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Welcome Tyrell Johnson, Miami's newest addition

Yes, the Dolphins have been slimed by some notable NFL names as a team to avoid. Warren Sapp and Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark have been critical of Miami and said players are staying away from Miami for various issues.

Free agent safety Tyrell Johnson, signed Thursday after four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, doesn't agree. He said his visit in Miami on Monday went well. He said he "felt comfortable" with Miami's coaches. And he disagrees Miami is a bad place to continue a career.

"I think that's a negative way to look at it," Johnson said Thursday. "I feel like any team in the NFL is a place to go play. It's a privilege to play in the NFL and any team can compete for a playoff spot. it's a coin flip every year. Look at the Lions a couple of years ago and look at them now. They're a playoff-caliber team every year now, I would think.

"I don't believe in that saying."

Johnson didn't visit any other team during free agency. He said he had another visit pending but cancelled it.

Johnson was a second-round pick in the 2008 draft but never quite met expectation in Minnesota. He started games sporadically but the Vikings wanted more and Johnson never provided it.

Johnson, meanwhile, believes he's ready to give more with the change of scenery. He will compete at both free and strong safety for the starting job as the Dolphins plan to use interchangeable safeties anyway.

"I've been through it," he said. "I've been on top. I've been on the bottom. I've been benched. I've been inactive. I've been hurt. You just grow up as a person, a player, as a father. You grow up as a human being going through some things. Sometimes you have to go through some things to get some things."

Johnson has been though some things off the field as well.

In September of 2011 he was arrested for suspicion of driving while impaired. Authorities said Johnson was arrested after registering a .12 blood alcohol level in a state where .08 is the legal limit.

"Terrible decision on my part," Johnson said. "Terrible judgment call. It shouldn't have happened. I paid my dues for it. I did everything to handle my business there and that's behind me ... You live and you learn. That's behind me. I made a mistake.

"I've apologized and greatly feel sorry for that mistake. You live and you learn and I'm focused now on getting better and making better decisions in the future. "

Johnson also finished the 2011 season on the injured reserve list after he tore a hamstring in November. Johnson said Thursday the injury is still not completely well. He estimated he's at "85 percent."


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The season is losed. We all know it.

Posted by: Mike Gentile

Shouldn't you have have said "we all knowed it?"

Well, hopefully your prognosticating skills are as bad as your grammatical ones.

HE should fit right in. Sounds like the Dolphins were the only ones to offer a paycheck to me. I wish just once this team could land a real player

Home got a quick sec

No sense

This guy sucks!

Y-Bell was the glue of the Defense

We R phucked

Thank Jeffrey!

Nobody offered Bell a contract yet. At least none that we know of. I'm sure there are teams looking to shore up their Strong Safety spot in the draft. Bell better hope that some team fails and views him as a viable stop gap.

Even then, I can't see any team offering the ageing liability in coverage a better deal than we will. Bell ain't no spring chicken. He's strong in run support, but this league gets more and more pass happy every year.

Bell better take the FIRST re-structured deal that Ireland offers. He could still be good on obvious running situations and Goal Line/3rd and shorts. He'd also be a pretty solid depth guy.

I think we're far from Fcked on the Defensive side of the ball.

One thing I've noticed over the past month or two is Armando's CURIOUS advocacy of Ryan Tannehill.

I thought someone would ask him to at least clarify his MURKY position on Tannehill.

On the one hand, he says Team Ireland should take him at 8. He evens walks you down the Garden Path of trading up for him. He'll walk you right up to the proposition, but stops just short of co-signing it.

That's not even the other hand though. On the other hand, Armando will not claim, predict, nor even so much as hint around about his personal belief on whether or not Tannehill is, or EVER will be a Franchise Quarterback.

Armando will tell you that he believes Ireland should use his ONLY first round pick, a number 8 at that, on Tannehill. Yet never ONCE have I heard him say that he believes Tannehill will be a Franchise Quarterback.

I find that MORE than a LITTLE CURIOUS!

Anybody else? I think someone should conduct an interview with Armando and get to the bottom of this anomaly!

Great blog for 8 year olds and mongoloids.

Well, I can talk to myself a lot easier without trying to type/text onto this mini-screen.

I'd still like to know though.

Armando, we know you think Ireland should take Tannehill at no. 8.

What we REALLY want to know though, is this: Do you personally believe that Ryan Tannehill will one day be a legitimate Franchise Quarterback in the NFL?

Drunkin Minds want to know!!!!

Dude....Get a bigger screen!


Nice name DUDE! Right own Man, Right Owwwwwwwwwn........

BTW, what do you have against Mongolians anyways?

Some of my best friends are Mongolians. I don't even notice it when we're hanging out.

Well............except when they always try ordering Barbie-Q Pit Bull when we stop at Burger King.

