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Smokescreens? Smokescreens? What smokescreens?

Well, the Minnesota Vikings failed miserably. They tried to get people to believe the Cleveland Browns might draft Ryan Tannehil. You see, they wanted some team like, say, the Dolphins to panic and trade up to the No. 3 overall selection ahead of Cleveland to get Tannehill.

Except the Browns, sitting there with the No. 4 pick, were too busy talking up Justin Blackmon and sent practically the entire organization to Trent Richardson's pro day. So most folks are seeing the Browns not taking a quarterback with their first of two selections the first round of tomorrow's NFL draft.

Then, the Jacksonville Jaguars got involved in the screening of smoke. Fully aware they have the seventh pick in a draft containing perhaps six elite players, the Jags are eager to get out of their pick. And they see Tannehill as the only way of doing that by perhaps convincing Kansas City or Seattle or someone, anyone to trade to No. 7 for the right to get the Texas A&M QB.

That means you have to convince folks the quarterback will be off the board by No. 8, which of course is where the Dolphins pick.

Fine. Let's do that ...

"People know Miami's going to take him," Jacksonville director of player personnel Terry McDonough said on the Pete Prisco Show in J-Ville yesterday. "If a team wants a quarterback, they're going to have to come in front of Miami."

Convenient, right?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are involved in their own agenda-driven campaign. You know about ProFootballtalk.com's report that owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Tannehill. I had Mike Florio, the author of the report on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, on Tuesday and he deftly sidestepped questions about his source, but it is clear that person is not in the Dolphins' organization.

So here's my question: How would a source not within the Miami organization thus not privy to conversations between an owner and general manager know what the owner is telling the GM?

Clearly, other teams want the narrative out there that the Dolphins are under pressure to pick Tannehill.

(Before I go on, allow me to clarify something: Florio's report was that Ross was "pushing" Ireland on Tannehill. That is not correct. But I know that Ross badly, badly wants a quarterback drafted by the Dolphins. There is a difference. Ross has let it be known he wants the right QB picked, be it Tannehill or whomever.)

The Dolphins, as I reported through sources, said the PFT report is not true. That's good. But then they went way further. And that's not good.

The Dolphins had Jeff Ireland issue an on-the-record denial of the story to Florio. And then Ross sent Florio and e-mail denying the story also. if the Dolphins had said nothing or issued a denial off the record, it would have given no clue they want Tannehill or don't.

But they went into the realm of protesting too much. And that sends red flags flying up staffs everywhere. So, believe it or not, the multiple denials actually worked against Miami around the league.

There are rumors today, by the way, that Miami wants to trade down from No. 8. Those are not coming from inside the Miami organization. Those are coming from one place, actually: Dallas.


I'm hearing the Cowboys want to move up to make sure they land safety Mark Barron. And obviously, Ireland as a former Cowboys employee would be a viable trade partner because of his relationship within the Dallas organization.

What does all this mean?

Believe nothing you're hearing except this:

The Dolphins love Ryan Tannehill for his potential but are aware he's a project. They are willing to take him at No. 8. They are not going to trade up to get him because they don't strongly believe anyone is going to get ahead of them to pick him.

The Dolphins are willing to trade down if a willing partner offers the right package. (Yes, I admit, the team wants that information out there.) And if in a trade down scenario Tannehill is gone, the club has other players fitting other needs that they would sell to the public as the right call for building their team.

Jeepers, this time of year is full of skullduggery.


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With the WR class being the deepest in years I can't see us taking a WR at 8. I know it's a need but the "experts" are saying there will be good receivers in the third round, where we have two picks. If not Tanny at 8, I think we have to go pass rusher.What do we do if we don't take Tanny at 8. Do you like someone else or do you wait till next year?

Dont worry guys,

If we did pick DeCastro at #8, and take a qb 2nd rd, your disappointment wont last long after seeing us at least make a wildcard appearance in the 2012 playoffs.

You'll love it even more when you see our 2nd rd qb have great future success behind a Long/Pouncey/DeCastro led oline and decent to very good defense.

You'll be saying that YG's stupid, but he got this one right! But tomorrow we'll see what Ireland has to say about our dolphins future. Its only what he says beginning tomorrow that will count. LOL


Did you forget Cassel was also throwing to Moss and Welker? Matt Moore is a back up! I can't even argue it anymore because some people live off false hope and others live off reality. And in some cases you may just see something I don't and if you are right then more power to you but Moore doesn't do it for me short or long term. He is just an ok QB.

