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Round Two possibilities for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins tried to double their fun in the first round Thursday when they tried to trade back into the first round to continue adding talent late in the round, general manager Jeff Ireland said on my radio show Armando and Perkins today.

Ultimately he failed but it suggests he might try to move up from the 10th pick (42nd overall selection) in the second round to the top of that round tonight.

It also suggests the Dolphins -- needing help on the right side of the offensive line, at wide receiver, and pass-rusher -- will fill one of those needs before today's second round is over.

So which player might the Dolphins be targetting at 7 this evening when the second round begins?

Coach Joe Philbin consistently talks of the need to make the offensive line a team strength. He's gone so far as to tell owner Stephen Ross that part of the team's problem with its quarterback play has been its offensive line play.

Well, if the Dolphins are intent on addressing that offensive line, look at Ohio State tackle Mike Adams, Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn, Stanford right tackle Jonathan Martin, and Wisconsin C/G Peter Konz as possibilities. By the way, yes I know Adams allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the combine and has other issues that raise eyebrows. And I've been told by one scout he has first-round talent and was reminded Warren Sapp had drug-test issues that caused him to drop in the draft. How'd that work out?

At wide receiver, Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech has size and speed but lacks production primarily because the Yellow Jackets simply stink at passing the football. Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is available but will require a trade-up, as will LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle. South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey will likely be there when Miami picks in the second round.

Onto the edge pass-rusher or interior defensive line help: Clemson's Andre Branch will be there but I'm not sure if he will remind the Dolphins too much of recently cut Philip Merling. Marshall's Vinny Curry has great potential as a defensive end type, while Jerel Worthy seems more Miami's speed based on his size 6-3 and 310 pounds and pedigree of playing in the Big Ten.

By the way, I am aware Courtney Upshaw is missing from my list. My thinking is Upshaw will require a trade-up in the round and in exchange the Dolphins would get a non-prototype DE at 6-2 and 274 pounds who also lacks explosive burst. He's a great college player. He's a try-hard player. But so was Koa Misi.


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Whoever makes the throws and can run the offense?


There is no true competition on this team. Tanne was Ross's pick and he will start Tanne this season.

WHY? Because idiots will buy the tickets to truly see if Tanne is the one.

Ever hear of hedging bets? Ross is hedging bets right now.

It is mind boggling that Ireland hasnt been fired yet. When Ross sees the empty stadium maybe he'll wake up.

Dolfan Rick,

Already has been a crazy draft. The most costly pick of all has been Bruce Irvin. His pick cost 2 players to lose lots a money.

Irvin was projected 3rd rd. So being selected 1st rd, he cased a bottom 1st rd player to be puched into the 2nd rd, and a bottom 2nd rd player to be pushed into upper 3rd rd.

Wow, crazy draft so far, and Im not counting on what PFT says, not after the Bruce Irvins astronomical reach occured! LOL

for all you Tanne lovers out there let me know what fantasy teams you belong to.

I would love to trade with you. If Tanne is the one then trade with me for Henne. I'm going to draft Tanne in my fantasy. Then forgo drafting Brady, Brees or Vick. Then approach you for a trade.

Please answer if you are willing to take Tanne off my hands.

I'd like to Tanne off with your hands Mr Sparrow. :P

Tannehill wont play this year. He is years away from being NFL ready. They may try him at WR for a trick play or 2 but there's no way he plays QB this year.

Tannehill was no good in college so whats he gonna do in the pros?


Fully understand your disappointment. Noen of can change the Tannehill pick. We all know going into this only Ireland picks matter. Only his feet are to the coals on this. Not yours, mine, or anyone elses. All we can do now is hold hope. Tannehill produces as "ALL" loyal fans expect, until he shows fact otherwise.

Far too early to get yourself in a hizzy-tizzy just yet. Will be plenty of time later for that. LOL

This is from Walter Football and continues on YG`s theme of moving Pouncey to guard. Molk will probably be available in the fourth round.

