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Source: Ross is not pushing for anyone

Last week, Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland told the media he has pretty much made up his mind which player he wants to take in the first round of Thursday's NFL draft.

Well, if you believe this report in profootballtalk.com citing a league source, Ireland had better hope he picked Ryan Tannehill because otherwise he's going to be under a lot of pressure in the coming days. The report says "the man pushing hardest for Tannehill is owner Stephen Ross."

I have just had an e-mail exhcange with a very, very, very highly placed source within the Dolphins organization. In very colorful language the source tells me the profootballtalk.com report is not true.

I suppose it is now up to you to figure out what to believe.

The pft report suggests the reason Ross wants Tannehill is because "Ross needs to find a way for his team to stand out as it otherwise fades into the South Florida sports landscape.  Tannehill will make a difference in 2012.  If he fails, they’ll be no worse off in 2013 and beyond than they otherwise would have been."

Let me say this:

I can totally see Ross giving his opinion on players. He has done it in the past. My source, meanwhile, tells me Ross has not had any conversation with Jeff Ireland telling him which player to pick and that conversation will not happen, either.

Secondly, it's simply wrong to suggest the Dolphins drafting Tannehill will improve ticket sales in 2012. It will definitely not do so during the current period. It probably won't do so in training camp, either because everyone, including fans, know Tannehill is probably not going to start for Miami in 2012 even if he gets drafted -- at least not coming out of the gate. The kid is simply too raw to beat out veterans Matt Moore or David Garrard. So there's that.

Finally, pft says there's no guarantee that if Ross is pressing for Tannehill he'll get his way. Really? If Ross says draft Armando Salguero in the first round, Ireland will do that and try to make the case I have an under-rated arm. Trust me, whatever the owner wants, he gets.

In this instance, however, my source tells me the owner isn't telling the football people what he wants.

By the way, I may have not used enough verys earlier. Just saying.


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I didn't mean trade Daniel Thomas. I agree, couldn't get much.

I meant try to manufacture a trade up like Ireland did for Thomas, but do it for Cousins. If not, hopefully Weeden could still be there early 3rd(though I doubt it).

Odin I think that's a sound plan. I definitely agree that a pass rusher then wr then a qb. A lot of talent out there. I just don't want to see a OL grabbed first or a qb that may not be rdy for yrs

D Thomas was out a lot due to injury and that is a concern. But when he played I thought he ran very well. If he stays healthy, personally, I think all the DT bashers will be singing a different tune.


I agree on Thomas.

Wasn't thrilled when we drafted him. Especially the details of the trade.

But after checking him out more thoroughly(scouting reports, youtube clips, etc, etc)and saw some flashes I really started to like him.

I haven't given up on the guy and I really believe he could be an excellent 1-2 punch with Bush!

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I'm right there with you on NO O-Line in the first. There's just too much O-line talent in later rounds this year. I think this is one of the deepest O-line drafts in year and years.

Then when you consider ALL of our needs? I wouldn't do it.

Kelechi Osmele and Zebrie Sanders are BOTH talented MONSTERS that can be taken later. They're both versatile in that they can play Guard and Tackle.

There's alot of them this year, these two are my "ACORNS"-LOL.

That's it im done with this blog. For real this time. Only my 47 alter egos will remain. Plus I will give myself 48 hours to change my mind. I might be back. Doubt it though. I'm seriously serious.


You can see above why I talk to the impostor troll like I do. I can be here talking nothing but football with my fellow fans and they start up.

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Can you blame me?

You guys saying you dont want to see a olineman(DeCastro) drafted 1st rd, dont know it but, what youre really saying is:

I dont want to see my favorite team built to do great things in the long haul. What youre really saying is yes to dick teasing yourselves for about the next 5 years. You'll get plaenty of hard ons, but, you'll never get laid.

Isnt that what dick teasers do?

This draft has several good o lineman A good one can easily grabbed in the third round

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Posted By: Odins "Bloated" Liver [ April 22, 2012 at 7:47 PM

He didn't school me. I wiped the floor with his azzz.

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I dont want to see an olineman drafted 1st rd either. But, I do want to see a pro bowl calibre rg(DeCastro) drafted 1st rd.

That would give us 3 pro bowl to all-pro calibre olinemen(Long, Pouncey, DeCastro) and a true foundation to having arguably the greatest oline in pro football.

With these 3, all you need is 2 more average to above average olinemen and still have a great oline. These 3 will make the other two wanna play above thier talent levels just in honor of playing with these 3. No one would wanna be considered the "weak link".

Ya I can see what you are saying Odin. Sorry to see somebody with intelligence leave and people who think "fireland" is clever. Or people who think if you draft a qb you win. Sorry. Defense wins you games. If you have a decent qb you can go far with a good d. Trent dilfer and brad Johnson have SB rings cause of this.


