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Set your clock: Live blog chat at 2 p.m. today

The Dolphins say they intend to be more transparent with their fan base now. That's why Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland have conducted conference calls with season ticket holders in recent weeks, including last night. That's why owner Stephen Ross has promised to get on a similar call with the same constituency after the draft, probably in May sometime.

I think that's a good idea for the most part.

I want to jump on board the transparency bandwagon, too. That's why after quite some time without one, I think a live blog chat is in order. For today. Let's say 2 p.m. in the comments section.

I'll answer questions, exchange ideas, accept criticisms and pats on the back, and mostly talk Dolphins football with you.

We can discuss the draft, with the Dolphins looking at Ryan Tannehill, Justin Blackmon, Quinton Coples, Brandon Taylor, and various other WRs, QBs, DBs, pass-rushers and offensive linemen.

We can discuss Miami's coming 2012 schedule, including the preseason schedule which is tentatively supposed to come out this week.

We can discuss free agency as constituted.

We can talk long-term possibilities for this team or the short-term realities.

As the blog says, no taboo subjects. I do not censor questions.

If you cannot be here for the live chat at 2 p.m., leave your question or comment in the section below and I'll address those before we get crackin'.

Talk to you at 2 p.m.


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2012 schedule is so weak. we will waste it

Don't you think the Dolphins should at least inquire about trading with the Colts for Andrew Luck? I would say 3 1st, 2 3rd and Matt Moore are worth a franchise QB for the next 10+ years...,TIME TO DO SOMETHING BOLD!!

Great, the almighty one Armando gets to answer my Dolphins questions, Im sooo excited..

Solid idea, I like it. As long as I don't have to sit at the kiddie table ;)

The Dolphins are an embarrassment to S Fla. Ross needs to sell or move the team.

colts do things right, they wouldnt trrade luck for anything we have

Frank, you can be as bold as you want the Colts are not giving up the #1 pik. And if they did for what we would have to give up it would be much of a football team with Andrew Luck and 6 other guys sitting on the sidelines.

would it be such a bad idea to try to trade k.dansby or Jake long ? For draft picks o lineman aren't game changers

Colts do things right? Having the best QB prospect in years falling into your lap (TWICE) isn't about doing things right.

Tannehill is god

Ask Stephen Ross how it feels to be Jeff Ireland's puppet.

You have a point, they did intentionally throw their season to get the 1st pick. Somehow we still suck and always wind up with mediocre draft position

Armando can you please name your sources in the fins organization?

Perhaps Luck pulls an Elway and forces a trade??

This team is the cespool of scrubs.

I don't think Armando has sources. As I recall one of his sources was 100% sure mike McCoy was going to be the head coach??!!

fall? or by design? hmmm

I am sooner to take Gisele away from Brady then anyone taking Luck away from Indy.

The simple answer to the Luck fiasco was Ross should of instructed Ireland who should of instructed Sparano to play Devlin and a bunch of backup to continue to Suck for Luck, instead same old ish just a diffrent day..

so true clue

I think Tannehill is a reach bigtime. I would take a wr number by trading down and let the draft play out and draft the highest rated player. Several more qb coming next year. What do you think.

Pat Riley did it the year the got Beasley even though he sucked, he called up a bunch of D Leaguers and his best player was put on injured reserve. A lost season is a lost season..

Next time, if you start 0 and 7, pack it in.

Why not improve the offense by way of improving on an already talented and well anchored defense? Coaching up a top draft pass rusher or CB gets quicker results than with a QB which in turn will give the current offense the short field more often than not. The short field improves game situations for Gerrard and Moore making it more likley to get pro-bowl performances out of either.

Does this make it more or less likely that 'phins will take Ingram or Claiborne at no. 8?

agree big time on passing on tannehill. id take the best player avail and not deal any of our picks

Why to go armando, Live blogging.......

Really so you guys think they should have tanked the season. What do you think the NFL would have thought about that, or the player, or the national media, talk about laughing stick, or the season ticket holders, or the 10 year old kid that goes to a game once a a year with his dad, or the advertisers, and luxury box holders. Yeah real smart idea. Genius. Do you think the commissioner would have fined the team.

