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Offseason workouts begin today but not for Dolphins

Smell that? The fresh-mown grass, the sweat, the hope filling the breeze? No, not baseball. That is the lovely scent of football's offseason getting up your nose.

Today, you see, is the first day of the NFL's offseason workout programs for some lucky teams. According to the new NFL collective bargaining agreement, teams with new head coaches can take the field starting today under a very specific set of guidelines.

Only teams with new coaches can begin work today and, as the Dolphins have new coach Joe Philbin on staff, they are among half-a-dozen teams able to get on the field and moving starting today. Everyone else must wait a couple of more weeks.

The Dolphins, however, are working by their own schedule. They are not starting today. Their offseason workout program is scheduled to begin April 10. I don't really know why the Dolphins are not getting right to work and instead are waiting until next week.

I don't think it's that big a deal, frankly. But the timing here does suggest Philbin is working on his own clock.

So what happens once the offseason workout program begins?

As Brian McIntyre points out on Mac's Football Blog, Phase One of the offseason workout program limits workouts to strength and conditioning and rehabilitation for the first two weeks. Only full- and part-time strength-and-conditioning coaches with no additional duties are allowed on the field. Quarterbacks may elect to throw to uncovered receivers at this time.

Phase Two is a three-week period that consists of limited on-field work with coaches. Individual drills, offense or defense only drills (no offensive vs. defense), special teams drills (kickoff team only, kick return only, etc...) are allowed. Helmets are not allowed to be worn, so one-on-one workouts pertaining to pass rush, pass coverage, pass protection, etc...are not allowed during this phase of the off-season workouts.

Phase Three is the final four-week period of the off-season workouts. Teams are permitted to hold ten (10) days of Organized Team Activities (OTA), with a maximum of three (3) days the first two weeks and a maximum of four (4) days in either the third or fourth week, with a Mandatory Veteran Minicamp held in the other week. During a week with three OTA days, a fourth non-OTA workout governed by the rules in Phase Two is allowed.

No live contact or one-on-one drills are permitted in Phase Three workouts. Teams are allowed to do offense versus defense and special teams drills, provided no live contact occurs. Teams may also require players to wear helmets, but no shells are permitted in Phase Three workouts or the minicamp.


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This pathetic Dolphins team should of been ready at 12am for offseason workouts.


Craig, from last blog:

Craig, I happen to like Weeden better myself (just based on my casual observations of watching them play), but I find myself asking the same thing you did to YG.

IF Weeden is head and shoulders better than the rest of the QBs (besides Luck/RG3), then why aren't NFL people saying that? JUST because his age? It doesn't add up to me. It's like I'm missing something.

At this point, honestly, I don't care. I know I'm not smart enough to know, for sure, who will be a great NFL QB. And I don't even know the system Philbin wants (other than WC) or the players he think are worth developing.

So I'm really putting this Draft on Ireland/Philbin. I need to make heads/tails of the team first before I offer any suggestion. Let them do what they think is needed, be it Tannehill, or someone else, or just go with the QBs we have now for this year. I'm staying out of it and leaving it to the professionals (all the trolls on here will be thrilled).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 02, 2012 at 12:50 PM


Since this is really no news. Made you should have just added this as an "update" to the last blog.

I guess any raucus smelling rotten meat will due when youre throwing it to a bunch of hungry gators. From reading some of the posts in the blogs. I can tell some of the posters here do indeed have gator smelling breath. LOL

It's like I'm missing something.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 02, 2012 at 12:50 PM

Your 2 min too late Rob!

Everyone, some bad news. I've decided not to go ahead with the other blog. I really appreciate all of your support and contact information, but it is proving to be more work than I can possibly take on long term. I suggest we become comfortable with either the Herald or PBP. Let's all agree upon a choice.

Walker, wow really bad news. I don't know how we will get on with our lives.

DC Dolphin,

Drafty experts have said Weedon is more starter ready than Taqnnehill. Isnt that like saying he's better?

Where were you when scouts were saying if Weedon were 23yrs olds he would hands down be the 3rd qb takenj in this year's draft. Guys, its only Weedon's "AGE(28yrs)" that has him rated as the 4th qb taken this year. Scouts say he's far more starter ready than Tannehill.

Some scouts say Tannehill may not truly be starter ready until his 3r4d season. Weedon's projected as a yr 2 starter at worst. So you still get 6-7yrs of very productive years from him.

