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Smokescreens? Smokescreens? What smokescreens?

Well, the Minnesota Vikings failed miserably. They tried to get people to believe the Cleveland Browns might draft Ryan Tannehil. You see, they wanted some team like, say, the Dolphins to panic and trade up to the No. 3 overall selection ahead of Cleveland to get Tannehill.

Except the Browns, sitting there with the No. 4 pick, were too busy talking up Justin Blackmon and sent practically the entire organization to Trent Richardson's pro day. So most folks are seeing the Browns not taking a quarterback with their first of two selections the first round of tomorrow's NFL draft.

Then, the Jacksonville Jaguars got involved in the screening of smoke. Fully aware they have the seventh pick in a draft containing perhaps six elite players, the Jags are eager to get out of their pick. And they see Tannehill as the only way of doing that by perhaps convincing Kansas City or Seattle or someone, anyone to trade to No. 7 for the right to get the Texas A&M QB.

That means you have to convince folks the quarterback will be off the board by No. 8, which of course is where the Dolphins pick.

Fine. Let's do that ...

"People know Miami's going to take him," Jacksonville director of player personnel Terry McDonough said on the Pete Prisco Show in J-Ville yesterday. "If a team wants a quarterback, they're going to have to come in front of Miami."

Convenient, right?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are involved in their own agenda-driven campaign. You know about ProFootballtalk.com's report that owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Tannehill. I had Mike Florio, the author of the report on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, on Tuesday and he deftly sidestepped questions about his source, but it is clear that person is not in the Dolphins' organization.

So here's my question: How would a source not within the Miami organization thus not privy to conversations between an owner and general manager know what the owner is telling the GM?

Clearly, other teams want the narrative out there that the Dolphins are under pressure to pick Tannehill.

(Before I go on, allow me to clarify something: Florio's report was that Ross was "pushing" Ireland on Tannehill. That is not correct. But I know that Ross badly, badly wants a quarterback drafted by the Dolphins. There is a difference. Ross has let it be known he wants the right QB picked, be it Tannehill or whomever.)

The Dolphins, as I reported through sources, said the PFT report is not true. That's good. But then they went way further. And that's not good.

The Dolphins had Jeff Ireland issue an on-the-record denial of the story to Florio. And then Ross sent Florio and e-mail denying the story also. if the Dolphins had said nothing or issued a denial off the record, it would have given no clue they want Tannehill or don't.

But they went into the realm of protesting too much. And that sends red flags flying up staffs everywhere. So, believe it or not, the multiple denials actually worked against Miami around the league.

There are rumors today, by the way, that Miami wants to trade down from No. 8. Those are not coming from inside the Miami organization. Those are coming from one place, actually: Dallas.


I'm hearing the Cowboys want to move up to make sure they land safety Mark Barron. And obviously, Ireland as a former Cowboys employee would be a viable trade partner because of his relationship within the Dallas organization.

What does all this mean?

Believe nothing you're hearing except this:

The Dolphins love Ryan Tannehill for his potential but are aware he's a project. They are willing to take him at No. 8. They are not going to trade up to get him because they don't strongly believe anyone is going to get ahead of them to pick him.

The Dolphins are willing to trade down if a willing partner offers the right package. (Yes, I admit, the team wants that information out there.) And if in a trade down scenario Tannehill is gone, the club has other players fitting other needs that they would sell to the public as the right call for building their team.

Jeepers, this time of year is full of skullduggery.


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wow finally a blog page not with a bunch of immature, idiots posting under fake names and stupid comments that are not football related

gotta love skullduggery

tannehill, come on down.

The more I think about it the more I want Cox, unless someone gives you extra draft value in return to trade down, but for the love of god do not pick Tannehill. How in the world can all the mock draft say the Dolphins SHOULD pick Tannehill but if they do that would be a bad pick. Geez talk about a no win situation. Please DO NOT pick Tannehill. Haa I'm first baby..Hope so.

Andy, patience is a virtue.

As for the #8 pick, take Tanny if you think he can be the guy for the future. If not, I'd say trade down. I have no qualms sitting Tanny a year or two.

Probaility is high this team isn't gonna compete for at least 2 more yerars anyway.

Get the QB & develop him alla Mcnair. Build the team & in 2 years, start competing for something other than 3rd place.