David Molk, C, Michigan
Height: 6-1. Weight: 298.
Projected 40 Time: 4.99.
Bench: 41.
Arm: 32.
Projected Round (2012): 4-5.
4/24/12: Molk set out to break the Combine bench press record but fell short of it; still, he put up a massive total to lead all the offensive linemen. Molk has definitely put on some bulk since the season ended. He has been very outspoken claiming to be the best center in the draft, and trash talking Brewster specifically. Molk did not go to the Senior Bowl or the East-West Shrine.

Molk was a good college player, and he was the 2011 Remington Trophy recipient. Molk is a fast and mobile blocker who did a nice job of opening up running holes and protecting quarterback Denard Robinson. Molk was undersized when he played at Michigan prior to his Combine weigh-in. Based off his collegiate performance, at the next level, Molk would be best in a zone-blocking scheme. He didn't display the size and power for a man-blocking scheme, but that was before his Combine weigh-in. Now other teams could give consideration to Molk since he isn't in the 280s anymore.

I really like the part about his best fit being in a zone blocking scheme.

He's the #8 pick in this year's draft. You have no choice but to showcase him.


I respectfully disagree. Ireland would to immediately be strung by the balls letting a #8 overall qb be used in a trick play before ever starting one game at qb. That would be beyond super stupid! LOL

tennehill will not start this year, if he does they will ruin him quickly. hes only started 19 games ever at any level

For those disgruntled Fin fans (oh that probably counts all of us..lol).

Tonight will be the picks to fuss about. Who starts at QB wil be irrelevant if we don't fill some holes.

Tonight is the night Ireland can prove he's figured this thing out.

I hope we're all on here tomorrow celebrating our new Dolphins. Go Fins!


That sounds fair enough. Because Philbin did mention they used a little lighter olinemen than we do here.
Who knows, David Molk just may be a match made in heaven for Philbin's olinemen philosophy.

It's beyond me to say you didnt nail out with posting Molk as a legit dolphin prospect. You may just be onto something here.

Dolfan Rick,

I plan to stand 100% behind any pick made, like it or not. They'll be Dolphins, it will be thier job to prove if thier the right or wrong pick. Time always tell and Im not in control of time. LOL

He is going to play because the puppet master is hedging his bets.

Makes no sense to draft at 8 and not start him. According to Ireland, Tanne already has a leg up.

So why shouldn't he start if he already knows the Aggie Playbook? Oh right, that learning curve thing. Which means exactly this. Even if he knew the Aggie playbook he doesn't know REVIS ISLAND or MARIO WILLIAMS.

Is it just me or is there a pretty big drop off in tackle prospects after Glenn and Martin go off the board? I'm not a huge fan of Massie or Adams both have off field issues as well. Adams is huge but not really RT material. Also failed drug test at combine shows immaturity issue

Guys, Im out. Hopefully I can make it back draft time. Have business needing taken care of. Hold it down dolfans! Im sure you will.

Let's get a nasty OT with the next pick and then why not grab Jeff Fuller, Tannehills #1 receiver at A&M. He's a big target, knows the offense, OC, and now the QB.

If a little familiarity is good...

Jeff Fuller would be a steal if drafted in the 6th rd...

Why do you folks think Ryan and his gold digging wife will face Big 12 players every Sunday afternoon?

This ain't Big 12 and that show Housewives.

Look folks, you guys are putting lipstick on a pig. It may be pretty but its still a pig.

Ryan's wife is a model. Prolly makes a lot more money than you...

Jeff Fuller would be a steal if drafted in the 6th rd...
Posted by: B33RCA53 | April 27, 2012 at 05:41 PM

that's funny...I guess you're not impressed?


Tannehill knows the playbook, has nfl ready cannon arm, one of the fastest qb's in the league.

So lets add it up:

Knows playbook + makes all the throws + upper level physical tools

Now lets subtract:

footwork needs refining, not terrible but needs tweaking - overall mental experience needs improvent

The mental experience can come only with playing. ALL rookies qb's need to learn nfl level defensive scheming. So by my addition subtract it:

= Tannehill does have a nfl fighting chance.

