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Offseason workouts begin today but not for Dolphins

Smell that? The fresh-mown grass, the sweat, the hope filling the breeze? No, not baseball. That is the lovely scent of football's offseason getting up your nose.

Today, you see, is the first day of the NFL's offseason workout programs for some lucky teams. According to the new NFL collective bargaining agreement, teams with new head coaches can take the field starting today under a very specific set of guidelines.

Only teams with new coaches can begin work today and, as the Dolphins have new coach Joe Philbin on staff, they are among half-a-dozen teams able to get on the field and moving starting today. Everyone else must wait a couple of more weeks.

The Dolphins, however, are working by their own schedule. They are not starting today. Their offseason workout program is scheduled to begin April 10. I don't really know why the Dolphins are not getting right to work and instead are waiting until next week.

I don't think it's that big a deal, frankly. But the timing here does suggest Philbin is working on his own clock.

So what happens once the offseason workout program begins?

As Brian McIntyre points out on Mac's Football Blog, Phase One of the offseason workout program limits workouts to strength and conditioning and rehabilitation for the first two weeks. Only full- and part-time strength-and-conditioning coaches with no additional duties are allowed on the field. Quarterbacks may elect to throw to uncovered receivers at this time.

Phase Two is a three-week period that consists of limited on-field work with coaches. Individual drills, offense or defense only drills (no offensive vs. defense), special teams drills (kickoff team only, kick return only, etc...) are allowed. Helmets are not allowed to be worn, so one-on-one workouts pertaining to pass rush, pass coverage, pass protection, etc...are not allowed during this phase of the off-season workouts.

Phase Three is the final four-week period of the off-season workouts. Teams are permitted to hold ten (10) days of Organized Team Activities (OTA), with a maximum of three (3) days the first two weeks and a maximum of four (4) days in either the third or fourth week, with a Mandatory Veteran Minicamp held in the other week. During a week with three OTA days, a fourth non-OTA workout governed by the rules in Phase Two is allowed.

No live contact or one-on-one drills are permitted in Phase Three workouts. Teams are allowed to do offense versus defense and special teams drills, provided no live contact occurs. Teams may also require players to wear helmets, but no shells are permitted in Phase Three workouts or the minicamp.


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Our goal for this season will be to finish 3rd in the AFC East. That will be a miracle.

it doesn't matter who the QB in miami ends up being....if he doesnt have anybody to throw to, it won't matter....I like davonne bess and brian hartline, but I don't think they will keep teams from putting eight men in the box....you cant stretch the field without a big/fast receiver like m.floyd 1st round.... maybe tommy streeter with one of the 3rd round picks....maybe lamar miller somewhere in the early rounds....damn!! can we not get some players who can score some "TOUCHDOWNS".....quit listening to Mel Kiper Jr.....his big hair effects his brain!!!


I couldn't agree more. They need to step up to plate and draft a receiver, or maybe even 2! Get some young talent in at that position, it is needed! Let Philbin work with some young guys at the skill positions to get this offense on track

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“I’m not sure yet. I really don’t know,” he said. “I have to get a chance to be with them, watch them work, watch them on film, take a look at their practice habits, their athleticism and those types of things. It’s a little premature, so I’ll say no.”
--Joe Philbin

I guess today was not the time to do any of that.

Jack, Kinda crazy not to get your players training early huh???Doesnt make since to me IMHO....



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Dolphins front office are so stuck up, they think they are to good to start on time. Makes no sense (thx Aloco, lol) because Philbin said everyone is under evaluation.

I think what they are trying to say is even though Weeden is game ready Tannehill has great upside potential. At least that is what the so called experts are saying.

U know how many playmaker options we have to get with our picks? Every one before the fifth round, guaranteed, maybe some after that. U know how many we will actually draft? 0. None. Why? Because Ireland doesn't draft playmakers. We all want
Him to take Touchdown tommy in the third and michael floyd in the first (hopefully trading down a bit, or trade up to get Calvin johnson the second), but it won't happen! Why? Explained.
And Ireland and Ross refuse to see that drafting canes is smart both football wise and business wise. Or we would've drafted jimmy graham.

ALOCO! Cuban is on the big island in Hawaii. He is close to the biggest volcanoes in the US, other than the Yellowstone caldera!

Ohhh, and listening to Ross and Ireland, how can u not hate them more? They REALLY THINK that it's because we didn't get Peyton manning? And Ross really thinks that this franchise is in the best place it has been in??
And that it isn't an accurate concerns is of how the fans feel? Name one fan on here that:
1. Wants to keep Ireland
2. Thinks Ross is doing a good job
3. Can name a starter that Ireland has picked after the second round.
4. Can name a starter that ireland has picked that should be a starter period not named long or davis.