The last blog page entirely cleaned up after I exposed Oscar Canosa as the biggest blog troll. LOL

Anyway, all of this is sounding like there's a great chance Tannehill will take a Brady Quinn-like fall on draft day if we dont take him at #8. I see no one moving up to take him.

I believe if Tanne doesnt get taken by us he'll fall to bottom 1st or early 2nd. I think if we dont take him, it'll signal to other teams Mike Sherman isnt that high on him. Sherman's had the most exposure to him than anyone that can be considered even close to being a qb guru.

If we dont take him #8, consider his draft day fate Brady Quinn-like. Wouldnt it be ironic if Cleveland took him #22? Now that would be Quinn-like. They rescue Bardy Quinn from falling completely out of 1st rd.

we'll take him.

According to Todd McShay and no one can predict a 7 round mock but he has Miami

1 (pick 8) Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
2 (pick 42) Alshon Jeffrey WR South Carolina
3 (pick 72) Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State
3 (pick 73) Ronnel Lewis OLB Oklahoma
4 (pick 103) Jonathan Massaquoi DE Troy
5 (pick 145) Kelcie Mccray S Arkansas State
6 (pick 196) Pat Edwards WR Houston
7 (pick 215) Jacquies Smith G Missouri

Now I respect what McShay and Kiper do a whole lot but gee I hope it doesn't end up like this. That leaves Miami with ZERO explosive offensive players once again. I like Alshon Jeffrey (redzone target) but I think they need to double down on a guy with speed/wiggle like Joe Adams, Keshawn Martin or Chris Givens. On defense the same Ronnell Lewis and Massaquoi aren't game changers and you can't expect that in middle rounds but not satisfied if the draft looks anything like this.

Tannehill's draft fate seems to be in our hands. Other teams dont know what Sherman's true feelings are of him. No one wants to risk a top 10 pick to move ahead of us not knowing Sherman may feel he isnt worth our #8 pick.

If Sherman feels he is, and we select him #8, I*'ll bite the bullet and hope for the best. Everyone by now knows what direction I think we should draft 1st rd. So Im not repeating it. LOL

Miami was right to respond to the fake reports, time to fight back against the constant media lies.

draf is fools gold follow the sheep......


I posted a mock from NFL.com last night. Take a look at it when you can. They did quite well for us I think, and it included Tannehill in the 1st, Andre Branch in the 2nd and Sanu in the 3rd. Quite a nice job.

The hot rumour out there is that the Bills want Barron. Is there any truth to it? Who knows. But if it is then the Dallas trade up with us for the pick would make a lot of sense. Depends what we get back but if it was enough, I'd be open to it, even if it meant we missed out on Tannehill. Only other QB I like is Weeden, who I've seen mocked to Cleveland and KC in the 2nd. Makes a lot of sense.

All of the mock drafts are guilty of "group think". Read enough drafts and they all start looking the same. While I respect Mayock, his mock draft sucks. Why, because it is "safe". He safely tries to put a player on a team that makes sense so he looks good. It is like picking the top seeds to advance to the Final Four. Everyone is reading everyone else's mock drafts and now everyone thinks they know what these teams are thinking.


While the Elite 6 will likely be the Top 6 off the board, what it they aren't?

What if Miami doesn't take Tannehill? Will Buffalo, Seattle or Kansas City take him? Or will he fall further towards the Browns late first round pick?

I DO think Miami wants to trade down. Depending on whom is there after they trade down, they will claim they got the guy they were always looking for. Perhaps if they can't trade down they draft Tannehill. That's not a smoke screen.

Clueless in Mia,

I want Tannehill because it gives us hope as a fan base. I think he has that key word potential and by no means does potential mean they fulfill their potential but this why I like Tannehill and will answer the naysayers opposite point of view as well.

1. He is by all accounts a hard worker! He attended QBs meetings as a WR because although he was a starting WR he wanted to play QB still so thats how much of a worker he is. A kid on the college level would seldom and more likely never put that time in.

Naysayer - But he started at WR because he wasn't good enough to beat out Jarrod Johnson. You have to understand Johnson was there before him and had the pulse of the team as the leader already. Sherman was doing what was best for the team he thought and eventually realized the better player regardless of Johnson being a team favorite was Tannehill.

2. He was good enough to start at WR and was a good college WR (posted a 200 yard game). Because he played WR he has plenty of athleticism and speed for the position.