For real guys, I gotta go now. LOL

Just FYI,

Cbssports.com has LB Lavonte David at #19 on their list of the 20 best players still available.

They said he is a Tackling machine (285 career tackles) w/athleticism, football IQ and finishing ability but a tick undersized (6-1, 233).

Think about it for a second.

At MOST, 4 or 5 players get drafted from each college team. They are the CREAM OF THE CROP. That means the CREAM OF THE CROP will be on the other side of the ball when Ryan is under center.

What makes anyone think Ryan can beat the CREAM OF THE CROP every Sunday, or Monday, or Thursday and sometimes Saturday's?

Ryan is not going up against Big 12 players anymore. He's going up against the CREAM OF THE COLLEGE CROP.

Jonathan Martin from Stanford should be the pick. The kid is going to be a great RT in the league for a long time. I will be very happy if that's where they go. The DE'S and WRs left have a lot of question marks. No question mark on Martin and this will take care of our o-line leaving Murtha, Jerry, Hicks and the rest to battle for RG and backup roles. Philbin wants a better offensive line so don't be surprised if Martins name gets called.

love tannehills wife

If Moore does keep the starting gig for this year...I hope he goes BALLS out....

Throw 40 TDs....or 40 INTS....it doesn't really matter.....all you did was come in a make some semblance of a of our season look respectable....and you have been rewarded by the FO by having your replacement picked @ # 8......a guy with 19 NFL starts....

Win or lose...go Balls out M. Moore....

martin most liekly gone before we pick phins

moore is a solid backup qb, nothing more. hope garrard starts so moore just decides to comeback next year and compete with tannehill for job with garrard leaving. 5-11 or 6-10 most likely our record so we will get another solid first rd pick

You could be right Dusty....

The way I see it....Moore has been given a RAW deal ever since he has been in...sctaches and claws for everything he has gotten....

shoot....Moore could be T. Romo if he got a chance....

Jack Sparrow , GET OVER IT FOR CHRISTS SAKE. Tannehill plays for the Dolphins now, done deal, can't change it. WTF ARE you bit**ing about? Do you know him or his wife? No, you don't know how he's going to do so why not support him seeing how he plays for your team. I DON'T LOVE THE KID, I DON'T HATE THE KID.

Like a sane person I will wait to see how he does before criticizing him. Right? Or do you have a crystal ball.

But your opinions are valid and worthy and I respect your stance. Everyone is entitled to that. What I DON'T respect is you calling his wife a gold digger. That is such a pansy move coming from a person who has never met the woman in his life. Horrible horrible way to conduct yourself. If you have questions about Tannehills ability fire away, you should, it's all good.

When you start personally attacking a player (and ESPECIALLY HIS WIFE) when you don't even know them I'm sorry to say but you just look like the ultimate douchebag. That was low class man, f***ing low class.

Matt Moore has the chance to become next years Kevin Kolb/Matt Flynn...if he plays his hand right......

Reuben Randle WR
Coby Fleener TE
Amini Silatolu OG
Bobby Massie OT
Stephen Hill WR

Here's hoping one of these guys makes it to 42 and Ireland gets one of them.

romo? gross

He is going to play because the puppet master is hedging his bets.

Posted by: JackSparrow | April 27, 2012 at 05:38 PM


Jim Henson?

no chance kris, moore isnt good. and his weapons around him are awful

"Think about it for a second."

Didn't even need a second. I thought about it and still can't figure out why everyone of your posts reads like a "just say no to Tannehill" campaign when he is already the pick and is on the team. What is this going to accomplish? I'm curious.

Are you hoping to convince everyone else to give up on him before he's even stepped on the field like you have? Dude, I don't get your end game in all of this, that's all. Why are you still talking about this?

