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Ross hopes Tannehill's No. 17 will be retired

Retired numbers
The Dolphins have retired three jerseys since the franchise's fledgling year in 1966. And owner Stephen Ross is rooting that first-round pick Ryan Tannehill is so good, so dominant in fact, that his career will require the team to retire Tannehill's No. 17 when he's through.

"This is your number?" Ross asked Miami's newest quarterback this morning when he handed him his Miami jersey.

Tannehill responded that's exactly the number he wore at Texas A&M. Ross paused. Thought about it. And then said ..

"Hope one day we can retire this jersey."

The Dolphins have all three of their retired jerseys hanging in the lobby wall of their Davie, FL. headquarters. They belong to Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, and Dan Marino. All three are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That is apparently what it takes to get your jersey retired by the Dolphins.

But no pressure, Ryan.


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I have to say I am a little baffled we haven't taken a WR though.

It seems like we have a group of possesion recievers even with he addition of Nanee. Except for Gates of course.

Jones and Criner are now gone btw.

I hope we retire it as well and I'm talking about soon. Maybe 15 years or so form now.

LOL not only am I first but I'm last as well.

Ross....STFU.....let these guys play football.....stop pressuring the UCK out of them.....


I'm a FINS FAN...so I want to believe that EVERY pick is pure gold....future HOF....


The FINS already employ CHEERLEADERS.....

and as a fan...I have to PAY for the right to enjoy the product....

O am giving Philbin and company as much rope as they need....AFTER ALL...while most of you were begging for Fisher....I was among the VERY FEW who fought the mob mentality and pushed for Philbin....a rough week that was on here......

Even tho Philbin gets my FULL SUPPORT...he NOR Ireland get a pass.....We need to see progress on the field.... and if progress isn't defined by wins and losses...then it needs to be defined by production on the field,,point,yards,TOP....defensive stats....ect......

Everything is measurable...

Dolfan Rick,

No guarantees to find a starter or #wr this late in the draft. That can always be addressed with a 1st or 2nd rd pick next year if needed.

Rome wasnt built in a day and we cant address every need position with quality picks in one draft. A quality pick being a 1st or 2nd rd'er.


Actually this blog is dumb. Still that's what every owners wants when he drafts a qb 1st rd. Duhhhhhhhhhhh!

IMO Miami still has 3 good options in Matthews, Mcnutt and Streeter...BUT will they shock us again?? Would love Streeter this late...imagine him and Agnew on the field at the same time...

Ross made a statement every owner wants when he drafts a qb 1st rd. Hell, as dolfans, we all hope this, dummy-down alert! LOL

I wish Ross would retire from saying stupid things.

Why can't Ross just keep his mouth shut when it comes to this stuff?

Henne was going to be the next Marino. Now he's talking about retiring Tannehill's number less than 48 hours after they draft him. I think there's enough pressure on the kid already, there's no need for this "stuff".


and what's the point of this post?


Not only are the wr's you guys are now clamoring for are falling down our draftboard. They are also falling down 31 other nfl draftboards too.

Could it be 32 nfl teams know a little something we dont?

I wish Ross would retire from saying stupid things.

Posted by: Finheavenblows! | April 28, 2012 at 03:46 PM

What Ross said isnt stupid, all owners wish this in thier 1st rd qb. What's stupid is creating a blog about it. LOL


These players officially work for an oaf.

But I'm glad Ross is learning to be a great NFL owner. At this rate, he'll reach that goal by 2097

..Took a break for awhile..Looks like we added a linebacker..Sweet. I didn't do a "mock" draft but positions I would like to see addressed. Doing pretty good on that front..I didn't see a running back, but it looks like we got a homerun hitter there so nothing to complain about..My 2 favorite picks so far are Martin, and Egnew..

We have added playmakers, we have added protection on the line. My guess is we will draft another interior defensive lineman next.

As far as WR goes..So we haven't added any of the guys many of us wanted. Big deal. For one. All of us over rated the guys we thought may be taken in the third round, even fourth round. As YG said..At this point the odds are against any one we take at the position being better then the guys we have now..The guys who the coaches obviously value higher then we have..

At this point in the draft, any player selected that can contribute is a bonus.

Ross is just showing not, only is he the owner, he's a passioante dolfan too. What's wrong with that?

At this point wouldn't mind us taking a kick/punt return specialist if there's one available. Gates wasn't terribly dynamic last year and Bess isn't fast enough.

Chris in the 623,

Exactly, if they have plans for Gates, a k/o specialist would be great to replace him in those duties. Or just adding another dynamic k/o returner opposite Gates would be great.

I think the selection of Lamar Miller makes our draft. He was a steal in the 4th round.

pressure is good sometimes. Hopefully we fast track his development and get him out there. All due respect to Penny, but thought they brought Henne along too slowly. send him out there when he's overconfident and doesn't no s%#t, and let him work it out. we,re rebuilding anyhow so who cares?

Im out. Not that important to me to find out who our 6th and 7th rd players will be. I can wait. LOL

If we still need to address a OG James Brown from Troy is still available.

