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Tannehill still seems like the pick

One hour from the start of the 2012 NFL draft -- by 21st that I'm covering, by the way -- and every indication continues to point to the Dolphins picking Ryan Tannehill.


Who you got that's better? No seriously, who is better that will potentially be available at the No. 8 overall selection?

Hear my heart, I am not trying to convince you that Tannehill is the best player for the Dolphins. I am merely trying to explain what the Dolphins may be thinking. That is that there is no shining talent that is likely to be available at No. 8 that is a must-pick guy.

Mark Barron? Is he Ed Reed?

He's not even a free safety. He's a strong safety.

Quinton Coples? He's not Julius Peppers. Sorry.

Luke Kuechly? I love the kid. He's going to be a fine player. But the Dolphins have Karlos Dansby and this is a team that never won anything with great inside linebackers like Zach Thomas or John Offerdahl on the roster. Inside linebackers have to be all-time talents such as Ray Lewis to make a big difference and even then they need help all around.

David DeCastro? A guard? At No. 8. Not a value.

You guys know I love Fletcher Cox. I was the first in South Florida to suggest him as a possible pick by Miami. But he's so good, he might not be around when Miami picks.

I would consider Morris Claiborne as a potential difference-maker and so would the Dolphins, but it's unlikely he'll be there.

Bottom line, the quarterback with the potential to be a franchise player -- regardless of the fact he won't be that his first season in the league -- is the logical pick. It may not be right. But it is logical.

Let's see what happens.

I'll be in the comments section as the draft begins. Join me there. 


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Not since 1983-half the people on this blog were in elementary school when the Dolphins selected a 1st round pick as QB

Now receiver RB, CB, and Wakes partner/Taylor's replacement-Go Dolphins!

New post up

Why in the world would you pick a QB with the first pick this year. I hope he is great but looks to me like all we did was get a weaker Henne. Makes no sense.

Bad Start. You dont just pick a QB to be picking one. Much better QB's next season. anything before the 2nd was a waste. Now we are going to pay how much to watch him ride the bench for two years.

These idiots will probably trade Moore or cut him. Not a good start, but he is part of the team so I hope he proves many of us wrong.

Go Dolphins!!

Finally our brass is showing some stones!!!!

so close... If they were going to pass on Kuechly atleast it's the guy they wanted in Tannehill. I'm sure they were planning this for a while.

There won't be anymore QBs coming off the board for Miami. Unlesss one of them take a drastic dive.


now lets trade up to the late 1st to grab Fleener!

Why does Ireland hate the dolphins? Can someone put me into a deep sleep and wake me 10 years from now when we are relevant again??

No change from last two years: new posts taking FOREVER to come up!!!

Was that Tanny;s sister or girlfriend?

Great pick everything you look for in a QB is there...the only downside to his game is game management...gues what??? In comes with experience and coaching...you can not gain a bullet arm or athletism...DOLPHIN'S TIME...

I think she's both Joe LOL


What happens if Moore outplays him in 2013 pre-season?

Will they give him the nod like they did with Henne?


#8 should be an inmediate starter, and hopefully a probowl player, come on!!! this sucks!!! this is why we suck!!!

Oh Matt Moore supporters!

Did you all bump your heads at birth with these he can be a top 10 QB and the clown who said he reminds him of Eli lol.

Let's go lets groom a real QB! Be patient you non-football educated son of guns! Haha I'm giddy what can I say!

Tannehill will be better then RG3, mark it down, take a picture I don't give a F.

Welcome to Miami Tannehill. And your girl is hot!

I'm glad they drafted Tannehill! Accept that he won't impact in 2012. Groom the man for 2013 and beyond. We've had big busts through the years even when the pick was not ambitious. Henne? White? Allen? Fletcher? And on and on... At least the potential upside with Tannehill is huge. Who commenting on this list knows more than Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin about evaluating a quarterback? You think they didn't have a hand in this decision, and that Ireland and Ross went against their judgement? I highly doubt it. Fare forward, Dolphins!

I feel the odds are pretty decent that Moore isn't starting sometime THIS season (that's for those wearing Moore rose color glasses). And for those that are still wearing those same glasses for Henne, IF Jacksonville is foolish enough not to recognize that he is a Terrible decision maker and almost totally lacking in leadership skills and therefore somehow start him. Well their 1st rounder Blackmon will RARELY see the ball as it will be dumped off. Repeatly on 3rd and Long.

I like tannehill as a prospect but at 8 I'm thinking reach. I hope I'm wrong and tannehill makes the impact we all hope he can. If the fins can get the right pieces around him I think he can be a solid nfl qb. Having said that, offensive weapons have to be the order of the day in rds 2 and 3. Hoping to get Allen at tight end in rd 2 and Alshon Jeffery in rd 3 to bolster the future on offense. This draft and 2013 draft will shape and determine the success of tannehill.

Ireland sucks

The thing I like about Tannehill is that analysts like Mike Mayock have him as the 3rd best QB regardless of where anyone thinks he should be drafted. Didn't see enough film clips of him just the same ones over and over but lets keep our fingers crossed. Oh by the way Armando, Dansby is way overpaid and is part of the reason why the cap is so high.

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