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Smokescreens? Smokescreens? What smokescreens?

Well, the Minnesota Vikings failed miserably. They tried to get people to believe the Cleveland Browns might draft Ryan Tannehil. You see, they wanted some team like, say, the Dolphins to panic and trade up to the No. 3 overall selection ahead of Cleveland to get Tannehill.

Except the Browns, sitting there with the No. 4 pick, were too busy talking up Justin Blackmon and sent practically the entire organization to Trent Richardson's pro day. So most folks are seeing the Browns not taking a quarterback with their first of two selections the first round of tomorrow's NFL draft.

Then, the Jacksonville Jaguars got involved in the screening of smoke. Fully aware they have the seventh pick in a draft containing perhaps six elite players, the Jags are eager to get out of their pick. And they see Tannehill as the only way of doing that by perhaps convincing Kansas City or Seattle or someone, anyone to trade to No. 7 for the right to get the Texas A&M QB.

That means you have to convince folks the quarterback will be off the board by No. 8, which of course is where the Dolphins pick.

Fine. Let's do that ...

"People know Miami's going to take him," Jacksonville director of player personnel Terry McDonough said on the Pete Prisco Show in J-Ville yesterday. "If a team wants a quarterback, they're going to have to come in front of Miami."

Convenient, right?

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are involved in their own agenda-driven campaign. You know about ProFootballtalk.com's report that owner Stephen Ross is pushing GM Jeff Ireland to draft Tannehill. I had Mike Florio, the author of the report on my radio show, Armando and Perkins, on Tuesday and he deftly sidestepped questions about his source, but it is clear that person is not in the Dolphins' organization.

So here's my question: How would a source not within the Miami organization thus not privy to conversations between an owner and general manager know what the owner is telling the GM?

Clearly, other teams want the narrative out there that the Dolphins are under pressure to pick Tannehill.

(Before I go on, allow me to clarify something: Florio's report was that Ross was "pushing" Ireland on Tannehill. That is not correct. But I know that Ross badly, badly wants a quarterback drafted by the Dolphins. There is a difference. Ross has let it be known he wants the right QB picked, be it Tannehill or whomever.)

The Dolphins, as I reported through sources, said the PFT report is not true. That's good. But then they went way further. And that's not good.

The Dolphins had Jeff Ireland issue an on-the-record denial of the story to Florio. And then Ross sent Florio and e-mail denying the story also. if the Dolphins had said nothing or issued a denial off the record, it would have given no clue they want Tannehill or don't.

But they went into the realm of protesting too much. And that sends red flags flying up staffs everywhere. So, believe it or not, the multiple denials actually worked against Miami around the league.

There are rumors today, by the way, that Miami wants to trade down from No. 8. Those are not coming from inside the Miami organization. Those are coming from one place, actually: Dallas.


I'm hearing the Cowboys want to move up to make sure they land safety Mark Barron. And obviously, Ireland as a former Cowboys employee would be a viable trade partner because of his relationship within the Dallas organization.

What does all this mean?

Believe nothing you're hearing except this:

The Dolphins love Ryan Tannehill for his potential but are aware he's a project. They are willing to take him at No. 8. They are not going to trade up to get him because they don't strongly believe anyone is going to get ahead of them to pick him.

The Dolphins are willing to trade down if a willing partner offers the right package. (Yes, I admit, the team wants that information out there.) And if in a trade down scenario Tannehill is gone, the club has other players fitting other needs that they would sell to the public as the right call for building their team.

Jeepers, this time of year is full of skullduggery.


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I saw some talk of Minn wanting to trade out of the spot they are in as they feel they can get an OT in the second...a guy that did well in an allstar game shutting down Coples.

I know it's just perdraft banter and you can take everything with a grain of salt but there will be guys that can fill OL holes in the 2nd and third round...there is nearly every single year.

That is not to undermine, as DeCastro is a potential Probowl (Hutchinson like) G.

In wanting Michael Floyd I am thinking he will catch many of the TDs if given the same throws as Marshall. I don't know what the Hell Marshall's problem was in not swqueezing TDs. Some people had his dropped TD totals up to 5-7??? For 40 MILLION are you kidding me Brandon?

