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Smokescreens? Smokescreens? What smokescreens?

Well, the Minnesota Vikings failed miserably. They tried to get people to believe the Cleveland Browns might draft Ryan Tannehil. You see, they wanted some team like, say, the Dolphins to panic and trade up to the No. 3 overall selection ahead of Cleveland to get Tannehill.

Except the Browns, sitting there with the No. 4 pick, were too busy talking up Justin Blackmon and sent practically the entire organization to Trent Richardson's pro day. So most folks are seeing the Browns not taking a quarterback with their first of two selections the first round of tomorrow's NFL draft.

Then, the Jacksonville Jaguars got involved in the screening of smoke. Fully aware they have the seventh pick in a draft containing perhaps six elite players, the Jags are eager to get out of their pick. And they see Tannehill as the only way of doing that by perhaps convincing Kansas City or Seattle or someone, anyone to trade to No. 7 for the right to get the Texas A&M QB.

That means you have to convince folks the quarterback will be off the board by No. 8, which of course is where the Dolphins pick.

Fine. Let's do that ...

"People know Miami's going to take him," Jacksonville director of player personnel Terry McDonough said on the Pete Prisco Show in J-Ville yesterday. "If a team wants a quarterback, they're going to have to come in front of Miami."

Convenient, right?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are involved in their own agenda-driven campaign. You know about ProFootballtalk.com's report that owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Tannehill. I had Mike Florio, the author of the report on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, on Tuesday and he deftly sidestepped questions about his source, but it is clear that person is not in the Dolphins' organization.

So here's my question: How would a source not within the Miami organization thus not privy to conversations between an owner and general manager know what the owner is telling the GM?

Clearly, other teams want the narrative out there that the Dolphins are under pressure to pick Tannehill.

(Before I go on, allow me to clarify something: Florio's report was that Ross was "pushing" Ireland on Tannehill. That is not correct. But I know that Ross badly, badly wants a quarterback drafted by the Dolphins. There is a difference. Ross has let it be known he wants the right QB picked, be it Tannehill or whomever.)

The Dolphins, as I reported through sources, said the PFT report is not true. That's good. But then they went way further. And that's not good.

The Dolphins had Jeff Ireland issue an on-the-record denial of the story to Florio. And then Ross sent Florio and e-mail denying the story also. if the Dolphins had said nothing or issued a denial off the record, it would have given no clue they want Tannehill or don't.

But they went into the realm of protesting too much. And that sends red flags flying up staffs everywhere. So, believe it or not, the multiple denials actually worked against Miami around the league.

There are rumors today, by the way, that Miami wants to trade down from No. 8. Those are not coming from inside the Miami organization. Those are coming from one place, actually: Dallas.


I'm hearing the Cowboys want to move up to make sure they land safety Mark Barron. And obviously, Ireland as a former Cowboys employee would be a viable trade partner because of his relationship within the Dallas organization.

What does all this mean?

Believe nothing you're hearing except this:

The Dolphins love Ryan Tannehill for his potential but are aware he's a project. They are willing to take him at No. 8. They are not going to trade up to get him because they don't strongly believe anyone is going to get ahead of them to pick him.

The Dolphins are willing to trade down if a willing partner offers the right package. (Yes, I admit, the team wants that information out there.) And if in a trade down scenario Tannehill is gone, the club has other players fitting other needs that they would sell to the public as the right call for building their team.

Jeepers, this time of year is full of skullduggery.


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Great post Ray,great post....

If we do select Tannehill, I just hope we dont have to change his name to "Tiny-hill" based on his play. LOL

YG..if that's the case the do you approve of a trade down to #14 with Dallas and pick Tannehill there?

Hell, we might as well trade down to #25 and get a whole bunch of picks and we still get Tannehill?

..Tannehill wasn't even a top 5 rated passer in his league..A league not stellar by any means defensively the past 2 years. I know that this will be met by his supporters with the old..Who cares what he did, he has potential and with enough sitting and learning he could be a top prize..Perhaps, and if he is drafted I hope this is.

The difference...If we were talking round 2. Sure I have no problem. But are we so desperate, so drunk with quarterback envy that after all these years ignoring first round prospects..This is the slump buster? I don't get it.

