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Round Two possibilities for the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins tried to double their fun in the first round Thursday when they tried to trade back into the first round to continue adding talent late in the round, general manager Jeff Ireland said on my radio show Armando and Perkins today.

Ultimately he failed but it suggests he might try to move up from the 10th pick (42nd overall selection) in the second round to the top of that round tonight.

It also suggests the Dolphins -- needing help on the right side of the offensive line, at wide receiver, and pass-rusher -- will fill one of those needs before today's second round is over.

So which player might the Dolphins be targetting at 7 this evening when the second round begins?

Coach Joe Philbin consistently talks of the need to make the offensive line a team strength. He's gone so far as to tell owner Stephen Ross that part of the team's problem with its quarterback play has been its offensive line play.

Well, if the Dolphins are intent on addressing that offensive line, look at Ohio State tackle Mike Adams, Georgia tackle Cordy Glenn, Stanford right tackle Jonathan Martin, and Wisconsin C/G Peter Konz as possibilities. By the way, yes I know Adams allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the combine and has other issues that raise eyebrows. And I've been told by one scout he has first-round talent and was reminded Warren Sapp had drug-test issues that caused him to drop in the draft. How'd that work out?

At wide receiver, Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech has size and speed but lacks production primarily because the Yellow Jackets simply stink at passing the football. Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is available but will require a trade-up, as will LSU wide receiver Rueben Randle. South Carolina's Alshon Jeffrey will likely be there when Miami picks in the second round.

Onto the edge pass-rusher or interior defensive line help: Clemson's Andre Branch will be there but I'm not sure if he will remind the Dolphins too much of recently cut Philip Merling. Marshall's Vinny Curry has great potential as a defensive end type, while Jerel Worthy seems more Miami's speed based on his size 6-3 and 310 pounds and pedigree of playing in the Big Ten.

By the way, I am aware Courtney Upshaw is missing from my list. My thinking is Upshaw will require a trade-up in the round and in exchange the Dolphins would get a non-prototype DE at 6-2 and 274 pounds who also lacks explosive burst. He's a great college player. He's a try-hard player. But so was Koa Misi.


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Some DE's that may be there in the 3rd are:
Cam Johnson
Jared Crick

A guy that might could be had in the 4th:
Jake Bequette


you read WAY to much in to my post.....it merely said...Cris Carter killing the FINS for the Tene pick.....

neither said I agreed...or disagreed......and didn't even LOL it....

it was merely a post of what was happening on ESPN @ that moment...

lay off the caffeine man....


I guess you know it was actually a Buddy Ryan reference that Berman made famous.

All Chris Carter knows is how to catch touchdowns...lol.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 27, 2012 at 06:28 PM

Unless he's playing for the Dolphins and the opponent is Minnesota.

"F" Chris Carter.

I didn't know that....

What was Carter's issue, who they picked, or when?

LOL @ Tim in Tampa....

You gotta love Berman though. I was watching a baseball game the other day and Bert Blyleven was doing commentary.

The first thing I thought of was Berman's "Bert be home by eleven".


It was the same as most who don't like the pick....

Carter wanted too know how a HC and QB combo that didn't win a lot in college.....how will they compete against Belicheat and Rex Ryan with PRO-LEVEL players.....

He was really questioning how much Sherman REALLY wanted that pick.....he jokingly said that Sherman must have been jumping up and down on the table for Tenne.....

I don't watch ANY baseball....

But I am such a Berman fan...that I get mad when I miss the BLITZ...or whatever they are calling his show now....

He is EASILY the best voice that ESPN has in my opinion....love the "trademark" nicknames....


You really like Randle over Hill or is that just the way you listed them?

I like Hill the best out of the rmaining receivers.

When Carter was playing for Philly, then coach Buddy Ryan stuck his foot in his mouth by complaining that all Chris Carter wants to do is catch touchdowns.

Of course the media ran with it.

D*mn I am old.

I have a little more faith in this coaching staff than the past regime. It seems that Philbin and Sherman are sold on Ryan and that says a lot. Ireland is a scaredy cat and the Parcell's book says that you don't overdraft a QB, so picking Tanehill goes against everything he was taught.

I wasn't in favor of the pick until the coaching staff signed off on it. There was no way of knowing that until the pick actually happened. Was it a reach? I'd say it was but not as much as some have made it out to be. Since Weeden went 22nd, it stands to believe that someone would have taken a runner on Ryan by then.

I agree with an earlier poster who said that Ireland's future will be decided by the players he selects today and tomorrow, not last night.

Dolfan Rick.....

we should all hope to grow old some day.....

Armando, This is the problem with taking Tannehill. The Dolphins have such a dire need at OT, WR and pass rusher and now the chance of getting a player to start goes way down big time! Most of the players who might start at WR have been taken already....and so it goes. Who is Matt Moore going to throw the ball to. Just to let you know Armando, Hartline and Bess are very average receivers and even less than they were last season when Marshall drew double coverage. There is still that big whole on the right side of the Dolphins offensive line and every team knows where to go when they want to rush Matt Moore.