Plus I am VERY worried about the missing chain moving catches that Marshall did have. That volume of catches and yards coupled with Brandon's threat factor.

In the end I am much more of a best football player available much more than most. I would be fine with DeCastro (hopfully trading back).

I actually like G/RT Cordy Glenn a ton as well. He just doesn't seem to fit what we are going to end up doing on OFF.


Rob OC,

Im 100% pro draft Decastro. I say qb 2nd rd(whomever they say scouts better between Cousins and Osweiller). Keep hearing reports theyre drooling over the prospective potential. Needs lots of grooming though.

So here're my first 3 picks:

1. David DeCastro
2. Cousins/Osweiller
3. Bruce Irvins
4. Best available wr or true TE prospect

Everyones screaming pass rusher at #8 when we began this process saying "COMPLIMENT" to Wake, not "REPLACEMENT". At #8 we're talking replacing or bringiong a guy in even better than Wake. Thats what I expect at #8.

Bruce Irvins(3rd rd) would be the perfect pass rush "COMPLIMENT" to Wake. Dont know what people are thinking with grabbing at a compliment to Wake at #8. Sounds more like the guy we want Wake to be the compliment to this guy.

Plus, there isnt even a pass rusher in this draft that grades out top 10 even.

Arrrgh, wifey wants to grab din din... I will try to catch up with any direct posts after a bit.

Damn I love this time of year...I wish I had 100 hours in a day about now.


I don't think I'm embellishing, YG. I have seen plenty of picks at the QB position by this guy crash and burn. While just last year Ireland dinked around with every intention of grabbing Mallet only to lose him to division rival Patriots, who basically played keep away with that move. That made him 0-3. (And then Ireland doubles down on Henne.) Sorry YG, you obviously have more faith than I do.
And as far as your "ego" comment, get over yourself. Just because you live on this blog doesn't give you the right to throw that crap around.

Why is everyone so down on Tanny? Great athlete with just as much upside as Luck and Griffin. So what if he needs a year to develop.

Armando... Have you noticed how many bloggers Ohio Dolfan is stealing from you? Click on his name and you will see. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you join his blog as well.

Tony Cane,

David DeCastro isnt going to be available next year. DeCastro is the kind of OG that has great potential to be pro bowl his 1st year. We desperately need that kind of player on the terrible right side of our oline.

It may be 10yrs before we're ever in position to draft a og like him again. He isnt the evry day run of the mill 1st rd guard. You also gotta envision that if you add a player like that to a oline that already features Jake Long/Mike Pouncey. Some very special things can begin to happen.

Nothing truly special has happened with dolphin football since 1974, we beat the Viking for our last sb trophy. BTW, that was a very special oline and theat oline was there before we added Paul Warfield.

Special olines make great players even greater.



I know fixing the OL is huge to me too.

I just think we differ on it sounds like you are radar locked on DeCastro or basically nothing else to patch the G spot.

I think there are guys that while they may not do things at DeCastro's level can cover the spot better than we have had in the past.

It just sounds like you want a ProBowl type G more than I want a ProBowl type WR or Safety.

After living through the hype jobs of OT Tony Mandrich and Brian Bosworth I know every draft pick has a certain failure potential.

DeCastro is an awesome choice and if the Fins get him I would say Hella job compared to say Tanny!



Dont be so senistive. The ego comment isnt a degrading one. We all have an ego. Its what inspires us to want what we want when we want it. It would be tough to live without some sort of ego. Some just have over bloated ego. I never mentioned you have an over bloated ego.

1. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
2. Ronnell Lewis, LB, Oklahoma
3. Antonio Allen, S, South Carolina
3. Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas
4. Tommy Streeter, WR, The U
5. Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma
5. Desmond Wynn, OG, Rutgers (trade up)
UND- Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincy
UND- Matt Merletti, S, UNC

I was of the school of thought to draft WRs early but the more I think about it and research their values for this particular class I see they are all over the map. I can easily see Ireland and Philbin agreeing that picking Streeter and Broyles (think Nelson and Jenkins) in the 4th and 5th respectively is almost or just as good as picking Marvin Jones and Chris Givens in the 2nd and 3rd, and I would agree with such assessment. I think Ireland will pick Wynn and Robinson for sure, the latter going as high as a 6th rounder.

