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Round Two possibilities for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins tried to double their fun in the first round Thursday when they tried to trade back into the first round to continue adding talent late in the round, general manager Jeff Ireland said on my radio show Armando and Perkins today.

Ultimately he failed but it suggests he might try to move up from the 10th pick (42nd overall selection) in the second round to the top of that round tonight.

It also suggests the Dolphins -- needing help on the right side of the offensive line, at wide receiver, and pass-rusher -- will fill one of those needs before today's second round is over.

So which player might the Dolphins be targetting at 7 this evening when the second round begins?

Coach Joe Philbin consistently talks of the need to make the offensive line a team strength. He's gone so far as to tell owner Stephen Ross that part of the team's problem with its quarterback play has been its offensive line play.

Well, if the Dolphins are intent on addressing that offensive line, look at Ohio State tackle Mike Adams, Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn, Stanford right tackle Jonathan Martin, and Wisconsin C/G Peter Konz as possibilities. By the way, yes I know Adams allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the combine and has other issues that raise eyebrows. And I've been told by one scout he has first-round talent and was reminded Warren Sapp had drug-test issues that caused him to drop in the draft. How'd that work out?

At wide receiver, Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech has size and speed but lacks production primarily because the Yellow Jackets simply stink at passing the football. Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is available but will require a trade-up, as will LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle. South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey will likely be there when Miami picks in the second round.

Onto the edge pass-rusher or interior defensive line help: Clemson's Andre Branch will be there but I'm not sure if he will remind the Dolphins too much of recently cut Philip Merling. Marshall's Vinny Curry has great potential as a defensive end type, while Jerel Worthy seems more Miami's speed based on his size 6-3 and 310 pounds and pedigree of playing in the Big Ten.

By the way, I am aware Courtney Upshaw is missing from my list. My thinking is Upshaw will require a trade-up in the round and in exchange the Dolphins would get a non-prototype DE at 6-2 and 274 pounds who also lacks explosive burst. He's a great college player. He's a try-hard player. But so was Koa Misi.


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I for one4 believe youre in error. Show some tangible evidence Green Bay doesnt have olinemen with any kind of pulling able.

Lets try to stay away from things that are of our opinion if we cant produce facts to back them up. Being 27th in rushing does not state a fact that GB doesnt have any linemen with pulling ability.

But it does state GB may have had far less rushing attempts than most teams. For you to say they dont have a linemen with pulling ability. You need to produce a fact that directly says this.

Otherwise your statement carries no more weight than its just "your opinion" or "interpretation" that this is what's occuring.

Craig, with you.
this is the best WR draft in recent history, and an average OL one at best. Its so stinking obvious. Why do we need to solve all our OL woes this minute?
And who's to say they work out, and we're not continuing the OL search next year again?

Boggles my mind.

If this draft was the greatest tackle draft in recent history, then ..duh, go get a couple.


We didn't agree on Tannehill and Osweiller and Cousins. On this point we do agree. To pass up on this class of WRs would be criminal. I believe Ireland has learned from passed mistakes in this area in the past and will get it right this time. In my mind, part of getting rid of Marshall was knowing that this was a deep class. I wonder if he'll tell us that after the fact.

If they go Oline tonight then obviously we are running some kind of hybrid West Coast Run and Shoot offense.

Why do I say that? Because we could have gotten a better olineman at #8 and used Moore in the pure West Coast. Or Garrard.

Further explanation coming. No matter who we picked at #8 was going to be less value for the buck. No matter who we drafted guys! So why not draft based on best value for the SCHEME?

PFT has us picking Lavonte David in the second. Anybody know this guy and is he the right guy for this team? Seems like he's replace Misi. Not the way I would have gone. Anybody?....

odineye tanny the futhure not the present it dont sound like sour grapes it is sour grapes and quit petty

Yesterday's Gone.

And I for one question the context in which you phrased the question.

Point one: When did I say Green Bay didn't have pulling guards?

Point two: The west coast puts emphasis on pass not run. So why draft high for something that has little emphasis?

Point three: In order to Tanne to work he needs more than Devon Bess and Fasano. Heck, another TE would upset me either tonight.

Point four: Sherman once BURNED his playbook.

Lavonte David is a safety masquerading as a linebacker.

who keeps playing that broken record? can we get a new song odinseye. your opinion has been noted by people who don't even read this blog!! enough already!!


