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Round Two possibilities for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins tried to double their fun in the first round Thursday when they tried to trade back into the first round to continue adding talent late in the round, general manager Jeff Ireland said on my radio show Armando and Perkins today.

Ultimately he failed but it suggests he might try to move up from the 10th pick (42nd overall selection) in the second round to the top of that round tonight.

It also suggests the Dolphins -- needing help on the right side of the offensive line, at wide receiver, and pass-rusher -- will fill one of those needs before today's second round is over.

So which player might the Dolphins be targetting at 7 this evening when the second round begins?

Coach Joe Philbin consistently talks of the need to make the offensive line a team strength. He's gone so far as to tell owner Stephen Ross that part of the team's problem with its quarterback play has been its offensive line play.

Well, if the Dolphins are intent on addressing that offensive line, look at Ohio State tackle Mike Adams, Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn, Stanford right tackle Jonathan Martin, and Wisconsin C/G Peter Konz as possibilities. By the way, yes I know Adams allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the combine and has other issues that raise eyebrows. And I've been told by one scout he has first-round talent and was reminded Warren Sapp had drug-test issues that caused him to drop in the draft. How'd that work out?

At wide receiver, Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech has size and speed but lacks production primarily because the Yellow Jackets simply stink at passing the football. Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is available but will require a trade-up, as will LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle. South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey will likely be there when Miami picks in the second round.

Onto the edge pass-rusher or interior defensive line help: Clemson's Andre Branch will be there but I'm not sure if he will remind the Dolphins too much of recently cut Philip Merling. Marshall's Vinny Curry has great potential as a defensive end type, while Jerel Worthy seems more Miami's speed based on his size 6-3 and 310 pounds and pedigree of playing in the Big Ten.

By the way, I am aware Courtney Upshaw is missing from my list. My thinking is Upshaw will require a trade-up in the round and in exchange the Dolphins would get a non-prototype DE at 6-2 and 274 pounds who also lacks explosive burst. He's a great college player. He's a try-hard player. But so was Koa Misi.


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Haven't we been talking about this?

Oh, yeah, first.

The Nate Palmer piece on my blog is on fire. I am getting a huge amount of hits on there for this piece....

Posted by: Professor Lou | April 27, 2012 at 01:03 AM

Translation: Please go to my blog, I am starved for attention.

[obligatory] Draft a quarterback! [/obligatory]

Draft elite OL, don't waste on second-tier DL, fix QB and OL problems in 2 rounds, WR in 3rd or package both and get back into 2nd

Not sold on Branch. Situational pass rusher at best, can't play off tackles.
I'm hoping there is a run on wide receivers at the top of the round and I'm hoping Upshaw is there when Miami picks at #42.
I'm also hoping the run on wide receivers doesn't take some from the 3rd round off the board in the 2nd but, then again, Nate Palmer will still be there later.

Professor Lou, (from the previous blog)

It is never a double standard. I just do not think you can blame all the losses on Tannehill. There are fans here that do not like the pick, which is understandable, and now paint a gloomy outlook for the Dolphins just because they picked Tannehill. I believe it was Jacksparrow who posted yesterday that "every team in the NFL improved in the first round except the Dolphins."
Really? Come on! That whole statement is just negative because the guy he wanted was not selected by the Phins. At least the entire fan base wasn't blindsided by some a pick like Eddie Moore or Ted Ginn Jr.

The fact is that Tannehill is surrounded by coaches who have produced some credible QB's in the NFL, so let's give them the chance to develop this kid. Also, remember Tom Brady was graded low and only projected to be a sustainable back-up.
Yes, Tannehill has limited experience, but it is the consensus of all REAL draft analysts that Tannehill has what it takes to become a very good QB.
It pains us all to sit back and be in the "wait and see mode," but what other choice do we have?

Don't trade up. Stand your ground and take the best available DL available. In 3rd, take a pulling guard/center and wr.