Rob OC,

I believe DeCastro gets compaired to Hutchinson because Hutchinson is the closest thing era wise to compare him too. Remember John Hannah? He goes further back doesnt he.

I believe DeCastro can be close to the 2nd coming of Patriots hofer og John Hannah. I believe he's just that special and well within our grasps.

Most experts rate John Hannah the best OG to evr play the game. Im putting DeCastro in that future category.

I know many of you youngins may have never heard of Hannah. Too bad.

Imean why not take DeCastro #8 if he has top 5 OG to ever play the game potential?

Still no matter who we pick I'll try band stand behind them and wish them best. But it doesnt mean I'll learn to love dickteasing. LOL

DeCastro they are saying will drop now after admitting to gay relationships, could be a lockerroom issue.

Mayock: Chandler Jones has rare ability to get off the edge and make it into the backfield and sack the quarterback. Really? When?

John Hannah:

Hannah joined the Patriots in 1973 as the 4th overall pick in the 1973 NFL Draft. He played his entire professional career in New England. While considered somewhat short by NFL standards, Hannah made up for this with great speed and quickness as well as powerful legs.[2] Hannah excelled as a pass protector, run blocker and as the pulling guard on sweeps.

Hannah was named All-Pro 10 times (1976–1985) and All-AFC 11 times (1974, 1976–1985). He was also selected to play in 9 Pro Bowls. He was voted the Seagram's Seven Crowns of Sports Offensive Lineman of the Year Award in both 1978 and 1980 and was the winner of the NFLPA - Coca-Cola Offensive Lineman of the Year Award (selected by a vote of NFL players) for four straight years (1978–81). He is also one of the few players to have been named to the NFL All-Decade Team twice, as Hannah was selected to both the 1970s and 1980s All-Decade Teams (joining an elite group of players who have achieved this including Walter Payton). Hannah was also selected to the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team, being the #1 guard in the team.

In 1991, he became the first Patriots player to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I believe DeCastro has close to this kind of potential. LOL

I believe DeCastro has close to this kind of potential. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 26, 2012 at 12:42 AM

But what do real pro's believe? We'll see.


Fair enough. LOL

trade down with dallas would be great!! i don't think a "project" to play qb picked at 8 is the right move!!

I do believe you may be correct about the DeCastro pick. You can pick up offensive linemen in 2nd round and beyond but DeCastro is a blue chip guy who is a plug 'n play player. He's extremely strong and he fits the pulling guard prototype Philbin is looking for on his offensive line. With the type of offense they want to run Ireland may pull the plug.
However,the Dallas thing makes me think they trade down to where the Cowboys are and then take him and accumulate a few more picks.

Some will say the early 70's dolphins didnt spend a lot of high draft picks to build that great oline.

I say to you times have changed. Drafts were 13-14-15 rds long, there were far less teams(meaning less competition for talent), no free agency. Thats just too name a few. The league has undergone drastic changes since the late 60's early 70's.

The exact same situations no longer apply. It's incomparable.

Prof Lou,

If we coul;d tradev down to Dallas' mspot and get DECastro I would be fine with that. However, Jerry Jones knows the benifits of a great oline too. That snake in the gtrass may trade nup to our spot then snatch DeCastro himself. LOL

My eyes and brain are getting tired. So many mistypes now. Im out, gotta go. See you guys tomorrow. Good luck to everyone.

This and Im out. If we do select DeCastro tomorrow, I'll be on the roof top singing:

"Happy days are here again................." LOL

My neighbors will think Im crazy because I'll be on my roof dancing a ghig! LOL

Trade down get Weeden in 2rd and best proven player on the board in the 1rd after a trade down maybe DL, WR, S, OL don't mater cause we need them all so plug a hole with the best available

You just hit my spot

I've changed my mind, yet - AGAIN - lol.

