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Wake not at veteran minicamp PLUS other observations

The Dolphins are participating in a voluntary veteran minicamp and right away I noticed two things:

1. Cameron Wake was not here. His displeasure over his contract status -- he's entering the final year of his deal that calls for him to make $615,000 -- is personified by his absence. Interesting that Wake was part of the conditioning workouts last week after missing the first week of those workouts.

2. The Dolphins are on a quicker practice pace, it seems to me. If you've read this blog for any period of time, you know I'm a big proponent of practicing fast. Moving, moving, moving because I believe if you practice fast, you play fast. The past couple of years, and last year in particular, I often complained the club lumbered through workouts. It picked up as the season went on but it was dead slow through training camp.

3. Jared Odrick sat out the entire workout and instead worked on the side with ropes for strengthening work. Karlos Dansby also sat out portions of the workout this morning. It is unclear if they are nursing injuries or which injuries they're nursing.

It just dawns on me the Dolphins played better later in the year than earlier.

Anyway, the pace today was very, very quick. The offense would run a play and soon as it was over, the next play was up. In team periods, what sometimes happened is one unit would run a play and the next unit would be right up.

The rules at this minicamp prohibit me from telling you where players are lining up or how they are running in depth chart order. In fact, I cannot tell you practically anything about practice.

But let me tell you this:

In Miami's coming hybrid 4-3, Wake will be a defensive end. Obviously we didn't see this today because Wake is not here. But I am making a prediction of where Wake would fit best. It'll be interesting to see how this works, but I would tell you he played defensive end in the CFL when he had approximately 14,024 sacks his final two seasons in that league.

I can also tell you the Dolphins are hoping from a lot out of Clyde Gates. He was on the receiving end of more passes than just about any wide receiver today. I didn't say he was the most impressive receiver at the workout. To me, that was Brian Hartline and Roberto Wallace.

But suffice to say Gates was a major focal point.

I get asked by many of you how the Dolphins will handle their quarterback situation. That's impossible to predict with accuracy because we don't know if the Dolphins will add a QB in the first round or beyond in the draft.

I would guess this: Matt Moore will take the first-team snaps in training camp. David Garrard will take second-team snaps. Pat Devlin will take third team. The rookie (assuming Miami gets one) will take fourth team. I assume, eventually, Moore and Garrard will shift so that the former Jacksonville veteran will get some work with starters.

That's the only way to keep the competition legitimate. It's also a way to keep it competitive because if Garrard is always going against second-team defenses, he'll almost certainly always look better than Moore.

I like the Dolphins' plan for Reggie Bush. Yes, he might get introduced out of the tunnel on Sundays. But he might not necessarily get the most carries. It's clear Daniel Thomas, who was busy gaining his footing (pun intended) as a rookie, seems more grounded now (pun intended).

He looked good today. Obviously, there were no pads or hitting out there. But Thomas simply looked like he belonged.

Bush? I like the idea of getting him the ball on swing passes or putting him out in space a lot more than I like having him stick his nose in the B-gap and try to grind out four yards. Yes, I know it worked last year, but there's no guarantee Bush would stay healthy through two years of that type of work.


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Allright, everyone left so I'm out. Might as well get to work and get done at a decent hour.

Throw in Cam into the Trial, I Almost forgot about that guy.

Gees Phins 78, you see exactly what I am seeing. Not the end of the world Phins but a team getting ready for a long 10 year run of success.

I hope so GPP7. There are some real good signs, we just have to be patient with the install. Talk to you guys later.

Dont forget the Anti-Christ who's name I wont mention here(For fear of giving my PC a virus) but I Will give the initals N.S

I don't know about the 10 extra players.

It will definitely help with running the scout teams during practices. But it will also cut into practice reps for others.

In the end, it comes down to the 53 man roster, so I'm not sure how much it matters. Hopefully it might reduce injuries(who knows).

Ultimately though, I guess if it helps us "Flush" out another Bess or Carpenter(or a long shot Acorn turned GEM!)it will have all been worthwhile!

Was Garrard there? I'm sure he was. How did he look throwing the ball?

Odin, Think about it, 10 More chances for Acorns, Ireland must be in heaven.

Odin, Quick,Your Jeff Ireland(Sorry for the insult)(Or im I??) Who's your pick?