I saw some people say they wouldn't be thrilled with Jonathan Martin but I like him a lot. He was a LT in college and slipped because he is RT in the pros. He was part of a dominant run blocking O-Line and was Andrew Luck's blind side protector. It seems he wouldn't have as much troubles on the right side.

I am in the minority I think but Martin would be a great bookend to Jake Long. Martin fits the athletic, big type they talked about as well.

Has nothing to do with that. What I was saying is people are paying a lot of attention to Nate Palmer who was a player I have listed as a sleeper and I introduced to some people on this blog, the ss blog and some others.
It appears as though others have caught on to this guy as well. Check him out for yourself.

Professor Lou,

Fill me in who is Nate Palmer? I'm not familiar with him.

We should give up our front third and fourth picks to get late in second...also, why will Reuben randle be gone? Why didn't he elaborate? There are at least two receivers higher on board.
I just saw Justin Blackmon was projected to have less than 5 tds not because he's not the man, he is, but he has no one real to throw to him. We need to understand that we cannot, CANNOT draft an o lineman early for the reverse reason! It doesn't matter who is qb if they have no one to throw it to, and right now u better believe we don't have a receiver that would start on a real contender. Doubt me? Look how many tds each receiver catches per year, it's a JARRING statistic.
Alshon Jeffrey never had a real qb. Stephen hill worries me, he didn't come out of rw same system megatron did...but we need wide receivers, and a bunch of them.
Also, just one more thing for u fans asking for tannehill to sit. The other three qbs including pick 22 won't. Pick 8 shouldn't.

I mentioned earlier with all of our immediate needs we need to find a way to get an extra pick or 2 today.

Even if it means not picking tomorrow. This a really deep draft and there are some solid potential starters in the 2nd and 3rd rds.

So what happens now when Matt Moore surprises by taking the next step in the 30 start range? The area where QB's usually prove it or loose it.

Say Moore and the new offensive genius wins enough to miss a wildcard berth by 1 game.

Would using the 8th overall pick on a playmaker then come back to haunt us?

I know you'll think this is sour grapes, but it's a legitimate consideration. We were only about 4 wins out last year with SpOrano and Daboll. Moore was on a hot streak. It is/was a possibility, even if only remotely.

Palmer is a wide receiver from NIU who played with Chandler Harnish. His numbers aren't great because NIU has 3 really good receivers and they spread it around a lot and Harnish also ran for a lot of yards in the past 2 years.
Palmer is the fastest of the three receivers. His speed is similar to Gates but it's not all straight line speed like Gates. Palmer can do things on the field after catching a ball that doesn't seem humanly possible. However, you have to see him for yourself. You can go to my blog or you can just check him out on YouTube. He should be a 4th round prospect when you consider what he's done and what Gates did at AC.


Absolutely love you putting Peter Koonz as a 2nd rd possibility. More of a true center than Pouncey and frees Pouncey to move to his natural position RG.

According to Walter Camp scouting Koons had a 1st rd grade on him. He didnt have a great combine, but rebounded to do better. Has been a absolute force in the Big 10 and gets to 2nd level very well.

He's a helluvah bargain 2nd rd. I love getting 2nd rd to fix the oline. Moving Pouncey to RG and getting Koonz at center would be like getting a 2 for 1 on the oline in the 2nd rd.

I agree. I hope they don't waste any picks trying to trade up. They have a golden opportunity to make a real difference with their remaining picks if they do it right. Too much talent to pass up.

Walter Camp On Peter Koonz:

Peter Konz*, C, Wisconsin
Height: 6-5. Weight: 314.
Projected 40 Time: 5.58.
Bench: 18. Arm: 33.
Projected Round (2012): 1.

4/24/12: Konz is rock solid to be the first center drafted and will probably go late in the first round.

