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Round Two possibilities for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins tried to double their fun in the first round Thursday when they tried to trade back into the first round to continue adding talent late in the round, general manager Jeff Ireland said on my radio show Armando and Perkins today.

Ultimately he failed but it suggests he might try to move up from the 10th pick (42nd overall selection) in the second round to the top of that round tonight.

It also suggests the Dolphins -- needing help on the right side of the offensive line, at wide receiver, and pass-rusher -- will fill one of those needs before today's second round is over.

So which player might the Dolphins be targetting at 7 this evening when the second round begins?

Coach Joe Philbin consistently talks of the need to make the offensive line a team strength. He's gone so far as to tell owner Stephen Ross that part of the team's problem with its quarterback play has been its offensive line play.

Well, if the Dolphins are intent on addressing that offensive line, look at Ohio State tackle Mike Adams, Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn, Stanford right tackle Jonathan Martin, and Wisconsin C/G Peter Konz as possibilities. By the way, yes I know Adams allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the combine and has other issues that raise eyebrows. And I've been told by one scout he has first-round talent and was reminded Warren Sapp had drug-test issues that caused him to drop in the draft. How'd that work out?

At wide receiver, Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech has size and speed but lacks production primarily because the Yellow Jackets simply stink at passing the football. Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is available but will require a trade-up, as will LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle. South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey will likely be there when Miami picks in the second round.

Onto the edge pass-rusher or interior defensive line help: Clemson's Andre Branch will be there but I'm not sure if he will remind the Dolphins too much of recently cut Philip Merling. Marshall's Vinny Curry has great potential as a defensive end type, while Jerel Worthy seems more Miami's speed based on his size 6-3 and 310 pounds and pedigree of playing in the Big Ten.

By the way, I am aware Courtney Upshaw is missing from my list. My thinking is Upshaw will require a trade-up in the round and in exchange the Dolphins would get a non-prototype DE at 6-2 and 274 pounds who also lacks explosive burst. He's a great college player. He's a try-hard player. But so was Koa Misi.


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I really dont believe we need to draft a RT. Take Koonz at center, slide Pouncey to his natural position RG(he was a 1st team all american in college at rg before he slid to center), then kick Jerry out RT.

Oline problem virtually solved buddy!


Why move Pouncey to Guard after he had such a good season at Center??? And Jerry as our starting RT??? That's even worse than rolling the dice with Murtha.

We leave Pouncey @ Center, we upgrade the RT with a draft pick, & you hope that Jerry or someone else (maybe Jake Scott or another FA or maybe a draft pick) can be your RG.

Dolfan Rick -- when I said future picks, I mean picks in 2013. I have no problem trading this years later round picks to move up.

I'll bet Koontz could write a book.

Gotta go DE in the 2nd round!

If you guys love the 3rd round talent, Miami could also trade back in the 2nd round and pick up an additional 3rd rounder. Something to think about...

Upshaw, Upshaw, Upshaw, Upshaw!

props to tannehill on his wife

"Jimmy Wilson looks to be a solid extra DB nothing more and thats the best 6th or 7th rder I can think of that we've drafted.

Clemons and Jones are 5th rders and the jury is still out.

Ireland said we need starters and role players and theres a ton of them in rds 2 and 3."


Clay may turn out to be pretty good as well.

DFolfan Rick,

Of the centers you just named, onjly Ben Jones is ranked on Walter Camp center rankings. Jones is listed as 3-4 rd range. Koonz is the top rated center. He was projected 1st rd. So at 2nd rd he's a steal and should start right away.

Man, when you start talking 3rd-4th rd center, then the other centers you mentioned arent even listed in Walter Camp's ufa listings. Dude youre talking scary, scary territory.

why not take fleener, great te. fast and big

I have a feeling that, by the end of round 3 I'll be sitting here saying, "c'mon Jeff, throw me a frickin' bone already."

Upshaw won't be there.

Fleener won't be there either.


I like Broyles as a 3 as well. He's great in the open field and after the catch. He's more quick then fast but I think he's similar to Mark Clayton (baltimore ravens) from a few years back. As a 3rd rounder that could be worth a pick.

Nice pick at number 8. Tannehill will start sooner than later. Wright that down.

so adams may be the pick


In an interview last year, Pouncey said he was a center. Who am I to argue with that? And he said that is where he prefers to play. All I've read was that he graded out extremely well as a rookie center last year.

TYPO- Write.

