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Smokescreens? Smokescreens? What smokescreens?

Well, the Minnesota Vikings failed miserably. They tried to get people to believe the Cleveland Browns might draft Ryan Tannehil. You see, they wanted some team like, say, the Dolphins to panic and trade up to the No. 3 overall selection ahead of Cleveland to get Tannehill.

Except the Browns, sitting there with the No. 4 pick, were too busy talking up Justin Blackmon and sent practically the entire organization to Trent Richardson's pro day. So most folks are seeing the Browns not taking a quarterback with their first of two selections the first round of tomorrow's NFL draft.

Then, the Jacksonville Jaguars got involved in the screening of smoke. Fully aware they have the seventh pick in a draft containing perhaps six elite players, the Jags are eager to get out of their pick. And they see Tannehill as the only way of doing that by perhaps convincing Kansas City or Seattle or someone, anyone to trade to No. 7 for the right to get the Texas A&M QB.

That means you have to convince folks the quarterback will be off the board by No. 8, which of course is where the Dolphins pick.

Fine. Let's do that ...

"People know Miami's going to take him," Jacksonville director of player personnel Terry McDonough said on the Pete Prisco Show in J-Ville yesterday. "If a team wants a quarterback, they're going to have to come in front of Miami."

Convenient, right?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are involved in their own agenda-driven campaign. You know about ProFootballtalk.com's report that owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Tannehill. I had Mike Florio, the author of the report on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, on Tuesday and he deftly sidestepped questions about his source, but it is clear that person is not in the Dolphins' organization.

So here's my question: How would a source not within the Miami organization thus not privy to conversations between an owner and general manager know what the owner is telling the GM?

Clearly, other teams want the narrative out there that the Dolphins are under pressure to pick Tannehill.

(Before I go on, allow me to clarify something: Florio's report was that Ross was "pushing" Ireland on Tannehill. That is not correct. But I know that Ross badly, badly wants a quarterback drafted by the Dolphins. There is a difference. Ross has let it be known he wants the right QB picked, be it Tannehill or whomever.)

The Dolphins, as I reported through sources, said the PFT report is not true. That's good. But then they went way further. And that's not good.

The Dolphins had Jeff Ireland issue an on-the-record denial of the story to Florio. And then Ross sent Florio and e-mail denying the story also. if the Dolphins had said nothing or issued a denial off the record, it would have given no clue they want Tannehill or don't.

But they went into the realm of protesting too much. And that sends red flags flying up staffs everywhere. So, believe it or not, the multiple denials actually worked against Miami around the league.

There are rumors today, by the way, that Miami wants to trade down from No. 8. Those are not coming from inside the Miami organization. Those are coming from one place, actually: Dallas.


I'm hearing the Cowboys want to move up to make sure they land safety Mark Barron. And obviously, Ireland as a former Cowboys employee would be a viable trade partner because of his relationship within the Dallas organization.

What does all this mean?

Believe nothing you're hearing except this:

The Dolphins love Ryan Tannehill for his potential but are aware he's a project. They are willing to take him at No. 8. They are not going to trade up to get him because they don't strongly believe anyone is going to get ahead of them to pick him.

The Dolphins are willing to trade down if a willing partner offers the right package. (Yes, I admit, the team wants that information out there.) And if in a trade down scenario Tannehill is gone, the club has other players fitting other needs that they would sell to the public as the right call for building their team.

Jeepers, this time of year is full of skullduggery.


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fins arent good at fooling anyone, 100 percent they take tannehill

g, cb, wr, te

my take, pressure player, db, wr.

The pass rusher could be a DE, OLB or a hybrid.

Heck, there should be other good O-linemen besides DeCastro and Kalil.

decastro looks awesome

You guys are killing me with the pass rusher 1st rd stuff. Even if a pass rusher came in, got 16 sacks for the season, and made the pro bowl. That's not gonna help us much.

Do the math if you can: 16 sack = 1 sack per game. 1 sack more per game doesnt make us a playoff team.

However, realistically speaking, if we draft a pass rusher 1st rd and he gets 8 sacks next season. That would be a boom compared to what we've been getting next to Wake. But 8 sacks only equal 2 more sacks than we got with JT opposite Wake last year.