Everybody will look better with an improved OL. Its very hard to throw a pass while laying on ure back. Everything runs off the OL. If your OL doesnt work, then the entire team doesnt work.
Fast break offenses keep folks in shape. Mando, the term is, "you play like u practice"

I believe Floyd will go to a team picking at #3 to #7 that wanted Blackmon. The word is Floyd is equal or better.

This pick could cause someone unexpected to drop to #8 (something unexpected will happen).

Fins could keep the unexpected prize or trade it and still get someone they wanted plus picks.

Wow 14000 sacks in 2 years! incredible!

The Fins will stink no matter who they draft.

We are getting closer and closer to the draft fellas. I'm excited to see what Miami will do and how the draft shapes out. Does the Tannehill era begin? If Tannehill is there do they pass on him anyway? Does Miami make surprise pick like Michael Floyd, Mark Barron or Fletcher Cox?

I preferrably want Tannehill because it would give this franchise something to look forward to. Miami has to be bold one year and a player like Tannehill appears to be hit or miss but with his former college coach tutoring him and being able to sit and learn behind Matt Moore and Garrard will only benefit him.

If Tannehill is gone because Cleveland picks him or KC or someone else trades up then I would go Michael Floyd personally.

Andy, Cleveland has McCoy,and KC has Cassel,there not going after a QB.

Or should I sayKC has a Matt and Cleveland has a Colt?

Who could drop to #8?


There's talk on ESPN that Vikings are talking to trade out of #3.


I'm not buying the slacker talk on Coples.

Not wanting to play inside at DT is understandable. Some will say this means he's selfish and not a team player.

I say it shows some smarts on his behalf. His(alledged)main problem with moving inside was how it might affect his draft status(his wallet). A lot of these young guys aren't thinking this far ahead. Mallet is an EXCELLENT example. His(alledged) behaviors caused him to slide and hit him in the wallet even harder. There's all kinds of examples of high round prospects hurting their status with Drug use, assaults and general stupidity.

I'm not going to knock Coples for this and I'm not buying the slacker/not a team player argument either. In my opinion, Coples shows alot of smarts to go along with some phenominal skills.

I'm going Coples. If he's gone, my contingencies in order are Kuechley, Floyd and then possibly DeCastro.

PS: Call me back in an hour or two, I'll probably have a different game plan by then. Draft Day Delerium is already setting in :)

Lets draft a GM!

Odin,Hear ya loud and clear, But can Ireland make the right pick?I'am not confident.


McCoy is far from anything special. The Browns tried to get up to #2 for RG3. Now Tannehill is no RG3 but he is viewed as a guy with "potential" to be a star. I don't think McCoy is viewed as that.

As far as Cassel he is up and down and I think it's obvious he is in that mold of QB who has a few really good games but isn't a legitimate threat to any defense in the playoffs if KC gets there.

I think Cleveland is in a position to draft an elite, can't miss prospect with Trent Richardson so I see him being the choice over Tannehill's "potential".

As far as KC if they sit at #11 then I say Miami definitely pulls the trigger before they do but if they trade up on draft day it could be a for Tannehill IMO. I think Cassel is just ok.

Rumors out of Cleveland are that Holmgren and Co. like Cousins better than Tannehill head to head.

I think Holmgren will try to reach a little and take Cousins in the 2nd.

Andy, Remember, Cassel is a "Matt", Means something in the NFL..Not sure why, but it seems to be a leading indicator that he's a NFL QB..

If Cleveland really wanted that #2 spot more than Washington they could have easily had it.

Pay Wake.

Andy, Cassel is a average QB, He was the fill in for Brady when he went down, hECK, i COULD HAVE HAD A RECORD OF 10 AND 6 WITH THAT TEAM Again it's all about coaching,Scouting.. And Cheating, Thats why The Pats are light years a head of us.

I've read on multiple site that Holmgren prefers Cousins over Tannehill. I just found it alluded to again on Walter.

Also, Cleveland has a top ranked pass defense complete with a high priced cornerback in Joe Haden(sp. ?). So I think Claibourne won't be a consideration either.

From Walter Football:

....Blackmon is a stronger option, but Mike Holmgren doesn't believe in drafting receivers this early. He did it once with Koren Robinson a long time ago, and that was only because Robinson was the top prospect on the board. Richardson projects to be a better player.

Ryan Tannehill will be the pick if Cleveland thinks he can be a franchise quarterback. Thus, he's an even more probable option than Blackmon. It just depends on whether or not Holmgren believes Tannehill can be the face of his team. Based on recent reports, it doesn't seem like Holmgren will take the Texas A&M product.