YG, I am not sure why you're pounding the table for Konz. He's not strong and has an injury history. Plus we could draft Amini Silatolu OG and leave Pouncey at Center. This guy is athletic and powerful.

dusty bottom,

Yeah we can take Fleener, but who's going to make sure our qb has time to throw the ball to him? Everyone wants the shiney skill position piece with no concern that a great oline makes those skill pieces become fully operational the way you envision them being.

we have a decent line right now. take a oline in 3rd rd. for once dont pass over the te like they did with gronk, hernandez, graham, etc


I really wasn't talking center, I was talking guard and i was talking rd 3. I believe we'll go pass rusher round 2.

You talked Decastro all day yesterday at 8 and he went 24 to the Steelers.

Lucky damn Steelers btw. A good friend of mine is a Steelers fan and I'll never hear the end of it.
Now thats a well ran organization.


Ask any defender in the Big 10 how strong Koonz is. He absolutely dominated defenders there. He shut ODERICK completely down. He may not have bench press strength, but he sure does have dominating football strength.

No one even knows if he may have even had a slight injury when he participated in the combine bench press. If he did, he didnt mention it, nor use it as an excuse for the poor bench. I love a player like that if this was the case. No excuses!

we have a decent line right now. take a oline in 3rd rd. for once dont pass over the te like they did with gronk, hernandez, graham, etc

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 27, 2012 at 03:28 PM

Say what? -- Marc Colombo at RT precludes one from having a decent line.
Do you watch Dolphins football?

Jeffrey is a te at the NFL level. Slow..poor route runner..won't be able to separate. Steven Hill can run but can't get of the line and has no lateral agility or quickness. We need a wr who can get behind coverage and consistently win one on one matchups. Any one think that guy is currently on the roster??? I don't! What does that mean....means you have to get 2 wr's out of this draft.

Dolfan Rick,

Im sure Big Ben got a huge woody after the Steelers selected DeCastro. His job at qb just becam much easier. LOL

columbo retired u fool, come on least have some knowledge

decastro looks very good. but yg i think forgets hes a guard, not a tackle. huge difference

we have a decent line right now.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | April 27, 2012 at 03:28 PM

Only a crackhead would believe this.

JS’ big receiver board:

Wide-outs _________________

1. Randle/Hill (tie)
2. Quick
3. McNutt
4. Toon
5. Criner

Slots ______________________

1. Adams
2. Hilton
3. M.Jones
4. Maze
5. Broyles *acl concern
6. Givens

**pass on:******
1. Jeffery
2. Sanu
3. Streeter

Ron in OC, saw your posts. In the end we both hope it works out. I think if the Fins could have traded back and still got TanneHill, I would have been happier but it is what it is.

A pulling guard in the west coast is like putting teets on a bull.

Pulling guards are for run and shoot.

Rob in OC not Ron, sorry

I do understand how some of you are willing to push oline needs further back in the draft because you have skill position pieces you prefer more. However, to have to have a great oline requires more than just big bodies. On the nfl level everyone has a big body.

In the nfl, great olinemen require big body, big skill, and most of all big quality. Its extremely rare to find that past upper round quality.

Its like Monopoly, you cant get to Boardwalk until you get past go. But you guys seem to be banging your heads against the wall to do that anyway.

In order for Tanne to work they need to draft a WR next. Need someone that can grow up with him.

so yg u want adams?

West Coast offense needs blocking guards. Not pulling guards. The only reason to pull a guard is to run the ball off tackle.

West Coast is about spreading it out and throwing the ball. Run when you have to. Pass when you want to.

Well fortunately or unfortunately we have to leave it to Jeffy tonight guys.

I'm sure he has a plan. We may not like it, but you can bet he has a plan.

According to what he told Armando, these guys tonight have to be starters. No pressure there.

And all you guys talking Feener, I'd have stroke if Jeffy pulled the trigger on a TE in the 2nd.

i would love the te for once. more targets the better


Ok, lets take the RT, then if Jerry performs RG in pass protection the same way as in the past. Defenses will be blasting up the middle and our qb will never be able to consistently "step up into the pocket" to throw.

Plus, Jerry is terrible at 2nd level blocking, you need that at your guard position to be successful running inside. Jerry may be a far better fit at tackle than RG. He showed last year he has just enough athleticism to play a tackle position.

We may already have our RT in Jerry. So why redraft the position?

Well the one thing I am hoping doesn't happen is a trade up in the 2nd round unless it is just giving up a 6th rounder. If they give up one of the 3rd round picks I will be returning the Tannehill Jersey I ordered.