So let's do the math: We'll spend the #8 pick on a pass rusher to realistically total 2 more sacks than we got last year. Again, lets pay steak prices for our spam. Hope our gm isnt thinking along these lines. LOL

No doubt about it, dusty, but he won't get to us in the 2nd Round.

yg if u had wake on one side and a guy with 16 sacks on the other we would be dangerous on d. no time to exploit our weak secondary

yg im sure u have said it already but who do u want in rd 1

No, no, Yg, 2nd Round. #8 pick is Tannehill.

We should have no illusions that Ireland will hit on all 8 picks we have. That is unrealistic. 4 is more like it.

dusty bottom,

Ive been trying to tell you and everyone else DeCastro isnt your everyday run of the mill OG. The guys a freaking future pro bowl bowl beast.

Add him with Long/Pouncey/Cogs and we'll be ploying defenses next year by land, air, and sea!

Talk to Ireland about it, YG. We are nobodies.

hey decastro looks cant miss. id trade down a couple slots if they wanted him. every mock i see has him around 16. but it would be suicide to pass on a qb agauin, def after the media has hyped him up so much. like it or not ireland takes tannehill

..The thing with a pass rusher isn't just about the sacks..Pressure, hits, all add up and have value. We fail to do that. We all know how Brady shrinks and becomes mortal when he gets lit up. We have seen it discussed it. Having the ability to put the other quarterback under diress is a must. Sacks are great in the stat column, and are important. Disprupting the pocket, and making the quarteback know we are there can be just as effective over 4 quarters.

Great, DD.


Its extremely rare a guy comes in and gets double digit sacks his 1st season, let alone 16. None of the 1st rd pass rushers arent even close to being projected that special.

Guys like that are usually rated as a top 5 pick in any draft. None of the available pass rushers in this draft are even projected top 10. Coples has tumbled to a top 25 pick. Melvin Ingram has surpassed him. Ingram's rated top 15 pick at best.

Why should we reach at #8 for guys like that? Doesnt make sense.

You don't seem to get it, Yg, we are reaching for Tannehill at #8 and not for a pass rusher.

i agree yg. u said 16 though,lol.

if i was gm i would trade down. take weeden second rd. decastro or best player avail in first

Autism is the worst of young People's diseases, as those affected cannot communicate with the rest of Society.


Yes, Im posting to you. Yeah, the extra pressures and hits are ok, but it amounts to bare minimum, even if the defense turns the ball back over to a dickteasing at best offense.

Heck, in a close game if the opposing defense breaks thru the patchwork right side, and gets a strip sack for a td. Or forces a bad throw pick 6 against us, its still all for naught.

Stopping the opposing offense just a few more times over last season doesnt amount to much when your offense cant take advantage. You have to have a consistent compacity to put points on the board to win games in the nfl. If you cant consistently do that, little else matters.

dusty bottom,

I know I said 16 sacks, but you dont see Lawrence Taylor available at #8 either do you. LOL

Defense wins Championships(it has held true up to now).

compacity? Hmm.. sounds good for a treatise on Philosophy.

or even cameron wake,lol

Its crazy to me, all the pass rusher talk at #8. We went into this offseason with the idea of finding a "COMPLIMENT" to Wake. Drafting that guy at #8 isnt a "COMPLIMENT", thats fullblown looking for Wake's replacement.

Dont know about you guys, but if we drafted a pass rusher at #8 overall, that guy had better not be Wake's compliment. Wake better be his compliment. That guy had better be better than Wake! LOL

franchise qbs win sbs, we need one

You have held well under heavy attack tonight, YG. We are all proud of you. We will continue to communicate with you tomorrow.

yg i think u are thinking that the guys in here saying that are talking about the 8th pick, but they are talking about 2nd rd. everyone already knows tannehill is the first rd pick

..YG. Look. Whatever beef you have with me is fine..You don't have to like me, you can disagree. Whatever. I just ask that we can be civil for the greater good of the blog. Your a smart guy, you have good and passionate positions. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, even when I disagree. It would be nice to move on and enjoy the draft process.. If you want to debate stuff about the team cool..

cant wait for tomm

Defense wins championships? Not alone. Ask the late 70's Tampa Bucs led by the Selmon brothers. There was a year that awful team led the league in defense and I think they still didnt win any games.

Yes a great defense and average offense can turn the trick(Ravens). But a great defense and awful offense wont even come close(late 70's Bucs).