I'd trade up for Glenn or Martin...

tannehills wifes career gonna take off in south beach

I don't care for Hill, no way, no how. He's like a college version of Brandon Marshall. Too many dropped balls and some in wide open situations w/nobody around him. Don't need another guy dropping td's. I'd take Criner in the 2nd before Hill. He doesn't drop passes and he can catch just about anything. If you saw the catch he made at the senior bowl everyone seemed surprised but, if you watched him play at Arizona, you knew he could do it. Still fun to watch though.

i take the te from stanford

Look for Quick to possibly be the pick at 33.

And Tannehill is not going to be handed the starting job. That's outrageous. Tannehill will not be ruined by this coaching regime, they're too smart for that. They've never rushed a QB in their entire careers and you're saying they are going to rush him to sell tickets?

Okay so in your mind Ross forced the Tannehill pick. Now you're saying Ross is dictating to the coach which players he is going to play. You must love conspiracy theory movies huh? So our entire staff are all puppets for Ross? Too funny you must love conspiracy theory movies.

I also would love Fleener but with so many holes to fill don't see it happening. R tackle is fine. Remember this team (don't care who agrees or not) is in rebuilding mode. Have to think about the future from now. And I doubt they'll beat the Patriots again this year-they just became that much better with defense and still have 2 picks in the second round.

Jack what if he actually wins the starting job because he beats out his competition. What if the reporters are saying every day during camp how great the kid looks and how he's playing much better than the competition? Is that still Ross hedging his bets?

The whole Ross told them to draft Tannehill has already been disproved. Were you not here for that? Florio quoted someone from another team who was GUESSING as to waht was going on in the Dolphins organization. He does that s**t all of the time. But you hate Ross so much that you're going to make it true in your mind? What's the f***ing point.

If Ireland wants to somewhat redeem himself to this fanbase, he needs to aggressively move up and get the best player at the position, and again move up in the third round. Give whatever it takes, 5th, 6th and 7th rounders rarely pan out anyway. If needed, give next years 4th, 5th, 6th etc. Just pick the right guy damn it!

Wheres the pass rusher Texas? How about Vinny Curry??

They can pick a pass rushing DE like Upshaw or Curry.
They can pick a tackle like Martin or Massie.
The can pick Fleener. They can pick Brandon Boykin.

They can even take a wr early like Criner or Chids.

There are a number of choices they could make tonight in the 2nd rd that could help them out and would be the RIGHT pick.

Cris Carter killing the DOlphins and the Tene pick....

Martin all the way ! I'm telling you this kid's a stud. No I don't want to screw him, he's just money and will settle our o-line!

cris carter,lol

I agree with you Lou. Finding a good pass rusher after the second rd gets a little tougher though.

2nd jonathan martin RT
3 ladarius webb TE
ryan broyles WR
4th tommy streeter WR
Go all offense and stick with above average D this yr and improve it next yr
Oh and start Tannehill by week 8

Upshaw and Curry are best available but doubt they will be there at 42. I am not a big fan of Branch and I am on the fence regarding Curry. I'd rather grab one of the guys below and go DE later.

Reuben Randle WR
Coby Fleener TE
Amini Silatolu OG
Bobby Massie OT
Stephen Hill WR

Kris I could name 10 people right now in the NFL who all like the pick. What's the point? Remember when everyone was going nuts over Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, on and on and on and on. Kiper was so far up Russells butt that you could see his quaf if you looked close enough at Russells eyes! Said the kid had Elway like skills!

They are all clueless. I'll take Mike Shermans word before I'll take Carters. WTF does he know about QBS!? I don't know if you remember but Carter LOVED the fact the Dolphins took Culpepper over Brees, said they made the right choice and picked the Fins to go to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP. He knows nothing just like the rest of them, that's all I'm saying. Maybe we should let the kid play a little before judging his ability in the NFL.

All Chris Carter knows is how to catch touchdowns...lol.

Dolfan Rick....

LOL...a Chris Berman reference.....

They would be wise to go with Kendall Reyes (DT), assuming they are moving Odrick outside. Jonathan Martin (OT) is an athletic prospect who was considered a 1st round prospect.

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