The favorite right now is Richardson. Holmgren went to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks because a first-round running back from Alabama carried his offense. Richardson is the best player available, and his pass-catching ability makes him a great fit in Cleveland's West Coast offense. Colt McCoy needs play-makers, and Richardson certainly qualifies as one.

As good as Richardson is, we all know that finding a Franchise QB is the more important issue. We'll find out early Thursday night what Holmgren thinks of Tannehill.

I predict no "shake ups" with Cleveland. They go Richardson all the way.

phins78 said it all!!

That would be a ludicrous choice. Thank God fans do not make picks.

I think KC has a huge contract with Cassel, That's why they wont be looking for a QB, they bought the bait from the Pats to bad they dont have the coaching and back up players New Eng. Has., Again not to spew all over N.E, but there the flagship of the NFL, Thats MHO and that is the fact.anyone want to debate this?, Not a Pats fan but Dam, they dont rebuild, They reload..


Yes it's more important to find a franchise QB then a stud/franchise RB but I think in Cleveland's case they have to weight the factors that Richardson appears to be the real deal and ready to be a star immediately and not saying I'm some expert but I agree. Richardson was dominant in college and not just because he played on Alabama but because of what I would see him do in the second level of defenses. It's ironic everyone compared Mark Ingram to an Emmitt Smith type coming out and the jury is still not out by no means on Ingram but making that comparison is unfair to any player but Richardson appears to be the better of the Bama RB's and in the second level with an extra gear, elusiveness and just punishing running style is more Emmitt then Ingram to me.

Tannehill on the other hand was great/very good/good/average/below average/terrible in 19 starts. He is all over the place and could be a franchise QB but do you pass on a guy that could be a star vs a guy who IMO is going to be a star in Richardson.

I predict and not just some knee jerk reaction but off of skill set Richardson will be better then Ingram and former league MVP Shaun Alexander were and will be as as pros.

So that's why if I'm Cleveland I take Richardson over Tannehill.

Miami at #8 the elite prospects getting slim to none after about pick #5 or #6 just miss out on Luck. RG3, Kalil, Richardson, Blackmon and Claiborne so a taking a chance on a potential QB makes a lot more sense for Miami at #8 then Cleveland at #4. If Miami misses it stinngs but if Cleveland passes over a close to sure thing and misses it's a job killer for Holmgren.

PHINS78.... I'm at the library at FIU studying for FINALS and your comment about the "death penalty" for
Sparano got me dying LAUGHING OUT LOUD... and i'm in the silent section of the library!!! N-e ways, good stuff Armando... I hope Gates get better and wish that Wallace and Moore develops into STUDS!!

Why does everyone think Claiborne is such a stud, isnt he dumb as bricks? What makes him a virtual lock?

come on Daniel Thomas is a big BUST but you´re right, he isn´t not our big problem...

1st we have only Reggie Bush the only RB with great talent
2nd we have only garbage QBS
3er we have only garbage WRS
4th we don´t have a real veterant CB with talent and great skills

5th we have only garbage RT and garbage RG...

6th we need more talent at OLB position

7nd did i mentioned our garbage QB???

Isn't it about time for someone to start parroting the ESPN talking heads and talk about a players "field awareness," or "initial burst" or "hip pivot?"

Might even fool someone into thinking you have even the slightest idea what you're talking about!

Gates and Thomas having breakout years might silence the haters...

They arent paying Wake because they don't have to, and most other teams wouldn't. Wake has no leverage because they can franchise him next year. I wouldn't sign a 30 year old to a longterm contract either. It would be pretty dumb to sign him to a contract that is not incentive laden.

The future Dolphin Qb will be BROCK OSWEILER, Arizona State. The kid has 10" hands and fits THE SOUTS "MO" on looking for that Acorn or Value pick. Tannehill is NOT worthy of a first round pick and his value is artificially pumped up because the media knows how desperate the Dolphins are for a QB.

Look for Moore to be the starter this season and Gerard to help in developing the young Brock.


How sad is it for any NFL team that Brian Hartline is their best receiver?


Claiborne did stink it up with the wonderlic but it could have been nerves, bad test taker, or just not a smart guy in the class room. But look at Emmitt Smith one of the best RBs to ever play and he can't even complete a sentence when speaking let alone read or write one.

The greatest athlete I ever saw was a kid I went to high school with he was All State Football, AS-Wrestling and AS-Track and he wasn't very bright in classroom. Offers from the "U", Cuse, W. VA etc. He tragically passed away while attending JUCO. RIP Brent!

