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Tannehill still seems like the pick

One hour from the start of the 2012 NFL draft -- by 21st that I'm covering, by the way -- and every indication continues to point to the Dolphins picking Ryan Tannehill.


Who you got that's better? No seriously, who is better that will potentially be available at the No. 8 overall selection?

Hear my heart, I am not trying to convince you that Tannehill is the best player for the Dolphins. I am merely trying to explain what the Dolphins may be thinking. That is that there is no shining talent that is likely to be available at No. 8 that is a must-pick guy.

Mark Barron? Is he Ed Reed?

He's not even a free safety. He's a strong safety.

Quinton Coples? He's not Julius Peppers. Sorry.

Luke Kuechly? I love the kid. He's going to be a fine player. But the Dolphins have Karlos Dansby and this is a team that never won anything with great inside linebackers like Zach Thomas or John Offerdahl on the roster. Inside linebackers have to be all-time talents such as Ray Lewis to make a big difference and even then they need help all around.

David DeCastro? A guard? At No. 8. Not a value.

You guys know I love Fletcher Cox. I was the first in South Florida to suggest him as a possible pick by Miami. But he's so good, he might not be around when Miami picks.

I would consider Morris Claiborne as a potential difference-maker and so would the Dolphins, but it's unlikely he'll be there.

Bottom line, the quarterback with the potential to be a franchise player -- regardless of the fact he won't be that his first season in the league -- is the logical pick. It may not be right. But it is logical.

Let's see what happens.

I'll be in the comments section as the draft begins. Join me there. 


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Go tanne...guys take a CHANCE on the future for once !




just drafted a tannehill


Great pick

Yay...This is Ross'pick...No doubt...

SOB why?????!!!!!!!!!

Well for better or worse the 30 year string is broken.

Say Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Good. FINALLY a 1st round QB. Take the chance until you get it right.

Listen to the boos in the crowd.

Let the complaining begin.

Oh well.. Couldnt trade down!! I'm a glass half full kinda guy so I'll trust Sherman knows more football than I do..


This is the best pick Ireland has had in a long time, and it says that mike Sherman believes in Ryan, and we are blessed with the closest rookie -oc scouting and coaching in a long time, if ever.

I do like the fact that he's a coaches son.. I'm still just wondering who are QBs are going to throw to

Future will tell,,,,,


Well, 3 more seasons of not having a quarterback.

#1 dolphin fan Montreal is a dumb ass no doubt

I say, if Cousins falls into the 3rd we should grab him as well.

He will learn. From the best teachers in the game.

Great Pick....just do it..!!!!

This could be the beginning of something....he may be GREAT....we had to make that pick...that means Sherman wants him....thats all I need to know

Good for us. Sit him for a tear, like Carson Palmer was in Cincy.


This is a great pick! Wants Blackmon, but nobody knows their qb the way our oc does, not as a rookie. Does anyone doubt that?


Say bye-bye to Matt Moore at end of the season. Tannehills your 2013 starting qb, ready or not! Rotflmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayock...he was the 19th player on my board. Well if he stinks at QB, maybe he can be switched to WR.

Let the stess begin...


THERE'S the WR we needed WTF

no Matt Barkley now

We manage to leave the ONLY team to draft a NON-STATER @ #8....

and some of you guys come on here to GLOAT about this....foolish....

This was the most telegraphed pick I can remember. I just hope it was the right one.

Don't sit him a year! This is our 8 pick, he can't and should NOT learn from Moore....did dalton sit? Newton? Newton had similar amount of starts. Let him learn by PLAYING.

The future is starting today. Listen to Mel Kiper Jr,. make me sick.

Now take Russell Wilson in the 4th or 5th, THAT would Maximize there chances for a return to the Greatness

to be....


Yesterday..!...I respect your opinion but Decastro was never going to be a difference maker ....we need to ROLL the DICE....and we have...If Sherman and Philbin want Tanne then we gotta go with it...it will define them now....

New blog post is up. Please go there.

Tannehill! Man I hope this kid is good!

number 8 pick and still more questions than answers. complete waste. gaping holes everywhere and we pick a project!

These guys know how to develope a QB. These guys know him the best and wouldn't hang their coaching future on this guy if they didn't believe. Make no mistake about it they are tied to him.

To all you haters the typical idiot fin fans I'm talking to you. This is what we needed he has lots of upside and he is comfortable in the system. He will be solid for us.

Oh Kris, it's not gloating. Don't you support your team? You should WANT this guy to succeed. This is the future of the team now. And what about Moore? Isn't he capable enough for a rebuild year?

Of course Kuechly was the next pick. If Tannehill is the real deal it won't matter.

Lets all take the time to remember who was on which side of the fence...

Moore will outplay Tannehill

Groomer QB with 19 starts at #8???? Really?

Hows that working out for the Jets?

No Cheers!!!!

Guy's lets finnaly get behing a dolphin QB, no matter your oppinion this kid is a dolphin QB, we need to show support. LETS GO TANNY

I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

you dont pick at number 8 for them to be 'solid'!!!

Does anyone else see Henne all over again or is that just me being paranoid?

we need impact not raw and potential

Sell upside at #8?? WTH?

You get PRODUCTION at #8!

The Bills are now going to take Cox, Ingram or Coples and they are going to have the best d-line in the east. More years in the cellar because they choose a 3 year project. The remainder of this draft better be great, otherwise it's the cellar.

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