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Source: Ross is not pushing for anyone

Last week, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland told the media he has pretty much made up his mind which player he wants to take in the first round of Thursday's NFL draft.

Well, if you believe this report in profootballtalk.com citing a league source, Ireland had better hope he picked Ryan Tannehill because otherwise he's going to be under a lot of pressure in the coming days. The report says "the man pushing hardest for Tannehill is owner Stephen Ross."

I have just had an e-mail exhcange with a very, very, very highly placed source within the Dolphins organization. In very colorful language the source tells me the profootballtalk.com report is not true.

I suppose it is now up to you to figure out what to believe.

The pft report suggests the reason Ross wants Tannehill is because "Ross needs to find a way for his team to stand out as it otherwise fades into the South Florida sports landscape.  Tannehill will make a difference in 2012.  If he fails, they’ll be no worse off in 2013 and beyond than they otherwise would have been."

Let me say this:

I can totally see Ross giving his opinion on players. He has done it in the past. My source, meanwhile, tells me Ross has not had any conversation with Jeff Ireland telling him which player to pick and that conversation will not happen, either.

Secondly, it's simply wrong to suggest the Dolphins drafting Tannehill will improve ticket sales in 2012. It will definitely not do so during the current period. It probably won't do so in training camp, either because everyone, including fans, know Tannehill is probably not going to start for Miami in 2012 even if he gets drafted -- at least not coming out of the gate. The kid is simply too raw to beat out veterans Matt Moore or David Garrard. So there's that.

Finally, pft says there's no guarantee that if Ross is pressing for Tannehill he'll get his way. Really? If Ross says draft Armando Salguero in the first round, Ireland will do that and try to make the case I have an under-rated arm. Trust me, whatever the owner wants, he gets.

In this instance, however, my source tells me the owner isn't telling the football people what he wants.

By the way, I may have not used enough verys earlier. Just saying.


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Using the first pick on a player that won't play in 2012 pretty much guarantees us finishing last in our division.

hard to believe

Probably the Vikings or Browns trying to drum up business for the 3rd or 4 pick in the draft. It's is Lying time right now, and I think most of the educated fans know this by now.

Top two WRs in the draft are Blackmon and Floyd. Get one of those two if possible. Otherwise, draft a defensive lineman - pass rusher to complement Wake.

That's a pretty quick denial. Must be hitting pretty close to the mark, usually the Dolphins say nothing. Ask them if they're trading Jake Long now?


Please Ross make Ireland draft a pass rusher and not a QB that just got your new OC fired and shouldn't see the field this year!

Check out Bleacher Report mock draft: Dolphins take Coples - Osweiler -McNutt 1-2-3

This garbage, miami needs to trade down to 22-30 and get more picks, this is the best draft in many yrs and that number 8 pick can get the dolphins at least 3 more high picks

NFL Network was talking about the Dolphins being the only team desperate enough to take Tannehil at #8.

Yeah, I just read that story. Thank you for investigating further.

It's why I usually read your blog first.

If Jeff drafted Jesus people on this blog would have something negative to say, they are like a baby crying for milk. Bill

By the way...who is that excited about Tannehill anyway? I mean that is another issue altogether; aside from him riding the bench this season, why would anyone buy a ticket even if he did start? He is not a star. Like getting excited when Henne was signed. give me a break.

That's great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This tells me Ross is finally figuring out That it isnt a shiney new quick fix that will put more fannies in the seats. It putting together "A TEAM", not the "A-TEAM", That will win in the long haul.

I've suffered 15yrs of watching this mangled piece of crap too. That's why, stick a fork in me I'm done, dotn want anymore failed quick fix attempts. 15yrs of mostly mediocrity hasnt taught you? Well it has me.

It aint a sexy pick, but best long haul moves usually arent, so say yes to David DeCastro as our newest 1st rd pick. Say yes, to Kirk Cousins, as our newest 2nd rd pick. To win championships we'll have to be in it for the long haul.

Weaknesses usually rear thier ugly heads during playoffs and sb appearances. You dont force your will on opponents unless first foundationally superior. Or your opponent has to be mince meat quality.

Well we shall see what comes of it in a few days here guy's. Speculation will be over finally


Cox, Gilmore?

