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Wake not at veteran minicamp PLUS other observations

The Dolphins are participating in a voluntary veteran minicamp and right away I noticed two things:

1. Cameron Wake was not here. His displeasure over his contract status -- he's entering the final year of his deal that calls for him to make $615,000 -- is personified by his absence. Interesting that Wake was part of the conditioning workouts last week after missing the first week of those workouts.

2. The Dolphins are on a quicker practice pace, it seems to me. If you've read this blog for any period of time, you know I'm a big proponent of practicing fast. Moving, moving, moving because I believe if you practice fast, you play fast. The past couple of years, and last year in particular, I often complained the club lumbered through workouts. It picked up as the season went on but it was dead slow through training camp.

3. Jared Odrick sat out the entire workout and instead worked on the side with ropes for strengthening work. Karlos Dansby also sat out portions of the workout this morning. It is unclear if they are nursing injuries or which injuries they're nursing.

It just dawns on me the Dolphins played better later in the year than earlier.

Anyway, the pace today was very, very quick. The offense would run a play and soon as it was over, the next play was up. In team periods, what sometimes happened is one unit would run a play and the next unit would be right up.

The rules at this minicamp prohibit me from telling you where players are lining up or how they are running in depth chart order. In fact, I cannot tell you practically anything about practice.

But let me tell you this:

In Miami's coming hybrid 4-3, Wake will be a defensive end. Obviously we didn't see this today because Wake is not here. But I am making a prediction of where Wake would fit best. It'll be interesting to see how this works, but I would tell you he played defensive end in the CFL when he had approximately 14,024 sacks his final two seasons in that league.

I can also tell you the Dolphins are hoping from a lot out of Clyde Gates. He was on the receiving end of more passes than just about any wide receiver today. I didn't say he was the most impressive receiver at the workout. To me, that was Brian Hartline and Roberto Wallace.

But suffice to say Gates was a major focal point.

I get asked by many of you how the Dolphins will handle their quarterback situation. That's impossible to predict with accuracy because we don't know if the Dolphins will add a QB in the first round or beyond in the draft.

I would guess this: Matt Moore will take the first-team snaps in training camp. David Garrard will take second-team snaps. Pat Devlin will take third team. The rookie (assuming Miami gets one) will take fourth team. I assume, eventually, Moore and Garrard will shift so that the former Jacksonville veteran will get some work with starters.

That's the only way to keep the competition legitimate. It's also a way to keep it competitive because if Garrard is always going against second-team defenses, he'll almost certainly always look better than Moore.

I like the Dolphins' plan for Reggie Bush. Yes, he might get introduced out of the tunnel on Sundays. But he might not necessarily get the most carries. It's clear Daniel Thomas, who was busy gaining his footing (pun intended) as a rookie, seems more grounded now (pun intended).

He looked good today. Obviously, there were no pads or hitting out there. But Thomas simply looked like he belonged.

Bush? I like the idea of getting him the ball on swing passes or putting him out in space a lot more than I like having him stick his nose in the B-gap and try to grind out four yards. Yes, I know it worked last year, but there's no guarantee Bush would stay healthy through two years of that type of work.


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Gates is a bust. Ray Charles can see this. He dint show any sort of potential his first season. Not even a little bit.

Anyone who's seen a Dolphins game has seen Wake at DE.
Gates was seen as super raw coming out, not sure why people won't give him time ?

Thomas ? but the genius bashing fans already have him listed as a bust, how can this be ?

Mel, because rookies show some sort of potentialin there first season. Gates got to the 15 yard line on his returns,drop passes and couldnt run a route. Not sure what makes you guys think he'll turn into a decent player

Aloco barely anything you said in that post is the truth. Odrick recorded a sack per game last year in limited time, hardly a bust and watch for a breakout season this year under Coyle and Rodgers.

I'll give you Misi but remember that he is a role player. But his higher draft position would suggest if he doesn't produce this season he will be labeled a bust. Lets see how the move to the inside works out, Coyle obviously see's something in him that Sparano and Nolan didn't which is why he is moving him.

Gates, Clay, and Thomas are busts?! BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH DUDE, they were rookies playing on a team for Sparano who barely let Moore and Wallace sniff the field the past three years. He didn't believe in developing young players in game, he thought practice was enough. Gates got thrown to like 10 times the entire season! Not to mention all three were injured due to a stupid lockout that forced rookies away from their teams. They didn't even get playbooks until four weeks before the season started!

Do you have any clue what it takes to learn an NFL system coming out of college? You need every second you have to study and practice. All rookies were getting injured on every team last year. And you're going to call them busts?

AND CLAY?!!!!! Clayyyyyyyyyyyy???!!! tHE GUY WAS A BEAST AT THE END OF THE SEASON! :) H/back who plays some tight end and beats linebackers on a regular basis, good blocking out of the backfield, GREAT HANDS, and a tip toe catch down the sideline beating a CORNER BACK for a 45 yard pass! Were you even watching the kid play? In no way shape or form is he a bust.