2. Naysayer - He's not RG3 or Cam Newton athletic. Very few QBs are that athletic but he would be in the top 5 in the NFL when he starts of speed/athleticism combination.

3. Watching his game he is up and down and all over the place but there is plenty of good tape to validate him as a 1st round pick that needs work. He will continue working with Mike Sherman.

Naysayer - He got Sherman fired basically. That's unfair to say that. Texas A&M had a ton of deficiencies as a team. They had a poor offensive line which Tannehill was under constant pressure ( thrived more then not in those situations), starting RB out for most of the season, had a good but probably late round or undrafted caliber WR in Jeff Fuller and nothing else to work with.

All in all I beleive Tannehill is a top 15 pick and let him sit and learn a year with Sherman and Philbin and in 2013 let him take his bumps and bruises as a starter and by year 3 will be the year he takes that step to being a potential top 10 NFL QB

Here is the DANGER of drafting Tannehill and why he should NOT be the #8 pick.

Miami drafts Tannehill and he is UNLIKELY to play much to any in the regular season. 2013 NFL Draft comes around. We have another high draft choice (likely). We are in position to take a top QB again. Do we? How can we when he have a #1 invested in Tannehill. But we still have NO IDEA if Tannehill can even play!!

Tannehill you are completely mortgaging the future that you think he is going to be the guy cause not only are you using a first rounder on him, but you also won't know whether he can play for a while and you are giving up the future opportunity to draft a QB high.

VERY RISKY. Does Ireland have the job security and balls to do it? Or does he feel he has to to please his boss?

You can believe none of that stuff. You just have to buckle down and land your Guy.

Shock of the draft will be when the Buffalo Bills select Ryan Tannehill if Miami doesn't at #8.

Only thing I repect about McShay and Kiper is most times thier right on as far as talent. But neither know how to draw up a gm draft board.

Yes, a gm's draft board is based on talent, but its based on thier belief system too. For example one may be set up like this:

1. Core needs
2. QB
3. Skill positions

So if a gm feels Core needs as #1 priority, qb #2, skill positions #3, his draft rd by rd will reflect that order. But say core needs are taken care, and he has a great qb, he'll look at his skill positions and see what's the greatest priority and that guy if available will be his 1st pick. And so on and so on....

GM dont create mock drafts, thier boards are set by core beliefs, what ever is #1 priority and needs addressing gets number 1 attention. Example:

What if a gm core belief is Great oline is the #1 thing into launching his team's overall succes. If a great player is available, especially if the missing piece to making his oline a great one. He may feel drafting the guy is far more important than drafting a qb that has to sit for 2 season.

He may say to himself, "is there a great enough fall off between the qb I could consider getting 1st rd, to fore go choosing him and draft a qb 2nd rd?" or is this olineman the type it may be a very long time before I get opportunity to get one one again?

Yes, its a lot more involved doing a actual gm's draft, over doing mockers. McShay and Kiper are glorified talant mockers, nothing more. Though I do appreciate they put lots of work into thier talent assessing mock order.

You see, YG, can be a reasonable boy. (I finished preparing my breaded Sirloin Steak).

I AGREE WITH 100% Great blog Armando. If Miami can get say a 2nd and a 4th while trading down YOU DO IT. But if you can't take Cox or Tannehill more than likely Tanny

Craig M,

I was lukewarm on Tannehill at first but the more I tried my best to find highlights and by highlights I mean entire games on youtube where it showed the good and bad as well as a saved DVR of the Arkansas game where he was terrible in the second half and I want Miami to be BOLD and take Tannehill. The safe, conservative, solid, proven Riley Reiffs, Coples does nothing for Miami in the short term or long term when it comes to Wins and Losses. What gets Miami wins will be a franchise caliber QB and no one knows if Tannehill is that but like I said in my last post to "Clueless in Miami" Tannehill is willing to maximize his potential. He went to QB meetings as a WR, and he has all the tools you look for so if he doesn't have "it" then he just doesn't but he will give every effort to get there.

Miami was right to respond to the fake reports, time to fight back against the constant media lies.

Posted by: JJ | April 25, 2012 at 02:50 PM

You don't know if they were fake reports. For all anyone knows, they could be true.

You don't want anyone knowing what you're gonna do. If Tannehill is their guy, they had to go out & deny it.