Trade up for Richardson, let the browns have Tannehill, this season is shot, get QB next draft or FA and trade Bush.

Just Quit...great message for your children, geniuses.

joe sad thing is we all already know they will take tannehill at 8, mark it down

michael they seem to be just fine with that in indy

browns dont want tannehill, they will take richardson

We don't need a quarterback. I would rather go with the three we have, than overpay for Tannehill, or any other QB for that matter. Get a WR, CB, or DE. I think Long at LT, Incognito at LG, Pouncey at C, Hicks at RG, Jerry at RT. Or instead of Hicks, throw another one of these backup lineman we have. We need to see what they are all worth now.

Im hoping we draft offense with the 3 of the first 4 picks, I don't mean lineman either......


Not true Indy played their regulars all season long, and to their credit there was no talk of tanking there. I live in Carmel In, and still have friends there. Quitting or thoughts of quitting is a loser game.

In fact Dusty they won 2 out of their last 3 games, that's not what I call tanking.

Is Marc(The Human Turnstile)Colombo still a Phin????

michael, tanking the season doesnt mean laying down when someone tryna tackle you, it means play players who are nothing more than backups.

How long did Indy stick with Painter when week in annd week out he sucked, they stuck with him cause they had a plan. Winning 6 meaningless game didnt do anything for the Dolphins, and guess what they're still the laughing stock of the NFL so STFU b**ch.

If you are a parent and using pro athletes as role models that inself is THE PROBLEM.
if you dont think Sleezebag Irsay did not throw the season you are delusional.
Curtis Paynter.?? seriously ??

speaking of great messages for children: how does morris claiborne get a free ride to a major university and then score 4 correct answers on the wonderlic?? did he even attend class? he should be required to send 10 underprivilaged non athletic teens to LSU for free.

sorry micahel but its true. smart move, now set again for next 10-15 years with luck. great move throwing in towel on this season coming up also by irsay, dumped all the solid vets and will get another great pick next year

They played painter because they had no other viable option at QB stupid. And they played regulars to the end loser.

Clue, Try not to be so nagative, Its only a football blog brother......

hilarious, so the guy starts calling us names. wow

speaking of great messages for children: how does morris claiborne get a free ride to a major university and then score 4 correct answers on the wonderlic?? did he even attend class? he should be required to send 10 underprivilaged non athletic teens to LSU for free.
Posted by: 41phish | April 04, 2012 at 11:33 AM

CBs that score the lowest on this test go on to have the best careers.
It's pretty much know this test is pretty much a joke.

They had NO other option than Painter, they won 2 out of their last 3 games, that's not tanking. They played 1st stringers all the way.

Clue, Try not to be so nagative, Its only a football blog brother......
Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 04, 2012 at 11:34 AM

There aint much positive about 6-10. And then we lose Da Beast.

fair enough michael

No one is talking about a parent using a pro athlete as a role model bud. It's called pride and principles. Keep trying though.

"Wonderlic" Test,Is this a test for Women??? My wife would score high on that thing..(If ya know what I mean)

Or would you have preferred that they play Dan Ortrosky, that would have been tanking it.

Hmm. No choice. No willing trade partners? This was a playoff team in 2010!!
Sounds fishy to me::)

Nice Cuban
Its always nice when you can rectuit a lady that scores high on the wonderlic.

michael, yea start 0 and 7 and build momentum for the next year by winning against some scrub teams, Nice lets go head and win another 6 games this year, and we got the mementum for 2013 right. You silly blind homer.

They got old fast. Check the players ages on the Colts. It's an old team. That's why they purged most of the roster. If they were a play off team they would have kept Manning and reloaded.

its sad but so true clue, those 6 meaningless wins will cost us our future for a long time

FYI, Michael, wasnt Orton available for a trade or some other FA QB couldnt do better than Painter. Cmon man dont be so stupid the Colts knew what they were doing.

exactly michael!!!!!!!!!!!! know your team, we knew at 0-7 we were awful. no reason to win some meaningless games

no doubt 100 percent clue, irsay knew he needed luck and made sure of it

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