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Wake not at veteran minicamp PLUS other observations

The Dolphins are participating in a voluntary veteran minicamp and right away I noticed two things:

1. Cameron Wake was not here. His displeasure over his contract status -- he's entering the final year of his deal that calls for him to make $615,000 -- is personified by his absence. Interesting that Wake was part of the conditioning workouts last week after missing the first week of those workouts.

2. The Dolphins are on a quicker practice pace, it seems to me. If you've read this blog for any period of time, you know I'm a big proponent of practicing fast. Moving, moving, moving because I believe if you practice fast, you play fast. The past couple of years, and last year in particular, I often complained the club lumbered through workouts. It picked up as the season went on but it was dead slow through training camp.

3. Jared Odrick sat out the entire workout and instead worked on the side with ropes for strengthening work. Karlos Dansby also sat out portions of the workout this morning. It is unclear if they are nursing injuries or which injuries they're nursing.

It just dawns on me the Dolphins played better later in the year than earlier.

Anyway, the pace today was very, very quick. The offense would run a play and soon as it was over, the next play was up. In team periods, what sometimes happened is one unit would run a play and the next unit would be right up.

The rules at this minicamp prohibit me from telling you where players are lining up or how they are running in depth chart order. In fact, I cannot tell you practically anything about practice.

But let me tell you this:

In Miami's coming hybrid 4-3, Wake will be a defensive end. Obviously we didn't see this today because Wake is not here. But I am making a prediction of where Wake would fit best. It'll be interesting to see how this works, but I would tell you he played defensive end in the CFL when he had approximately 14,024 sacks his final two seasons in that league.

I can also tell you the Dolphins are hoping from a lot out of Clyde Gates. He was on the receiving end of more passes than just about any wide receiver today. I didn't say he was the most impressive receiver at the workout. To me, that was Brian Hartline and Roberto Wallace.

But suffice to say Gates was a major focal point.

I get asked by many of you how the Dolphins will handle their quarterback situation. That's impossible to predict with accuracy because we don't know if the Dolphins will add a QB in the first round or beyond in the draft.

I would guess this: Matt Moore will take the first-team snaps in training camp. David Garrard will take second-team snaps. Pat Devlin will take third team. The rookie (assuming Miami gets one) will take fourth team. I assume, eventually, Moore and Garrard will shift so that the former Jacksonville veteran will get some work with starters.

That's the only way to keep the competition legitimate. It's also a way to keep it competitive because if Garrard is always going against second-team defenses, he'll almost certainly always look better than Moore.

I like the Dolphins' plan for Reggie Bush. Yes, he might get introduced out of the tunnel on Sundays. But he might not necessarily get the most carries. It's clear Daniel Thomas, who was busy gaining his footing (pun intended) as a rookie, seems more grounded now (pun intended).

He looked good today. Obviously, there were no pads or hitting out there. But Thomas simply looked like he belonged.

Bush? I like the idea of getting him the ball on swing passes or putting him out in space a lot more than I like having him stick his nose in the B-gap and try to grind out four yards. Yes, I know it worked last year, but there's no guarantee Bush would stay healthy through two years of that type of work.


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Sounds like the new coaching staff wants to see what they've got in Gates and how that will affect how many WRs they draft this week.

Note to Clue: Get one!

Draft the canolli.

3-13 this year

No players can be held accountable...not while Sporano was the HC...along with his crap staff.....the Sporano's last year he played duck-duck goose with the entire staff.....

its no wonder we started 0-7.......

Let's just clear up something with DBs and the wonderlic test. Its irrelevant. Next topic.

Hey Dave, the Fins signed a contract with wake and he has earned every dime!!
The Fins are bringing in backups for depth and paying them more than wake is getting paid!
That's bull and you know it,it is only ok, because it isn't you!! It is about respect and appreciation, something the Fins have been short of for a long time!! Wake deserves a large raise, and everyone who watches the Fins play is very much aware of if they haven't got their heads stuck in the sand (being kind )!! Wake is the kind of player that put up the w's as few as they were! Would have been a lot worse without him, for sure!!

How does the the front 7 look if we move to a 4-3?
It will be interesting to see if and where players can play. This could greatly impact our 1st pick.

Best 4 D-Linemen on Roster: Odrick, Starks, Soliai, Wake (is Wake too small)? If so we have a major need and Cox could come into play at 8. If Wake is too small can he play OLB in a 4-3? He is not great against the run or in coverage so D-Line must be the plan for him which lessens the need for a D-lineman with the 8th pick even though it is still a need.

Best 3 LBs: Dansby, Burnett, Misi (who goes outside? Burnett and Misi I assume but are they capable and who is strong side?)

Wake will get a deal, but it must be resonable. Resonable as in his age. Resonable as in his awesome 2010 year then production drop off in 2011.
And I don't want to hear about how he was "double teamed" and game planned for. Great players produce in spite of what gets thrown at them. Who was the big time pass rusher on the other side of JT that enabled him to rack up sacks year after year??

It is too early to say what's the future of this chaotic franchise. Since Shula left the team, every two, three or four years, the FO change and also the team's system, ethics, etc.
This year is not the exception. But pressumably, I don't expect to see a better team that last year. The only thing I liked was Moore's improvement. He can be a good QB if he manage to handle the transition with Philbin and pressumably with the new receivers this team is supposed to add during the draft. As concerns the defense, it is also the same as last year's, mutatis mutandis some additions and defections. Let's see how they look with Philbin.
In short, everything is a question mark with this team. I don't see any improvement at all as concerns the quality of players relative to last year, unless some miracle happens in the draft.

So how did Garrard look at mini camp. Why won't you comment on that?

The Dolphins go at least 9-7 this year just based upon the change in coaching!
Or, am I the only one who remembers Sparano's play calling? His time management? How we had to call time outs because there was confusion about the play coming in from the sideline? The times that Sparano should have challenged calls and didn't or challenged calls that he shouldn't have?
We finally started winning some games once he stopped trying to micro-manage things and began letting the other coaches do their jobs! Fist pumps for field goals made us a laughing stock around the NFL! No one could understand what he said at press conferences. And, if you can't articulate to the press, what's makes you think that the players understood him half of the time?
A coach has to be able to communicate and teach the game. I think that Philbin & Sherman can! Sparano couldn't! It won't surprise me to see him spend only one year with the Jets staff before he's back at some small college as a coach.

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New York

Jan. 2013~~Buddy Ryan fired as coach of Jets
Feb. 2013~~Tony S. named head coach of Jets

Feb. 2014~~Jets win Super Bowl
Feb. 2014~~D.C.Dolefag hangs him self

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