So what he's 28yrs old. He still means not having to address the qb position for at least 6-7yrs. Enough time to find another. We were chasing Peyton Manning to solve the qb position for 3-4yrs with no guarantee of a sb trophy. Remember? LOL

DC and Craig,

Please repost all your posts from the last week. I was away and missed out.



DC is too busy writing to say nothing that he doesn't have time to read anything by any actually informed sources.

Just an fyi......new post up

Click my name to check it out

Ohio has done nothing in life to warrant interest in his blog. So he comes here to pilfer Armando's bloggers.

Repost from lost blog:

Hey guys, what's up? Any thoughts on the QB situation?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 02, 2012 at 12:50 PM

YG, I heard them say that. But then a big drop-off.

Look, I'm with you, I like Weeden better. I'm just saying Craig was right about there not being much noise being made about him. And I don't know why that is. I've heard he's better since the Senior Bowl. Even before, since right after the Bowl Games.

I'm just wondering why more isn't being said about the kid. The ONLY thing I've ever heard negative about him is his age. Is that really so bad that people aren't touting him as being a great pick-up? The silence is strange to me, that's the point I'm making.

Looks like the children are here since it's Spring Break. Enjoy your ignorance children. Next week it's back to school for you.

Repost from last year:

I hope we draft a QB. We need a QB. A QB should be top priority because we need a QB. Without a QB, we won't have a QB, so we need a QB to have a QB and then we won't need a QB.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 02, 2011 at 12:50 PM

This is the best part of this season for Dolphans. You can still try to convince yourself that this team isn't going to be awful. The Cheatriots haven't mathematically eliminated the Dolphins from winning the AFC East. The team is actually undefeated for the 2012-2013 season. It's all downhill once the games start. Enjoy that last bit of optimism before reality takes it away in September.

Repost from two years ago:

I hope we draft a QB. We need a QB. A QB should be top priority because we need a QB. Without a QB, we won't have a QB, so we need a QB to have a QB and then we won't need a QB.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | April 02, 2010 at 12:50 PM

DC Dolphin,

What more do you expect to hear about Weedon? There's nothing else to say.

What, do you want to hear the draft experts "regurgitate" over and over again:

"Weedon's Better, But Tannehill's Younger".

You can only say that so many times before your audience is bored to death hearing it. Either a team will chance better talent over youth or they wont.

Remeber, no one Cincinatti moving up for Andy Dalton 1st rd. Dalton was a projected 2nd rd'er. Cincy didntr want to chance it. I can so see someone doing the same with Weedon. Minds change draft day.

YG -- From the last post where you mention Weeden is 28. he is 28 but will be 29 this October. So if he sits a year he will be 30 in the season he starts. Unless he can learn quickly and a team has no other option but to start him.

Not all bad because he has what it takes to be a good NFL QB. I just think teams would rather invest in a ten year or more option not a 6 year option.

Again, I would take Weeden in a heart beat if we missed on Tannehill and Cousins. Now I may be the only one that likes Cousins over Weeden but I do. And I will be happy with any of the 3. And these are very slight differences.

You can only say that so many times before your audience is bored to death hearing it.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone


Maybe you will learn this someday, too!

Ohio, I added a comment. Funny how these chickenshyt trolls won't respond to your posts, ON YOUR BLOG. They'd rather take swipes here, from their anonymous perch where they can hide.

You FYCKING trolls live your entire lives on your knees. Little BYATCHES!

By the way, that's the end of my rant, I'm going back to ignoring you all (like the rest of the World). Just wanted to put that out there. Oh, and die, or don't, doesn't matter. No one cares about any of you trolls anyway, and that's why the joke's really on you!

I hate typing on this lap top. I always hit extra keys. Even leave out a word entirely. This is a meaningless blog. So I refuse to edit any errors.

So if you expect better, go to your local newspaper and read the editorials. LOL

yea I don't really care about them.......doesn't affect me

YG, I expected SOMEONE to say, "why is Tannehill getting all this hype? Weeden is the Truth!"

Or something to that effect. All I hear is all this Tannehill stuff. Where's the Weeden talk? Is he having a Pro Day? Shouldn't he be marketing himself (since he's being overlooked)?

As far as your last comment, you're right. Someone's going to grab the guy, and probably get the steal of the Draft.


Hope we end up, after the draft, with a team that meshes and can compete. There are no magic bullets. Remember when we DID have the QB (Danny Boy) and still didn't get the Lombardi Trophy. We even had the winningest coach ever (Shula).



JS in LA and I have already responded to your post by the way. :)

you can choose to follow the comment thread, makes it easier.