I take Jenkins if he is there in 2nd. ELITE talent. I know another CB is not the biggest need, but this guy would have been a top 10 pick if he didn't get kicked out of UF. I say take the guy who is a STUD instead of reaching for a position of need. This team needs one more draft to plug all of the holes.

Dustybottom @3:38 pm,

In the end it doesnt matter wth I want anyway. It only matters what Ireland wants. I will supports the picks he makes as a loyal dolfan. But they had better produce or we'll all be restless in Seattle! LOL

Rob in OC,

With all due respect I'm SICK of talking about Tannehill, bud. We've been dbating him for weeks. It's like the Henne topic. It's discussed ad naseum. I'm glad he was the pick and I realize some people hate the idea. That's fine. It's going to take some time to find out what we have. I'm cool with that. Others aren't. I'm on to other parts of our team and today and tomorrow.

With all that being said, glad to see you on here at a time when you can talk to us all...


This may be odd as I am an odd person. I don't go with the grain. I go off grain most times.

I wouldn't be against drafting the next Ginn at #42. Not for his WR abilities but for his speed on kick offs. Ginn probably should have at least 12 TD's on returns in his career. Most were called back for stupid penalties.

And heck, if we can get a WR with speed and DECENT hands we kill two birds with one stone.

If we fix the line completely in the next 2 rounds, we'll all be ecstatic to watch Moor-rard with a clean jersey toss incomplete passes to pathetic WRs who can't get open. Yay.
And then we'll watch Brady/Sanchez-bow/Fitzpatrick - also with clean jersies - destroy our secondary, and score 45 a game. Double yay.
Sign me up for the satellite package now!

Well the one thing I am hoping doesn't happen is a trade up in the 2nd round unless it is just giving up a 6th rounder. If they give up one of the 3rd round picks I will be returning the Tannehill Jersey I ordered.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | April 27, 2012 at 03:44 PM

Agreed Texas,

If anything we need an extra pick tonight.


No matter what type of offense you have, it always better to have olinemen who run and pass block well. It expands your offensive playbook and helps keep the defense off balance.

To say a oc doesnt need an offensive lineman that doesnt do everyhing well because of a particular offensive style he runs, is serious error on your part. Im sure every OC in the nfl would disagree with you on that point.

Quick! Name an offensive lineman on Green Bay's team.

By quick I mean 1 minute after this posting.


Now that I agree with you 100% on! No use talking Tannehill anymore until he takes the field as Dolphins starting qb. Or if year 2 of camp our local media is saying he's looking like Pat White in camp. LOL

Until then to mention anymore about Tannehill is totally useles and nothing but a meaningless bit-hbag.

Sorry, I don't believe the line needs to be the priority. Colombo is gone and that's a positive right there. I like Murtha and the question is can he stay healthy. Jerry can contribute at either RG or RT. So while yes we still need to improve, I don't believe we need to spend a second round pick on it.

Hey ammonia jones,

Didnt your cousin clorox smith get drafted last year? I remember you posting that. LOL

I can think of one, Bulaga. I think he was a first or 2nd rder last year or year before.


Guess you believe in question marks being a certainty. With all due respects, Ive never believed in question marks being a certainty at any point in my life on anything. Let alone dolphin football.

But your believe system is your belief system and youre fully entitled to that.


Just like you Im stating my opinion. Jeff Ireland will be all of our true reality starting 7 pm tonight. LOL

The West Coast only requires linemen to block and provide TIME. All this pulling guard stuff is gibberish.

Green Bay was 27th in rushing last season. Why else pull a guard if not to run off or between the tackles? Our line is good enough for the Texas A&M playbook.

i agree craig, i want the stanford te

The blog app here starts acting weird when a bunch of posting is happening for prolonged periods of time. At least it happens on my side of the computer screen. LOL

If the Packers offensive line is so good why were they 27th in rushing?

Washington was 25th in rushing. If the line is so important in the West Coast then why can't they open up holes for their RB's?


I didn't say there still aren't question marks on the line. That's not debatable. What I think is debatable is the need to draft an OL in the second round. I don't think it's necessary. The lack of a big time receiver and a pass rush are bigger needs in my opinion. There's some very good quality at WR and I'll be pissed if we pass that up. We do that EVERY year to draft linemen. Now you're going to tell me we don't need a top WR for this offence and I say BS. Packer WRs are much better than anything we have on the roster right now. Get a WR in the second or worst case early third.

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