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Tannehill still seems like the pick

One hour from the start of the 2012 NFL draft -- by 21st that I'm covering, by the way -- and every indication continues to point to the Dolphins picking Ryan Tannehill.


Who you got that's better? No seriously, who is better that will potentially be available at the No. 8 overall selection?

Hear my heart, I am not trying to convince you that Tannehill is the best player for the Dolphins. I am merely trying to explain what the Dolphins may be thinking. That is that there is no shining talent that is likely to be available at No. 8 that is a must-pick guy.

Mark Barron? Is he Ed Reed?

He's not even a free safety. He's a strong safety.

Quinton Coples? He's not Julius Peppers. Sorry.

Luke Kuechly? I love the kid. He's going to be a fine player. But the Dolphins have Karlos Dansby and this is a team that never won anything with great inside linebackers like Zach Thomas or John Offerdahl on the roster. Inside linebackers have to be all-time talents such as Ray Lewis to make a big difference and even then they need help all around.

David DeCastro? A guard? At No. 8. Not a value.

You guys know I love Fletcher Cox. I was the first in South Florida to suggest him as a possible pick by Miami. But he's so good, he might not be around when Miami picks.

I would consider Morris Claiborne as a potential difference-maker and so would the Dolphins, but it's unlikely he'll be there.

Bottom line, the quarterback with the potential to be a franchise player -- regardless of the fact he won't be that his first season in the league -- is the logical pick. It may not be right. But it is logical.

Let's see what happens.

I'll be in the comments section as the draft begins. Join me there. 


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Floyd at #8?

KC is only threat... No way Seattle gets Tanehill w/ 2 high paid qb's on roster..

Call it just a hunch but I think that, if we don't go with Tannehill, we will draft Barron.

RGIII Coulda, Woulda, SHOULDA bend a Dolphin, NO Matter WHAT the price.

The pick has been in for about 15 min now, d'mon

Poor SOBs, they gor it worse thsn us...

Now it gets fun.....

This is going fast. Richardson to the Brownies.

Um, brownies ... YUM!

got it worse, LOL

Puck please no tanahill at 8 at 20 something I'm al for it!!!

Maybe we can get the other Browns running back when he gets cut...Hillis....

Hillis is in KC now


Movin, Movin Movin...

What a fiasco for Jim Brown the best running back in NFL history that Cleveland pick Richarson, after what Brown said....

Ohio, I don't think Floyd is a value at No. 8. Having said that, I know one scout who thinks he's the best WR in the draft.

I predicted some time ago that someone is going to "drop" into the Fins lap.

If its Kalil, do you trade him for picks or do you keep him and trade Long?

I really hope we dont take Tannehill. I'm telling you if we do we are going to pissed off next year when we are in the same position

Armando any rumor we trade down?

Better value than Tannehill at 8 Armando

Jacksonville trades up with Tampa Bay...

Trade back with Dallas...

I know Tanehill is the logical pick but I can't picture Ireland going the logical route. He just never does it. He always goes for "his" guys and goes against what everyone else is saying. He always goes against the Grain. So smart money says Tanehill but don't be surprised when it doesn't happen. Just sayin.

Love the rookie salary cap!!

Thanks Phins...I didn't know that....

Vikings select Kalil ... So much for him falling to the Dolphins.



Wish we had that cap in 2008..

How come all the hats are always a perfect fit? Is this thing rigged or what?

THIS IS RIDICUOUS! JACKS GOING TO GET THE ULTIMATE PLAYMAKER AND THEY DIDN'T OVERPAY. Browns are retarded, yes, they gave up three picks for nothing...but every Florida team is getting a sure thing playmaker at their position, and at best we are getting a 'project'. At worst, Ireland will draft another pass rusher or lineman that doesn't SCORE POINTS!

Gotta love highlights of offensive lineman!

I really hope we can trade down but still grab Tannehill. Want those extra picks!


so much for Kalil dropping to #8. It was going to be kalil or clairborne for vikings.

Oh thank God that Kalid is gone.

Thanks Armando

This is crazy............picks have been in 2 and 3 ahead of the TV coverage!

Past years we've had to wait the full 10 minutes at every spot!!!

Fins were on the phone about 30 minutes ago, but nothing right now. Obviously, I do not know who they were talking to.


Again, all jax gave up was a 7 and 4 and they get the best wr....makes me sick.

Dallas has traded up to No. 6. This is crazy.

Oh Well..

Dang!!! Dallas trades with Rams instead of us!!! Double dam!!!

Henne got a tremendus receiver

looks like Henne will have a reciver to throw to in Jax, he will be starting over gabbert (from what i seen of Gabbert) deer in the head lights

Dallas going to No. 6 obviously leaves the Dolphins out in the cold on a possible trade partner.

dallas moved to #6?

Trade down Baby!

So much for a 2nd 2nd...

Armando - why the trade up by cleveland? Couldn't they have had richardson without trading up????

Dallas = Clairborne???

Well if we stay at 8 I'm taking a drink to hope someone takes tannahill first... I just not sure he is our answer...

Imimiunts, y u so angry? Haven't even had our pick yet... No way we were giving up picks when we have so many needs!! Need to trade down not up!


Cowboys will take Morris Claiborne.

Why Armando, we can trade with Arizona, Philly,Seattle

Clairborne to #8???

Tony, I said most likely trade partner.

Quizzical, Tampa was gonna trade up to grab him...

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