Heck we can all throw possibilities up until the cows come home. Its a "possibility" we could draft a 7th rd pick at #8. Its just that we usually call them busts.

It's not about possibities, its about making the right pick. We can draft the "dynamic picks" until the cows come home. But in the end, we'll always seem to fall short of winning that elusive championship title, always wondering what is it that we're still missing.

But Im sure there are some here who would settle for that. Im just happy it isnt me. Draft David DeCastro, then Kirk Cousins now!

Thanks for clearing that up Mando. If the PFT report was true (that a businessman who also happens to own the team is telling NFL scouts who to draft) it would be disastrous for the organization. The owner should NEVER make football decisions, and certainly not this type of decision.

Bill, you are right, Jesus would be a bad pick... He's got terrible hands and feet, that robe thingy trips him up all the time, he cannot fasten both snaps on his chin strap because of that beard, oh yeah...and he can't hit the A gap fast enough. Moses would be the better pick because if he can part the seas he should be able to part Bellicheat's D...great observation my friend...
Wassup YG, how you be

By the way, Armando has never used the words "very, very, very, highly placed source" to describe a source. If I had to guess, Armando's source is Stephen Ross.

And if it isn't Ross, it's Jeff Ireland. That's why Armando used three "verys," because he is getting info from someone with direct knowledge of this issue.

Stephen Ross has to know that if these types of reports are getting around league circles, it will scare away many potential coaches and GMs. I think he understands that, which is why I don't think he is going to force Ireland to do anything.

Forget about Tany, Copples, DeCastro, and all the others, we need more picks and Weeden who is NFL ready.

GM...nope, Mando has a remote controlled cockroach. He steers it into Ross's office during meetings and phone calls. Com'on man, it's 2012, technology man!

Furthermore, no one should be buying season tickets to see Tannehill because the smart fans know he may not play a down this year, as Armando pointed out. So he won't be a factor this year.

Tanny will be around in round two.. Any takers on that bet? I've seen many other better players slip further than that in past years.. Tanny makes it to round two for sure!


Some of you dont realize it, but, building a great oline in itself will add more scoring to our offense.

Some say, Jake Long doesnt score points, Pouncey doesnt score points. That true, but add another high calibre olineman(DeCastro) to the Long/Pouncey mix, and we've just paved the way to a whole lot more scoring in 2012 and beyond.

How much easier will a qb's job become, whoever it is, that has these 3 pitbulls on the leash? The rb, the recievers? These 3 beasts equal more time for the qb to pass, more time for recievers to get open, and consistently more holes and wider holes for rb's to run thru.

Lets not forget, more time for our defense to rest on the sidelines. Never underestimate the beastiality of a "truly great oline".

He guys, how many picks can the Dolphins net from #8?. Give me a number.


Doing great man! LOL

Anways, Jesus woudl make a great reciever. Did you see how close he keeps those hands in prayer? He would never drop a ball.

Wow, I would love to have Moses playing center, can you imagine him parting defenses like that for our rb's? Another great thing about Jesus, in winning championships, we would never have to pay for champagne. If he can turn water to wine, Im sure he could turn it into champagn too. LOL


Great idea! Lets get more picks and just select more inferior players.

One question tony, you are by no means associated with the Jets, are you? Dont mean any harm, just checking. LOL


Jesus performed an awful lots of miracles with those hands. We couild really need a wr like that! LOL


Why don't you tell us how two weeks ago you sneered at the idea of taking oline first round? All that salary cap nonsense you spewed. Or do you prefer to make believe you never said it?

Their is only 1 way they can sell more tickets. They need to win real football games!

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If I didn't have a life, I would go back and find your posts, but you know as well as I do what you said.

You are pitiful. You can make believe otherwise, but it won't change anything.

Phins don't need a meddling owner like Al Davis or Jerry Jones.

His only meddling should be to fire Ireland at the end of year if the team doesn't make it to the playoffs.

Then again there might not be any Super Bowl in 2013 assuming the world ends on 12/21/12.

Flop Flipper,

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Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 23, 2012 at 12:02 AM

This is coming from someone who changed his screen name to avoid embarrassment, only it was too obvious it was the same fraud character.

