last few and that his form is otherwise good). You'd think the Fins would supplier enough trainers to ensure this kind of stuff is done right. It's an injury just waiting to happen.

Also, Armando... 60lb db presses are not heavy lifting. Maybe for a girl... or a quarterback... or a sports blog writer. Actually I know plenty of girls who lift more than that so...

Good to see Smith without the Allen Iverson do. Maybe it shows maturity. Or maybe he's still a can't-catch punk, with shorter hair.

All that experience and Reggie is lifting that weight like he can't lift that weight. Better to train with a weight that you can control. Very very bad form and counterproductive.

But he is at least working. Unlike Wake who thinks he owns the place.

Our roster it´s not more than a PIECE OF S_H_I_T like the GM...

60 lb DB's is heavy? LOL!!!!!

Maybe for us but it shouldn't be for professional athletes.

I'd like to see what Tannehill benched in the combine. OH WAIT, HE DIDN'T ATTEND.

Can't push away Mario Williams benching 60 lb DB's. Let's hope TanneHenne can bench more than that trash.

55 lbs is always on the bottom rack.

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