Still, even with a great pass rusher, and "great" pass rusher isnt even available first rd this draft, were still just shy of having a great defense. nAn above average pass rusher alone added from the draft wont make this a great defense. Above average to borderline great, but far short of true greatness.

There too many db concerns for that. A dominating oline that helps the offense put up more points and keeps the defense off the field more. Will more adeqautely address that.

A great oline, and above average defense would put us closer to having a championship quality team right now. The opposing offense cant score when thier on the sideline. The opposing offense becomes a trick pony when consistently down by 10-14pts or more with 5-6 minutes left 4th qtr. The defense can then pin thier ears back and come after the opposing qb full throttle.

or the 2000 ravens, or grudens bucs, or ditkas 85 bears


You may be talking about looking for a pass rusher 2nd rd here. But most talking about it are talking taking a pass rusher at #8. LOL

well no way would i do that at 8, nobody worth that in this draft. i hate the idea of coples


Agreed. I have to spew when something bothers mje. But at some point I also like to move on. I hate harboring sick feelings. Doesnt mean everything has changed, just the way I choose to view them changes.

Each and everyone one of us have hiccups in character. No one's perfect. I'll be the first to admit Im not. We all have shortcomings. Even the best and worst of us.

wow did the blog blow up? lol

..YG. Cool.

See you guys tommorow..Big Day.

Finally back in this blog. Ity disappeared and I couldnt get back in. The blogs been acting crazy all day.

I am hoping Chandler Jones or Michael Floyd, huge needs and huge talents, nice combo

Dolphins need to go:

1. Wide Receiver
2. Wide Receiver
3(a) Half-back
3(b) Offensive Line
4. Defensive End
5. Offensive Line
6. Defensive Line
7. Linebacker

Apart from quarterbacks, wide receivers take the longest to develop. So draft the best two this year, see if we can forge ahead with Matt Moore or develop Pat Devlin, and if the season tanks then at least Matt Barkley when drafted has talented second year receivers with experience that he can throw to.

How good with Aaron Rodgers have been if the Packers had not taken five wideouts in the top three rounds over the last six years?

Instead, I fear that the draft will go in the following fashion:

Round 1: Defensive End
Round 2: Offensive Line
Round 3(a): Offensive Line
Round 3(b): Safety
Round 4: Defensive Line
Round 5: Wide Receiver
Round 6: Cornerback
Round 7: Offensive Line

We'll stink no matter who we pick.

Howdy all!

Well the witching time approacheth!

I don't remember a Fins draft with so many bizarre angles.

I will say this much. Mark me down for NOT Backing off my anti-Tanny draft sentiment.

As many have pointed out:
Not enough time at the position.
Not enough high level results.
Won't start right away (in theory anyways)
Will pass over talents that are more ready to play now.
He is at least 3rd in line of QB talents (may be much lower depending on which GM you ask)
High amount of Ints is disturbing as NFL is harder...period!

My BIGGEST fear is that Sherman's personal connection is actually working against us.

Much the same way a fella has a decent old muscle car and his wife says it's an eye sore get rid of it...it's only when he goes to sell it that he realizes he can't get nearly what he has invested in his "baby".

I hope that Tannehill is NOT Sherman's "baby" just because he has worked with him closely.


Please have a better plan than "I can coach finish coaching him up" as the Ed Reed's and Pat Peterson's will eat Tannehill's lunch with the Int's he threw in college.

It's a bad recurring dream...The Bill's Mario Williams gives Tannehill a permanent deer in the head lights look.

For those that say Tannehill at least provides hope...I say nope...only an empty whole where our early 1st round draft spot was.

Tannehill is polarizing one way or the other.

Here endeth the rant.


Rob OC,

Dolphins and thier scouting dept has done thier due dilligence on Tannehill. All Sherman can basically add is Tannehill the person and Tannehill the worker. All the tape doesnt lie.

Sherman can only give a little more insight on Tannehill the worker and person. He also may can describe in a little more detail the strengths and weaknesses seen on tape. Then what he's worked on most with Tannehill and what Tannehill seems to or not seem to grasp at the highest rate. Nothing more, nothing less.

He's not going to say, Oh yeah, I think he'll be great. He just has a little more insight into what he isnt or is responding to well, at what rate does he respond, how hard a worker he is, and what type of person really comes with the package.