You can have your opinion and we can have ours.

We're not saying anything at all about dik teasing.

What were saying is that very good to even GREAT offensive lineman can be found anywhere at anytime.

Dwight Stepheson was the 48th pick of 2nd round in 1980.

Larry Little went undrafted in 1967.

Nobody suspected they would both make the Hall Of Fame.

Sure DeCastro is definitely the best PROSPECT at Guard. But it doesn't mean he's the only one that will play at a high level.


The great defense thing is true. But consider Tampa and that Ravens D were built on the heels of many top 5-10 defensive players.

They were able to draft these guys because they sucked and picked in the top 5-10 for so many seasons. We havent been unfortunate/fortunate to turn this trick. So forget about us having that type of D.

Our focus should be to have a great offense built on a great oline foundation. With Long and Pouncey were halfway there. DeCastro would finish it off as far as having 3 great olinemen.

Defensively, our focus should be to be borderline great. With a great offensive helping keep that type of D off the field. Statistically I guarantee you we'll end up with a perrenially top 5 rated defense.

Get the O-line set up now for Matt Barkley next year and try to fill defensive needs later in the draft. Then get into position to make your QB pick in 2013. It's going to cost you... but losing is more costly over time. Otherwise the Dolphins will struggle for years like they have been. You must have pass protection for any QB to perform good or great. PERIOD! Tannehill is not going to play this year anyway. I like him in alot of ways but I would pass on him if I could get in shape to get Barkley next year with a solid O-line pick now. GOOD LUCK

Great defenses are usually defenses that dont spend a great amount of time on the playing field. A great offense that forces it will on the opposing defense, running and passing the ball, can really help to make a defense look statistically great.

Having an offense like that begins with having a great oline.


Don't get me wrong either. I would be PUMPED over landing DeCastro. I feel what you're saying too, Long, Pouncey, Decastro and EVEN Cogs would great with those guys around.

With Jerry looking as good as he did last year filling in for Long!

I DEFINITELY wouldn't be against DeCastro.


Not only passing, but imagine Reggie Bush looking like OJ SImpson, when Simpson ran for 2003yds during a "14 game" season.

We have a lethal weapon in Bush. Imagine being able to spring him past the linebackers on a more consistent basis. Bush getting to the 2nd level of defense and its just a foot race to the end zone. I love Bush's chances to win a lot of those.


Jerry could be plugged in at RT next to DeCastro. DeCastro is our missing link to have a truly great oline. I so wished everyone could see this.

A great oline makes your defense better without adding one player. They'll spend a little less time on the field because we would win most time of possesion on offense against our opponents. Plus they'll be much fresher as the season wears on.

I dont care how great your players are on defense, if theyre spending too much time on the field, eventually they wear down then out too.


I prefer Odie if you're going that route-lol.

Anyway, it's hard to argue against your..........Argument.

I agree and would love having DeCastro.

I just SOOOOOOOOOOOO want another pass rusher to help Wake cripple Brady.

It'll definitely be interesting to see what Ireland does with all the Infinite Wisdom.

If your oline is so good your qb can consistently have 2nd and 4's or 2nd and 3's. Now your offense dictates to the defense whether it passes or runs on 2nd down. Thats what's called "having a defense on it's heels". It makes playing the qb position much easier.

That's what a great oline can help you do. You guys saying you watched the sb era dolphins should remember this crap. You saw 1st hand what a dominant oline can do for you. Are you all suffering from dimensia?


Draftind a pass rusher #8 isnt looking to compliment Wake. Its looking to replace him. At #8, that guy better be better than Wake. #8 is wayyyyyyyyyyy overdrafting, to find a guy to compliment Wake. That's what you guys arent seeing.

You draft a pass rusher at #8 only when you dont have a pass rusher at all. LOL

With a sucky oline, you'll have lots of 2nd and 10's/ 2nd and 8's, reminds you guys of anything we've seen lots of the past 15yrs?

It hasnt been qb position alone that truly sucked. A great oline can make a below average qb look at least average. But a sucky oline can make even a great qb look average.




If ..Y E S
..then you have your answer.




*** C I R C U S *** !!!!




I saw you post before about linebackers and it does make sense.

But, like you said, If I went pass rusher at 8, I would be expecting him to eventually replace Wake. Until Wake starts fading, we'll have two dominant pass rushers that will reek havoc on Brady and every other QB we face.

There's nothing wrong with having two dominant pass rushers. Just ask the Steelers!

Im willing to bet we can win 9-10 games this season just by drafting DeCastro. Im willing to bet a great oline makes an average nfl qb like more look above average to borderline great.


Bruce Irvins is rated as a great pass rusher, but sucks against the run. He's available 3rd rd. He and Misi can split the position. Bring Irvins in on sure passing downs.