And as far as Archie goes I never saw him play bro so not sure.

Lets see, AndyNJ, Moore played very well last year. He had some fumbles, (no wonder with two pilons on the right side of the line) He ended up 12th overall in the NFL. that is the stats. I didn't make them up.
I seen him hit guys that were on the fly. In the hands. I seen him look off receivers. When was the last time we seen a qb in Miami that could do those things? Marino.
How about he started with no first team work? He made the team with just a month into training camp as a backup. How about he was fearless, knowing most times that poor ol Colombo might let a couple of killas into the backfield to smash him?
Personally, I like the guy. I think he plays a lot like a guy from the Giants that just won a super bowl. That is my comparison and when we draft the 2 players that we need a great pass rusher and a great blocker, look out.
Spot starter my butt. Matt Moore can bring it.
But I do agree with picking Weedon. A proven winner. Tannehill may have the potential to be Brady but potential doesn't mean squat. Results mean everything and I seen results from Moore. I have seen results from Weedon and that kid has beaten everyone.


Doesnt matter Cassell was throwing to Moss and Welker. Who gave him time to do this? O----LINE..... Right?

Odin....you can't apply common sense to these drive-by reports.....whats your problem man....

I think it's going to be Barron.

No Balls you make a lot of sense!!! The 8th pick should be for a game changer and an immediate starter, not on a 2 - 3 year project. By the way you can all the nice things like work ethic and studies hard about most of the QB's coming out of college! Great finds happen when a good player falls not when a iffy player rises on the board.


For me if not Tannehill at #8 whether he is gone by Cleveland or a team trades ahead to get him or Miami passes then I would be good with a player who makes an impact not just a dirty work DT. Now I have heard a fair comparison that Cox is similar to Kevin Williams but I haven't seen enough of him. For me if not Tannehill I like Floyd, Kuechly or even Mark Barron.

Floyd obviously a talented WR who could make this WR group look a heck of a lot more threatening.

Kuechly had production and tested out at the combine with better numbers then Urlacher.

Barron sort of a dark horse but a play making safety and in a division with Gronkowski, Hernandez and to a lesser extent Keller a play making safety is sorely needed.


Im kinda with you. Finish the oline with DeCastro, heck, Matt Moore may shock and become a legit top 10 qb. Yeah, Im with you, finishing #12 statically behind what we had on the right side of our oline, is fairly impressive.

Some here forget already, that after watching last year's tape, Philbin concluded if the oline play improves he see the qb play improves. His indictment was on the oline, not qb position. Thats a fact which came from Philbin's lips himself.

Brian Billick once said it best...

"If you're picking in the top 10 in the 1st round of an NFL draft and you desperately need a franchise QB,if that QB is'nt ready to start day one,you probably shouldn't draft him"

My thoughts exactly. Tannehill may have great potential but with only 19 career starts,it would be foolish to draft him especially when the kid needs maybe a year or 2 to be ready.

Besides,i can see the Chiefs trading up with the Jags and grabing Tannehill,leaving us to draft Ingram...

Does anyone know if Vernon Carey has been cut?

I looked at our current roster over at MD.com and didnt see him anywhere on it. I dont remember hearing he wasnt with the team anymore. Anyone have some info on that?


You lost me on that one bro. An OG being the missing piece to be a playoff team you wrote?

I disagree about this being not a team in rebuild mode. Why else do you trade your only offensive threat in the receiving game? Why cut your defensive leader in the secondary? In both cases they don't have that answer on the roster to take their place.

Your fooling yourself if you don't think they are in rebuild mode.

Why not trade DOWN 6 spots with Dallas and draft Tannehill in the #14 spot and get a few more picks from Dallas in the process?
Here are the teams between us and Dallas at #14:

Carolina, QB - Newton
Buffalo, QB - Fitzpatrick
Kansas City, QB - Cassel, Quinn & Stanzi
Seattle, QB - Matt Flynn
Arizona, QB - Kevin Kolb

Point being...all those teams are SET at QB and have other needs.

I say YES to a trade with Dallas and we can still get Tannehill + comp picks from Dallas.

Can anyone provide a counter-argument to this move?



My biggest problem with Tannehill is I have yet to hear any expert mention his name and "franchise qb" in the same sentence. Yet his name continued to rise. Thats really wierd. No one's coming out and calling him a franchise qb.