For the pick at 8, I like Cox, Barron or DeCastro. We may be ok at WR depending what Philbin things of Moore and Wallace. I think those other positions are more of a need that will help us win now.

2011 game tape tells the story what type of player on the field Tannehill was. Sherman just can offer a little more insight into things we would have known little at best about before bringing him into the fold.

Still favorite 2 picks are #1 WR Michael Floyd and #2 S Mark Barron.

Michael Floyd because he is fast, big bodied to shield others from the ball and has knarly hand eye coordination. He will catch most of those balls that Marshall didn't. (For the $$$ they paid Marshall he should of caught Bigfoot!).

S Mark Barron With the relevance and uprising of TE's (Gronk and Hernandez first and foremost in our division) in the NFL you have to have some sort of an answer. Our remaining safeties just aren't. Barron will be a serious NFL Sheriff.

I just simply feel they are the two best players we will have access to.

I like others and feel guys like DeCastro and Cox and Kirkpatrick have merit too but you eventually have to ride or die with a pick or two.

I wouldn't touch Tannehill with a 1st round mile long pole! I don't care what the "experts" say.


Absolute no one would be talking wr 1st rd had Marshall not been traded. Marshall had only 4-5 td catches last year.

So0 why in the hell do we need a wr #1 in anticipation of missing Marshall's 4-5 td catches a year. Thats what Im not getting with all of the wr 1st rd talk.

More time for our qb to throw the ball will somehow translate into more wr td catches alone. Thats why I advocate DeCastro so greatly. You guys want to put a 1st rd bandaide on what the real problem.

We have a compound fracture of the oline. A bandaid doesnt solve that.

Biggest need = QB. Just like the last 15 years,

I'm pretty sure if Ireland doesn't grab Tannehill at 8 (assuming he's there) he (and we) will regret it! Because...this will indicate he is going to get cute again and lose all the other prospects since all the other GM's will run circles around him. Hell, we could end up witnessing Tannahill to the Bills!! just a couple picks later...or in Seattle with Flynn 4 picks later. This will get ugly if Ireland starts to over think the QB pick. All the other prospects are targeted and will be taken out from under us. He will come up empty guaranteed!

Rob OC,

For the life of me I just dont understand how drafting a wr 1st rd if the qb doesnt have anymore time than last season to find open wr's. Please explain how that works. I admit, Im totally lost on this one.

Is the wr somehow going to throw passes to himself without the aide of the oline and qb? If that can somehow miracuously work, then Im all for wr at #8.

Please do explain. I seem to be awfully illiterate on this.


You are right...just wondering if that sways the Fins to draft him in any way.

Do you think they end up drafting Tannehill?

I know you are big on DeCastro...who is your second choice?

Also, DD is pretty good all around guy. I don't know how you guys ended up so at odds but I would like to vouch for him being a very cool blogger, steady Eddie that comes to rap football and has good takes. It looks like you guys are past it and that is good as I like reading both yours and his football related blog comments.



If Ireland doesnt draft Tannehill at #8, it only suggest he had far more insight on Tannehill than you, me, or anyother dolfan. Stop embellishing to soothe your own ego.

WR isn't that big of a need to spend an 8 on. We have Bess, Hartline, Gates, Moore, Wallace, and both Bush and Thomas have excellent hands, and Clay seem to find his way wide open a lot. I'm with Cox, DeCastro or Barron as well.

Yesterday's Gone...OL develops a bit more quickly than wide receiver. A 1st round receiver, while vital, will be a minimal contributor this year. This would be a pick that would have impact in 2013. Ditto with any quarterback selected this year.

So draft your receiver now, then go O-Line if you have to in the first or second round next year and plug him in right away.

And yes, there was a lot of talk about the Dolphins needing a wide receiver before they traded Marshall. How can you field a potent offense when your franchise absolutely refuses to invest anything higher than a 4th round draft choice on this position. WR has been a position of need since 2001!

Get Chris MOTHERFLIPPING Givens on Saturday!

I just finished watching Foles on Gruden's QB Camp. I'm no longer in on Cousins. Foles was extremely impressive. Makes Tanny look like a chump. His arm was a cannon and his knowledge was absolutely awesome.

Mike Wallace, would not look so great without Ben throwing to him. Ditto for half of Brady's and Peyton's receivers. I just think WR is too much of a luxury pick right now at 8. I honestly think we are better without Marshall constantly getting in the QB's head.

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