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Pretty easy logic:

If your first round draft pick is a guy who won't play that year, it is exactly, EXACTLY the same as having no first round pick. Do you agree? Even more if NOBODY has the certainty that this kid will be NFL worth. Had Barkley decided to enter the draft, he would be 2nd round material as far as I've read.

Certainly not an easy position for Ireland, but I'd take it in a second together with his salary of millions of dollars.

Winning or at least looking like the organization is trying is the only way to increase sales. Some teams ( Dallas, NE, Pitt, etc) may not win or be competitive every year but it's obvious they are trying to win. Trying to get new talent and veteran talent. I don't get that feel with our team.

Unless Fireland wakes up from a COMA __ my spider sense is telling me Fireland will take another 300lb + player, alllll this talk about him knowing who and when to draft that player, there's nooooo surprise here !!! To Fireland drafting skill players is finding them in Free Agency !

Mike, the word is Odin-Stink schooled you yesterday. Is that true?

Posted By: Odins "Bloated" Liver [ April 22, 2012 at 7:47 PM

He didn't school me. I wiped the floor with his azzz.

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It would be great if this blog was about football and not verbal attacks on people. Also insulting nicknames like fireland aren't funny they are annoying to read. Saying a stupid nickname multiple times in a post doesn't make it funnier. Go phins

YG, be careful, if you expose Bloated Flip Flopper as the blog hit troll Armando will mysteriously start deleting your posts.

Did you see him totally get busted earlier having a three way conversation with himself and forgetting to change his sign in name?

Freaking Hilarious!

Tannehill Sucks. There, there's your football talk Armando. Now quit deleting the evidence of your blog hit troll busting himself. It's good entertainment. Everybody here thinks it funny and he deserves it for screwing with everyone.

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Posted by: FlopFlipper | April 23, 2012 at 12:09 AM

You little herped lipped blow hole, you never learn do you? Pathetic Coward!

Salguero's arm and writing skills are overated(football talk ;)

Who cares about this petty BS. Let's talk football

3 more days till the draft. Come on football

OK, Pirate,

Whats on your mind?

Do you have any mock draft scenario's of your own?

Who would you take at 8 out the guys that will MOST LIKELY still be available?

Please god i hope cleveland takes tannehill how can we be even thinking about drafting him at 8 hes had 19 freakin starts at qb and was a wr before that!

I would like to see Miami take a pass rusher to offset wake or a blockbuster wr some where early. A good qb can be grabbed in the second round. Or Mia can trade for mallet or a qb that already did a yr on the bench. Matt Moore isn't a super star but hes more exciting and less robotic than Henne. So he'll do for this yr at least. Bess is a solid # 3 wr. Hartline hasn't become what he can be. We need a true #1 wr

Oderick and misi haven't done anything to help wake out. Both so far are busts

If we didn't have Dansby on the roster I would go MLB Kuechley hands down. I still would POSSIBLY with the intention of moving Dansby to ROLB/Pass Rush Backer behind Wake at DE.

Having said that, I would go:

1. Coples/Kuechley, Floyd in that order.

2. WR Stephen Hill.

3. At three I would hope for Cousins or tey and manufacture a trade up(ala Daniel Thomas)to get him.

3b. OG/OT Kelechi Osemele. He's worse than a Freak Monster!

4. Nigel Bradham SOLB Fla. St. A tackling machine thats GREAT in coverage. All the right intangables for a SOLB>

Dolphins struggling to keep season-ticket base at 30,000

Posted by Mike Florio on April 22, 2012, 4:35 PM EDT

Mentioned within a compelling editorial from Dan LeBatard of the Miami Herald regarding the struggles of the Dolphins is a compelling piece of news regarding the challenges the team is facing at the box office.

Per LeBatard, the team currently is “laboring” to keep the season-ticket base at 30,000.

In contrast, the team had roughly 60,000 season-ticket holders from 1995 through 2005.

It’s a stunning fall from grace for a franchise that is now struggling to be noticed among the other sports teams in its own town. And it’s a downward spiral that could continue indefinitely, unless and until the Dolphins find a way to win on a consistent basis.


The latest RUMORS out of Cleve is that they prefer Cousins over Tannehill Head to Head.

I don't know if the phins can get anything for Daniel Thomas. He was hurt a lot and when in didn't do much. It can be argued the line didn't help much but still he was less than impressive.

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