There is going to be a lot of pressure in this instance for Tannehill to succeed. If he was a true first round pick I believe he would get more of the benifit of the doubt from the base should he struggle when his number is called. With this pick, IMO the team is setting him up to be a bigger dissapointment then he deserves should he not work out.

Of course this is all a wash, and they look like geniuses should he pan out..But to me the pressure will be greater then a normal first rounder. He will be expected to play like a top 1-2 pick.


Once the choice is done tomorrow we all will be back on here to complain just as I do about the crappy draft. I'm not getting excited over who THE SCOUT decides to draft and i base that on the past draft records.

So my final look into my crystial ball on the draft is that If I could pick the #1 my choice would be WR Justin Blackmon. solid reciever and will be on the Sunday night 7:30pm ESPN highlights for many years.

I predict that Tanne will NOT be picked and that at best they will go after the silant QB pick with Brock. NOT "my" pick just what i believe will happen.

Of course i need to close with this which is that
THE SCOUT will as usaull draft VALUE and seek out ACORNS.

I'll return with the rest of my fellow dissapointed Dolphins fans Friday.

GOOD LUCK to all.

..Johnson and Tannehill were neck and neck as a sophomore and Junior respectively but Johnson got the edge because he was beleived to be a vocal team leader and Sherman annointed him the starter while Tannehill move to WR and wasn't just ok he was good with a crap QB (Johnson).

Tannehill could of partied or did what he wanted to do he was never guaranteed to be the backup or anything he asked could he attend the QB meetings and was granted that and he remained in the loop until Sherman relized Johnson was regressing. They were a pretty decent team record wise with not much talent Tannehill's Junior year.

So no we are not overstating that. Tannehill could of partied, slept, played PS3 all day but he put in the work he didn't have, wasn't required to put it in.

Posted by: AndyNJ | April 25, 2012 at 04:42 PM

Andy, with all due respect, you are overstating this particular and you own post proves it.

You said Johnson and Tannehill were neck and neck and Johnson got the nod.

Common sense would dictate that the **YOUNGER** Tannehill would be the second best QB on the team. The younger up and comer already challenging the incumbent. He was the back up and was required to attend QB meetings.

Having said that, he wanted to play regardless and was athletically talented enough to earn the starting WR job.

But make no mistake about it, had Johnson went down with injury, Tannehill was going in as the back up.

Andy, I don't want you to get mad at me, so that's all I'm going to say about it.

OK, this is: I saw a LIVE interview with Tannehill on ESPN TODAY. In it he stated: I always wanted to be a QB, even when I was playing WR. He went to A&M as a QB, was third string until McGee left. He was the backup behind Johnson and even though he played WR, he WAS Johnson's backup and was required to attend QB meetings.

Matter of fact, he took quite a lot of snaps at QB while Johnson was the starter.


..NH Phin...I would be against Tanny @ 14 as well. I would be psyched if we could trade down and gather more ammo..But to me, just my opinion. Tannehill belongs in the second round. It is by chance, luck of the draw, others staying in scholl that we find ourselves here.. Lots of quarterbacks have upside, to me you don't take a guy in the top ten-even top 20 at the most important position on the team with the questions Tannehill has about his game..His accuracy alone, or lack of. Should make him a day 2 selection. Not in todays NFL I guess.

I'm finally coming around to what dusty has been saying for awhile. It's going to be Tannehill at 8.

I just picked up a copy of USA Today's Draft Preview and the lead story was the 3 "Newton like" QB's in this years draft(Luck,RG3,Tannehill). They actually had a good story on Tannehill at the Weinke QB camp....and of course they had him going to the Dolphins in their mock.

A trade down to get extra picks and still get Tannehill as suggested would be marvelous.

Of course anything good like that happening for us for a change would be marvelous and then some....and unfortunately unlikely.

..What do you think would be the bigger shock? Trading up to get Tannehill, or passing on him all together?