Think about it this way. What team goes out of it's way to have the owner email some reporter & have their GM go on his show to issue a denial? They didn't need to do that. Why does a team care so much what the media is saying?

The fact that they did those things fuels speculation even more, doesn't calm it down.

Their denial may simply be to protect their true intentions in the draft. We find out tomorrow.

No doubt about it, YG. What do all these brilliant Draft analysts know about a Team's intrinsic philosophy? Nothing.

The pick is tannyhill!And it should be for any thinking man.However that is hard to come by these days.Anyone one who thinks Couples is or should be the pick is as Couples a lazy fry brain!

Armando basically called out Florio to a degree and rightfully so. Does anyone else find is suspicious that Florio's rumor mill and reports sometimes are the only ones out there of their kind. ESPN and SI have made mistakes and bad assumptions in reporting but not like this guy.

I'd trade our #8 for a mid-round #1 and #2 and #1 next year...take an oline, solidifies for next year when we grab a QB. Getting Richardson is bad, he'll be banged up in a few years by the time we're ready for a SB run.


If darfted, I would have to swallow the Tannehill reality. But briefly here's how I do myu Tannehill/DeCastro comparison:

Not enough tangibles on Tannehill. No one knows for sure if his upside is even Matt Moore. Yes he could be very good or he could be very terrible. Not even enough to suggest he'll even have pro bowl in his future.

DeCastro: Rare, special at his position. Sky's the limit as far as dominance aty his positon. Will play with other great linemen(Long/Pouncey). Equalling a oline with great overall potential to be one of the greatest ever.

Now when rate that with lack of tangible evidence Tannehill could even become borderline franchise. You would be a fool not to go with the tangible. DeCastro's been a beast for 4yrs. Tannehill has been a college qb 2yrs with only 18 starts.

Its like holding gold in one hand and silver in the other. Who knows, one day silver may rise past the price of gold. But no one's going out to stockpile silver in anticipation of it.

They did not deny that their guy is Tannehill, rather Ross denied that he wants that QB no matter what and therefore meddling into Ireland's affairs. I tend to believe him.

For like Acornduggery. That Dallas report scares me. Looks like the Dallas Connections is not dead.

I am confident that the "source" was none other than the illiterate racist, Warren Sapp.

YG, How does Decastro compare with Mark Iuputai, the RG drafted by the 49ers last year. Does he grade out better than him or is Iuputi better than Decastro?

Hope RT is the pick because it would mean Philbin and Sherman believe that he has the goods. One of rare occasions that I agree with Cote , these are the right guys to develop a promising a promising QB.

When looking at the 2011 college qb statiscal rankings, for sure I know he's below Luck, RG3, Barkley, Landry, Breedon for sure. Thts 5 for sure, and I know he's a little further back, just dont remember for sure and I dont feel like looking it up agan. I know he's bottom 10 amongst the 10 best college qb's last season.

Now, lets say he was the 8th best qb in college last year. Do you really justify a #8 pick for the 8th best qb in college football last year? That's borderline 1st, 2nd rd for sure territory folks. But like I said, if we take him #8, I'll be biting the bullet just like evryone else.


Your report at 3:07 is how I feel about Tannehill too. Like you, I have no idea how he's going to pan out but I just don't get the point of Coples or Decastro or Reiff. I don't see how those guys are going to win you more games. Until we can get the ball into the end zone with more consistency we're going nowhere. We're going to keep being mediocre. Adding Coples doesn't make a 6-10 football team a 10-6 but adding Tannehill COULD do that down the road.

You can not take a player at 8 and then have him sit for a year or two. A project player should not be picked in the top ten. It would be a waste of a high pick.
Someone wrote that Texas AM starting rb was hurt and they had no recievers to help Tannehill. What do you think Miami would have if they took Tannehill at 8th? They would have nothing to put around him either, and the NFL is a different beast than College. Even if you take a WR in the second or third, their chances of being better or as good as Blackmon or FLoyd is slim.
I would like to see Floyd at 8 and hopefully Weeden in the second. Miami needs the first rounder to play this year, not next year.


Decastro is imcomparable to the past 100 guards selected in past NFl Drafts. He is bigger, stronger, faster and mugh more athletic than those. He also looks mean as hell, being of South African descent.

Even more exciting than the draft tomorrow night is the fact that on Friday night Jack White's live concert will be streaming on youtube.