Aloco if the prime is 30 than my point stands, Wake declined in his "prime" year. I don't care if you think every player took the year off. IMO that is BS. They started the season 0-7 and ended 7-9 meaning they only lost two games after going 0-7. That's not a team that quit on their coach so that statement/opinion by you is spawned from ignorance.

And please show me the place that keeps statistics on draft busts., I would like to read for myself how the Dolphins have the most draft busts in the NFL. Forgive me if I don't just take your word for it.

Acorns Acorns Acorns

Great Stuff from Manny at 1:14 PM

Didn't we all already know Wake would play RDE in the 4-3?

Who else could we justify playing that all important position?

I know it was the CFL, but Wake looked like a beast in the 4-3.

I still think the D-Line will be a team strength regardless of what we do in the draft. Get us a bookend pass rusher in the 1st round and watch out!

We have draft picks,
Thank you for answering my question. Gave me some things to think about. In response I'm not sold on Polian because the team stunk when they lost their best player. Like unbelievable suck. It didn't seem the Colts had any plan if Manning was hurt. Did they think he was invincible at the age of 35? But I do agree about the draft philosophy. If there are better players on the board at #8 I do not want them to take Tannehill. And their WILL be better players so you know what my opinion on Tannehill is. That may have changed from 2 months ago but after signing Garrard that is my official stance moving forward. We don't need to reach for Tannehill when Cousins and Weeden would be available in the 2nd.

But I don't agree that Ross is telling Ireland what to do. Not one bit. It is bull s**t that the media made up. Who told them this? I don't trust a freakin thing the media says unless it comes directly from the source or they name their contact. They are full of s**t and prove it time and time again. Florio reported Petersen was on the plane to see Harbaugh and Petersen wasn't even in the same state! He also reported along with the other douche that Petersen was going to be the Dolphins next GM. Nope, wrong again. They look at things , say this is probably what is going to happen to themselves, and then report it as fact.

Gates ranked in the upper half on returns.

He didn't start any games and was thrown to literally LESS than 20 times.

Yeah, we've seen enough of this Rookie. Fire his butt and bring in the next one!

What team in the NFL rescued Wake from the CFL????

Damn right!!! Now show up to camp and show some respect. You have a contract it was good 3 years ago wasn't it?

It's players like Wake that ruin this team.....saw what happened to Marshall, send you packing as well.

There is no way in hell Ross is telling Ireland who to pick. He's not that stupid. He has made some stupid mistakes like not firing Sparano before chasing Harbaugh, but this is monumental stupid.

I mean a portion of the fan base wants Ireland's head on a spike outside the stadium and Ross is going to help that cause by rendering him impotent? Come onnnnnnn already. Ross is trying to sell tickets, not pizz people off further. I could go on (as you all are well aware :) but if you just think about it rationally for one minute you will come to the conclusion that the report is complete nonsense.

Unfortunately if Ireland does take Tannehill, even if that was his choice from the beginning, everyone will say "see they were right it was Ross". Just stupid.

Phins 78,

Have you watched much of Marlon Moore?

I liked Wallace better than Moore from the begining. Probably mostly because of his size.

Anyway, the reason I'm asking is because I have a feeling Moore has the better skilset for the WCO. What do you think?

Useless Prediction No. 1,437:

Marlon Moore will have a breakout year in the WCO by exceeding EVERYONES expectations.

They are probably just seeing what they have in Gates to determine the need for WR in the draft.

Trade Wake now!

That SOB Ross is too cheap to pay Wake fairly.

The Guy(Wake) Is under paid, Pay the dude.

Sparano was the players friend not their coach. Its obvious he didn't know how to run a practice

If Thomas works out then lady years draft was a success, if Thomas fails it's a bad year.

What kind of weirdo sits around projecting who a team will take 150 players into the draft??

Sparano would've succeeded if Ireland had provided him with ANY talent.

Awesome info Armando. I know Mando had been calling for quicker practices and I for one always agreed. Glad to hear Philbin is starting to immediately impress! We just may have a head coach with brains finally! Hallelujah! And I predict Armando is going to fall in love with our coach very quickly. He seems to know what he is doing and he is very personable. Great qualities in a reporters eyes. Especially one that would like to cover a winning football team for once in his life before he retires.


We didn't "RESCUE" Wake from the CFL.

Wake worked hard and re wrote tha CFL's sack records in JUST two seaons.

He was offered a contract by no less than 8 NFL teams(that I remember off the top of my head) including the Patriots.

If ANYTHING, by NOT signing with the Patriots, he did US a favor.

Ross's biggest mistake was keeping Irescum.


I saw you're completely unprovoked attack on me at 3:01 this morning.