Hard to say. Depends whether they were 'ok' with him or adamantly wanted him. I'm not so concerned with him not getting picked. I'm just saying if we do pick him, I will trust Philbins and Shermans judgement on that call, because I see no way we pick him without their blessings. Ireland has plenty of options at 8, so believe it or not, I trust him to do the right thing.


Nothing could suck any worse for me than trading up to get him.

He'll be there at 8 and if not we still have Moore and a couple of good propects in the 2nd rd.

..Devil..I think this draft is fairly flexible as far as judging it right off the bat..What I mean is we need help at a lot of spots. Any number of players will fill those voids. So even if your(not you in particular) guy isn't the one choosen. It will be hard to say Ireland blew it here, or that was a bad pick. He has a lot of lee-way here.

Now of course time will be the ultimate truth teller about the picks. But naturally we will all give our opinions about each one...I'm sure most of the feedback will be favorable just because we all know what the needs of this team are.

Four years...your so funny.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | April 25, 2012 at 05:16 PM

Ok, you got me there ;)

So I was "embellishing" a bit.....(AHEM)..........

I call it "Journalistic Liberties".............

For what its worth, and maybe not much, but Polian was on ESPN and said he thinks Tanne is the 3rd best QB in this draft. He also said the scouts were on to him big time last season, well before this rise in the draft.

I'm not in favor of picking him. But as I said, if our new coaches think he is the guy, I will put more faith in their opinion than my own.

so here we are, the day before the draft. i've been waiting all year, it's time for football to take centerstage, the only problem is i've been calling all my dolphans to see who was going to be coming over, you know, to see how much food to make, and lets just say i'll be getting off easy this year. i guess their tired of miami trading down, maybe their not so excited about tannehill, miami there tired of miami being the same old miami, we have learned to expect the worst, no floyds, no richardsons, dumb moves like using your #8 pick overall to land MAYBE the third best QB in the draft, when there is an oppourtunity out there(mallet) who could preserve our first rounder to sign the top wideout in the draft in ADDITION to the upgrade at QB needed. you guys are right, even though miami is far behind in the afc east and in dire need of significant moves that would signify a confirmed stride forward, i expect my team to sink to an all time low and spend another pick in ADDITION to there #8 overall to make certain they aquire tannehill.

He's not worth the #8 pick. No matter how much you want him to be, it just isn't so. Especially while there are other, more pressing areas of need.

Honestly... whatever way the Dolphins go, it will be the wrong direction. If they trade down and lose Tannehill, Miami will pick a bust in the first round. If they stay at 8 and another team trades up and takes Tannehill Miami will take the DE or WR they need. Likely that player will be a bust. It's just the way of the Dolphins. the only safe draft pick was their Long in 2009. The only saft pick is OL for Miami. They just do not pick well by whatever method they are using. Until I am proven wrong Miami will Bust the pick. Tannehill, great "tangibles", result... same as the past 17 years with Miami minus Marino. It's just their way. We went out and signed Gerrard.. A never was and no chance to be one. What about some of the other QB out there? Leinart? What would it hurt to bring in McNabb for a while to compete? Maybe Miami should at least draft two quarterbacks in the draft this year and sign another undrafted QB. Go with five and see what happens.

What would it hurt to bring in McNabb for a while to compete? Maybe Miami should at least draft two quarterbacks in the draft this year and sign another undrafted QB. Go with five and see what happens.

Posted by: cirmsonblack | April 25, 2012 at 06:04 PM

Dude you are seriously out to lunch. You say any pick they make will be a bust and then you suggest McNabb? You are a bust. Do us a favor and don't come back here.

no secret here, everyone in league knows miami takes tannehill. so who can we get now with our 2nd and 3rd rd picks? maybe a guard,wr,te?

If Tannehill were rated a sure fire top 10 qb even if Barkley/Landry declared I would have zero problem taking him.

Guys, if a supermarket temporarily runs out of steak, do you buy spam at steak prices? No, you go to another store that has steak or wait the next day until your supermarket has steak in stock again.

You guys would have us buy spam(Tannehill) at steak prices(#8). Really, how much sense does that make?


This is the problem I have with the people who say Tannehill isn't worth a 1st-rd grade or we have other needs or he's a project and won't start right away, blah blah blah.