Konz had a disappointing Combine performance with only 18 reps on the bench press. He did not perform the field drills. Konz's bench press total was surprising considering he is a power player from a collegiate offense that produces big, strong linemen. Teammate Kevin Zeitler had 32 reps in the bench press and weighs exactly the same as Konz. At his pro day, he rebounded and was said to perform well.

While his Combine performance doesn't help, when teams go back and look at the tape of last season, Konz's stock figures to get a boost. The junior produced a stack of dominant tapes for NFL evaluators in 2011. He played well against future draft picks like Michigan State's Jerel Worthy and Nebraska's Jared Crick.

The Badgers had a fabulous running offense, and Konz is an excellent run blocker. He seals holes well, gets to the second level, and puts defenders on the ground regularly. Konz also did a solid job in pass protection for quarterback Russell Wilson.

Professor Lou,

So like a 6th round type of guy?


Yes I like Konz! Are you suggesting he stay at Center and Pouncey slides over or Konz to play guard?

Mike Adams is terrible, have you ever watched him play? I'm an OSU alum and have watched this guy for his entire college career he will not be good in the NFL, he only played because everyone else was incompetent on the line. Also look at how linemen from the Tressel era translate to the NFL, they don't, the only one who has been successful is Mangold. Every lineman that gets to the NFL comes back and talks about how they had to be retaught everything because the o-line coaches did not know what they were doing.

So in summary we have a lazy, either stupid or doesn't care for failing a drug test at the combine and poorly taught technique for a o-lineman in the second round.

No Thanks I'll pass!!!

I think Upshaw needs to be the guy in the 2nd if he's there when they pick. I don't believe the stuff about he being a 3-4 outside guy only or not having a home. Wake was a 3-4 guy last two seasons and now he will probably play on the end. Upshaw has the size to play end. He can set the edge well, he can disrupt plays in the backfield, make tackles for loss and get sacks.
He would be my first choice but I'm just a fan.

If we dont fix the oline with quality, we may as well sign our non-compete clause right now to reserve ourselves the afc east cellar. There's no reason to even play the games except for determining 2013 1st rd draft status.

BobbyD, answered you twice last blog thread. Sorry it Takes a month of Sundays to make a decent post on my cell phone...can't keep up with new topic threads popping up.


ESPN again reports that Ireland expects Tanne to compete for the starters job this year.

As he should. Most of you say we aren't going to win for the next two years anyway, so no pressure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If they don't bite as puppies, they just plain old BITE!

ANY 8th overall pick SHOULD be starting anyways. At least in the real world of NFL football.

If Tannehill, as the 8th overall pick isn't starting by week 1, that'll be the first warning sign. Moore sucks(per the fan base), Garrard is worse(per the same), well we have an 8th overall pick already familiar with the scheme and terminology(per Sherman/Ireland)with a QUOTE "Leg Up" on everyone on the roster.

If Tannehill can't start under these circumstances then something is TERRIBLY WRONG.

Let the Kid play ball!

You love those OLineman don't you YG. lol.

I wonder which area is deeper in the draft though. OL or DE. We need both,and WR's of course. Although I know the draft is deep in Wr's and we can wait for the 3rd and 4th for them.

I'm wondering OL or pass rusher in the 2nd, which makes the most sense? I was hoping for Bruce Irvin in the 3rd but Seattle screwed up that plan.

Professor Lou,

I like a lot of players in round 2 that I think can help but UpShaw is tops on my list. I know he is considered a tweener but he is a 1st round talent and I think he will be the classic cliche of a "chip on his shoulder".

Per position of needs I want these guys first if available.

WR - Reuban Randle

OL - Jonathan Martin

Pass Rush - Vinny Curry

DT- Devon Still

CB - Janoris Jenkins

Te - Coby Fleener

I'd be happy with any of those guys when Miami's pick rolls around.

I would definately prefer alshon jeffrey over stephon hill. Much better hands and production. But i'm not so sure we use a pick on a Wr. We desperately need someone on the right side of our line. I like who profootballtalk.com had us taking; Lavonte david. He's a leader. He would be a great 4-3 OLB if we are going to be running a 4-3.