As the time nears and the pressure mounts, my mind becomes as focused as a High Power Lazer(oh brother)!

I see what HAS to happen. Everybody says we should take a QB in the first round? I AGREE!

We need to draft the Guy that will Quarterback our DEFENSE for the next 10 seasons.

Luke Kuechley!

Dansby isn't getting any younger and is probably better suited to play Rush Backer at this point in his career. We draft Kuechley and Dansby moves to ROLB.

Then, in the 4th round we take SOLB Nigel Bradham. Guyton and Bradham battle it out with Marvin Mitchell and Gary Guyton to see who gets the remaining spot.

The losers offer depth and suddenly we have the best Linebacker corp in the NFL(Ok, maybe "one" of the best corps).

I'm focused like a Lazer I tell ya!

Also, before it's too late to get in an official predicition, allow me. Let me be the first to predict this:

Andrew Luck will be a bigger bust than Tannehill.

Disclaimer: But that's only because Luck will be taken earlier.

PS: If I were Indy, I would most definitely take Griffen over Luck.

You heard it here first!


Scratch that Kuechley post @ 1:37.

I think I got yhis time...........I got it!

1. Michael Floyd WR.

2. Courtney Upshaw, DE. Trust me, this guy is going to slide a little.

3a. Cousins, QB.

4. Zebrie Sanders, OT/OG.

There! Perfect, I got it, I'm ALL SET!

WAIT................this is what I was saying to weeks ago. Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Merry Christmas Draft ALL!


If Tannehill is picked @8... He will start the season BUT he has to beat out Moore, that's the real story here. Garrard will be cut during preseason, lets not fool ourselves. Devlin will be 3rd if he's not sent back to the practice squad. We'll have to have 2 QB'S on the roster because there's too many holes to be filled elsewhere as of now. The biggest question we should be asking is who's going to be our top wide out??? Remember way back in the day when Brady and Rodgers were drafted... They were a project too and became great QB's. Sat on the bench, holding "Clip Boards". Just HOPE Tannehill isn't the next coming of Henne. GO PHINS! Pick em' smart... 10 and 6 this year, have faith in Moore.

I read somewhere that 40% of the fans polled were onboard with taking Tannehill at number eight! And, another 40% were dead set against it! They didn't say what the other 20% wanted though.

Anyways, someone needs to tell Jeff Ireland that only squirrels are obsessive about "Acorns"! And, "Acorn" was instrumental in getting Obama elected! We all know how that turned out.

Just saying...


I'm staying up all night. I'm not going to sleep until noon. Then I can sleep-er off until Draft Time.

I don't care, I'll talk to myself all night long!

I will. I'm gonna do it!

..........well.......at least the Troll aint around.

(17 hours and 53 minutes to go)

I'm Stooooooooooooooooooooooooooked!!!!


You will be taking No Doze and washing it down with a Monster Rockstar Amp Redbull cocktail eh? LOL

I am gonna have to say that I like your LB choice BUT, I want other toys in rd 1 so my LB of choice on the Fins is Ronnell Lewis! He is a baaaaaad man. I watch the good DEF's around the league and they just seem to inflict so my pain, blues and agony on the opposing teams OFF.

Exhibit A was the 49ers vs the Saints last year. It looks like the Saints are cruizing in for the TD and BAM! The lights out hit by (one of my fav players I wanted when we got low talent Jason Allen) Donte Whittner and boom goes the dynomite!

Plus their ST caused the strip plays with ferocious play as well.

That is why a Draft of S Mark Barron and LB Ronnell Lewis would suit me just fine to start off. Maybe Lewis may last until the 3rd but I think he will be an impactful player.

There are more than just a few holes so as long as we get quality, starting caliber stud players, aside from Punter and Kicker, I say make it rain Ireland.

I just keep thinking Ireland drafts Tannehill to get an extra year. It's the perfect alibi...He needs to sit and learn and he has some upside potential at QB so that's the sell.


Just thinking here how many rings did Hanna delivered?