First, you had a chance to get the SUREST thing this side of being able to tell the future, and that was trade up to get RG3. You (meaning most of you talking most about not getting Tannehill) were NOT willing to give up those picks.

Second, most of you probably have problems with ANY QB taken in the first round (many probably didn't want to risk the #1 pick on Matt Ryan, many probably would not have pulled the trigger for ANY of the QBs taken in the 1st-rd last year, many probably can't name 5 QBs in the last DECADE they would have taken a chance on...and please don't tell me Rodgers, Brees, etc. Miami and EVERY OTHER TEAM practically had a chance to get either of those guys and passed, so stop it.).

And that's just it. You're ALL P*SSIES when it comes to taking a chance on a QB. You geniuses think we can continue to go, year after year, drafting 1/2 *ss talent, with NO QB, NO FRANCHISE QB, NO QB TO PUT THE TEAM ON THEIR SHOULDERS, NO ELITE QB, NO QB TO SELL TICKETS, NO QB THAT CAN PUT UP THE NECESSARY POINTS TO BEAT BRADY, NO QB THAT CAN BEAT TEAMS WITH WINNING RECORDS!

Which makes you all (who think this way) ridiculously stupid. Take offense if you like, that's how I'm putting it out there.

This team MUST take a chance on a QB, or NEVER be significant again! PERIOD! And THIS is the year the line gets put in the sand. THIS is the year it ends. THIS is the year ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Time to take a chance on a QB. IF Tannehill isn't the likeliest to succeed (in the GM's scouting) then take Weeden. Or Cousins. Or Osweiler. Or WHOMEVER the GM thinks has the best chance to be OUR franchise QB.


I think I've made my position known. That's all I have for you this evening. Good night one and all.

You guys would have us buy spam(Tannehill) at steak prices(#8). Really, how much sense does that make?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 25, 2012 at 06:12 PM

Well what would you say if Philbin and Sherman were in favor of picking him? That might be the case. I can't speak for you, but if they are genuinely that high on him I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Personally I think all the media hype about Miami taking him is a planned ruse shaken and stirred by Ross and Ireland.

yg makes sense cause they have passed on so many qbs over the last decade. i do agree they should pass here though, id take the best player avail at 8 or trade down and see if tannehill falls which he easily could. if he didnt take best player avail there and grab weeden in 2nd rd

Devil's advocate @5:49 PM,

Duhhh............. Its process of elimination(Barkley/Landry). If every qb in this draft fell off the face of the planet today. Does it mean we select a LT because he's now rated best qb because he threw a trick play td in college?

Hell no, Hell never. LOL

You can think whatever you want about B.Quinn, but I'd rather see the Dolphins taking the risk with this guy, than selecting the superbust Ted Ginn Jr.
By the same token, I rather see Tannehill failing, but taking the risk, rather than seeing another mammut in the OL that w'ont have the potential of changing the face of this team, even if he turns to be very good.
If Tannehill turns to be a bust, then what's the deal, in two years the Dolphins tries again. The Broncos did that this year with Teabow and hired Manning, and nobody made a scandal out of it.
One needs to risk in this league.
The problem here is that Ireland is an ultraconservative moron who not only doesn't take risks, but spoils his own moves, like in Marshall case.
So frankly, at this stage, I don't mind having Tannehill, at least one will have the curiosity of seeing him in the field, as opposed to another OL or another Yatil Green, J. Allen, etc.

thats the sad part about this draft they should of given up the picks to get griffin. that will end up being another huge mistake by ireland

march u will never ever see another manning type as a free agent, stupid comparison

signing tannehill verifies one thing, and that is that good teams and enterprising owners will stay at the top, seeking out RARE oppourtunities, collecting or creating them to stay ahead of the game, while the others can't see, or are afraid to see, or are just not looking to be competitive let alone just simply catching up. if you think a trade for mallet is a gamble, what do you think using your first rounder on tannehill is. i'm not saying that tannehill stinks, all i am saying is that both QB's will be good, but one could argue mallet has the edge, if not in skill and experience, he certainly offers hidden advantages, advantages that are needed to take miami forward, one HUGE advantage is signing tannehill is just that, a possible upgrade at QB, where as mallet offers the same upgrade at QB, and an additional #8 pick. this very fact alone is like the league spotiing us the top wideout in this years draft. if new england got mallet for a #3, miami could start with an offer of two #3's, mallet wants to play, and brady isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

dusty bottom,

If we pass on Tannehill, I dont see anyone touching him except for Cleveland at #22. He'll be decent value for them there because they have 2 #1 picks, we dont.