Absolutely! Pouncey is a natural guard. Koonz is a natural center. Its like a 2 for 1 with the Koonz pick. Pouncey could now slide back to his natural position which is og.

Man, Koonz would be the perfect pick to allow that to happen. Heck, we could even kick Jerry out to RT. Jerry performs well at RT and this oline would be awfully, awfully good. I love it!

"It also suggests the Dolphins -- needing help on the right side of the offensive line, at wide receiver, and pass-rusher -- will fill one of those needs before today's second round is over."


Thank you!!! At least you realize that we need to draft a RT.

What do you guys think about taking Tommy Streeter with our late 3rd rounder to eventually replace Brandon Marshall.

Dolfan Rick,

Im loving me some oline this draft because a great oline reverberates to fix other problem areas on your team. A great oline creates the factor of giving your team a great big hug on bboth sides of the ball! LOL


I like that plan. I was listening to the opening drive this morning and I don't know who Ross Tucker was talking with but they talked about Konz and how he was considered weak on the bench (18 reps) and the scout or whoever compared Konz to Tom Nalen from Denver (5 Pro Bowls) as the best comparison saying he has dominant football stength not weight room strength because he understands leverages and how to attack opponents.

Onto the edge pass-rusher or interior defensive line help: Clemson's Andre Branch will be there but I'm not sure if he will remind the Dolphins too much of recently cut Philip Merling. Marshall's Vinny Curry has great potential as a defensive end type, while Jerel Worthy seems more Miami's speed based on his size 6-3 and 310 pounds and pedigree of playing in the Big Ten.


Branch is not an underachiever the way Merling & Coples were as Seniors. Yes he went to Clemson like Merling but the comparison should end there. This kid is legit.


How about trading say our 4,6,7 and a 3rd rder next year for 2 extra 3rders today?

Lots of talent in the 3 rd and that would give us 5 total picks tonight.

I don't mind letting Tannehill play as long as it doesn't screw him up long term. If he can play the full year and get experience without it being a detriment then let's do it! I rather let him get the experience now so we can make a run in 2013.

well we all knew (well most) that tannehill was the pick. now it gets interesting, would love to see hill fall to us

Dolfan Rick -- I am not for trading away ANY future picks.

This team already has one of the best pulling guards in the league playing center so drafting Konz would not be a bad thing. The pulling guard is an important cog in the wheel of this offense and Pouncey would fill that role perfectly.
However, I was dissed by these guys two years in a row on the pass rusher and, if they don't take Upshaw if they have the chance, I'll be pi$$ed.


I really dont believe we need to draft a RT. Take Koonz at center, slide Pouncey to his natural position RG(he was a 1st team all american in college at rg before he slid to center), then kick Jerry out RT.

Oline problem virtually solved buddy!

Anyone hear about the prank played on Rutgers WR, Mohamed Sanu?

Someone called him before the Bengals 27th pick and acted as if they were a front office exec and said they were taking him. He celebrated with his family and friends being a 1st round pick only to come the pick they took Zeitler.

Thoughts form yesterday:
Respect me or I'll reset you... (Mando knows)

First, this would be year 3 in a row that Ireland claims to have attempted to move up and failed. I don't care about what you tried to do,... if it never got done.

Second, stop hiding the fact that you're rebuilding. We know you're rebuilding, and that's ok. S. Ross let it slip yesterday in an interview, and carefully tried back pedaling.

Third, Tannehill was interviewed yesterday by the local media, and did some of the best dancing I have ever seen. Hen managed to not really answer a single question. Does this show a lack of confidence. No, but it does show that he can be coached well whether it is by a coach or an agent. Let loose buddy; we’ll only scrutinize if you lose.

