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Tannehill still seems like the pick

One hour from the start of the 2012 NFL draft -- by 21st that I'm covering, by the way -- and every indication continues to point to the Dolphins picking Ryan Tannehill.


Who you got that's better? No seriously, who is better that will potentially be available at the No. 8 overall selection?

Hear my heart, I am not trying to convince you that Tannehill is the best player for the Dolphins. I am merely trying to explain what the Dolphins may be thinking. That is that there is no shining talent that is likely to be available at No. 8 that is a must-pick guy.

Mark Barron? Is he Ed Reed?

He's not even a free safety. He's a strong safety.

Quinton Coples? He's not Julius Peppers. Sorry.

Luke Kuechly? I love the kid. He's going to be a fine player. But the Dolphins have Karlos Dansby and this is a team that never won anything with great inside linebackers like Zach Thomas or John Offerdahl on the roster. Inside linebackers have to be all-time talents such as Ray Lewis to make a big difference and even then they need help all around.

David DeCastro? A guard? At No. 8. Not a value.

You guys know I love Fletcher Cox. I was the first in South Florida to suggest him as a possible pick by Miami. But he's so good, he might not be around when Miami picks.

I would consider Morris Claiborne as a potential difference-maker and so would the Dolphins, but it's unlikely he'll be there.

Bottom line, the quarterback with the potential to be a franchise player -- regardless of the fact he won't be that his first season in the league -- is the logical pick. It may not be right. But it is logical.

Let's see what happens.

I'll be in the comments section as the draft begins. Join me there. 


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first ...couple

I don't think Tannehil is worth the risk @ 8. If Barkley and maybe even Landry were declared we wouldn't even be talking about Tannehil getting picked so high. That really is a prayer pick. They should trade out or get the best defensive player available. I think there is going to be defensive talent @ 8. I would even take one of the WR's (Blackmon/Floyd)before taking Tannehil at that spot. The Fins could then take a prayer on a qb later at a much lower risk. I believe Tannehil belongs in that second tier group of qbs.

tannehill is the pick. browns gave up 3 picks to move up one spot to make sure they get richardson


We need one of the three Arkansas WR, Adams, Wright, or Childs!!

if we waste a draft pick on a QB later than the first, all we will read about for the next year is that "fanchise " QB only have a curtain percentage of making it if not drafted in the first and all the other garbage we all have been reading about since Henne and prior. If we are going to gamble on a QB I'll take the far better odds. Trade down to 14 or 15 and if Tanny is still there take him.

Trading down and still getting Tanehill will make my draft! Better yet, somehow obtaining a 1st next yr and giving them both to trade up for Barkeley.... Ok, I have to wake up now..

Tanehil will NOT be the pick.....if he is...we might as well let the MEDIA dfaft the rest of our players as well....

It smells like Dolphins are going to trade down

The FO even has Armando fooled. No way they pick Tannehill. Wait and see.....


Is Cleveland for sure going for Trent Richardson with #3 now?

I don't hear anyone bashing Cleveland for giving up 4 picks to move up only 1 spot. Ireland got crucified giving up 3 picks to move up a whole round.

Spielman is on the phone!!!! Someone trade up with us PLEASE!!

I agree Jus sayin,

I think Browns are crazy for trading that much for just one spot

They have WAY too many needs

what's up Mando, no draft day live blog??

im on the Tannnehill wagon, i belive he has it all. i also think he wont have to sit as long as most think, he plays in a very complex system at A&M and he is a very smart kid (premed), its time to take a chance.