But HEY! That's just a cultural thing and I personally respect them for it.


I hear you. I usually run my LapTop through HD Flat Screen.

But, my kid has my laptop and I'm using his "NOTEBOOK".


I should have stated:

His notebook doesn't have the Hook Up for my Flat Screen and I don't have any kind of adapters for it. So, I'm stuck with the "Mini-Screen" for now.

Gee, I hate to sound like a Dyin Bird, but I'm done talking to myself. I'm out of here this time and I MEAN IT!

I'm no longer, ever going to post on this blog site, never again TONIGHT! I AM DONE.



I will NOT!


I will NOT, under ANY circumstances, I will NOT do it!

You knew I was going to post again, didn't you?

You knew Ole "Odin 'Dryin Birds' Eye just couldn't resist!


OK, now THIS TIME, I really, REally, REALLY mean it.

I'm Out!!!!

Odin that you ? I like the new safety signed. More of a coverage guy who can tackle. Cracks me up some say we lost our secondary leader and I say have they seen how bad oyr secondary is.


(He would really appreciate the following...)

I'm not sure if many people realize, this but, JAKE GROVE, who signed this fairly big contract (and then couldn't even stay on field for a whole season) ...Pocketed 14.5 Million Dollars when Dolphins cut him. (It was money guaranteed in his contract.)

So Odin...I get your Gladiator analogy (during the strike)..but for every Superstar and for every marginal player who hits the 'Contract Jackpot'....
there are like 70 other guys who never break a million and are crippled before they reach 40.
600K (per season) is NOT THAT MUCH over an average 4 year NFL career.

I don't know if you've heard the, now famous, recording of Greg Williams Locker room rant...but if you haven't... give a listen...cause you'll enjoy it.

It wasn't just a bounty program...it sounds more like a half-serious sale on DEATH WARRANTS.

Give a listen...


Tim Tebow will run all over Miami's defense - and I say that as a Dolphin fan since 1971 - this is not a rebuilding season for the Fins - this is another season of disintegration of the Dolphins - the team needs to be sold before the rebuilding can begin

If no one else better is on the Board at 8 I would love having Kuechley, the MLB from Boston College.

Not only do I think he'll be a perenial Pro Bowler, I think this guy ends his carrer in Canton!

With Kuechley in the middle, Dansby becomes a pass rushing threat at ROLB. In a worse case scenario, Burnette mans the LOLB spot(I believe he played LOLB in college).

With Solia, Starks and situationally, McDaniels at Tackle we would control the middle and supply a pass rush up the gillet!

Put Wake at RDE with Dansby behind him at ROLB, get out of here. We shut down that side of the field two.

Odrick and maybe McDaniels and Misi will battle it out for LDE.

If we used no. 8 on Kuechley we could use our second rounder on a LDE/LOLB pass rush demon.

I know what you're thinking, what about QB and Right Tackle? I think we might be able to get Cousins or Weeden in the 3rd(I know it's unlikely, but I expect Tannehill to slide down to the mid 2nd round). If not Osweiler should still be there.

With Moore, Garrard and the remaining QB class, I wouldn't even worry about QB this year. Therefor I take a Right Tackle and a Wide Receiver in the third. Not necessarily in that order.

Imagine a 2nd round(41st)pass rushing/run stuffing maniac lined up at LDE. Next to Solia and Starks with Wake at the other end. Dansby and Burnette on the outsides(with Mitchell, Misi and Moses adding depth). Kuechley in the middle!

Then, behind that FEROCIOUS front seven, a revamped secondary playing a "tweaked up" Tampa Two!

With a couple of Great Draft Day moves, we could have a top 5 defense in the blink of an eye!


I heard about it, but until now, I haden't heard it-LOL.

Thanks for the link!

Cousins? Whats with you and YG touting Cousins??? Another late round waste of an investment. Praying is for church, not the draft.

One second rounder had two go to wr. Id rather miami grab floyd in the first then see who falls to them in the second.

Alright you're starting to give me chills...I'm beginning to imagine a dominant Defense.
There is a chance for them to be Stout!

Check out that You Tube recording...It's serious stuff.

Cousins? Whats with you and YG touting Cousins??? Another late round waste of an investment. Praying is for church, not the draft.

Posted by: Padre | April 06, 2012 at 02:32 AM

Whats with you Padre? Me touting Cousins?

I like Cousins, but I was just offering up the QB options for those HeII Bent on drafting one this year.

If you actually read my post(the one you responded to-LOL), I said and I **QUOTE**:

"With Moore, Garrard and the remaining QB class, I wouldn't even worry about QB this year."

I don't see how you can say I'm wasting a pick on Cousins when I'm not drafting a QB this year?

Pray own dat!


I started my Kuechley posts with the caveat: "If no one better is left on the board at 8...."