I mean, why not, we've already spent a 2nd rd pick on Misi. Spend a #8 on the position and we may as well cut Misi the day after the draft.

Like I said, Irvins gives us exactly what we're looking for, pass rush help. He comes a lot cheaper too. He's in that Charles Haley mold. Haley wasnt a 3 down olb neither. Didnt he make the hof? He was never known as a run stuffer.

Bruce Irvin Scouting Report Bruce Irvin - West Virginia (HT: 6-3 - WT: 245)Positives -- Exactly what you look for in terms of size and speed for a 3-4 outside linebacker... His first step is fantastic and any wasted motion by an offensive tackle means that Irvin will be right around him... Has the strength to bull rush also, catches some tackles off guard when he goes right for them

instead of around like most scouting reports and film lead them to believe... Uses leverage very well, knows he's outweighed by players and his superior athleticism allows him to be the low man... Once he puts it all together 12-13 sacks a year isn't out of the question; just oozes of potential... Has had to earn every opportunity that he has received and is a better person for it... Immediate impact as a situational pass rusher... If a defensive coordinator can tap into his potential then he could be one of the better pass rushers in the league... Ran a 4.50-40 at the combine, was part of the defensive line grouping but only California's Mychal Kendricks ran faster than Irvin among linebackers

Read more: http://sidelinescouting.com/rankings/2012/olb/bruce-irvin/#ixzz1sqR79CTF

This guy can be available 3rd rd. Wake's perfect pass rush compliment! LOL

Just so long as whomever is drafted in the 1st round (or 2nd or 3rd) is a QB or WR or OL and isn't a bust - I will be happy. Looking at the schedule - the Dolphins should not be picking in the top 10 next year. If so 2012 will have been more disappointing than 2011.

I'm very worried about the offense. We lost Marshall, our only playmaker. Bush is not going to get anywhere near the yards he got last year unless we can upgrade the O. And no, bodies are not enough. We've been there, done that (i.e. Camarillo, Hartline).

I say draft that guard, or a wide receiver, or a tight end...somebody on O. Unless there are no great offensive players at 8, then at that point go D or trade down.

Our problem is not making a bad choice over one position or another, our problem has been that we suck at drafting at any position. If a computer was in charge of drafting, and picked BPA every year Parcells was here, we'd be in better shape than we are right now. It's when you guess and your scouting is crap, that you lose ground.

We're rebuilding, and installing a new scheme, no matter what anyone says. So just get good players that fit, period.

If the GM and coach want to draft Tannehill, they have to be aggressive in shooting down this kind of report because of all the negative perceptions an owner dictating what the team does has with the public and the locker room.

It could be argued a team below Miami is planting stories like this to make Miami not want to appear to be bowing to pressure from Ross, picking someone else so that Tannehill falls to them. All of these late reports have to be viewed through a conspiratorial prism.

with the dolphins issuing a quick and strong denial the report is probably true. they usually are silent.

This morning I decide to read (against my better judgement) another mock draft, the one by Pete Schrager of FoxSports.com. Don't ask me why.
Schrager pulls the trigger on, who else, Tannehill at #8 and goes on to say how he spoke w/Tannehill and thinks he's the real deal because he grilled him w/questions and was impressed w/the answers.
Then he goes on to pick Alshon Jefferys in the 2nd and Nate Potter in the 3rd for the Dolphins.
If he wanted to be credible w/ his first round pick of Tannehill he sure lost it with the other two picks. Jefferys was too inconsistent in college to warrant a 2nd round pick and, considering the depth at wide receiver, I doubt he goes in the 2nd and Potter, who was a 3rd round pick at one time has fallen from grace w/everyone and took a big dump. He's currently rated as the 16th best OT prospect and is expected to go in the 5th or 6th rd.
After making the Tannehill pick, Schrager ends with this jewel, "but what do I know. I thought Cam Newton was going to be a star."
Apparantly, not much.

I say forget about Reiff because we do have Long. Think about it. Long becomes a fa in 2013 if we dont get him resigned before seasons end. That will be a huge contract.

Pouncey's a 1st rd'er. It'll be a huge contract when time to resign him. So you cant take another potential huge contract on the oline by taking Reiff at #8. Its potential future salary cap suicide.

In 5-6yrs half of our overall salary cap would be tied up into 3 players and they're all offensive linemen. Albeit, Jake Long will be close to making his retirement speech.

However, if we do decide to make Reiff the #8 pick, I will be looking for some sort of sign and trade deal for Jake Long. Reiff is a true LT, just doesnt make since to have both he and Long at what it would cost, plus have the expensive Pouncey. Economically we wouldnt be able to keep them all together on any kind of longterm basis because of the salary cap.