Well we are well less than a hour till we start the draft. So I'm going to say once more my "HOPES" for this draft in the illogical belief that it might actually happen. No I've never coached in the NFL or even college but I'm not the usual clueless football fan that seems to post on this site (no I'm not talking about all of the posters). I coached football for 12 years including at the high school level and have a high school State Championship ring to show for it. Does that make me an expert. Well No. But I can certainly tell by reading this blog for years now that I'm much more logical when it comes to football matters than at least most of the posters.
As such I will say to those that want yet ANOTHER offensive lineman chosen in the 1st or even 2nd you are living in the past. Yes the OL is very important, especially in the PAST, but it's just not the foundation requirement that it used to be. For those that want the pass rusher, well as a Defensive Coordinator who as had MANY shutouts and even an ENTIRE season without a TD given up by his first string defense because I believed the BEST way to combat the pass was to committ as many rushers has it took to chase the QB and better yet put him on his back, I tell you that too is no longer as logical in today's NFL. The local team does this better than pretty much anyone in the NFL has for YEARS. Baltimore, and they even have a pretty darn FINE OL, but yet they still can't win the big one. Why? Easy because today's NFL is at LEAST 80% about the QUARTERBACK. I just couldn't believe the way some talked up Flacco. He has never impressed me, EVEN when he was beating us in our ONLY playoff game in a DECADE. He's a nice Backup and that's ALL.
The same for Henne, and I've always thought that (NOT a leader and terrible decision maker) and Matt Moore too (in spite of the fact that he was good enough to cost us the chance to get a VERY HIGH PROBABILTY TRULY FRANCHISE QB Luck or RGIII). And Garrand, him too, though I think that Jacksonville showed ignorance in cutting him last year. There are just WAY too few even decent QB's in the NFL.
So after all that what is my hope for later today and this weekend? First the Dolphins use their 1st round on a QB. Either Ryan with the 8th or trade down to later in the 1st and get Weeden. Yes I know I too am not completely sold on Ryan but there are decent odds there. And I know that Weeden is "old" but there to there are even better than decent odds, as he says he's a WINNER, and so what if we "only" get SEVERAL years out of him. How many good QB years have we had in over a decade? But wait I'm not done. Then after using the 1st on a QB they then in the 4th or 5th round get Russell Wilson Wisconsin's QB. Yes I know he's short. But he's a LEADER, he's SMART, he's ACCURATE and ATHLETIC. This guy in spite of his shortness (WOW he's less than 2 freaking inches shorter than Brees), has better than decent odds at some REAL succuess in the NFL.
The Dolphins do that and I TRULY believe that before training camp is over Delvin is GONE. Garrand is GONE. And Moore isn't starting before the end of the season.
There is no sure fire path to get the Dolphins back to the team it once was, both respected and FEARED. But the above is Logical because it plays some very decent odds.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/04/most-likely-draft-pick-in-round-one-ryan-tannehill-as-i-wrote-in-my-column-today-he-simply-makes-the-most-sense-for-a.html#storylink=cpy

The best scenario for me will be get Blackmont in the first and Weeden in the second. Very unlike. So the second best scenario for me will be Cox in the first and Vinny Curry in the second

They could take a QB with every pick + it would be less egregious than the 12 picks of the immortal Cleo Lemon, AJ Feeley, Eddie Moore, Jamar Fletcher-instead of Drew Brees-Culpper instead of Brees.

I hope we get QB, receiver, DB, RB and CB-Go Dolphins!!!!!!

Tannehill is not a franchise qb anyway. Trade down please! Dont take a qb just for the sake of taking a qb. Yeah they need one but not henne jr. tannehill was 6 and 6 last year with 15 picks. If ireland takes him it is going to get him fired not have his contract extended!


Spielman!! Really? The man who traded away for Philly's 3rd string qb is now making good fb moves!!! I'm glad he could learn his job while wrecking our team!!

What's up folks? The draft has begun.

Dear God,

PLEASE have the Commish call Floyd, Barron or Trade Back with the 8th pick!!!

Thank you.


Hi Mandito!

Brownies still have like 10 picks on this draft. They won't even feel the lost picks until 4th round, if at all.

Still hopin' we trade a little down to get Decastro plus one additional 2nd rounder.

I just tweeted that it will be interesting to see where Matt Kalil goes because if he's there at No. 8 it's going to get CRAZY!

Armando, you should be doing some exercises in between picks.

Boos? Too many jet fans in the building...

I just ate a brownie, Darren.

Tanne please!

This just in: Andrew Luck LOVES Coke...LOVES IT!!!

Khalil available at 8 will net us a 1st rounder next yr.. No way in heck he makes it past 6th..

Way to go on PFT Mando, you did great!!

Tannehill= arron rogers

What's up with the booing? I HATE JET FANS!!

Mmm, brownie. Wait, what kind of brownie?


How about Floyd at #8?

Your thoughts?

Suprised you could fit a word in with that ego..

Forget the QB this year, Miami is trading down and won´t pick a QB.....

Way to go brother...


Years later and this blog it where it is at!


How are you doing? If we were to trade with Philly or Dallas do you think Tanny will still be there at those spots?

Tannehill= 1st pick next year

I'm willing to bet that ESPN will find a way to go to commercial when Miami picks, as they always do.

agreed ^^

I don't think Kalil will get past 5th, 6th at most if Vikings trade down one more time at the expense of the Jaguars. He is undoubtedly a great player and a desirable option for Dolphins at 8th, though.

Movin quick!!

trade up for blackmon or take floyd


F**k Deion, I am a FSU grad too.

I think they are still booing Goodell over the lockout last year.

what about Floyd with the 1st. pick for us and later in the second Cousins?

Sullys, there's a thinking that either KC or Seattle would be interested in Tannehill. I think the would have to be very confident in their information or be blown away by a trade offer to go lower than those.

Damn why didn't someone tell Brees that he's too short at 6 foot, and you need to be at least 6' 2" to be an NFL QB, that he needs to stop playing before he broke Dan the Man's record.

i like that also tony

Does sayn "Addidas made them for me, but I can't brand them" brand them?


what you doing, man?

thanks for coming here tonight.

I just ate a Dorito Taco.
Highly recommend.

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