I guess theyre waiting for Mike Sherman to announce it. LOL

Here's a total dream scenario. Matt Khalil drops to the #8. Miami takes him, Trades Jake Long for a late first round and a late second or third. Grabs Tannehill with the late 1st rounder. How's that for a dream?


Then with all due respect I wont try to explain it to you. It may leave you even more confuse if you dont fully understand the foundational basis my conversation is coming from. But its ok with me if you disagree.

I only hope Ireland understands it tomorrow. If not, still fine by me, I'll suck it up and see by season if Ireland was right or was it mean. I would love to be wrong and the Dolphins still end up with a great team. LOL

Tannehill??? Oh please, please, please I have my fingers crossed that Jeffy THE SCOUT Ireland come tomorrow will trade everything for Tannehill.

Once you do THAT all of us Dolphin fans that have been chanting since you arrived "fire Ireland, save the Dolphins" can sit back and watch as you are shown the door and shoved out forcefully onto your lying, stinking, useless no nothing butt.

No worries, some dope named Sparano will find a job for you in NY.

odinseye @ 4:20

He wasn't asked or required to sit in QB meetings. He went to a team who already had a guy the players on the team beleived in Jarrod Johnson. That's not me speculating, reports about the situation clearly stated that Johnson and Tannehill were neck and neck as a sophomore and Junior respectively but Johnson got the edge because he was beleived to be a vocal team leader and Sherman annointed him the starter while Tannehill move to WR and wasn't just ok he was good with a crap QB (Johnson).

Tannehill could of partied or did what he wanted to do he was never guaranteed to be the backup or anything he asked could he attend the QB meetings and was granted that and he remained in the loop until Sherman relized Johnson was regressing. They were a pretty decent team record wise with not much talent Tannehill's Junior year.

So no we are not overstating that. Tannehill could of partied, slept, played PS3 all day but he put in the work he didn't have, wasn't required to put it in.

My whole point about that is the tools are there with arm strength, accuracy, elite athleticism for the position and the WILL to do great and not be a bum like so many before him like every 1st round bust you can think of Jamarcus Russel, Cade McNown, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, David Carr, Joey Harrington etc etc. All these guys were focused on other things rather then being a great QB.

Tannehill lacks polish and decision making and that will take time but physically and mentally he has both. It comes down to if he has "IT" IMO.

Anyone see a problem trading down to the #14 pick with Dallas and taking Tannehill there?


Wow Matt Moore reminds you of Eli Manning? Wow. Thats all I have to say.

We cannot afford to let a first round pick sit for a yr or 2!!!! We did that with Henne and lost 5 yrs and now he plays for someone else. Sorry folks whoever we pick at 8 or whatever position were in we must have a starter!!! No exceptions!!!

Let's face reality people...

If and that's a big IF, the Dolphins decide to draft a QB it ain't gonna be Tanne. It's going to be Brock Osweiler. That dude has 10" freaking hands and is a project and also no worries as Moore will be the starting QB this season with Gerard as backup. Gerard will help Philbin groom both Moore and Brock.

Also I DO see the possibility of them moving IN and grabbing Justin Blackmon WR of which when all is said and done after they spend the rest on the D and O will be a good draft.

Just one mans opinion


You see,thats my problem with drafting Tannehill. If nobody mentions him as a Franchise QB,then why should we draft the kid?

Personally,i'd rather try to help out Matt Moore best we can with a Michael Floyd,solid Lineman in the 2nd/3rd,and a TE in the 4th rather than draft Tannehill and wait to see what he can do in 2 years time when he may be ready to play.

I'm still hoping for our Franchise QB in next years draft ala Barkley/Jones...

We've all waited 100 years for Marinos replacement....whats another year lol


You are tired arent you? Get rid a pro bowl LT, bring in another for a bottom 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

First of all Long begins season 5. A team above us get a pro bowl calibre LT beginning season 1. He probably will still be around when Longs retires. Why would they want to swap for an older version of what they'll already be getting?

Secondly, top 5, bottom 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rd pick? We can keep Jake Long, trade to the bottom of the 1st, pick up a 2nd and 3rd and that team's 2013 1st for Jake Long. But its pure insanity to think a team will virtually trade Kalil too us for 2 1st rd picks.