Not if we want to stay competive at other positions on the team.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 29, 2012 at 12:27 AM

More proof YG DB IS FOS

3 weeks ago YG DB ridiculed several times suggestions at taking oline, now he likes oline. I won't bother to dig up the rest of his posts.

In this day and age of bosses seeing emails, we can discount any email. High up could be the tall janitor that empties waste baskets on the top floor.

When Ireland picks, I think we are in for a surprise either way. Everyone is starting to think about what we really need and we all know it isn't a qb that is going to ride the pine for 2 seasons. Or we could get good ol Columbo and Wade back for another season of "Run by the Turnstile".

Just don't understand the logic behind getting an o-lineman (although would love Decastro or even trading up for Kahlil) with the #8 pick when you had both Erick Winston and Carrol Nicks available in free agency. Salaries would've been compatible give or take. Then with that hole filled in free agency they could've taken a playmaking receiver or pass rusher. Just don't get it! Anyway, by reading these reports it seems that Weeden is the more ready to play now in the NFL.

Thanks for rebutting that bozo Florio at PFT. The man despises the Fins and attacks on a daily basis. The Sun-Sentinel took the low road and reported Florio's garbage as a news item (even Florio labels it the "Rumor Mill". Oh, the sorry state of journalism today.

Well.....If a PAID REPORTER said it....you know...someone that gets PAID to REPORT....then it must be true....

How can there possibly conflicting reports on this subject....it doesn't makes sense to me....

If a PAID REPORTER say that Ross will influence the decision....then how can ANOTHER PAID REPORTER contradict bthe 1st PAID REPORTER......

This world is so topsy-turvy.....

DC DOLFAN.....when you get up......please explain this to me.......

The iluminati has got me so mixed up......

Armando is a paid reporter too. Anything you read online is by a paid writer. ESPN, PFT, SI, nothing but a dog and pony show of guesswork to keep the fans attention.

If you broke down their mock picks success by percentages, it wouldn't even be 3 percent correct.

Gossip Central....

Thanks for the break down.....

Armando, Thanks for this article. Mike Florio has an excellent web site but he clearly does not like the Dolphins and Stephen Ross. If you read the posts overtime in PFT that is clear. PFT excentuates the negatives of the Dolphins and leaves off the positives. Mike Florio and Peter King are both about getting national attention and the Dolphins are a very easy target because they have been horrible since Huizenga gave power to three coaches that took the money and ran; Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and Bill Parcells. So much for recruiting a big name coach. Joe Philbin is a perfect hire because he will mentor Ross and Ireland on the model the Packers used and build his own reputation

If they do pick Tannehill and he flops and say another pick that they pass on blows up then it would definitely make them worse seeing how competition got better and the dolphins stayed stagnant

I did what gossip central suggested and checked out Mando's mock draft last year. He didn't have one.

All he did was predict the Dolphins would take Pouncey in the first round and trade back into the second round for Daniel Thomas.

He did better than 3 percent, I would say.

So much for your theory gossip central.

The source for that report was Mike Florio. Read his original post on this subject. The man is the king of unsubstantiated rumors. He hates the Dolphins and would do anything to make them look bad.

Florio's website is crap.


I suggest you retake high school math. One mock by one person does not make a sample when there are 100 mocks out there.

Add them all up over the last ten years, and you will see your interpretation blows as well as your mouth.


I don't know why the READING CHALLENGED come on a site....when READING COMPREHENSION is a requirement.....lol....

Gossio Central used the word THEIR...and NOT the name ARMANDO when talking about mock drafts (you know...the gist of your WHOLE POST)......

#1 rule of posting FIN HEAVEN....respond to what is written....NOT what you IMAGINE...if you CAN'T do that....i suggest you find another hobby.....

This draft should be all about getting immediate impact skill players including WR, TE, DE/OLB, FS. If they select a QB then it likely will be someone who will take a year or two to develop.

There is no need to get vile, gossip central. I didn't mean to prove that you are a total buffoon spewing odd and unsubstantiated stupidities. Proceed with your retard rants and attacks on other posters as one of your other many screen names. Have fun :) you analhole.

Kris, Armando is one of the "their" Gossip was speaking about. But thank you for the posting advice. I have advice for you: Mind your own business.

Finheaven, see the posts at 8:32 and 8:34. Please don't come back until you can comprehend them.

Finheaven, last but not least, judging by your name, this may not be the site you are looking for....

Gossip, you don't run this site. So you don't determine when people come back or don't.

It's the media that has hyped up Ryan Tannehill. He is not a 1st round pick. The Dolphins have a lot of options and the there are other QB's they should consider in the later rounds. Jeff Ireland is playing this right and I think will get the best player they can at 8 if they dont trade the pick.

...Meanwhile ....

I really think Gilmore is a possibility. Like him.





THEIR BRIAN POWER................

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