My point is football smarts vs classroom smarts are proabably good for certain positions like QB and maybe Center or something but postitions of instinct like RB, CB, WR classrooms smarts cant teach those instincts.

Gates did show promise, he could be a great deep threat and Clay is great in the passing game and with offensive minded coaches they will use him in many different ways, which they started to do last year when he started to get comfortable. Not sure what you wanted Gates to do when we threw so many dropped passes at Brandon marshall. He was the #4/5 receiver and didn't have too many opportunities.

Andy, Thanks, but Im still wondering why Claiborne is a top 5 lock. Is he another Revis where he locks down the opponent best WR? Shut down half the field?

Yeah, Hartline is a pathetic excuse for an NFL receiver.

Squandring 3 picks on a backup RB was MORONIC.

2. The Dolphins are on a quicker practice pace, it seems to me. If you've read this blog for any period of time, you know I'm a big proponent of practicing fast. Moving, moving, moving because I believe if you practice fast, you play fast. The past couple of years, and last year in particular, I often complained the club lumbered through workouts. It picked up as the season went on but it was dead slow through training camp.
Intersting Mando and hopefully a change for the best. Anybody that was around for the salad years remembers a little smaller bur very fast....speed kills.

Michael Irvin used to always say that there wasn't any intensity at Dolphins practice, and if you dont practice hard how can it translate to winning games. Guess he's right..

@philthegoverner, glad to make you laugh! Finals suck so I'm sure you needed it. Good luck man.

Current oline roster:


1. Rithchie Incognito
2. John Jerry
3. Ray Fienga
4. Ryan Cook


1. Jake Long
2. Nate Garner
3. Lydon Murtha
4. Artis Hicks (fa signing)
5. Will Barker

That's 4 og's and 5 ot's. Jerry played tackle better than he ever play og. So consider Jerry a tackle and we got 6 ot's and 3 og's.

If Jerry is indeed moved to RT, that leaves Ray Fienga or Ryan Cook to start at RG. That aint happening folks.

If Jerry is our starter at RG, looks like again we'll have mystery meat cooking at OG this year. Vernon Carey isnt even listed on the roster at MD.com. I dont know why, because I havent heard he's been released.

Anyway, our RG situation sounds like DeCastro could be on the way. Away with the mystery meat.

But let me tell you this:

In Miami's coming hybrid 4-3, Wake will be a defensive end. Obviously we didn't see this today because Wake is not here. But I am making a prediction of where Wake would fit best. It'll be interesting to see how this works, but I would tell you he played defensive end in the CFL when he had approximately 14,024 sacks his final two seasons in that league.
I have always thought a 3-4 was beyond most teams. You have to have a dominant NG plus you have to be hitting on all cylinders. Meaning any weak link hurts. That's why most every college team and half or more NFL teams use it. A (true) hybrid is the bomb. Or is that phrase too 2009?

"it" = 4-3


"the bomb" is too early 1990-dish. LOL

We aint playin no 4-3 on running downs. Wake as a DE on running downsb will equal Aunt Jhemimah Pancakes. The olines will turn him into Wake-cakes!


"the bomb" is too early 1990-dish. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | April 24, 2012 at 05:17 PM
"The years keep slippin' away"

The reason Wake's performance decreased last year is because he was double teamed most of the season. Which is why I think we should draft a pass rusher with the 8th overall pick (someone who can start right away) instead of reaching for tannehill who wouldn't even start for a few seasons. I'd like to see us even wait it out until the third round to draft a QB in Kellen Moore. The man has tramendous potential

The Dolphins are a bust...my parents hated me...Ireland hates my parents...so Ireland hates me...so I hate everybody. Do some of you guys actually read some of the crap you write? You have no more of a clue about football than you would about running a doughnut shop. STOP HATING!

I'm not talking about Armando. I'm talking to some of you idiot posters who just seem to hate everyone.

I don't know about everything, all I know is that if they mess up our #8 pick this year, we'ss gonna be in a whole lot of trouble. If not sure, trade down!

I loved Gates last year but his inexperience was much more evident than I expected as to why he was a non-factor...If he is struggling now, that can not be good as he may always be playing catch up.

Also, in regards to my post earlier this morning I am not opposed to Miami selecting with their #8 pick some other WR I did not mention.

Yoy want YAC? Draft Kendall Wright. Check him out.

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