Wake up man, Kalil's projected a cant miss sure fire pro bowler himself. You are tired right now arent you! LOL

NO Balls,

Bad comment. Tannehill is going to be good. I like him almost as much as RG3 (overrated as he has bad pocket awareness but people are getting mesmerized by his measurables and spread-attack college offense)

If you do draft him and have a high pick next year, trade the pick like STL did this year and reap the bounty.

BTW, Broncos fan here, no dog in the fight.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/04/smokescreens-smokescreens-what-smokescreens.html#storylink=cpy


The O-line is supplemental when considering how to build a team. Correct you build a team from the inside out but not without a QB when one who has the potential to a franchise QB is staring you in the face at #8.

Tannehill is like any other 1st round QB he is a roll of the dice but he's worth it IMO. Miami has to get bold eventually.

Im out fellas. Work day is over. Happy Draft Day Eve!

Barking for Barkley in 2013.

NYG - Osweiler has Dan McGwire written all over him.

Like I said, there isnt anything solidly tangible to project Tannehill's upside except for our imagination.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 25, 2012 at 03:42 PM

Disagree. There is nothing more solidly tangible than Shermans opinion given his first hand experience with him.

I say, what the heck to we know. I will acquiesce to our newest two coaches, Philbin and Sherman, and have faith they make the right call. If we can't have confidence in their decision on this, then we are saying we don't trust their judgement. I do. No way do I believe Ireland picks him without their firm approval. Me personally, I can't see picking him at 8, but if they think he is worth it, I trust they know far better than I do.


LOL.. McGwire was a Frankenstein he was so big from what i recall I think he was a few inches shy of 7' tall.

For all you Tannehill haters out there...have you watched the video of the A&M vs. Baylor game from last season?

Yes, that Baylor with one RG3 under center...guess who both WON the game and had the better QB stats:

Ryan Tannehill!

The guy has mad skills and just needs ONE FREAKING YEAR to hold the clipboard...not asking too much here folks!



Dolfans here are assuming Tannehill's franchise because his name has risen to 1st rd and is now being bandied about as our #8 pick. What not clicking with them is had Barkley/Landry declared his name would be upper 2nd rd at best.

Absolutely no experts has even hinted of the word franchise qb and Ryan Tannehill in the same sentence. I mean how could they credibly do that when had Barkley/Landry committed he would be a surefire 2nd rder at best.

Just for the life of me cant see why this isnt registering with dolfan. Has the last 15yrs been so bad we're now willing to believe in fairies? LOl

1. Tannehill WILL NOT be a Dolphin. No way, no how. If he slides into the 2nd round, he's a BIG MAYBE at best.

His biggest supporters here continuously mention that there's a chance, A CHANCE! That alone makes the case for NOT taking him. When you can get a certified top 8 pick to plug in as a starter for the next 6-10 years, you simply DO NOT squander it on a BIG CHANCE project.

If Ireland has become known for anything during the draft, it's been playing it SAFE. There is just NO WAY Ireland passas up a certain starter for a 2-3 year chancey project.

It ain't happening. Banish the though, no way, no how.

Also, those saying other picks won't win games or score TD's are just looking through rose colored Tannehill glasses.

Decastro will help our offense keep defenses off balance and thus sustaining drives.

Coples will get sacks and forced fumbles giving us great field position.

Blackmon will score TD's.

Cox will get those 3rd and short strops that give us thew ball back.

Saying any one position won't help you win games is one of the biggest, most ill-informed fallacies I've ever heard. It's a TEAM GAME. Sure, SOME position are more directly involved, but in all reality it takes all 22 starters to win a 60 minute game.


"I know it may seem like a reach that Miami took (Name Your Player) but Jim Ireland is a professional and the Dolphins spend Millions of Dollars scouting players. Do you really think you know more then the Dolphins? I don't think so. You have to give (Name Your Player) three years to prove that he was a good pick. Until then, your opinion is worthless"

..DA..How do we know that Shermans view of Tannehill isn't biased? Maybe Sherman is the last word the team should hinge thier bet on. I'm not saying that Shermans input should be ignored. But is it at all possible that Sherman is too close to Tannehill?

I would like to believe these guys are professional, that they are robots and have no feelings..But to me Sherman is the offensive coordinators..The last time I checked coordinators do not get the final say in any draft..So even if Sherman has the erection that could win the election for Tannehill..Does that mean Ireland should listen to him?

if we had a real GM I would trade down. But with ireland another odrick\misi instead of dez fiasco looms. please take whovever falls to #8 as someone always does. No to tanny!