I am giving up on WR. :)

Who here does not hope they can retire is jersey. I would love it if he was so good that his number joined the others. If he can not handle that he did not deserve to be drafted.

C'mon Ireland, take a receiver here! There's some great value at WR in this round, so take one! they're not going to last forever.

Well... I guess I wouldn't mind seeing them take a DE here, like Cam Johnson

What about WR Patrick Edwards from Houston? The kid had 1700 yards last year...

Well if we really wanna have the hometown flavor we can wrap up with G Brandon Washington and Streeter from the U.

Washington was actually projected to go rds 3-4.
Streeter rd 5.

Get the WR's in the unstaffed free agent market. This is the best time to pick linemen

Guys I will say one thing they act like they want to be a Miami Dolphin. His wife is in teal, and his tie was teal with a Miami Dolphin logo on the collar.

You want to be the leader of the team, he seems to want to try. Watched him on Grudens QB thing and he at least sounded smart. That is a start.

I hope 17 turns into something special.

Go Dolphins! Welcome to the Miami (Dan Marino) frying pan Ryan.


James Brown OG Troy

Jordan White.....

Ross continues to talk sh-t until the end.

IMO Miami still has 3 good options in Matthews, Mcnutt and Streeter...BUT will they shock us again?? Would love Streeter this late...imagine him and Agnew on the field at the same time...

ahh there we go, BJ Cunningham

Anybody know anyhing about Cunningham?

BJ...over the other 3 that were ranked higher?? How is that BPA??

Any good?

Cunningham looks pretty solid. A 3rd round value according to NFL.com.

Very good hands, above average speed, but some trouble with running routes when pressed. Was initially predicted to go in the 3rd. Alot of talent at WR still available and we have 2 picks left in the 7th. Let's see.

Not very happy about the Cunningham pick. Having graduated from Ohio State and being a Buckeye fan, I am not very pleased with passing on Streeter here. So far, I believe the draft has been good, but a clear miss here. Cunningham is slow and his measurables were near worst in every category. He is a big target and looked good in some games, but getting separation with the speed necessary in the NFL is troublesome. Streeter is raw, but has extreme upside. We drafted another Patrick Turner probably

Maybe BJ fits our system better

Only sauteed.

Cunningham has been a highly regarded prospect. He has size for the position and is a very polished, well-rounded receiver. He was a durable starter, making him a solid third-round value.
STRENGTHS Cunningham is very savvy off the ball when getting into his route, using his core strength to swat away hands and lean on corners. He has very quick feet and can get corners off balance in-route, and can burst and then snap routes off quickly, gaining separation. He is a good zone-feel receiver who likes to sit in holes, catch the ball and work upfield. He is a strong and physical player who makes his presence felt when blocking downfield.

Was rated higher than Matthews, Streeter and McNutt...maybe they know better...?? Perhaps...lol

I agree with Ohiophin. Why even take a flier on Cunningham. He is probably the slowest of least sudden of the remaining big wr's. Let me guess...the staff sees some thing in him...trust the system. LOL! Wasted pick...been better off taking lazy tommy streeter. At least he can get behind a cb.

Let Ireland be. He's in his acorns Field.

Cunningham 6'1" 213lbs 4.59 40

Both publictions i read had him projected to go rd7 or FA but i did find this:

Cunningham was undervalued most of his career, but set several school records in 2011 as a senior. Unsung star of the team. Cunningham's lack of overall speed and explosiveness are question marks, but he is a reliable possession player with vacuum hands.

FYI Ohiophin, Cunningnam went to Michigan State. I don't know where you get your info from, but since you are a Buckeye fan, I can only imagine. LMFAO!!!!!

Rated higher if you are looking for a guy who will move the chains and catch the ball underneath. He couldn't beat a safety vertically one on one. Watched more than a few Mich st games and he is strictly a possession guy. No screens to him on the outside..no explosive plays down field. Better options were on the board.

I couldn't have scripted it any better.

We got a WR named BJ instead of a McNutt.

I can see it now, the entire stadium chanting, BJ, BJ!!

Miami still needs safety or corner back help

How can you be 6'1 an run a 4.6?? There are many qb's in this draft who are taller and heavier than run better. Yet we add to the long list of strictly possession targets that inhabit this roster. Guess Gates has to become Mike Wallace in a hurry or this passing offense will be dink and dunk all season.



You don't know what they were looking for, so you don't know there were better picks. Speed isn't everything for a WR, otherwise Ginn would have been a star in this league. How can a 6th round pick be a wasted pick when less than half of them pan out. You have no clue how they plan on utilizing him.

From Omar....The biggest knocks I could find on Michigan State WR BJ Cunningham, who the Dolphins just selected in the sixth round, is that he has small hands (8 1/4) and is slow for a receiver, being timed at 4.56. But Davone Bess was slower and it didn't stop him from being successful. The bottom line is the Dolphins for looking for the ideal Z-receiver to run slants and they drafted one of the best slant runners.

Cunningham has the most yards an catches in MSU history...that's saying something right there.


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