You didnt have to verbally say it. Everyone here's aware of our olie situation.

Did Jerry start OG last year? No
Was Murtha a starter last year? Again, no.

Maybe in your book it doesnt make both questionable based on something tangible. For those those needing tangible evidence to believe something to be more of a certainty it does.

I'll be the first to admit something's my opinion. Ive al;ready posted it several times today. Im just not going t5o call something that's my opinion fact. It just isnt part of my belief system to do so. Im just not wired that way.

Just as I posted to you earlier, you still have a right to your own belief system, whether accurate or flawed. I ahte being wrong, thats why if Im reporting something as fact, I try to have tangible and credible evidence to back it up.

Otherwise, someone, somewhere will see right thru my self-decieving bs.

Not sure craig. Im not sure Ireland learned much. Saw the video of the war room immediately after the pick was announced. Philbin looked bored, and Ireland looked like he was considering a math problem. Only guy happy was an unknown guy who tried to shake Ireland's hand. Ireland shook it expressionless.
Was this even their pick? Or was it the supposedly non-important pressure?
Well if its the pressure, then maybe WR is next.
It would all be interesting if i didn't care so darned much.

Another TE [WOULD NOT] upset me tonight.

Ammonia Jones. Hah! He's a 5th rd pick at best.

Is there a worse GM then Irescum?

yesterday, both jerry and murtha were starters last season. not all 16 games but both started games and at least have some potential. that wouldn't stop me from drafting OL. quality competition is needed!!


Like I said, Im not here to argue with anyone about this or that. Its all football talk and we're all entitled to our varying degree of differences. No sense in having a wank and see who can skeet the furthest in here.

In the end its Je3ff Ireland who will be all of our reality. So beating the hell out of each other in here is pretty damn fruitless. We're all loyal dolfans, and only wanna see whats best for our team to succeed.

Lets just not lose sight of this in our little wank and skeet rub it out contest. OK? LOL

Irelamd is a ball boy masquerading as a GM.

MJ- yes, i'd say whoever is picking in seattle and kc may be worse!!

I say they MUST draft QB Brock Osweiler tonight with the 10th spot in the second.

Don't roll your eyes like that for Pete's sake, just look how THE SCOUT freaking threw away the pick last night by taking Tannehill at #8. Tannehill by ALL MEANS was NOT worth it at that value. We can all thank the media pundits for artificially elevating his stock just so that THE SCOUT would draft him out of desperation.. And THEY succeeded in picking the Dolphins QB.

So may as well keep drafting waste of time picks at QB and one of them (if we get lucky after 2 -3 years of sitting on the benches) may turn out as good as Henne did.



Exactly why both are still 2012 question marks. Neither held ahad a starting positon over an entire 16game season. Both were "backups" at thier positions and never won a starting spot outright.

I would like Dolphins to go all-out for Cordy Glenn right from the first moment. Perhaps trading the 6th round pick would do the trick (its late in the round anyway).

After improving the o-line with a ready-to-start prospect like him we can completely focus on picking DE and WR in the 3rd round, where we have early picks once again.


You saw different video of the war room than me. I was watching ESPN's feed and after the pick was announced Ireland got him and showed the most emotion I have ever seen from him. I truly believe Tannehill was his pick all along and he looked ecstatic to pick him. Not sure if it was a fist pump or a clap of his hands or a high five but you could tell the guy was happy. For a guy that doesn't show a lot of emotion that was one happy camper.

Misi = another Ireland bust

NY "G"- I would say there was vey little value difference between the guy picked 8th and the guy picked 18th!! so tannehill as a fine pick at 8th. we wanted a guy to be our future QB. tannehill has all the tools. maybe we start the sea on with moore but i'd bet my bank account tannehill will be the dolphins starter some time in 2012.

2 questions:

We know we want a better OL, and secondary, and QB, and Dline, linebackers, TE, and WR corps. We need it all. Sooo....

1. In the draft called the best WR draft in recent history, what do you pick first? Most?

If you're an opposing team, what do you say when asked "How do you beat the Dolphins?" Answer: Stop Bush. Anthing else? Nope.

2. How would you like to make them worry about something else?

Sleeper pick Joe Long, 6'6" 313 lbs Jake Long's brother, Dolphins have put a lot of work in on him. 3rd round 73 if the Jets don't take him earlier he did have a visit with them Sparona is aware of him.