If one of Cleve's #1 picks are a hit and the other one isnt(Tannehill). It really doesnt hurt them at all.

It would kill us because we have a terrible 2nd rd draft track record to boot. We definitely dont need to roll dice with our 1st pick when we do so badly with our 2nd picks. LOL

My post disappeared. LOL

Guess not, the blog app is going crazy today. LOL

Devil's advocate @5:49 PM,

Duhhh............. Its process of elimination(Barkley/Landry). If every qb in this draft fell off the face of the planet today. Does it mean we select a LT because he's now rated best qb because he threw a trick play td in college?

Hell no, Hell never. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 25, 2012 at 06:18 PM

This response doesn't even address my post. I think you are more content to mock anyone mentioning Tanne than to actually think about what they are actually writing.

yg i live in kc, and they are in love with him and the lb from boston college. so i think they would take him. again i agree, but we both know tannehill is a miami dolphin. so lets hope they hit on those 3 picks in the 2nd and 3rd rds

Well, all you pro Tannehill at #8, will be blaming Irelnad/Philbin/Sherman/Ross if he goes bust anyway. So what does it matter. LOL

dusty bottom,

Tannehill love could be a ruse by KC to get someone to trade up to thier position.

I remember the Dolphins weren't looking for a QB year's ago....but when he fell...the Dolphins drafted him, they didn't think he would play in his first year, but it just worked out that way....anyone remember Marino? Just saying.

Miami is in a position to take the best available player for their many needs.

No way do I see them moving up or moving down.

They need to stand pat and select the best available player at 8. Is it Ryan? I don't think so. Everyone knows he is not an immediate impact player. Only half believe he will be a super star in this league down the road.

I did a Miami Dolphins Hot 100 List on my blog and I didn't even include Tannehill as one of the prospects. I really don't think Tannehill is even on Miami's radar unless they find him sitting there in a later round. Other than that, there are just so many other prospects that could help this team more than he can.

Trade down!

Pick weeden in the 2nd round pick best player available in the first

So, in essence, you're confirming what we suspected and that is that Ireland is too stupid to know that this is a QB driven league now? 11 of last years' playoff trans had QB's taken in the 1st or 2nd round. This nimrod still thinks he's playing in the 70's.

With all due respect, why draft. Weedon?? He's just another loser Henne.

..The NFL Network talking Dolphins..These guys are just giving their opinions as well so take it or leave it..NONE of the guys on the panel said they would take Tannehill..Again these can be wrong they are just TV talking heads..They all had different opinions as to who we should take. From Kuechly? to Barron? to Floyd, to Cox..

Casserly had the strongest opinion about Tanny saying he doesn't see a Pro-Bowl caliber quarterback. What he said that confused me is that he believed the fan base would be up in arms if we pass on the quarterback..That he faced a similar sitution with Bush-Mario Williams..One was the fan favorite, the other the better player..I don't see this as at all similar. IMO I don't believe the fan base is 100 percent behind the idea of Tanny..50 percent perhaps. Am I off base here?

Well the sad truth is they've already screwed up. They should have sold the farm for RG3. But dumb and dumber couldn't pull it off.

It is sad but the media has truly pushed this Tannehill pick on us. If Miami doesn't take him fine. They are the only team that truly knows for sure what went on in Texas A&M.

We are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't.


Tannehill definately has the make up and work ethic to be a good one.

I would just feel much better if he had more qb experience and scouts were saying he's good candidate to start day one.

I'm just not about yet another wasted season. Like i said though I'm getting my head wrapped around the pick. At least Kiper and company won't be talking smack about us on draft day beause he's who they think we should take.