Michael, that's my hope too. This time it's looking a little more likely to happen though. Philbin really understands how to build a good team. All he needs are the pieces to do it. And the time to develop the players.

Cross your fingers.


Like I posted, Cousins college production, predraft scouting report, and projected draft rd(rd 3). So eeringly mirrors Joe Montana's.

That's why I would be aboard with taking Weedon mid to late 1st rd(let everyone else fight over Tannehill). Then still take Cousins 3rd rd just where Montana was taken.

What else is eery, is Philbin seems like a cerebral Bill Walsh, we also happen to run the wco, and have Roger Craig 2'0(Bush) already on the roster. LOL

Let's all abandon this blog and go to Ohio's blog.

Armando please join us, but keep it clean.

troll @ 1:36pm. But she makes a good point.

Montana walked onto a loaded team that had a monster o line. Cousins aint gonna be that lucky. I like cousins and think he would fit our offense but quit saying he is the second coming of joe cool.

DC Dolphin,

The only Tannehill hype is coming from teams who have no real qb and are not in position to draft Luck or RG3. The media is only doing its job in feeding off of that frenzy.

I'll guarantee you that behind closed doors some gm's are considering Weedon over Tannehill. Ever think about that's why the Browns are offering the 4th spot for sale?

Maybe the Browns already consider Weedon the Better talent. Maybe they feel they can trade down, get a slew of high draft picks, and still get the best qb(Weedon) in this draft.

Its only the age difference that has Tannehill rated over Weedon. This is the new nfl, qb's gotta be ready to start by year 3. Weedon is ready to be a 1st yr starter "in a pinch".

Remember, I said "In A Pinch". Tannehill isnt a year 1 starter even in a pinch. You start him in year 1 and risk ruining him for the rest of his brief career. I say brief career becase thats what it will be if you try and start him yr 1(in a pinch). That may not be the case with Weedon. He's far more prepare to go on the field right now.

Tool ratings:

1. DC Dolfan
2. Ohio Dolfan
3. Yesterday's Gone
4. Craig M
5. Clue(less)

Everyone knows where the 1st and 2nd qb's of this draft are going. The real news is where the and who the 3rd qb is going. Hence the media is feeding off of this frenzy.

Media isnt going to create a frenzy over Weedon(age). Thier feeding off of what's popping up most in qb starved football blogs all aroung the country. Thats Tannehill because he's younger and projected to have the longer career. But he wont have a longer career than Weedon if he flops.

Anyone seen Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf lately?

YG -- I really like Cousins and feel we could get him in the 2nd but not 3rd round. If we took a pass on Tannehill in the first then I think he could be our pick in the early 2nd.

Cousins kind of reminds me of Pennington with a stronger arm and better leadership qualities. And Penny was a very strong leader. Cousins also has very good anticipation. Anticipation and accuracy are very good attributes to have for a WC style offense.

The knocks on Cousins are that he's made some poor decisions. BUT IMO some of those may have been due to a little desperation and lack of talent around him.

In my Scenario 2 draft on my site (clisk my name) I have us drafting Cousins early 2nd round.

Live Nation,

Im very disappointed. Are you saying I would only be the 3rd tool taken if there were a draft?

Is it my footwork, mechanics, decision making? What is guy that keeps me from being 1st overall? LOL


The most important label Cousins has on him is that he's a winner! No one disputes that. LOL

YG -- looks like you may be the top tool on the Herald blog. DC and Ohio may be moving to the USFL - Ohio's blog. :)

Last week I was 1st on the list , now I'm 5th what gives?


Also in your scenario we could trade down and gain a extra 2nd rd pick to use on Cousins. LOL


Maybe there were whispers of wisdom use that caused your stock to fall. LOL


USFL? That's too funny! LOL

"Quarterbacks may elect to throw to uncovered receivers at this time."

First of all--the new rules that have been put in place with the CBA are f#cking stupid. Why can't they the DB's cover the receivers???? The NFL is turning softer by the day. Yeah I get the player safety issues & obviously the effects of repeated concussions is extremely scary BUT why not use safer helmets??? And what is this whole outrage surrounding how dangerous it is in the NFL???? Isn't NASCAR driving or boxing or hockey or MMA just as dangerous if not more??? In five years Goodell will be eliminating any type of tackling.

Whatever....First thing I'd do if I'm Philbin is run these 6-10 losers until they puke. This entire organization is pathetic & instead of banning Mickey Loomis they should ban Ireland for being incompetent & wasting the fans time & money.