Forth, congrats to Ireland, despite what some believe, he did make the right pick. If he had not chosen a QB then he may as well not choose one at all. Next is tackle or pass rusher. My guess is pass rusher. Ideally though, if there are a couple on the board it would help us to trade back and acquire another 2nd rounder. Only problem is that New England is the only team with 2 2nd rounder’s. Do they deal with Miami, I doubt it…

Craig M,

Wait, wait, wait...you should change your screen name to "Patience, more than just a virtue, a way of life" lol

If you theory always worked Peyton Manning HOFer, Troy Aikman HOFer, Rothlesberger, Marino HOFer started nearly right away. These guys would have never been anything if starting right away was a QB killer.

Carr and Couch went to bad teams, had unfortunate luck but maybe, just maybe never did have the talent to make it in the NFL.

If any of the guys in my first stanza got drafted by those teams do they all fail same as Carr and Couch...I say no. They end up having those teams win more games and be more competitive. Do they end up as hall of famers? Who could know with so many variables?


NO Balls,

Jimmy Wilson looks to be a solid extra DB nothing more and thats the best 6th or 7th rder I can think of that we've drafted.

Clemons and Jones are 5th rders and the jury is still out.

Ireland said we need starters and role players and theres a ton of them in rds 2 and 3.

"Coach Joe Philbin consistently talks of the need to make the offensive line a team strength. He's gone so far as to tell owner Stephen Ross that part of the team's problem with its quarterback play has been its offensive line play."

Hello!!! I've been saying that for the last two seasons. Terrible signings with Grove & Smiley definitely didn't help & Carey hasn't played well since 2007.

If we draft either Tommy streeter or Ryan broyles, both are seriously underrated, if Ireland drafts either, as much as I've loathed him, I will clean slate him, because both will come up and immediately impact their team. Ryan broyles especially, he just makes consistent routes and plays...

Sanu should be grateful he isn't going to the Bengals.


To even have a smidgen of hope to play Tannehill at any point, you had better make sure your oline is totally up to par. Anything less and forget about it.

Koonz may be the answer to this because he allows us to do so much more with olinemen already on the roster(Pouncey to RG and Jerry to RT). Think about it?

Steve Young and Drew Brees didn't bite as a puppies they turned out ok

Btw, I'm SO GLAD that Ireland 'failed to move up', wasted picks, last time he did that it was for Thomas and completely unnecessary and demarco Murray was an option I was screaming for

It would be interesting to see that happen. I do agree there is a lot of talent in the 3rd round. I'm hoping they get Criner and Childs and then there's Broyles but there is just so much talent to be had. I just hope Criner makes it to the 3rd.

u heard it here first. lavonte david will be the pick

Pouncey excelled at center, yet some of you want to claim that isn't his 'natural' postion. Ridiculous. Do you still want to play musical chairs with the lineman or actually give someone showing much promise further time to develop at his position. Pouncey has said he is a center and that's where he wants to be. Good enough for me. Leave him there.


Is Koontz the only answer? What about Silatolu,Jones,or Brandon Brooks?

So Ryan Leaf is a fugitive?

Grocery list - RT, WR, DE, TE.
Go get 'em Jeffey!

Prof Lou,

I think Broyles would be a great 3rd rd pickup. May have been 1st rd talent had not been for the injury. He was very productive in college and a big reason why Landry/Bradford had such good numbers at Oklahoma.

The guy's been extremely productive when he's played.

i hope they take fleener but im guessing adams will be the pick

My choices if at number 42 would look like this but not in this order. If there.

Reuben Randle WR
Coby Fleener TE
Amini Silatolu OG
Bobby Massie OT
Stephen Hill WR

I might consider Quick WR, Reyes DT, Still DT or Ta’amu.

Pouncey's natural position is right guard and he's excellent at pulling. He only played center at Florida for a short period of time. It's not about playing musical chairs. Pouncey is a great pulling guard and a team with the style offense Miami will be running this year needs a great pulling guard. It's more important than center.


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