Anyhow I could live with this:

2.Nick Perry-DE
3.Nick Toon-WR
3.Donald Stephenson-OT
4.Antonio Allen-S
5.Tommy Streeter-WR
6.Deangelo Peterson-TE
7.Travis Lewis-LB

Ask Charlie Casserley why he still hasn't gotten another GM job??

if Cotye's mock draft is correct, he see's miami's thinking as the same old disfunctional team, this means miami will continue to be an average team signing average players, maybe even trading down to sign a larger quantity of average players(merling comes to mind)... more of the same. i mean, how do you think the good teams get players fans will pay to see, players that can dominate like adrian peterson? they exploit their #8 pick instead of trading down, to get a game changer, and if the oppourtunity is there to get a QB who offers the same level of play to a close degree without the cost of a #1 pick that can also net them a top ten player in the draft, they jump on it. i can't believe we are so bent on tannehill that mallet is NOT seen as the better option, straight up, forget about the clear advantage on draft day, there were five or six QB's taken before tom brady when he was drafted, maybe mostly because tom was tall and lanky(like mallet), the QB's selected ahead of him were physically superior(tannehill) and none of those are currently on playing in the NFL). brady became one of the greatest because of his heart(just ask mooch), welker became one of the greatest because of his heart(ask ANYBODY), why are the pats so good? because you have TWO of the biggest football hearts in the NFL playing catch together on sunday(brady to welker). how does a player like welker, a guy that it is difficult to imagine competing with the likes of fitzgerald, or a brandon marshall, become the LEADING RECIEVER OF THE ENTIRE LEAGUE? answer: HEART--i can NOT stress this enough. so now what happens when you instill a QB with a skill set comparable to one of the best QB's in the league(brady) with a competitive fire that only red shirting behind tom brady can create? i don't know. but i do KNOW that I would want him to play for the MIAMI DOLPHINS... and what happens when he sits on the sideline absorbing brady's practice habbits, pace, accuracy, tempo, attitude, leadership abilities... what happens when he sits on the sidelines thinking he'll never get a chance to play as long as brady is able to stand-up. in the same fashion as brady sat behind brian griese at michigan... i don't know, but is certainly better then tannehill who just decided he was a QB.


My sense is the majority of finfans don't want Tannehill, they don't see him as a step up from the last several QB's. It's all media, just like they made it seem we would land Manning.


My sense is the majority of finfans don't want Tannehill, they don't see him as a step up from the last several QB's. It's all media, just like they made it seem we would land Manning.

I don't get it?!?

When In the history of football has a player who was a WR turned QB ever become a star????

Not gonna happen!!!

Armando, that last paragraph is music to my ears, I hope it comes to fruition.

..JPC. I'm not saying Casserly is right. I was just regurgitating what he and the other panel members said. His opinion is by no means the gosphel, just his opinion. We pick on these TV guys because they often give opinons that are unpopular with our own. In this case of Tannehill, I just happen to agree with him. Anyway, I just thought it was intersting all 3 guys said pass when the topic of Tannehill was brought up.

Ireland needs to take a long walk off a short plank

what is better two guys that can come in imediately and instantly supercharge the offense(mallet + floyd) or a QB(tannehill) who will probably sit on the sidelines for a year learning from matt moore. mallet has a masters degree comparable that of harvard(brady) and tannehill.. an associates from texas A+M. sure the philbin and sherman show will be able to bring tannehill along, but just think what they could do for RYAN MALLET.

Andy NJ

He sure does. Look at Manning's stats. Fairly similar. I am looking at a player, not the whole team. With a good to great line, a qb becomes superior. Look at New England. Sure Brady is an outstanding qb but his oline doesn't give up sacks. Imagine him playing for the Dolphins last year and people would be screaming to draft Tanny.

Eh, I wouldn't mind a bit if we took a safety or a corner in the 1st round based on what I saw the last couple of seasons.I know you hate to take a TE in the 1st round but Fleener looks about as good as they come.I hate the position that we are in...too many holes to fill. It's a crapshoot.

Sorry, I'm hedging again. That's why I haven't been posting much this year (that and the trolls). It's so out of control that I'm at a loss for words.

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