Actually, based on his 2009 bseason playing guard at UF, Mike Pouncey was rated best college guard in America. But took over center when brother was drafted.

Had Pouncey played guard his senior season, Im sure he would have been rated higher at the guard position than Iupati. Pouncey plays 1 season at center and is drafted 15th. Tells you what a great football player he is.

Iupati's good, but I dont think he was quite the og DeCastro is coming out. Could be close though. But I think DeCastro wins out every time.

Who is Jack White?

The White Stripes. Google it.


If Miami doesn't go Tannehill and trades back then I have no problem with DeCastro but at #8 if Miami goes DeCastro I may set my 55" on fire! I like DeCastro he is a heck of a player and was a huge part in why Stanford pounded teams week after week even though they had the best QB in college but at #8 again, I would shake my head in utter disgust.

Great yet another trade down. As if this has netted pro-bowl quality players. What they should've done at the start of the off season was to renegotiate Long and Dansby's exaggerated contracts. You do not commit your team to a huge contract for a left tackle with the first pick of a draft. QB yes but L tackle or any other position that doesn't score touchdowns-NO! Increasing the salary cap should've been priority number 1. Now, does it really matter who they get with the #8? They have so many holes to fill, and had yo miss on quality free agents due to the salary cap. It may not always be this easy but a different approach has to be considered.

Gruden seems to like Tanny best. I read somewhere that if your QB is rated top 15 in the League, is was worth it taking him in the top Ten.

The problem is Miami is so scared about the Media that they resort to addressing these rumors & stories giving them more validity.

Why would a team care what the media says? The fact that Miami is responding to them leads me to conclude they might actually be true.

Who cares if Ross wants Tannehill? Everyone knows he's on record wanting a QB. If the rumor mill wants to speculate about Ross pushing Ireland, LET THEM!

I don't think that part is true but, responding to the story keeps it alive. This is more Fo blundering.


I disagree to a point. I just dont like the fact of just not knowing about Tannehill. There isnt enough tangible evidenceto truly project anything about him. Of course we can use our imaginations.

However, with a dominant oline, decent defense, and decent qb we can easily be 10-6 this year with Matt Moore. There's not enough to determine Tannehill's upside will ever be anymore than just decent.

Like I said, there isnt anything solidly tangible to project Tannehill's upside except for our imagination.
But we do know if he's a bust at qb, we can try him at wr. Now that's a fact!

You see?You see?


I gotta respectfully disagree. Matt Moore has ALREADY shown what he is and that's a spot starter. I don't care about a 6-3 finish against weak competition for the most part. He was 6-6 as a starter and his career numbers are average at best. He played on a run first Carolina team when he finished 7-7 or whatever it was for them that year and his following year he crapped out. Miami doesn't go 10-6 with Moore at QB throwing to Bess, Hartline and Fasano.


We'll disagree on your last point. I like Decastro a lot too and I'm not taking anything away from him. But what he'll do is give Moore more time and open up better holes for the backs. Of that we agree. However, I believe a lot of our problems on the line last year were as a result of poor play from Colombo. Problem solved....see ya later! What I don't see is how Decastro allows us to score more points. At some point you have to have a QB who can make all the throws and while I like Moore, I don't believe he can do that. I'm not saying that Tannehill will be anything more than that but there's a chance. Anyways, that's the way I would go. I won't be heartbroken if we trade down but my preference is start the QB now.

check that - when he finished 7-1 not 7-7.

You can be a "homer" and a "realist". This team is rebuilding. I'm ok with that because it seems they are doing it with the same blue print at Green Bay. It will take at least two years to be a contender again(more than likely three). We have seven glaring holes to fill and seven draft picks. Irland is happy at 50 percent success. That means three to four hits with three to four glaring holes to fill...next year. If we draft Tanny for the future, that is ok, but may not even play this year. More than likely starting next year. Not likely to be overly successfull first year playing, that takes us to year three. If we don't draft Tally give Moore a chance, he deserves it. I thnk he can be a top ten QB.The only other QB in draft worth drafting is Weeden. If neither Tanny or Weeden available don't waste a pick on QB and wait till next year. As for the AFC East. Bills up graded defense and have ten draft picks which I think will put them at two in our division. We will be battling the stinking Jets for last place in division IMO. I see us winning five to six games. I wish the new coach luck and success this year and I hope I'm wrong about Irland and he does a great job in this years draft. Excited about the draft and direction we are headed in.