Steve Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

If a guy didnt win a starter position for you the previous season and you have chance to land a player you absolutely know is better. You go ahead and pull the trigger.

Because if you know the guy can be huge question mark(not of known fact), you dont buy insurance against that by drafting a late rd guy that may be even less ready to be the starter, than the guy youre buying insurance against.

I mean, how much common sense does that make? LOL

ill go 2013. but a pick he had to make. now lets make some good 2nd and 3rd rd picks

MJ- misi is not a bust. he's been a starter and 3 down player. how is that a bust? he's not a superstar, but he's not a bust.

I'd love to get Jonathan Martin but I think he'll require a tradeup. If it's possible I think this guy would make it worth it. Extremely intelligent

Who in their right minds would believe or have faith in Murtha & Jerry?

Murtha, never healthy, & never able to win a starting spot on a terrible line in Miami OR Detroit!

Jerry? Same as Murtha.

Talk about drinking the kool aid! Neither has given ANY shred of evidence they can be a decent player. Yet, people think if you started them, they'd be capable?

Pardom me while I laugh this off! Where is the objectivity? Stop being homers & use a lil common sense for once!

I have draft preferences just like all of you. But it the end, only Ireland's draft prefernces will win out. Im fully prepared for this. Only Ireland's feet will be on hot coals to produce.

Not a single one of us, right or wrong. Now thats a fact, not an opinion. LOL

Its called the best WR draft in recent history because of its depth in the class.

Which means we can probably get someone like Tommy Streeter (a somewhat rougher version of Stephen Hill) early in the 3rd round.

And like I have said all along. Building a winning football team starts at the top. Take a look at the Giants for a second. I am an avid hater of Eli Manning because I think he's more lucky than elite.

He's lucky because scoring a lot of points using the West Coast doesn't guarantee success. Building a solid foundation guarantees long term success. You can win one real quick but its not long term success.

Providing TIME guarantees success for QB's like Tanne and Eli and Trent Dilfer. Giants were 32nd in the run last season. Giants were 5th in passing last season.

They are not West Coast. They are run and shoot.

PS...a good D really helps. Giants been good on D for two decades. Giants been relevant for two decades with mediocre QB's. But what did WE do? Go out and draft a QB that can't help right away while bypassing a many, many, many and many defensive players who could help right away.

MJ- misi is not a bust. he's been a starter and 3 down player. how is that a bust? he's not a superstar, but he's not a bust.

Posted by: jaison | April 27, 2012 at 04:32 PM

Being a starter on 1 of the bottom of the barrell teams in the NFL doesn't make you decent.

It's makes you the only decent option.

Clueless in Miami,

You definitely seem to get it man! LOL

well craig, ill trust that you saw it.
i was disheartened by what i saw. makes me feel a little better.

He still has a lot to show me. After 17 qbs, i have to see to believe. my old marino jersey not getting traded in yet.

Don't let my name fool you. In real life, I'm quite smart.


I agree and disagree about Misi. Is good that as 2nd rd pick he's at least nailed down a starting position. However, a 2nd rd pick for a one trick pony was a huge overeach for this type of player.

As a 2nd rd pick he should be run stopping and pass rushing well. Thus far he has only been well at run stopping. At this point he's producing like a mid 3rd to upper 4th rd pick. One trick pony.


Something's wrong we're not fighting. Im actually ttrying to respond to you in a very respectful manner. I must have been alien abducted in my sleep last night. LOL


They could have traded the 8th in 1 and the third round the 9th and attempted to move in at 5 and picked Blackmon. At least with Blackmon we have an immediate starting WR and a PLAY MAKER. Nothing against the kid Tennehill, just that he is NOT worth that pick and picks that low are starters not benchwarmers like he will be.

If Barkley were in the draft, Tennehill would NEVER be ranked as high at 8 and would at best been ranked mid 20 to low 2nd round.

The other issue is that we dont have an Alpha to throw the ball to so how will Philbins WCO work out? Simple. The Jets, Pats and Bills will just plug Reggie Bush and game over.

In closing, I am going to 100% support the new HC Philbin as he deserves that much just as other HC got in the past. he has his 1 season honeymoon.


Works for me. Let's do our best to keep it that way if possible...

misi has been awful, horrible 2nd rd pick

Yesterday, just because he starts doesn't mean he's any good. He's just the best available.