I would be open to different scenarios. You always have to have contingency plans for how the board falls.

I like Blackmon for sure and probably even Coples at 8 as well. I'm not so convinced about taking Floyd or the other pass rusher(Ingram-I think is his name)over Kuechley.

I myself wouldn't want to have to choose between Floyd and Kuechley on draft day. I know as well as anyone how badly we need a true no.1 WR.

But, I also think Kuechley is as sure fire/can't miss as Luck and Griffen. I'm not comparing the three as prospects. I'm just saying, I believe Kuechley will be better than Urlacher ever was.








But, I also think Kuechley is as sure fire/can't miss as Luck and Griffen. I'm not comparing the three as prospects. I'm just saying, I believe Kuechley will be better than Urlacher ever was.
Posted by: odinseye | April 06, 2012 at 03:11 AM








The man seems well educated and articulate(now, now don't get on me because he is Black). BTW, stay away from Players with low Wonderlic scores, JJ just said that 90% of the mistakes he made in drafting were due to inadequate intelligence by the Players.

This Draft is the deepest I've seen in WR's. Draft 2 of them.

People people, are we fans or what just let the front office do there thing.Im sure he wasnt thought of to be a splash lets see how it plays out..Like i said before if we take tannehill it will be for good reason.(sherman know him better than any scout). Personally i hope we draft an impact guy at 8.Maybe coples ,Why not Barron? Floyd? upshaw? maybe osweiler or weeden at 2nd or 3rd rd.

Oh by the way dont forget Daniel thomas healthy and with an offseason should be able to mix in with bush.Clyde Gates should be better to with some real offenseive gurus.Im an optomist for now cant wait till the draft.8,42,72,73 picks need to hit on those..

the phins sign a player who may be able to help the 'team' on a 1 year low risk contract and some fans are slagging the move?????? to me it's a smart move- sign a player who may or may not turn out to be the player you wanted and after a season(or earlier if he doesn't fit in) with no cap hit or major payout can release. If he performs he has the chance to EARN a better contract with us. I believe thats a win win situation. He may not be a marquee signing, but then again i think we need the team to be solidified in a number of places where the play wasn't consistant enough. Let's wait and see what the coaches can do with this group of players. Until then i feel it only fair to refrain from bashiing the organisation until we see them on the field.... which is how the team should be judged as the seaon progresses. There are some knowledgable fans on here, thee are some pretty emotional fans here and that is healthy and good for the team but c'mon the ones who are making insulting comments etc are not doing anyone any favours. so c'mon if your going to critisize the team be constructive about it and say who you would replace with who, or the scheme you would run etc.

Seriously, name a big name free agent that has taken us to the Superbowl in the last 25 years? Name one, because I can't. Did Dansby or Marshall take us to the Superbowl. In the 90's,anyone take us to the promised land. Last time I checked the biggest name we had was Dan Marino. And he was drafted. So you dorks that think we need to sign every guy that played for a team and made the papers are wrong headed. Build a team through the draft, keep your picks and get more if you can. Build a scouting system that is as good as green bay's and that is how you win on a consistent basis. You don't do it by trading assets for supposed know commodities. If you need to fill a hole you get a guy that might help but spending millions on one guy and getting little in return is stupid. Everyone wants a Lexus until it is in the shop or you get a lemon. Then you are just stuck with a bill. Get it, yet. Or are y'all just plain stupid.
Second, who the heck wants to live in Green Bay Wisconsin. Ever been there in the winter. It is friggin cold. But players all want to play there because they win. But they don't sign big name free agents. But we, according to our loving fans have to by every busted Chevy on the lot and overpay.
Go whine on Ohio's blog. wah wah

Mr Crow
Pretty sure he cancelled his next visit to sign so check your facts before you run your jaw and as always STFU.

Ahh, Good Friday in Dolfanland! Ain't it grand? Can you FEEL the LOVE in the air?

I also would like a robot to make me some gravy!

tyrell johnson welcome to the miami dolphins....very stoked u are here.....tannehill dont need him....moore will be just fine with full camp otas and some help....like i said philbin and the front office will get what we need...get rid of what we dont...all workin. fins 2012 win sunday happy monday fin 4 ever... playoffs 2012 yes its our turn...we are due....

Just to piggyback on kindry's point @ 6:17 am the Packers also don't bring in a lot of prospects and check them out before the draft. I don't know why but one can speculate that they don't like to tip their hand.
The Dolphins, on the other hand, bring in a lot of prospects before the draft and don't draft any of those they work out.

I would really like to see Jake Scott and Quintin Groves in dolphin uniforms before the draft. It would allow us more flexibility that's for sure.

Mr Crow
Pretty sure he cancelled his next visit to sign so check your facts before you run your jaw and as always STFU.

Posted by: realitycheck | April 06, 2012 at 08:31 AM

How gullable are you? Because it appears your very stupid.