I could go on, but I won't, to say this: how long will they keep trying to sell us bs? When will they finally respect us by saying that they blew it, not only with Peyton, but the LAST THREE YEARS OF promises to get is a franchise qb, and stars?!?!
Ohhh yes ireland, we all believe that you have 'solved the qb situation' with garrard.
Are we morons? They think we are.

Concerns = consensus

inimouts, you are just plain stupid. those guys are trying and do way better than you realize.

I don't know what kind of H.C. Philbin will make, so much goes into the job and while some say he designed game plans for G.B. I tend to disagree. In watching McCarthy on game day you get the feeling that just like S.Peyton his O is his baby and he puts it together leaving the jury out on what kind of game day manager Philbin will actually make. We may be the beneficiaries of Philbin having been in on the meetings were game plans were designed but in actually designing them I feel most are diluting themselves.

I will however trust him when it comes to preparing his team to play. His job was to run his teams mental and physical preparation through training camp and practice during the season while McCarthy designed his game plan in his time as O.C. in G.B. I believe this is without doubt. So I will trust him to get this part right given the Pack looked sharper than most in their Thursday night kick off classic last Yr. vs. the Saints whom in contrast seemed sluggish coming off the short Camps after the lock out and until he shows being in over his head ala Sparano's less than inspired game day managing I will give Philbin the benefit of the doubt, here is to hoping he brings a little of what he learned to the table.

People are saying that
Weeden is the next best QB Kiper is one of them

B33, I agree, Weeden is a great QB at Kmart prices!!!

Weeden is the only QB to beat Luck and RG3 last season!!!!

Guys I watched the Fiesta Bowl victory Okla. St. got over Stanford and believe Weeden got way to much credit for that win. He threw up some very iffy passes that Blackmon snagged in mid air and took to the house but in the NFL both TD passes to Blackmon which were inside slants of about 10 yards or so could easily have been picked off. So I wonder how much of the success Weeden enjoyed was actually do to his elite WR.

They went hard after Peyton Manning...
Not so much with Flynn or Alex Smith...
But, they've wined & dined Tannehill and even had him on the greaseboard for about an hour and a half afterwards (according to Peter King)! So, they're putting a little more effort into the kid. Which means it won't surprise me for them to take him at #8. I don't think they'll move up in the draft to take him though.

However, it's little Jeffy Ireland! So, he doesn't even know what he wants to do yet. At least not until he puts all of his draft picks up on a corkboard and throws a few darts at 'em!

Weeden is the only QB to beat Luck and RG3 last season!!!!

Posted by: redsky | April 03, 2012 at 12:22 AM

QB's don't play against other QB's. They play against defenses. It never makes any sense to say this QB beat that QB.

It seems the Dolphins cannot afford a quarterback! I think they should look for a dimeback or something cheaper.

Tracy @ 1:30 AM,
They pretty much told Mallett last year they would be taking him and they didn't. Instead, they traded up to get Thomas in the 2nd round.
Don't be surprised if #8 comes and goes and Miami doesn't pick Tannehill. If they are putting this much time and effort into the kid they are showing a tremendous amount of interest in him, which means another team who may really want him would be looking at trying to trade up ahead of Miami to get him.
Ireland isn't the type of guy to show everyone his hand and allow them to get the jump on him. He NEVER gives any kind of indication who he likes and who he will be drafting.
Last year Miami invited a lot of players for private workouts at their facility and didn't draft one of them.
I think they are going after Cousins, if anyone. He looks more like a quarterback that Joe Philbin would put on the field.

Armando should have used someone other than the Redskins as an example in the previous post. They have been overpaying for players for years and it has done nothing for them except to lighting their owner's wallet.
Instead, you should look at teams like the Steelers and the Packers who don't overypay for anyone and know how to get the most from their players. Why? Because the players know they have the best chance to be on a winning football team.
When guys like Mario Williams sign a big contract with a team like the Bills all they are saying is they care more about the money than about winning. Complain all you want about Miami but the Bills are the perrenial cellar dwellers in the AFC East. Signing Williams doesn't signal that they are bent on winning. It's more like an act of stupidity. When the team needs to resign it's own free agents over the next few years they are going to have a tough time meeting the salary cap requirements.
You don't win anything by overpaying. Parcells had a conviction on Pat White. They didn't just overpay on that one; they were taken to the cleaners.
Taking someone like Tannehill at #8 or moving up to get him may seem like a good idea to some people but that guy needs to make a major impact on the team whether it be now or in the near future or you just signed your death sentence.

Offseason may be a time for vacation with family or someone special but for the Dolphins this is not happening. They too little time to have fun. They need to work hard especially that they have the new coaches. It is still a good thing knowing that it will develop the harmony of the team.

In the military we went out of our way not to give people too much time off. Reason? Because they always got into trouble when they had too much time off.

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