Five bucks says Fireland send Dallas the #8 pick in exchange for #14 and the chance to reacquire Marc Colombo.

Just over 24 hours from now until we find out how Fireland will screw this up. I'm on the edge of my seat.

By the way, I think I wrote on here last week when Armando suggested that the Dolphins might take Fletcher Cox that they could just as likely trade back with Dallas so the Cowboys could get Barron.

Trade down(if there's a taker)and Tannehill will be there in the mid to late first round because they will think Coach Sherman doesn't think highly of him. Now that will take some balls by Ireland, but is he willing to make that kind of bluff.


I agree I am a realist that this team is rebuilding and what better way to rebuild then with a "potential" and I emphasize "potential" franchise caliber QB like Tannehill. He has all the tools. He has the will to be great. He has the familiarity of Mike Sherman. It's all lined up for this kid to succed and if he don't then he don't but drafting linemen after linemen is why this team is talent-less for the most part. They haven't made a bold move in years and the record shows.

As far as your belief in Moore as a top 10 I just don't see any evidence of that. He's a good spot starter.

As far as no Tannehill or Weeden then I agree no sense in picking a QB just to pick one.

CraigM/ AndyNJ,

Example of teams can with a great oline without a great qb:

Matt Cassell. Cassell looked like the possible 2nd coming of Tom Brady behind Brady's oline. Now with the Chiefs, it difficult to spot him from Matt Moore in a police lineup.

The Pats have a great oline. A decent, not great defense to. With a decent defense and great oline, they were still able to go 11-5 without Tom Brady.

Cant say it was Belichik, he didnt go out on the field and play not one play for the team he coached last year.

That's just spot on eveidence, that if you have a great oline, decent defense, and a dcent qb you can still win 10 games in the nfl.

Archie Manning, in my book, could have been the greatest qb to ever play the game. He also had one of the worst defenses and oline to ever play the game too.

Archie Manning is the only qb I know who's in the hof that started his entire career for such a terrible team. Imagine had Manning played for the 70's Dolphins instead. We may have strung together 2-3 undefeated teams in a row. LOL


I too will be very disappointed if we go O-line at 8. I agree with the "build the trenches" thing, but at least let's go D-line. If not Tanny then I would love Fletcher Cox, if still available. If we don't get Tanny at 8, how far do you think he falls?

Don't drink the Tanne-aid at number 8!!!! If he's available later, then I'm okay with it since Sherman knows him better than anyone. We need a pass rusher, WR, and OL worse than a QB project.


There's not need to rebuild. We have very nice pieces, just need to enhance or finish what's already been started. This is far from a ground up rebuild project.

I know you or a few others may not presently be quite able to see it. But I see DeCastro being the missing piece solidifying us as a playoff calibre offense.

Sure we still seek the franchise calibre qb, but we still need an offense cable of still being a playoff calibre offense even if that qb were to go down. That means a Great oline, decent defense, and a decent back up.

We have the decent defense, qb(Moore), and only 1 missing piece to having a great oline(DeCastro). Its not a rebuild, it about making the right move, not just a good move. Then we're playoff calibre franchise qb or not.

It also buys time to groom a 2nd rd qb thats like spliting hairs when it comes to his level of talent and Tannehill. He would have great success too when ready to take over behind our great oline.

Tannehill will not be a Dolphin! At least not with the #8th pick. Listen, Ireland does not really care about the fan base. He knows his head is wanted on a silver plate. He needs to guarantee this team will win at least 8 or 9 games this year. And with the current roster, it just doesn't look like that will happen. Getting a guy within the top ten that won't contribute immediately will not happen, period! Look for an immediate playmaker with the first pick. Maybe after, he'll trade up and get Weeden to satisfy Ross. He knows this is his last and only chance to maybe.... start becoming somewhat popular with the fan base.

Andy and Craig,

I think you guys are reaching a little trying to make it sound like Tannehill sitting in on QB meetings because he's so dedicated.

Come on you guys, seriously?

I'm not knocking Tannehill for this, BUT.

He was recruited as a QB and even though he was a WR, he was ALSO the backup QB.

I believe backup QB's(especially the ones that want to start someday)are required to sit in on meetings.

I know this isn't that big of a deal, but that's sort of reaching for things to praise him for.

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