I think people need to speak & think about their team objectively & not like a fan.

This team isn't very talented. Just because they are on the roster doesn't mean they are any good. We don't have to hype them up when there is nothing to be excitged about.

Sadly, 60% of the squad is players like Misi. Best available doesn't mean good enough.


Did someone actually congratulate Ireland for making a no brainer pick in the 1st round? Boy we're stretchin' now. Tennihill may be the 2nd coming of John Beck - and it's what Ireland does TODAY that will prove his worth... which we all know is nothing. Problem is, it's going to take another 2 years of busts, mediocrity, and missing the playoffs before Ross knows what I already do. Yours truly, Tony Sporano.

what would it take to tradeup to the 33rd pick?

It'd be a homerun IMO if we landed Cordy Glenn OT Georgia. The guy is massive and the best shot at landing a probowl caliber tackle.


Everyone knows I wasnt a Tannehill proponent at first. However, I have no choice but to accept the reality of it as a loyal dolfan and hope for the best.

He's now a Miami Dolphin, thats not going to change, so now Im going to stand behind him 100%. Until he gives factual reason to do otherwise. I respectfully ask all loyal dolfans to do the same.

I'll hold out hope he absolutely shocks us all with dominating qb play. I'll hold out that hope until Ryan Tannehill himself takes that away.


Merling and Henne got playing time . Both are busts. Just because Misi got playing time on a terrible team doesnt preclude him from being a bust.

Well, Tannehill is in the QB mix for Miami. And, that's exactly what it is. Whoever CAN run the offense AND make the throws, will be the starter. That's how it should be. A competition. If Tanny is the best, he should start. If it's Moore, so be it! If Garrard is the man, fine. You go with the guy who can win games for you. Besides, in today's NFL, you better have more than one QB who can start for you. Injuries are part of the game. Or, I'm I the only one who remembers when CP10 went down and then Henne went down and we had to start who? We were scrounging waver wires and looking under rocks for someone who could play QB.

The biggest problem on our O-line last year (that is after Sparano wanting to play musical chairs in the beginning) was Columbo! He went back to Dallas & retired. So, we need a Right Tackle. A good Right Tackle. Everyone else is serviceable for right now. Upgrade, if you can, after the draft.

Gotta have a receiver, but this draft is heavy at that position. I predict that a couple of undrafted WR's will make teams this year and be starters.

D-lineman/pass-rusher is a big need & harder to find now that the 1st round is over.

Some of the posters on this blog say some of the most wacked-out stuff that I wonder what you're smoking in your mother's basement! C'mon man! Get out and get some fresh air!



What IF, IF, IF Moore turns out to be a shocker and tosses 50 TD's and brings the team to the super bowl? Only kidding YG. That ain't gonna happen as we are without anyone to make Moore look THAT good.

Which brings us to the next issue. WR anyone!


As very loyal dolfans Im sure we all hope for better at nearly every positon. Unfortunately right now it isnt the case. I just hope from here on out our fo and new coaching staff does a much better job at producing this.

Right now as very loyal dolfans thats all we all can steadfastly hope for. Right now I dont want to look back. I only want to look forward to a much brighter dolphin future. Hopefully those now in charge will provide us with this.

But thats not to say anyone's being let off of the hook. It now fish or cut bait!


Whenever a thing doesnt work out. Its always Next, Next, and more Next! LOL

OK.. this blog is jumping all over the joint, must be that THE SCOUTS board is somehow tied into Armando's blog...

Gotta go chill the Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante for tonight's picks.



If the 2nd rd plays out like PFT's mock, your guy Konz may not be a bad idea.

They have Upshaw,Curry,and Branch all off the board before we pick at 10.

I'm not in love we the pick they for either. Lavonte David LB.

They have Konz going to Seattle at 11.

Lavonte David made a lot of tackles at Nebraska but he's too small to play the OLB position in the NFL. he would have to play safety. The other thing is he doesn't exactly wow you with his play and a lot of the tackles he made were after guys were downfield.

The Patriots hit a home run last night.
The Dolphins hit a foul ball.

Boston sucks!

If things don't play out well before they have their chance to pick Ireland may look to trade down and get a couple more picks. Like I said before, there's a lot of depth and they can move down 10 to 12 picks in the 2nd and still get a quality guy.

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