Of course he had another visit LMAO maybe the jags, bucs or colts. The worst teams in the nfl right with us!

Or he didn't & was just saying that he did at the reques of the Miami press relations.

So he had a visit, but, with whom? realitycheck? You're a disgrace to your name!

Does Von Miller have long arms? I just wanted to know because the big knock on Ingram is he doesn't have long arms.
There have been numerous players in this league that have had limitations in one area that were more than made up for by their athletic ability. Ingram is a tremendous athlete for his size and he is extremely strong.
The team that takes him is going to love that about him and also the fact that they can move him around to create mismatches. The left tackle is the strongest on the offensive line at pass blocking. It doesn't make sense to put a guy who can get you sacks right over the left tackle. So, the arm length thing isn't a big deal when you think about it.

Here check out this morsel of information regarding our new Strong Safety candidate. Among all Safeties, he was one of the top 9 in coverage with tackling misses. Yeremiah Bell is even mentioned in this article as having taken a pronounced backslide from previous years. This guy Johnson may yet be one of Ireland's acorns. Lets hope he pans out, especially under the tutelage of Kevin Coyle.


What college did Tyrell Johnson go too? What are his strengths and weaknessess? And finally I'm tired.


ABY. Anyone But Yeremiah.

He's done. Some of you need to cut the cord. The BEST thing that could happen to this defense is Yeremiah Bell isn't there.

Another "ho hum" player. If Ireland had never signed these whoppers in this free agency, we would have never heard of them. Keep up the good work Jeffery.

to all the people who live in homes head,

from page 1.
Home stated-So Jeffrey, u fired B-Marsh, prob our best WR EVER!!!

as tj already pointed out: "I think this would come as news to Paul Warfield".

i would like to add mark duper and mark clayton as well.

anyone who responds to home or comments on any of his posts is a total fkn loser. why bother. best thing bloggers can do is totally ignore it and it will go away.


i usually dont but saying marshall was the best ever was something i couldnt ignore and i guess tj couldn't either.

Armando... Have you noticed how many bloggers Ohio Dolfan is stealing from you? Click on his name and you will see. I'm sure he'd be happy to have you join his blog as well.

ignore it. if you feel the need to respond to such fools on a blog maybe you should think about therapy. the more you respond to it, the more you stir it up. thats why this blog is often a sewer of shiiit.

Hey Klndry,

I agree with all your points.....not sure why you dragged me into the post though?

I like his answers, sounds mature, and smart. Unlike you bonehead commenters.


Heres a scouting report from when he was drafted. The article notes very high grades from both Mayock and Kiper. Theres obviously a talented player in there somewhere.

As far as off field transgressions, I liked his answers. He owned, didnt run from it. Everyone makes mistakes. If you learn from them, you're a better person. If you make them again, you're a knucklehead. We shall see. As long as he's learned and keeps his nose clean, I think it was a worthy acquisition. Y. Bell is a personal favorite of mine, however, this guy is much younger and has every opportunity to be a Bell type player. Hope he max's out his potential


that was a thoughtful and informative post.

You clearly have no understanding of how things work here.

Good luck and don't let the masses drag you down.

It does make you wonder why we got rid of Bell then. Look, I think Bell is average. But this guy looks below average.

So why exactly did we get rid of Bell? Had to be a money move right? Money for who?

I think there is more to the Bell story. Starting to smell personal to me.

Another great, quality move by phins brass. A guy that was a "disappointment" in Minnesota, that is 85% with a hamstring injury, and drinks! Great! They sure know how to find talent. Oh and of course, this guy is signed for only a one year contract. A championship team on a flea market budget. Outstanding! Nothing these idiots do impresses anyone. When I read an article like this I'm left feeling, why did I even try? Not really looking forward for the draft anymore as I probably will be left thinking "what a letdown even once again". I think Ireland knows he's probably on his way out and thus will once again screw this upcoming draft by selecting non-contributing players. Ross- when will you finally wake up? Bring in that obvious real estate wit and convert it to some football!

I'm done with the Tannehill debate BTW. "Y'all want to crown him, then crown his arse."

I will be there when the crown turns to fools gold.

JackSparrow. Congratulations, you have now been crowned at the dumbest blogger here. You are really, really dumb. Maybe even dumber.

I just have a revelation. The Pats stay good because of Free Agency. Not the draft. The load up during free agency and let them guys fight for a job. Then the cream rises and everyone else gets cut by the 53 man roster day.

They can sign pretty much anyone because it won't matter because most will get cut by cap day. You can be over the cap all the way up to cap day. Then you have to be below that.

Take a look at our Division and see what the Bills, Jets, Dolphins and Patriots have done thus far in free agency.


I always thought an aszhole and a puszy were the same thing, no? I think Fred lied to me.


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