Was just the way I listed but I would take Randle over Hill but that is due to route running ability and hands consistency. Hill is fine but has the occasional drops. Randle seems to catch most everything.

Phins78, you are right. Many here are just as qualified to make statements as the Rhodes scholar Carter is.

Y'all think I'm being silly for keep bringing this up. However, I will bring it up again.

Not ONE of you would take Ryan Tannehill in your first 28 QB picks in a fantasy draft.

Meaning, 1-28 you would rather have another other than Ryan Tannehill.

That has to speak volumes to you. And this doesn't involve hindsight or foresight. It involves REAL WORLD STATS.

Hill has the more upside but also has more risk.

Well 10 minutes to go and I'll be juggling between the draft and the Rays game.

I hope Mr Ireland has his game face on. Go Fins!


That is something I need to come to grips with....I think I am jaded by Sporano...and the other past coaches lack of ability to develop players....

That gives me a bit of perspective....

Ok so now we have the kid and after a good crap and a hard days work and couple of beers, I can take it. I ain't happy about it.

Go Tannehill. Lets draft some lineman to protect the qb and how about a pass rusher.

Ok so now we have the kid and after a good crap and a hard days work and couple of beers, I can take it. I ain't happy about it.

Go Tannehill. Lets draft some lineman to protect the qb and how about a pass rusher.

Hill could be there when we pick and Randle gone.

I wouldn't pick a rookie qb in fantasy football. If I remember, Stafford had a terrible first season. Bradford hasn't set the world on fire yet either. Both were ranked and picked hire than Tannehill.

Of course, Dont'a Hightower was picked up by NE bacause of his dominance over Mike Pouncey while in College. Good move, Belichick. I salute you.

Matter of fact. I have a new fantasy league proposal. It begins with picking a team. Be it Miami, Green Bay, Cleveland or whoever.

Then you live or die with your team and their players. You don't get to draft anyone. You have to live with the players that your team has currently and your team drafted. Only in the last 4 games can you start to draft other team players.


You know that's true!

Tommy @ 6:50......

I refer you to a post I read earlier today from a good poster who calls himself Rob in OC.....I'm gonna paraphrase...but you will get the gist....

You are probably neither a Congressman...or Senator.....but you probably have weighed in on politics from time to time....and NOBODY as for your degree in political science...

Positive or pro Tenne opinions are still OPINIONS....

Those that are less high on the pick may have a negative spin that is not to your liking...or Phins78 liking either....

but they are still OPINIONS..theirs are equally as qualified as either of yours.....Rhode Scholars or not....

favorite available in order

Jonathan Martin RT Stanford
Cordy Glenn RT Georgia
Coby Fleener TE Stanford
Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech
Janoris Jenkins CB UNA
Rueben Randle WR LSU
Lamar Miller RB UM
Courtney Upshaw DE Alabama
Vinny Curry DE Marshall
Lavonte David woLB Nebraska

Next pick Quick or Randle? I am hoping Quick.

I'm outy guys. Gone a few days probably.

Last parting shot.



Way to put things in perspective about personal attacks on people you don't evern know. NICE!

I know you said enough already about Tannehill, BUT-lol.

My last word on him(for tonight).

He was drafted 8th and Ireland said HE WILL COMPETE for the starting job THIS YEAR.

Ireland and Sherman also said Tannehill is more familiar than anyone with the scheme and terminology.

Being the 8th pick and with these other circimsyances, there is no reason why Tannehill shouldn't compete and be given every opportunity to start THIS YEAR.

Who knows, he could surprise EVERYONE(Me the most).

On the other hand, if he's not our starter this year, it means we spent the 8th overall pick on a guy that couldn't beat out Matt Moore. Moore, the so called perrenial BACK UP.

I myself would hope that our rookie QB drafted at 8 could easily beat out a journeymen/back up. If not, we got problems. Problems that will hinder us for years.

There's NO EXCUSE good enough for why Tannehill shouldn't be the starter THIS YEAR! All he has to do is beat out a washed up Garrard and a lowly back up in Moore. A QB drafted no. 8 SHOULD be able to handle this NO PROBLEM.

I don't want to hear ANY excuse.......ah.......I mean reasons why he can't ;)

Fins need to get Janoris Jenkins to complement Davis.

No live blog Mando; that sucks...

that's awesome more of a shot at Hill or Randle

Colt get Fleener for familiar safety valve pick for Luck. Nice.

Andrew luck looks like a ferengei and sounds like dave chappelle's impersonation of tiger woods.

Darn, the best TE is gone.

Lucky me there's plenty of WRs still left.

Nice, Courtney Upshaw going to Ravens. He doesnt have to be a star there. There's enough defensive talent there to enhance him becoming a star.

Jenkins and Davis could help create more coverage sacks.

Sean Smith, back up, depth.

Cordy Glenn

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