Well we are well less than 24 hours till we start the draft. So I'm going to say once more my "HOPES" for this draft in the illogical belief that it might actually happen. No I've never coached in the NFL or even college but I'm not the usual clueless football fan that seems to post on this site (no I'm not talking about all of the posters). I coached football for 12 years including at the high school level and have a high school State Championship ring to show for it. Does that make me an expert. Well No. But I can certainly tell by reading this blog for years now that I'm much more logical when it comes to football matters than at least most of the posters.

As such I will say to those that want yet ANOTHER offensive lineman chosen in the 1st or even 2nd you are living in the past. Yes the OL is very important, especially in the PAST, but it's just not the foundation requirement that it used to be. For those that want the pass rusher, well as a Defensive Coordinator who as had MANY shutouts and even an ENTIRE season without a TD given up by his first string defense because I believed the BEST way to combat the pass was to committ as many rushers has it took to chase the QB and better yet put him on his back, I tell you that too is no longer as logical in today's NFL. The local team does this better than pretty much anyone in the NFL has for YEARS. Baltimore, and they even have a pretty darn FINE OL, but yet they still can't win the big one. Why? Easy because today's NFL is at LEAST 80% about the QUARTERBACK. I just couldn't believe the way some talked up Flacco. He has never impressed me, EVEN when he was beating us in our ONLY playoff game in a DECADE. He's a nice Backup and that's ALL.

The same for Henne, and I've always thought that (NOT a leader and terrible decision maker) and Matt Moore too (in spite of the fact that he was good enough to cost us the chance to get a VERY HIGH PROBABILTY TRULY FRANCHISE QB Luck or RGIII). And Garrand, him too, though I think that Jacksonville showed ignorance in cutting him last year. There are just WAY too few even decent QB's in the NFL.

So after all that what is my hope for later today and this weekend? First the Dolphins use their 1st round on a QB. Either Ryan with the 8th or trade down to later in the 1st and get Weeden. Yes I know I too am not completely sold on Ryan but there are decent odds there. And I know that Weeden is "old" but there to there are even better than decent odds, as he says he's a WINNER, and so what if we "only" get SEVERAL years out of him. How many good QB years have we had in over a decade? But wait I'm not done. Then after using the 1st on a QB they then in the 4th or 5th round get Russell Wilson Wisconsin's QB. Yes I know he's short. But he's a LEADER, he's SMART, he's ACCURATE and ATHLETIC. This guy in spite of his shortness (WOW he's less than 2 freaking inches shorter than Brees), has better than decent odds at some REAL succuess in the NFL.

The Dolphins do that and I TRULY believe that before training camp is over Delvin is GONE. Garrand is GONE. And Moore isn't starting before the end of the season.

There is no sure fire path to get the Dolphins back to the team it once was, both respected and FEARED. But the above is Logical because it plays some very decent odds.

So what happens if all you tanny lovers we get tanny and then end up 6-10 since he was on the bench, and then have another top five pick next year and some guy from USC is there? then what? I say trade down but not past clevland at 22 and hope he is still there if not fill another need!

I wonder if Tannehill like to eat gravy?

Yesterday, my posts were as TonyCane. Whoever TC is, that's not me.


i like the potential of Ryan Tannehill, but if we want to have an SMART BUILD and obviously IF Jeff Idiotland has a little of brain then we´ll draft:

1st round. Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
2nd round. Jason Weeden QB Oklahoma State
3rd round. Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State
3rd round. Ronnel Lewis OLB Oklahoma
4th round. Jonathan Massaquoi DE Troy
5th round. Kelcie Mccray S Arkansas State
6th round. Pat Edwards WR Houston
7nd round. Jacquies Smith G Missouri

Any way we´ll have the worst league record this season and then next year we can draft Matt Berkley...

Why does it seem like we "have" to take a QB in the draft. IMO there are only two franchise QB in this draft and we aint getting either of them so why reach????? We have too many other holes to fill why waste the 8th pick on a project? We need starters with the first two maybe 3 picks.

Can someone tell me the phins draft order

Miami skips on Tannehill...Vikings take Claiborne and Matt Kalil drops to 8 to the dolphins.

I would not doubt that scenario.

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