YG...did anyone use the "franchise" name with Brees, Rodgers, or Rothlisberger coming out in their drafts?

No Risk....No reward.


if we had a real GM I would trade down. But with ireland another odrick\misi instead of dez fiasco looms. please take whovever falls to #8 as someone always does. No to tanny!

Is there a chart that shows what we should expect to get when trading an 8 for 14 first round pick? Also I've heard several of the "experts" say he has all the tools to be a franchise QB. I'm not saying he will be but if they think he has the potential take the gamble. Mike Mayock has him top 20 in draft. I think 17 or 20 overall.

DD - are you forgetting that Sherman was BOTH a head coach as well as a GM in the past.

The guy can spot and develop talent with the best of them...I actually trust his view of Tannehill better than anyone.


Sorry but Im not accepting the we have no qb argument. Matt Moore proved the best we've had since at least Fiedler. I love Fiedler's toughness, but would still take Matt Moore over Fiedler.

We all know Moore isnt Tom Brady, but for you guys to make him look like we dont have a qb at all is really over embellishing. Dont shoot me, shoot Philbin.

Philbin himself, after evaluating 2011 game tape said, "If the oline improved, I believe our qb position play would improve". You guys read that, so why are you virtually accusing me of seeing ghosts?

If Im seeing ghost, you had better form a fan commissision to get rid of Philbin already too. He's seeing the exact same ghosts as me. LOL

The spots have changed again. Below are ESPN Scouts Inc top 32 today.

1. Andrew Luck*

2. Robert Griffin III*

3. Trent Richardson*

4. Morris Claiborne*

5. Luke Kuechly*

6. Matt Kalil

7. Fletcher Cox*

8. Mark Barron

9. Justin Blackmon*

10. Quinton Coples

11. Chandler Jones*

12. Ryan Tannehill

13. Michael Brockers*

14. Stephon Gilmore*

15. Michael Floyd

16. David DeCastro*

17. Dontari Poe

18. Riley Reiff*

19. Shea McClellin

20. Dre Kirkpatrick*

21. Melvin Ingram

22. Jerel Worthy*

23. Dont'a Hightower*

24. Stephen Hill*

25. Cordy Glenn

26. Kendall Wright

27. Doug Martin

28. Courtney Upshaw

29. Harrison Smith

30. Coby Fleener*

31. Jonathan Martin*

32. Whitney Mercilus


Put it this way, if Sherman wants him, there is no guarantee Ireland will pick him. But if Sherman doesn't want him, there is no chance in hell we pick him. Remember also Philbin and Sherman already have a solid relationship, I would think they are both on the same page regarding Tanne. Jeff just hired a new coach, I have to believe he is working with him and not against him.

Also Sherman, as OC, isn't going to promote picking a QB he doesn't have a high level of confidence in.

Trade with Dallas and take Tannehill at #14.

Win, Win for everyone!

...The opinions would be worthless if nobody came here to debate them..Isn't this the reason for this forum? Nobody here is pretending or saying they know more about putting together a draft, or how to evaluate players better then the guys paid to. We all have our opinions, we discuss, sometimes ridicule..But in the end we get to be wrong, the guys in the FO don't have that is the beauty of this.

i'd much rather trade down. No way is Tannehill worth the risk. I'd be more than happy with DeCastro after trading down to about 15-20.
Imagine an O-line of Long, Incognito, Pouncy, Decastro, Jerry (suming Jerry moves to RT) that would dominate any D-line.
Then you build playmakers around it, starting with Stephen Hill at WR.

We have the makings of a young exciting offense. I'm not sad Mashall has gone. Its up to Bush, Clay and Gates to step-up. Get a QB next year when we have more support around him.

Believe in Ireland and Philbin.

Anyone see a problem trading down to the #14 pick with Dallas and taking Tannehill there?

Posted by: NHFINSFAN

Only problem is if you are sold on Tannehill is your franchise QB, you don't make this deal as there is still a 50/50 shot he is gone. Bills, Hawks, or Chiefs could take him or another team could trade up.

What I am saying is, if Tanne is indeed the pick, we can be sure Philbin and Sherman really wanted him. I just can't see Ireland giving his new coaching staff a QB they didn't want, especially at 8.