That's 1(already).

You call me a troll, yet you never stop with this stuff, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyways, Spitler is a BEAST(football talk).

Someone find out the average pay for a DE..Anyone.

Someone find out the average pay for a DE..Anyone.

Was'nt Me Odin,I was sound Asleep at 3 AM.

odinseye, I like em both and think Sparano is a complete frigging waste of space. He was more concerned wit keeping his job then he was with the future of the franchise. He never gave rookies playing time. I'll give him a pass on last years rookies because they had no real trining camp, off season workout program, mini camp, etc. They came in as rookies 4 weeks before the season started and were given very vanilla playbooks. They weren't given the time rookies normally get with coaches before vets show up because they all showed up together. Sparano had to get the vets ready for the season and couldn't worry much about the rookies. That's what impressed me so much about Clay and Thomas. They both seemed to "get it" almost on their own.

But Moore and Wallace are different. They had 3 years in the system. They deserved more playing time last season. I don't give a frock about their route running. Is someone going to tell me that Moore or Henne were so intelligent and had such great accuracy that they needed these guys to run precise routes in a spread option? They couldn't even get on the flippin field as the #4 option in a 4 wr set! How in the hell are you supposed to assess what you have moving forward if they're sitting on the bench even in protected formations?! I liked Moore coming out of college more than Wallace but I'm 50/50 now. Wallace scares me because he is starting to smell like a practice guy, someone who only shines when the spotlight isn't on. But like I said, who knows. haven't watched either of them play much.

Wake has not done anything special to earn or demand any more money. Last year he was average at best!

Go back to the CFL and get a big contract....

"Sparano would've succeeded if Ireland had provided him with ANY talent."

This post made me laugh. Thank you, I needed that.

Why ban odinseye, he's one of the ten people in here that actually talk about football? From everything I've read he only attacks people when provoked, he defends himself. Nothing wrong with that and any MAN would agree. I wish there were more like odinseye, puts thought into his football posts, rationale, objective. Sorry, not seeing the problem here. Not to mention the dude has been in here for as long as I have and the people/person who want him gone just crawled out from a rock in the past year. Oh well, just my opinion, not worth much I guess :)

Was'nt Me Odin,I was sound Asleep at 3 AM.

Posted by: Coalition to Ban Ireland and Odin. | April 24, 2012 at 01:48 PM

My Bad!

It must have been someone impostoring you.

That's not hard to believe around here.

I don't know the ave. for DE's, but Peppers got something in the neighborhood of 15 to 16 million a season in his latest deal. Don't quote me, but this number is close.

Gates improved his kickoff returns a great deal during the season. That would tell me, with an entire offseason to learn the offense and improve his technigue he could become an effective receiver as well. The same is true of Thomas. Give these guys a full camp and then judge.

PFT has Wake as the best at his position. And the cheapo Fins wont pay him? WTF?

What a startling revelation...the team played better when they practiced better.

What grade were we in when we learned that?

Can you sue a coach for malpractice? Let's do it...

The People V. Sparano.

After what happened last year cant believe we even have one player holding out for money!!! Wheres the dedication to winning. If I was a player I would be wanting to get back out there and prove Im worth being paid currently. What a bunch of losers we have!!! This kind of thing needs to made an example of!! Cut him!!! Hes not a team player!!! We have to get rid of every cry baby we have and hire some men!!

How did Messam look today?

markeyh I agree that Wake wasn't as good as he was in his first season and that concerns me. But not to the point that I don't think he deserves a new contract. I just don't think he deserves what his agent is asking. I believe an incentive based contract would be best for both sides. He can't expect a huge pay day after his production dropped in the same exact defense they ran the year before. He was being double teamed more I'll give him that so maybe it was Nolans fault for not moving him around more like they did with JT before he defected. Who knows, I just hope his agent is reasonable on this. Would hate to go into the season with Cameron being unhappy and I'm sure that's the last thing Coyle wants.

And Wake only making 650 Gs as Aloco would say
My Azzzzs.
Pay the man.

Good stuff Armando. I'm glad Gates is getting reps, he needs them. If they can get that guy going, then I'd feel better about this team.

The Tannehenne stuff KILLS me. Very funny, and VERY, VERY INACCURATE. I'm a Michigan fan, watch a lot of their games. Saw MANY games when Henne was there. He was a similar player at Michigan as here. Pure pocket passer, little mobility, great arm, very rigid and uncomfortable. Granted, I've only seen like 1 or 2 games from Tannehill, but from that I can tell you Tannehill AIN'T Henne. He was a friggin' WR! That right there should tell you he's more athletic than Henne. As far as everything else, we'll have to see, but my fear isn't Tannehill will be Henne, it's that he won't develop into a franchise QB. But I said I'm fine if they take him because hitting on a franchise QB (whether they start right away or a few years down the line) is 1000% more impactful to a team than getting a solid player at pretty much every other position. And you gotta be in it to win it!