I actually like scenario 2 better but that may be due to the trade down. And that trade allowing us to get Sanu and Toon. Sanu, I am hearing my not be available where I have us picking him but you're right in that we could possibly grab Sanu first then with the 2nd we get in the trade get Cousins.

I will keep dreaming...LOL

Clue and YG -- At least you guys made the list. LOL

Interesting Weedon stat:

69% Pass Completion Red Zone Average

Enough said!

Texas, I would still like Cousins if still available with one of our 3rd rd picks.

these 10 days will come to bite us later. Why are we not ready to go right now?

I just hope our first 3 or 4 picks are offensive players, we need more explosive players on offense. We only have 1 and thats Bush, and we all know he goes down if you grab him with one arm. I must admit we need a pass rusher opposite to Wake. So many holes so little draft picks...

I think Ireland digs the fact that 2 of 3 QBs on the depth chart are UFAs.

"Sunday night update: Redskins free agent linebacker Rocky McIntosh visited the Dolphins on Sunday night, agent Drew Rosenhaus said on his weekly segment on WSVN-Fox 7.

McIntosh, 29, has played all six of his NFL seasons with the Redskins, logging time at both inside and outside linebacker. At 6-2 and 242 pounds, he isn't much of a pass-rusher, with just eight career sacks.

A second-round pick out of the University of Miami in 2006, McIntosh had a career-high 110 tackles in 2010.

He started 59 of the 61 games that he appeared in from 2007 through 2010. But he lost his starting job to Perry Riley in Week 10 last season and finished the year with 65 tackles and one sack.

The Dolphins brought in free agent linebacker Philip Wheeler last weekend, but he signed with Oakland Friday night. If McIntosh signs, he likely would compete with Koa Misi for a starting job."

Why do we continue to waste people's time??? Ireland only wants players who are willing to accept less money than every other team in the NFL.

Hey Jeff--Last time I checked you ain't running the Patriots. Bottom feeder franchises like ours need to pay people a premium to come play here. Not sure what planet you're on BUT when your team has three losing seasons in a row you need a new game plan instead of hiring a new coaching staff & pray for a miracle.

Mando's article on the O line is spot on and proves what I've been telling you: O linemen are a crapshoot and no O lineman should be drafted first overall. You never know if some 2nd rounder is going to turn out to be a p*ssy while some 6th rounder ends up being a starter. O line is important, but it's a crapshoot as to which players will get the job done.

For those who whine about our luck, it's our fault. We had the #1 pick 2 years in a row and ended up with Long and now-retired Ronnie "Soft" Brown!!!!! WTF???

Compare that to every other year when the first pick is always a QB whenever any other team has it.

Matt Ryan went 13-3 last year by the way. He is elite.

We Have Draft Picks,

Rocky McIntosh "lost his starting position". He's not a pass rusher so signing him would be a Karlos Dansby is out move(cap casualty) or backup depth.

Cant sign guys to huge contracts for that. Especially if he was beaten out as a starter on the Washington Redskins defense. We're trying to run a football team. Not a retirement home for has been players to get thier final big pay day! LOL




Ronnie Brown retired?

It sickens me to know that we had the number 2 draft pick in 05 and number 1 draft pick in 08. And both years the drafts were weak. No Calvin Johnson, Suh, Stafford, etc. It's a curse I tell ya A CURSE!

So what did I miss here? I amm ready for your questions to me, the one and only

Has anyone that is clamoring for matt ryan watched him play outside of a dome? Dude has a weak arm and cant complete big time passes in a slight wind. Jake long made the most sense that draft as our oline sucked and the other long wasnt good enough to be drafted that high. Ronnie getting drafted that high sucked but in both cases miami couldnt trade down due to outrageous contracts.

Yes, for those who pay attention, you know that Ronnie Brown will be in forced "retirement" this year after he is cut and nobody picks him up. Please try to pay attention! Christ!!

Weak Brown is *finished*.


Not quite sure what youre drinking, but Matt Ryan does have a big arm and is a legit franchise qb. When I say "franchise" I say a qb that can consistently be a top 10 nfl qb. Top 5 is upperechelon and and a different breed altogether.

Matt Ryan's problems seem to arise when he faces top 5 qb's. He beats hell out of qb's ranked outside of the top 5 nfl qb's. I believe we would definitely be a playoff calibre team with Ryan. We just get bumped when he faces a top 5 qb.

That's exactly whats happening in Atlanta with Ryan.

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