Tannehill is going to be good. I like him almost as much as RG3 (overrated as he has bad pocket awareness but people are getting mesmerized by his measurables and spread-attack college offense)

If you do draft him and have a high pick next year, trade the pick like STL did this year and reap the bounty.

Posted by: the Maestro

Maestro -- Difference is RGIII is ready to play now. Tannehill isn't. If you think he is going to be the franchise, take him by all means at #8. But it is a tremendous risk and you won't know if there is a reward for 2-3 years.

04:59@ NH Fins,

Dude you just named 3 qb's who had far steller college qb careers than Tannehill(Brees, Roeslisberger, Rodgers). Of the 3, Brees wasnt a 1st rd qb because of size concerns only. All three had great college production to justify thier selections.

Im sure at one point or another, potential franchise calibre was mention with each and everyone of thier name.

Stick to point. Have you heard "franchise calibre qb" mentioned with Tannehill's name? We're not drafting Brees, Roeslisberger, or Rodgers tomorrow, although I wish that now we could. LOL

The Fins NEED many spots but we need to fill them with instant starters and play makers.

I believe that Moore will be the starting QB unless Gerard really blows Philbin away. We don't have any "A" receiver's as they dumped Marchall. How are we going to fill that void as Philbin shift us to a West Coast O without an alpha.

This is why I can see Blackmon in a Dolphin uniform which will help whoever the starting QB may be. Blackmon will be a play maker and open up a ton of opportunities. if not Blackmon then move to Floyd or Wright.

Also look to take a solid starting pass rusher and shore up the rest of the secondary and O line.

@ 5:05..Oops..I meant we can be wrong, the FO doesn't have that luxury. That is the beauty of this.

DA...You are probably right about that..I know becuase of the history of the 2 that if Sherman were to say no way it would hold more water(IMO)then if he said yes, yes, yes. It kind of pokes holes in my argument because I'm sure there have been tons of examples where coordinators or coaches get to close to players(I think Philbin attmitted to this yesterday) and their evalutions were ignored by GM's..

What would you think if we find out later that Sherman endorsed Tanny, and we passed anyway?

If you look back at the last few drafts...all the mock picks for Miami were spot on.
Every major sports writer and mock draft has Miami picking Tannehill at #8.

Fun Facts with Tannehill.

It took him 3 years to "KIND OF" beat out Jerrod Johnson at Texas A&M.

Matt Moore looks like Dan Marino next to Jerrod Johnson.

I wonder how long it will take Tannehill too beat out Moore?

Oh wait, we're not even sure he ever WILL beat out Matt Moore.

Nonetheless, I'd be willing to bet it'll take him longer to beat out Moore than it took him to beat out Jerrod Johnson.

ULTIMATELY, I guess there's a CHANCE, but it'll take at least 4-5 years. I'm not willing to wait that long -on the 8th overall pick.

Also, you guys labeling Matt Moore as this or that, as a journeymen or a backup, you're judging him prematurely.

**He's just now been in the league as long as you're willing to give Tannehill to JUST GET READY TO START**

Moore is just now at the point where QB's start to show what they really have. Yet everyone already wants to pass judgement and label him. Moore is STILL developing and developing very well I might add.

NH Fins,

If we dont take Tannehill at #8, rest assured no one wants him, except Cleveland at #22. I feel 100% sure we could trade down to #21 and get Tannehill because Cleveland would feel he's a bargain at #22.

Its pretty clear to me...we have holes all over this team. WR, TE, OG, RT, DE, S, QB - we have the number 8 pick and you tick off one of those needs with that pick. With Tannehill that only creates more questions. It does not address one of those needs, not for 2-3 years anyway.

People may say look at Rogers, he sat for 3 years. But The Packers were already very good and could afford to have him sit. We do not have that luxury.

If you are starving and you find $5 on the street, you go to Mcdonalds, you dont buy a lottery ticket.

odinseye....4-5 years, are you crazy?

I see Tannehill holding the clipboard for ONE YEAR (2012) then an all-out QB war in camp NEXT summer (2013).

Four years...your so funny.


I feel 100% certain the reason Tannehill's name is even mention top 10 is because of our qb desire alone. Remove Miami Dolphins from the quotient and Tannehill almost surely slips to #22, Cleveland's 2nd 1st rd pick.

We're the only nfl team in the 2012 draft to save TYannehill from a Brady Quinn like fall. Its just so ironic, the team ending the fall would again be the Browns. LOL

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