I'm onboard for the "people verse Sparano" lawsuit. Hopefully we win because I would hate to have to watch him fist pump his way out of the courtroom!

Can't believe he's Rex Ryan's little b**ch boy now, what a joke.

Yeah, I remember when the media actually REPORTED things instead of just making crap up as they went. Whatever gets the ratings up! Integrity, whats that?


I LIKE you're opinions-LOL.

Thanks for the kind words.

I agree on SpOrano not getting talent on the field.

Look how long it took for them to get Wake some playing time. Inexcusable in my opinion.

Good post DC @ 2:01
I am glad I read it.
Usually if I see the phrase "Tannehenne" in a post I srcoll past it faster than Pat Whites NFL/MLB career :o

I've got a law-suit too, but it goes back to H.Wayne Huizinga, He should be tried along with Dave Wannstadt and you could also throw in ted Ginn in it too.

What i think would be real cool is to go to a no huddle. That would be a splash for a big turnaround. But dont think we have the coaching staff with enough savy to make it happen

YG must be getting to us with this DeCastro talk-LOL.

After talking to him the other night I started thinking about Decastro and my favorite O-lineman this year. Kelechi Osemele.

If we get DeCastro, than I want Osemele in the 3rd.


Don't know how much it would help our verticle game, but like Csonka and Morris both getting a 1000 yards in the same season, Bush and Thomas would too.

To sum up: I'm suffering from Draft Delerium!

thevafin agreed 100%. It's pathetic but in a way they are just following suit in America. Integrity has been thrown out the window in favor of the all mighty dollar. Negativity sells it makes people feel better about their crappy lives when someone else is suffering. Watch the nightly news for proof.

But yes I would like to think that reporters are above all of that. I used to respect the hell out of what reporters do and how they make their living. I still appreciate them but too many have become sensationalists and strayed away from real journalism. They give the good ones out there a bad name. The Travon Martin thing put the nail in the coffin for me. Seeing grown men and women on tv wearing "hoodies" in protest of a case they had little understanding of was sickening and embarrassing for the profession. Ruining the Duke Lacrosse players lives by jumping on the guilty wagon before the facts were in is deplorable. And no one holds them accountable. They lie and speculate to make a buck and when their lies are brought to light they move on to the next story with no apology.

Oh well, just my opinion, not worth much I guess :)

Posted by: Phins78 | April 24, 2012 at 01:54 PM

That would be correct.

Oh well, just my opinion, not worth much I guess :)

Posted by: Phins78 | April 24, 2012 at 01:54 PM

That would be correct.

Posted by: DING DING DING |

Come on man! Hahahaha ya got to come original! I already made fun of myself in my statement. I know my opinion is worthless just like everyone elses. Make fun of me for my long posts or something,,,sheesh. ;)

How much money should we seek in this law-suit??

I have told you all for 4 months, and I will tell you again (please try to pay attention):

D. Thomas is a stud who will have a breakout 1500 yard year this year with 16 TDs. Probably 1,000 rushing and 500 receiving or something like that.

If you *watched* games last year, you saw that he's a stud when he doesn't have a pulled hamstring.

Also, pulled hamstrings happen. It does not mean he will always be injury prone.


No money,,,,death penalty. He will be tried in Texas.

After all he helped murder any chance the Dolphins had at a winning record the past three seasons. Parcells and Ireland will get life in prison.

John I don't know about 1500 yards this season or 16 tds but I agree that I saw the upside in Thomas that you did. When he was running healthy he looked great. And he made the NFL take notice, there was talk of rookie running back of the year before he was limited. Looking forward to seeing him this season and was happy Armando said he looked good out there. A full off season program and training camp is going to do wonders for the rookies and second year players.

People have to remember that the NFL not only had the shortened off season but the Dolphins had a brand new OC and a brand new playbook to learn. That was devastating to the team. Veterans didn't even know the playbook so they couldn't help the rookies along like they would in a normal season. That was huge, this year is different. These guys are already working on the plays! It's April! Last year they didn't even look at a playbook until August. I don't think some are understanding the ramifications of that.

Agree Phins78, and I would add that it is possible that Thomas will have nothing close to the year I said and will average 3.5 ypc, if our O line is horrible, which is possible. But if people watch the games, they will see that D Thomas is not the problem.

Phin78, You also forgot that Sporono was HC, That alone ment the cellar.IMHO.Go Philbin,Go Fins.

Sparano was not a good HC; he was in over his head. His player development was bad and his staff was below average....

Why many blame the GM for the head coach ineptness is beyond me.

Coalition,,,, I will never forget!!! Hahahaha But at least he wasn't Cameron. What a mess. Couldn't believe players were ignoring him on the plane and laughing at him. My God what a horrible coach, no spine.

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